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Heather Erdman (Add Names) Background of Amos Shinkle and The Children s Home of Northern Kentucky The Children

's Home of Northern Kentucky began as an orphanage in 1882 when Colonel Amos Shinkle founded the Covington Protestant Children's Home in downtown Covington. Shinkle played a major role in the steamboat business between Cincinnati and New Orleans. With his brother as his partner, the firm of A. & V. Shinkle built the Champion line of steamers, the Magnolia, and other vessels for the trade. As the industry started changing and the Ohio River became more popular, Shinkle teamed up with pioneering bridge engineer, John A. Roebling, to build a bridge that would connect Cincinnati, Ohio to Covington, Kentucky. Just as the bridge was starting its planning phase in 1839, the Civil War started which had a significant setback on the timing of the bridge being built. Many opposed to continue building the bridge, but Shinkle and Roebling refused to let anyone hold them back. In 1846 The Covington and Cincinnati Bridge Company was finally created by the Kentucky state legislature. After no progress was made on the bridge in 10 years, Amos Shinkle was named President of the Covington and Cincinnati Bridge Company and construction on the bridge began immediately. At the time the bridge was finally completed, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world and the first bridge to span the Ohio River at Cincinnati. Competition in the 1860 s made it possible for people to live in Northern Kentucky and work in Cincinnati for the first time. Much of Covington s development after 1870 can be directly attributed to the vital link provided by the bridge that changed the face of Northern Kentucky forever. After industry

It is a beautiful sight for visitors to see. CHNK also has little involvement with social media and has a low ROI. CHNK has been featured in news stories after a recent break-in. Situation Analysis Strengths: CHNK has begun including Amos Shinkle and The Roebling Suspension in advertising tying the two together in a building bridges theme because of their historical connection. Little marketing has been done to really get the name out in the community. behavioral. The Northern Kentucky Children s Home now serves Kentucky children and families through their Residential Treatment Program and Community Based Services. Weaknesses: CHNK is not well-known in the community and is often confused with The Catholic Children s Home in Fort Mitchell.moved into the area in 1924. CHNK is located in beautiful Devou Park overlooking Downtown and a short distance from where the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra performs shows at the park Amphitheatre. Kentucky. As the need for orphanages decreased and the need for long-term treatment for children with emotional. and social issues emerged. The children at the home have endured great tragedies and there are many privacy issues in dealing with releasing information as well as volunteers coming to work with the children. CHNK has a new and dedicated staff. Fund raising in the past has been poor. CHNK has an annual golf outing and Charity Ball. . a new home was in the lush surroundings of what is now known as Devou Park. the Children's Home adjusted its programs to best serve the community's needs.

is a huge problem. Government funding is becoming very limited also as a result of the economy. CHNK could set up activities for guests to come visit the home before these events. There are activities that the park has that CHNK could set up booths or be involved with. In our IMC campaign we have clearly carved out a message that will give prospecting donors and people within the community that we have differentiated us from everyone else. Competition: Competition in nonprofit organization has become very fierce. . especially The Catholic Children s Home. With today s economy not being as strong as it once was. With the Children s Home of Northern Kentucky being confused with the Diocesan Catholic Children s home. The thing that makes competition different between nonprofits and every other organization is that nonprofits compete against almost every other nonprofit. such as The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra. The home has the opportunity to build a brand from the unknown. There are a number of different nonprofits that reside in the Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Area. no matter what type of service they provide. Nonprofits are competing for every dollar possible. (See appendix for list of competitors.Opportunities: There are many wealthy residents who live in Devou Park that would be willing to donate to a good cause that is close to home.) The economy at this time is poor and not many people have the money to donate as they may have in the past. Threats: There are many competing non-for-profit agencies that CHNK must compete with.

