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A group of friends, family, neighbors, community groups, unions and citizens united to come together, stay together, stand together and speak out together as one voice for the betterment of working Wisconsinites and their families! Contact: Adam Sutter ( or Bob Welsh ( ) or Bob Wright ( with questions

In Unity there is strength; We can move mountains when we're united and enjoy life --Without unity we are victims. Stay united. Bill Bailey

Greetings Coalition Partners! We had 1,000,000 reasons to take a breath of fresh air and regroup. Unfortunately, Governor Walker continues down the path of tearing communities apart with little to no regard for the working people and Wisconsin families. His out of state funded agenda is no match for a house and senate controlled by his closest allies. So, it is time once again to tighten our bootstraps, take a deep breath and engage in the largest, strongest grassroots campaign Wisconsin has ever seen and we WILL make history -we WILL win this fight! To help ensure we win this fight we cannot rely alone on Scott Walkers bag full of Tools that broke Wisconsin nor the fact the smoke screens are starting to clear up showing massive budget gaps, loss of jobs, increased cuts to revenue and schools, less aid to those in desperate need of it NOPE we have to ensure that we elect a Governor who will represent Wisconsin and the people and give voice back to the real Wisconsinites that make this State so great! A Governor that will open the peoples house back up in which we know will ultimately result in the true meaning of Open for Business. It has been over a year this coalition has been formed and is growing and growing. We would have never imagined this is the product of what solidarity and a team full of dedicated people could do. We also would never have imagined we could keep outdoing our meetings and ourselves but I must say this upcoming meeting is the meeting of all meetings. We have secured attendance from Kathleen Falk and Kathleen Vinehout along with Senator Jennifer Shilling and Tom Johnson. Both candidates for Governor will have an opportunity to speak directly to you the people of this great coalition and hopefully they have time to stick around and do some question and answer sessions. You cannot miss this meeting and we ask that we show these two great Gubernatorial Candidates what the Crawford County / PDC Coalition is all about! We once again chose a very convenient yet spacious location to host this meeting at the Century Hall in Wauzeka and will start the meeting formally around 6pm.

March 21st, 2012- Coalition Meeting with special guests Former Dane Co. Executive and Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk and State Senator Kathleen Vinehout. Also attending will be our hero in the 32nd Senate district - State Senator Jennifer Shilling and the Democratic Candidate for the 96th Assembly Seat Tom Johnson

WHEN: MARCH 21st, 2012 Where: Century Hall, Wauzeka

Time: 6:00pm