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ee coak' I = TAX-EXEMPT rouvh eR CHARITABLE TRUSTS: THEIR IMPACT~ ON OUR ECONOMY CHAIRMAN’S REPORT TO THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON SMALL BUSINESS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 87TH CONGRESS Ww DECEMBER 81, 1962 Printed for the use of the Select Committee on Small Business of the House of Representatives US. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE ‘WASHINGTON : 1962 Tors ty tn Saperntenot of Dowson, UA ‘Woshingan 3, D.C. Price SELECT COMMITTEE ON SMALL BUSINESS WHIOW? PATMAN, Tes, Otirman yon. Bins, WIEUANM. Neouracs Oia aay MELE, New vore ACAD Si HOMISON Rw York ‘Bor See Se pete a 1, A Onsumm, Doedor, Funston Sade ay Letter of transmittal. ‘obaper 1 An Immediate moratorium on foundation tax exemption "would serve the best interests of the Ratios TH, 684 foundations paid out only 60 pereent of their ngzrogate reeciple : TIL, Assets of foundations have reas TV. Unfinished business 'V. Recommendations. TABLES. 1, Gross recipe: 934 foundations pa 2, Data regarding corporations in which certain foundations failed to report their ownership of 10 percetet or more of ‘cath class Of the corporation's stock. CONTENTS ary | sean 7 | "Date regarding foundations’ ogmership of 10 percent or Sabre ankle of acolo any corpation Se feported os he fsteral Revenue Service Form 290° af gg Gerinestenga Pee toe 0 ‘ 3A, Eipenecs and dubitoronte Bea foundations ——777—> Prhe"Pord Foundations List of motes rseesiie ast at | cgruay i 1982, representing participa In priete ab placement #22 |, ade: 804 foandations : & Tintilaces net worth, nid asiiulation of iowa BA +. shite aka 3 esa foundations under siudy; total receipt; expense plat 21] Soatebutions fs, araht, vebolamip, ‘ee, total a8