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Battling Sin

by Toni

Children have fun removing sin from their side of the battle field. Materials: Paper Towel Rolls Duct Tape Masking Tape Small Balls (Styrofoam or ping pong) Colored Markers Duration: Approximately 15 minutes Topics: Armor of God, Bible, Fellowship, Sin

Target Audience: Grades 1-6 (Ages 6-12)

Preparation: Put two paper towel rolls together using the duct tape to secure the middle. Have the children decorate paper towel rolls (swords) as desired. Use the masking tape to split your room down the middle. Use the masking tape to designate a home base corner for each team. What you will do: Separate into two teams. Give each child (and youth helpers) a "sword" made out of the paper towel rolls. Give the children several minutes to decorate their swords using the colored markers. Tell the children, "The Bible is your sword, the balls are the sins that come at you from everywhere in the world." Have the kids name some sins that are always coming at them. (stealing, cussing, being a bully, disobeying parents, etc.) With each sin throw a few balls out onto to the floor, ensuring that balls are on both sides of the battle field. Tell the children the rules of the game: Each team must stand at the "READY" position in their home base with their swords by their sides. They cannot cross the center line when removing the sin from their side. They must use their swords to move the sin balls to the other side. They must stop when the leader calls out stop. The leader calls out "GO" and the children begin to bat the balls into their opponent's side of the room. Give them 2 to 5 minutes of batting. The leader calls out stop and everyone must return to their home base and get in the ready position. The leader counts the "sin" on each side and pronounces the winner of that round. This can be done several times to emphasize how sin attacks us, how we must use our swords wisely (or they will break in half) and how we must regroup at the home base with our fellow soldiers to rest and get ready for the next battle.

Bible Balloon Race
by Donna Gentile

Children scramble to win the race and recall specific books of the Bible.

Do not blow up the balloons to the point of popping.Materials: 18 Balloons (9 red and 9 blue) Permanent Marker Two 6 foot strings Books of the Bible Bookmarks Adult assistant Duration: Approximately 15 minutes Topics: Bible. so that the balloons won't pop as easily when the players roll them across the floor. Memory/Review Target Audience: Grades 3-6 (Ages 8-12) Click here for the Books of the Bible Bookmarks Preparation: Before class. Either way. Ask the children to remove their shoes. Before starting the game. If teams are uneven. The team that finishes with the most points wins the game or if both teams have equal points. What you will do: Divide children into two teams. Leader #1 hands each member of "Team One" a red balloon and Leader #2 hands each member of "Team Two" a blue balloon. Tell the children that they will be using just their feet to roll the balloon across the floor towards the finish line. both leaders position themselves at the finish line. he or she must show the category printed on the balloon to his or her leader then name one book of the Bible from that category. Teams line up single file behind the first string. across from each other. leave some expansion room within. the first team to finish wins the game. If a player accidently pops a balloon. . If the player answers correctly. Repeat the process for the blue balloons. no points are awarded and the next player on the team begins immediately. categories can be repeated as necessary. rather." the first player from each team sets his or her balloon on the floor and begins to maneuver it towards the finish line. a child from the team with fewer players will need to play twice. Once a player's balloon crosses the finish line. leaders will hand out the Bible bookmarks and spend several minutes reviewing the books under each category with their team. the next player on the respective team should begin moving his or her balloon to the finish line. in random order. with a distance of 8'-12' between them. no points are awarded. each containing an adult leader. When one leader says. his or her team receives one point. The string on the opposite side of the room is the finish line. After handing out the balloons. print one category below per red balloon. Blow up all 18 balloons* and knot-tie them closed. The children and leaders should each receive one Bible bookmark. "Bible Balloon Race. Law (OT) Major Prophet (OT) History (NT) History (OT) Minor Prophet (OT) Letters (NT) Poetry (OT) Gospels (NT) Prophecy (NT) Lay the strings on the floor. print copies of the Bible bookmarks. If the answer is incorrect. *If there will be more than 18 players. four bookmarks will print per page. With permanent marker.


Inform them that if they strike others with the toy sword their team will automatically loose the game. ensure that you have it mastered. This continues until the kids have named all the books of the Bible or until one of the teams cannot name the next book. they hand the sword back to the first team. Being very wise young people.The Books (part one) by Craig First game in a series designed to help kids memorize the books of the Bible. preparing for battle. What you will do: Divide the kids into two equal teams. there were a couple of youngsters who wanted to become knights. for surely they will throw the challenge back to you. In our quest to . Materials: Bible and a plastic sword (or a homemade cardboard sword) Duration: 15 minutes Topics: Memory Work. The wise knight practices and then practices again. What a shame it would be if you could not meet it. These games would be a fun way to gauge the effectiveness of their training and test the level of skill that each of them had attained. If they name the book correctly. At first. you can have them spell the books of the Bible as they take turns reciting them in order. This team will name the first book of the Bible. When the kids get really good at it. Word of God Target Audience: Grades 2-5 (Ages 7-11) Preparation: Be forewarned fellow workers in Christ: Before presenting this game to the youth. allow the kids to use their Bibles to help learn the books. they hand the sword to the other team. they decided to add games to their training. Little did they know that it would take long hours of practice to acquire the skills they would need to become honorable knights. If they are correct. riding the best horses and hanging out with the royal family. Kids on the same team can help each other. If a team cannot name the next book. They liked the idea of wearing shiny armor. the opposing team must be able to name it in order to win. Start with the following story: Once upon a time (about three days ago).Christians Quest . Choose one team to go first. At least they thought so. The next team names the second book of the Bible.