Facebook. The event will be open to the public and will cost $50 per individual and $100 per couple to attend. The employees of the facility will be able to present a speech to the guests along with handing out donation forms. and its web page. This would be an hour long.000. CHNK will advertise the event as Building Bridges with Wine Event . They will also make a video about the event and post it on Youtube. A tour will also be provided. such as Elk Creek. CHNK will put up signs at the entrances to Devou Park as well as advertise on its Facebook page and web page. Corporations would also be asked to donate a bottle of their favorite wines to be tasted. The wine would be provided from donors. ending a half hour before the symphony performs. This would include wine tasting events before the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra performs in Devou Park during the summer. CHNK will offer free parking along with a free shuttle to the KSO. using their own vans. Potential donors would be able to come and see the facility and learn about the wonderful work that is being done there. Corporations would be asked to donate $1. This will begin three weeks before the event. Recommendations We propose a 12-month campaign that begins in January 2012 and ends in December 2012.Marketing Objective To use a fully functional Integrated Marketing Campaign to create awareness for Children s Home of Northern Kentucky. .

Four P s Price. will be raffled off. such as Warm 98 in hosting the event. The radio station Warm 98 also offers a free Community Help Desk which posts local fund raising events on their website for free. The . Product. A gift basket of donated items. This would draw in upper-class people to tour the home and hopefully become future donors. The guests will also need to RSVP by calling the home before attending.The Children s Home of Northern Kentucky is a children s home that differs from others because it offers local boys with difficult home lives a chance to have a fresh start and become successful members of society. such as wine and cheese.As stated earlier we would like to host events such as a wine tasting that we would ask for donations of $100+ a couple. which will all be free. and the current webpage. We would also like to invite corporations to attend and ask for a donation of $1000. As a government and donation funded home. YouTube.We will be able to measure the effectiveness of this by keeping track of the number of hits the video has on Youtube and the number of people that will Like or become friends on Facebook. They also offer 15 second Public Service Announcements to increase the awareness of our event for free. Employees and volunteers will put the names of those who take the surveys into the raffle. We also propose that CHNK becomes involved with a local radio station. Surveys would be done at booths set up at the ampitheatre and at the events to measure awareness. To advertise this event we will use social media such as Facebook. This will get the event advertised on radio and on Warm 98 s web page of events.

Promotion. This increases the number of . KY. and differentiating it from the competition. The placement of the home in Devou Park is a great asset due to all the attractions that are near.The Children s Home of Northern Kentucky is located in Devou Park in Covington. family member and employee. we will develop a few different types of marketing tactics. and social needs. or increase their donations to the home. safety. The Children s Home of Northern Kentucky is an important product that can assist new and existing donors to give back to the community. it is easy to see that this home builds bridges for all the families it is involved with. When considering the key attributes of The Children s home of Northern Kentucky. as well as the core and actual benefits of this product. The children s home also has the actual benefit of taking in children of all different backgrounds. This can be done by revealing its true value. (Refer to Recommendations) Place. It is located near the Diocesan Catholic Children s home.providing children and families hope for better lives. The actual benefit of the product is the high quality of the home s care for its boys. The home s key attributes include its efforts for the safety. well-being and best quality of life possible for each child. The core product of The Children s home of Northern Kentucky is satisfying physiological. this allows them to have an impact on so many different family situations. To create the desire for donors to switch to.Children s Home of Northern Kentucky s advantage over its competition (other children homes) would lie in the benefits of its core product. which increased the competition for donations because this is a better known home for children.We would like to increase the awareness of this home by making the benefits more evident to potential donors.

Twitter. This relationship building process encourages trust and increases confidence in your services. The Building Bridges with Wine Event take place inside the Children s Home of Northern Kentucky itself. and Linkedin. Facebook . Social media is a two directional giving business feedback on how to improve their products or offerings. and Youtube are so important to organizations such as yours is because they are no-cost or low cost marketing tools for your business or brand. We would like to use this placement to our advantage and promote the home during all activities in the park. our recommendation for your organization is to use Facebook. one of the most important benefits to using a social media site is it is very cost effective. There will be signs located at the entrance of the park so it is easier for first time visitors to find their way. The reason that sites like Facebook. This mechanism can positively affect ROI. To reach people who are not familiar with Devou Park we will use advertising on the radio station Warm 98 to expand our audience to the entire tri-state. There are many benefits to using social media. There are many different networking sites that you can use.people who see the home and who may become interested in why it is there. These social platforms facilitate the building of networks/ communities and allow conversations. With the economy struggling and federal funding become almost nonexistent for Non Profit organizations. It is imperative that your organization becomes proactive with social media sites. Twitter. and what they do. Social Media Recommendations Social Media sites are beginning to become an essential part of every company or organization.

