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UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCIL: 2ND Semester Attendance Report

Name GA 01 Gem VCDan Cathy Melvin Heart Aya Jia Ace Martin Aman Apa Mara Mots Fra Shaina Aleks Tine Wes Paulina Kapao TJ Rayson Santi Simon Mike Gail Trisha Bea Dan Markus Tochi Kelvin Orly Kat P A P A P A L P A P P P P P A* L* A A* L P L A A P P P L L P A L P P P GA 02 L P L* A L P L L A P L* P P P L L* L L L P A L A A P P P P P L A P L P GA 03 P P A* A A* P P P A P A A* P P A P P A A A* L A P A A* P A A* P A* A A* P A* GA 04 P P P P P P P L P P L* P P P P L* P P L P P A P A* A* P P L P L P P P P GA 05 P P P P P P P A P P L* P A P L P P P P P A A P P P P P P P P P P P P CHANGE GA 06 P P P P A* A P P P P A P P P P A A P P L A P A A P P P P L* P P P P A GA 07 L P P L P L P P P L L* A A A L P A P P L P A A L A* L L L P P L A L A GA 08 P A A P P L P P A P L* L P L L A A L A* P P A A P A* P L P A* P A P P P GA Attendance GA GA GA 09 10 11 GA 12 GA 13 TOTAL (P130)

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Required Events TOTAL %


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LEGEND: : Below 60% GA ATTENDANCE: Point Equivalent: Present: 10points Excused Late: 7 points since you missed a part of the GA but you asked permission. Late: 5 points since you missed a part of the GA but you didnt ask permission Excused Absent: 3 since you missed the whole GA but you asked permission Absent: 0 Points since you missed the whole GA but you didnt ask permission

As provided by the USC House Rules Rule XI section 2-5: 2. Any Council member who arrives after the roll shall be marked late. Any member who leaves before adjournment shall be marked as having done so and considered in the same way as one who has arrived late. Council members who leave before adjournment, but after the set schedule for the session shall be automatically excused. Four unexcused cases of tardiness shall be counted as one unexcused absence. Council members who arrive late must inform the Secretary of their excuse before, during or immediately after the session, for consideration by the same. Three consecutive absences from regular Council sessions without valid excuses shall merit a warning from the Secretary. Four consecutive unexcused absences from regular Council sessions shall mean automatic dropping of the Council member from the roll of the Council. He shall cease to be a member of the Council and shall be informed by the Secretary of the fact. Failure to attend at least 60% of the regular sessions per semester shall automatically subject the concerned Council member to deliberations by the body which shall decide upon whether or not to sanction the person, and what sanction shall be imposed, if in case it was decided that a sanction is to be imposed. The sanctions shall be based on the provisions of the University Student Council Constitution. An activity may be declared as a mandatory USC activity by a majority vote of the members present during session. It shall be considered as a regular Council session under the preceding section. The Secretary shall inform the dropped Council member of his status and the reason therefore. The Secretary shall include in the notice, a statement that if the Council member wishes to return, he should explain and justify his side on the General Assembly following the receipt of the notice. The dropped Council member shall be reinstated if he receives an affirmative vote from 2P3 of the Council members.

REQUIRED EVENT ATTENDANCE: Point Equivalent Present 10 points Excused Absent: 5 points Absent: 0 points *There are no points allotted for latePexcused late given that there is no basis for anyone to be considered late since required events dont have a common time-start and time-end that is required since all that is necessary is that we drop by, anytime during the event, to help, thus, there is no measure for tardiness. Note: Considered Excuses as provided by Rule XI, Section 7 of the House Rules are: Valid excuses are: health reasons, important and mandatory family occasions, greater need in case of conflicting schedules with activities in line with Council duties, and fortuitous events.





Grade Computation- FAQs: GA Attendance: 70% Required Event Attendance: 30% Rationale behind the 70-30: General Assemblies are mandatory and regular meetings of the Council scheduled every other week. Given that it is scheduled ahead of time, with every ones free time considered at the beginning of the semester so as to find a common time for regular GA sessions, the percentage of the GA as a required Council Session is bigger than that of the Required Event seeing as most of the required events happen during class hours, thus giving unequal disadvantage to those who have classes to complete their attendance.

Garcia, Gemimah Grace =*, (GA 01 + GA 02 +GA 03..+GA10) P 100 X 100 - x .7 + + *,(RE 01 +.+RE 05)P50 X 100} x .3] =[{( P+P+ P+P +P+P+P+P+P+P)P100x100} x .7] + [{( P+P+P+P+A*)P50 x 100] x .3} = [{( 10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10)P100 X 100] x.7} +{[( 10+10+10+10+5)P50 X 100}x .3 =( (100P100) X 100) X .7) +(( (45P50) X100) x .3) = (100 x .7) + (90 x .3) (note: 100% is the Grade for the GA x 70% + 90% is the Grade for the RE x 30%) = 70 + 27 TOTAL GRADE: 97%