and how to share Him with others. let the games begin! Christians Quest . What you will do: Have all the kids in your class stand in a large circle. Play the game again if time permits. they must leave the circle and wait until the next game. Start with the following story: Many days ago. As Christians. If the one with the sword fails to call out an apostle's name. They must practice. Our quest to become a strong Christian doesn't end after learning just one thing about God. Would their efforts pay off? Could they at last become honorable knights. a couple of youngsters started training to be knights. that has not already been used. we must sharpen our skills every day through prayer and reading God's Word. For surely you will be challenged to show your worthiness to be a knight trainer. except James can be used twice. Materials: Bible and a plastic sword (or a homemade cardboard sword) Duration: 15 minutes Topics: Apostles. Then call out another number. Then we will know how to live for Jesus. Apostles' names can only be used once during each game. The children pass the sword to the right from one child to the next and as they do. There was much more they needed to learn.become stronger Christians. Instead. The child holding the sword when reaching that number must say the name of one of the twelve apostles. Memory Challenge Target Audience: Grades 2-5 (Ages 7-11) Preparation: Again. Give the sword to any one child to start the game. are you ready to sharpen you skills? If so. they count up to the number you just called out. This is the will of our Heavenly King. we too need to sharpen our skills by praying and reading God's Word. But.The Apostles (part two) by Craig The second game in the series. it is a life long process. They had already been through some vigorous training. be sure you know the names of all twelve apostles. you must be forewarned fellow workers in Christ: Before presenting this game to your want-to-be knights. designed to challenge the children's knowledge of the twelve Apostles. So let the games continue! SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS . So young Christians. practice and then practice some more. because they are one-step closer to becoming honorable knights in God's army. their quest was far from being over. Then call out a number between 10 and 20. and let the game continue. They often thought about how the people would cheer them on as they rode swift horses into the King's arena and wearing shinny armor. Congratulate everyone left in the circle after naming all twelve Apostles. ready to carry out the will of their King? Only more games would tell if they had obtained the necessary skills. the Bible.

Show kids today is a special day. skill and good aim. send each child home with a party favor. Mylar balloons. and they'll be excited to take part. Jesus! This Christmas. Tell children Jesus is so happy they attended his birthday party! Battle of Knowledge by Mike Game of wits. play kids' praise music to welcome them. put Jesus center stage by throwing him a birthday bash! Follow these simple steps. and "Happy Birthday. Toddlers understand a birthday. Step Two: As children enter. and it'll come together in a flash! Step One: Decorate the room and hallway with streamers. (Team play) Materials: Masking tape Small bean bag or rolled-up sock 1 piece of red construction paper 1 piece of black construction paper 16 review questions Duration: 15 minutes Topics: Memory & Review Target Audience: Grades 2-5 (Ages 7-11) . Step Three: Play a few simple party games like Pass the Baby-have children hug a baby doll and then pass it on. Step Four: Gather kids around your snack table and turn off the lights. Sing "Happy Birthday" while you enter with a small cake.) Step Five: If funds allow. (Alert: Consider any food allergies. Jesus" signs./ SEASONAL / CHRISTMAS / BIRTH ± 2 YEARS Happy Birthday.

There was mud all over the floor. Jimmy came running home from school. But all of his friends said Carl didn't act rich. He thanked his mom for encouraging him to study the night before. None of them had as nice a dress as she did. Was Carl boastful or humble? __________ 4. He always got a large allowance. He laughed and said. "Our furniture looks much nicer than yours. Was Justin boastful or humble? __________ . Carl knew his parents were wealthy. he noticed how old and dirty everything looked. but he decided to do it himself before she noticed. Liz was doing great in school. and had many friends. He knew his mom would clean it up." Was James boastful or humble? __________ 6. Tammy looked around at the other girls in her classroom. She couldn't wait for someone to notice. was captain of her soccer team. She didn't need to worry about Jesus right now in her life. instead he was very generous. Was Tammy boastful or humble? _________ 3. Was Liz boastful or humble? __________ 5. As James entered his friend's house.Are the children in these situations being boastful or humble? 1. He got an "A+" on today's quiz. Justin saw the mess his younger sister made. Was Jimmy boastful or humble? __________ 2. so she toldeveryone how pretty her dress was.