Seusstastic Activities By: Mel D

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Name: _________________________ Directions: Put the Cat in the Hat in order from beginning to end. seusstastic. ____The Cat wants to do tricks. Draw a picture and write a story about something that was hard to tell your mother. ____Mother can be seen coming down the street. ____The Cat in the Hat comes to the house. ____The children do not know whether or not to tell their mother about the Cat. ______________. but the fish tells him to go away. ____The Cat cleans the house and . ______________ On the back choose one thing to draw & write about: Draw a picture and write a story about what you do on rainy days. Write 3 adjectives about The Cat in the Hat: _______________. ____It is raining. ______________. ______________ Write 3 adjectives about Thing One and Thing Two: _______________. ____The Cat does not listen to the fish and starts to do his tricks and messes up the house. ____Mother comes in the house and asks the children to tell her about their day.blogspot. so Sally and her brother have nothing to do.

blogspot. See how you do as a future illustrator! . Seuss drew all his artwork.Seuss Style Drawing Directions: Dr.

I do not like ____________.blogspot. I do not like them with a _______. I would not eat them with a . Not with a ______.Name: _________________________ Green Eggs & Ham Poetry I do not like ____________. Not in a ____. Would you like them in a ______? Would you like them with a ______? I do not like them in a _______. seusstastic. I would not eat them in a ______.

Tell him what he needs to do to be a bucket filler like you! seusstastic.________________________ .________________________ 3. 1.________________________ On the back: Write a letter to Yertle.“I’m Yertle the Turtle! Oh marvelous me! For I am the ruler for all that can see! “ Yertle the Turtle is a bucket dipper! List 3 reasons why Yertle is a bucket dipper.

com . By: seusstastic.blogspot.I felt like a Star-bellied Sneetch when ...

Seusstastic Quotes Discuss Dr. You have feet in your shoes.” “You have brains in your head. no matter how small.blogspot. Seuss’ message with each quote. There is no one alive who is youer than .” seusstastic. “A person’s a person. You can steer yourself. that is truer than true. any direction you choose.” “Today you are you.

___________ 4.___________ 3.___________ 2.Name: _________________________ Nonsense Words 1. ___________ Real Words Fox in Socks Word Work 1.___________ 3.blogspot.___________ .___________ 5.___________ 2.___________ 5.___________ seusstastic.

blogspot.Thank you so very much for checking out my Seusstastic activities for your classroom. If you like what you see please visit my blog! I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns @ Follow me on FB Follow me on Twitter Follow my TPT Store Graphics by: Tracee Please follow my blog http://seusstastic. Scrappin Doodles & Danny Mask .

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