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Some Other Uses of 'should' and 'would' Should can be used with all persons to express obligation: We should think over what he has said. You should let him know at once. They should help their parents. Should is used in clauses of purpose: He spent several hours on the essay so that he should have a good chance of winning the competition. Would is common in polite requests: Would you like to come to our party? Would you let me have your reply as soon as possible? Would not can mean refused to: They would not help us. She would not agree. Would is the past of 'will' when it means 'insist on': He was told several times that unripe bananas were bad for him, but he would eat them. (See earlier note on will) Would can be used to express past habits: When he was young he would get up at five every morning. (It is similar to used to but it can only be used for repeated actions and not for states: She used to own her own house.)

EXERCISE 29 Write five sentences using should to express obligation. EXERCISE 30 Write five sentences using should in clauses of purpose. EXERCISE 31 Write five sentences using would in polite requests. EXERCISE 32 Write five sentences using would not with the meaning refused to. EXERCISE 33 Write five sentences using would with the meaning insisted on. EXERCISE 34 Write five sentences using would to show past habits.

EXERCISE 35 Supply should or would as required in the following sentences. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 _____________________ you please let us have your decision soon? We set out early so that we ___________________ arrive in good time. They _________________ not listen to our advice, and they had to suffer the consequences. They _________________ listen to our advice since we know what we are talking about. Although we tried hard to persuade him, he _________________ not come with us. __________________ you be so kind as to lend me your pen? Secondary students of English ___________________ spend several hours a week reading. He ________________ go out without hi raincoat even though we told him it was going to rain. In former times tribal chiefs __________________ would settle disputes of all kinds. We ________________ pay our school fees by next Monday.

EXERCISE 36 (Revision of all Tenses) Change the infinitives in brackets to the most suitable tenses: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 He _________________________(give) us another opportunity if we had tried harder. She _________________________(be) married ten years next August. People _______________________(become) tired more quickly at high altitudes. My brother _______________________(be) in the army five years in 2009. He just __________________________(take) one degree and is planning to take another. Our cook __________________________(prepare) the meal all day long and it isn't ready yet. If he ________________________(fall) from the window, he would be killed. While she _______________________(drive) to her office, she saw an accident. We now ___________________________(do) number 9 of this exercise. If he ________________________(come) after eight, he will find we have left without him. When she _____________________(arrive), tell her there was a telephone message for her. Nigeria _______________________(be) independent since 1960. Nowadays most countries ______________________(be) members of the United Nations. He ___________________________(not hear) of Einstein before I gave him a book on relativity. He ____________________________(study) in England for several years when he had to return home. Easter ________________________(not come) on the same day every year. Whenever we went to that restaurant the food _________________________(be) bad. Exactly a year ago I _________________________(work) for the entrance examination. When I went into the room I saw that many improvements _______________________(be) made since I was there last. He can't buy a new jacket because he _________________________(not have ) any money now. As I ________________________(read) that book I can tell you all you want to know. The Second World War _________________________(last) for six years.

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He _________________________(go) to the party if he had been invited. This exercise ________________________(appear) to be easier than it is. What were you doing in that room? I _________________________(look) for my pen. I'd like to go out but I ___________________________(not finish) this exercise yet. What you ________________________(do) if I can't lend you the money. They _______________________(tear) down the fence last week because it was so ugly. She _________________________(marry) him if he asked her to. Where is your brother? He ________________________(work) in the field.

EXERCISE 37 (Revision of all Tenses) Change the infinitives in brackets to the most suitable tense. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Although he just ____________________________(clean) the windows for over an hour, they are still dirty. He _________________________(be) in this country over twenty years next July. I used to think he was clever, but now I _____________________(think) he is stupid. Now that you have explained your reasons so clearly I _________________________(understand) them. Although he just ____________________________(look up) the word in the dictionary, he has misspelt it. We ___________________(use) the Present Perfect tense for past events closely connected with the present. The north wind ____________________________(blow) since last month, but we all hope it will stop soon. The water _______________________(boil). I can hear it. I _______________________(spend) the money on clothes unless you tell me not to. I ________________________________(rain) for a whole week tomorrow. He __________________________(study) at London University when he was a young man. He would have been able to complete his studies if he _______________________(save) more money. I can't stand that man. He always ______________________________(complain) about something. The clouds _____________________________(gather) since this morning. It will rain soon. I would tell you his name if I ______________________(know) it. The Prime Minister __________________________(fly) to Cairo next month. He doesn't know what 'incompetence' ________________________(mean). Get some iodine quickly. A wasp just _______________________(sting) me. Our team ________________________(withdraw) from the competition over a month ago. ______________________(help) me do this exercise? I am finding it very difficult. Iron ________________________(expand) when it is heated. These two girls ___________________________(resemble) each other much more when they were younger. He didn't like English food at first, but now he ________________________(like) it very much. She ____________________________(look) the word up in the dictionary if I hadn't hidden it. I ______________________________(intend) to go to London for the last month, but I haven't been able to.

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When I told her what a good film was on at the cinema, she ______________________(want) to go. She used to be poor, but now she _____________________(own) two houses. In a few minutes he ______________________________(sleep) fifteen hours. I think we should wake him up now. I ______________________(come) on foot if it isn't raining. He ______________________(tear) open the letter as soon as I gave it to him.

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