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WEBINARS Microsoft hosts webinars twice a month, at no charge, to help more than 750 nonprofit professionals around the

world learn about a variety of technology topics, including cloud computing, collaboration through Microsoft SharePoint®, and managing donors and volunteers with CRM. These webinars can be used to fulfill the following objectives of the ICT policy as most of these, deal with training and development. Strategic Theme 2.3: This strategy revolves around ensuring better monitoring; skills gap determination, appropriate training and modern enterprise operations to enhance productivity of large enterprises by encouraging immediate implementation of end to end applications (ERP) Item No. Action Description This action aims at providing farmer literacy and education through distance- learning, adjusted to the needs of farmers, for production and agro-processing industry Facilitators: Ministry of
Agriculture, Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock, Ministry of Environment and Forest, NGOs, and Private sector

Scope For Collaboration Microsoft can arrange Webinars in order to train the opinion leaders among the promoters of distance-learning.


Benefits and Deliverables Capacity building of farmers based on local needs and accommodating seasonal calendars and other local preferences.


This action aims at creating and disseminating e-Learning resources on Energy Efficiency, ISO competencies, Lean Six Sigma, advanced Production System, etc. Facilitators: Ministry of Energy,
Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Science Information and Communication Technology

Microsoft can arrange Webinars in order to train the opinion leaders among the e-Learning community in Bangladesh.

Support enterprises to improve quality of services and to comply with standards.

Strategic Theme 3.4: This strategy revolves around building capacity of government officials and fostering leadership for electronic service delivery. This action aims at orientation Microsoft can arrange Enable more informed of all senior public servants Webinars in order to ICT usage for towards effective use of ICTs in train the opinion leaders administrative service delivery and among the e-Learning automation and service administration. community in delivery. Facilitators: The Ministry of Bangladesh. 94
Science and Information & Communication Technology, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Council, Cabinet Division, Public Administration Training Centre, Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy, and Bangladesh Computer Council

Technical and Vocational Education and Training programs. .Strategic Theme 4. Collaboration Deliverables This action aims at developing Microsoft can arrange Better skill development marketable skills for domestic Webinars in order to in vocational education and international markets by train the opinion leaders and better employment incorporating Information among the ICT Technology Enabled Services.2: This strategy revolves around encouraging closer collaboration between academia and industry to align curriculum with market needs Item Action Description Scope For Benefits and No. mining. sanitation and community in water management. 253 agriculture. Facilitators: The Ministry of Education. etc in 113 focused short courses in Bangladesh. strategies in areas such as among the business water management etc. and ICT Industry Strategic Theme 9.2: This strategy revolves around promoting environmental protection through the use of ICT tools This action aims at increasing Microsoft can arrange Sustainable development access to/awareness of Webinars in order to in the fields of sustainable development train the opinion leaders agriculture. sanitation.