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A Perfect Cup By Yana Karin & Angela Bell

470 Flushing Ave Brooklyn NY (201) 674-1076

They found him out after that stint of a favor he did for thos Bay Ridge boys. and begins the lengthy process of realigning the entire assembly of coffee-making products. Dude’s obsessed with making the perfect cup of coffee. He frowns. LIVING ROOM JEREMY and DAN stare at Leroy in disbelief. Fuckers didn’t even speak English. Anyway are we going through with this deal or not? What did Jonny tell you man? DAN Jonny’s talkin’ to the Italians. Just.INT. a cup of sugar. JEREMY What. but settles. a coffee grinder. A bodega knockoff brand of Coffee Mate. coffee beans in a jar. KITCHEN . half n’ half. INT. LEROY fumbles about in the fridge until he finally finds what he’s looking for. three white mugs and a French press.DAY In a perfectly aligned order. are out on the kitchen island. He places them on the table. JEREMY What the fuck is he doing? DAN (shaking his head) Leroy’s on his coffee kick again. Keeps me up all night with this shit. Now the entire town thinks he’s some sort of (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Jonny was caught in the "proverbial crosslines" before Leroy comes in with two cups of coffee. He hasn’t slept in days. JEREMY Before what? DAN Before he’d about had it and gunned Shapiro down.

smells it. man. Leroy pours it all into the coffee grinder along with the coffee beans. who starts grinding the beans. JEREMY (CONT’D) Alright... He’s messing around with the Italians man. Leroy finds an unlabeled plastic bag filled with a white powdery substance. INT. Beat. DAN (cont’d) underground legend. and your boy right here? Well let’s just say we go back. He opens it. He’s fucking Batman. INT. KITCHEN Aggravated with his subpar coffee-making. (CONTINUED) . Some real good shit. That we have some real good shit. Make the deal. Dan looks back at Leroy.CONTINUED: 2. and I told him you and I are good for it. Everyone wants in on his dealings. Beat. LIVING ROOM JEREMY And we have it here yeah? Where’d you leave it? DAN It’s in the kitchen. He’s looking for some real reliable networks. He’s the top of the food chain.. JEREMY I don’t know about this man. JEREMY Would you cut to the chase? So you know him? What does he want with us? DAN Like I said.

wait. Jeremy thinks about this.s-she’s just crashing cause her place is flooded. Get out of the kitchen before you fuck this up-. He leaves the room. has now started cleaning the living room. I’m trying to fucking figure this out so we don’t get fucked over. Jeremy watches Leroy clean. then back at the door. He pours the small residue leftover in the bag in his cup before throwing it away. Dan comes back. in a caffeinated-crazed spree. The tea kettle whistles. He looks at Leroy.. Dan grins and gets out his phone. including the now empty unlabeled plastic bag.and clean up that fucking coffee. (CONTINUED) . JEREMY Woah. He clears the counter of everything.. no. He can’t get comfortable. Leroy. LEROY Do you want to try some of this? JEREMY No. Wait. JEREMY (to himself) I don’t know. you sure you don’t want a break? LEROY (shaking his head) Sammy’s coming later. JEREMY Thank you. Leroy pours himself a cup and does as he’s told. Jeremy stays behind and tries to get comfortable. woah. I don’t want to try some of this. I swear Jere. I don’t know. man. Dan likes it when it’s clean. Dan pours it into the coffee press. I swear. she’s just . Sam? Fucking Sam? My Sammy? LEROY No.CONTINUED: 3. JEREMY What.

how’s your girl Sammy? JEREMY . Dan fights back and reaches for a lamp. now hold up here. JUST CHILL. They walk to the door. He knocks Jeremy out with it and manages to escape.Leroy?? Dan looks at Leroy. DRIVEWAY Jonny and two very mean-spirited looking Italians pull up in a black ’99 Taurus. Jeremy launches at Dan again and they both start at it again. just nods. I never .. JEREMY I’m going to fucking mess you up man. EXT. woah. The both of them get back on their feet and square off. still in a half-rage. so the deal is for tonight. He’s coming here in an hour with the Italians. Jeremy.ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MAN!? Dan looks at him confused. DAN (CONT’D) Yo so. DAN YO CHILL DUDE. DAN Alright.. who is now clocked out on the couch and on cloud nine. I’ll fucking kill you Jeremy gets on top of Dan and starts beating the living shit out of him. JEREMY (CONT’D) YOU’RE FUCKING SAM? YOU’RE FUCKING MY SAM!? DAN Woah. . Can we talk about this!? Jeremy doesn’t want to talk.CONTINUED: 4.

JEREMY Fuck. JEREMY No. broom still in his hand. he picks up his mug and takes a sip. . Around him are the dead bodies of Jeremy and Dan.5. Cut to a shot of a perfect cup of coffee sitting next to a very content Leroy. He looks around. He sees Jonny and the boys through the window. INT.LATER Leroy groggily wakes up. Dan struggles to get up to see the Italians too. LIVING ROOM Jeremy takes a moment from pummeling Dan’s face in to look up. LIVING ROOM . Jeremy runs to the kitchen and starts pulling things out of the cabinets. Deeply concerned... Then he sees the coffee. He curses under his breath. JEREMY Where is it man!? He suddenly sees the bag on the counter. Jeremy looks up slowly. INT. CUT TO BLACK. Leroy. where’s the stuff!? Leroy is passed out in a happy haze of high on the couch. Fuck.

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