blog post. Having an efficient Facebook page allows organizations the ability to connect. This is the perfect way to create a buzz about your product/ services.5 billion pieces of content (web links. Company Figures (Source: Facebook Press Room) y y y y y y y y More than 350 Million active Users 50 % of active users log into their Facebook account in any given day More than 35 million users update their status each day More than 55 million status updates posted each day More than 3. Some facts that make the case for using Facebook even clearer cut are.) More than 700. With already having an established fan page on Facebook.The reasoning for using Facebook is simple. etc. everyone has one. Facebook is an enormous opportunity to generate a buzz a about Children s Home of Northern Kentucky. news stories.000 local business have active pages on Facebook Average users clicks the like button on 9 pieces of content each month Average user becomes a face of 2 pages each month With statistics like shown above. In order to generate a buzz and gain Likes on Facebook the Children s Home of Northern Kentucky needs to send out as many fan page request as possible. As a group we have discussed ways to expand upon your current Facebook page. notes. and supporters. Facebook is a great way to connect with other organizations and supporters who may be unaware of your cause. even over GOOGLE. increase your network of partners. This is something that is done very well. volunteers. With sites like Facebook and other social networking site people follow and like pages that are their interests. engaging content. photo albums. it is imperative that you keep the page updated with fresh. Twitter . Facebook is the most trafficked website.

but can mobilize others. you validate them as important and increase their influence. Here is a step by step guide to get you to Tweet to the community. Just like anything else you need to earn respect in the Twitter community. y Surprisingly 2/3 of Twitter users access the service from a mobile device. The greatest part of social media sites such as twitter is people follow their interest. Some rules that must be applied when using Twitter are y Develop Relationships. they want it fast. One many point of twitter to keep in mind is that information and action flow through links between peers. In todays age people are multitasking at an unbelievable rate. y y y y y y Step 1: Create a user name that will clearly define who you are. If you were to retweet someone s content when it is appropriate. . and they want it twitter you need people that act as free agents. Example @ChildrensHomeNKY Step 2: Fill out your entire profile Step 3: Find other nonprofit organizations and see what they re doing to reach people of Twitter. 7% of Americans actively use Twitter compared to 41% for Facebook. People that do not work for you. y The majority of Twitter users are passive information gatherers y Twitter users seem more likely to follow Brands/Companies than users of other social networks (51% of users) Navigating through Twitter is very simple.Twitter is a perfect way for people get the message about their organization. the latter has significantly more active users. Twitter allows nonprofit organizations to let people in the community know what s going on in 140 characters or less. In 2 years. With people being bombarded by over 3500 different types of advertisements per day. American s awareness of twitter has increased from 5% to 87% Although the level of awareness of Twitter now matches that of Facebook. Step 4: Start to Tweet Social networking sites are all about establishing relations between your organization and the community. People do not want to sit around and wait for a message.

Linkedin Demographics According to Nelson Online@Plan (Summer 2009) o Average age 43 years old o Male 54% o Female 46% o Senior Management: 14. More than half of LinkedIn members are currently located outside of the United States.1% o Household Income: $107. LinkedIn operates the world s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 100 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Hosting chats as part of your strategy to help create more buzz for your organization. Youtube y You tube has more than 2 billion views per LinkedIn is the world s largest professional network with over 100 million members and growing rapidly.Just like creating a bond with your followers you need to partner up with other There were nearly two billion people searches on LinkedIn in 2010. y y y y y Roughly one million new members join LinkedIn every week.5% o College Grad/Post Grad:39. and opportunities with a broader network of professionals (http://learn. Linkedin If you are looking to donations then this is the perfect social media site to use.linkedin. at a rate equivalent to a professional joining the site faster than one member per second.asking questions to help your organizations is huge. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge.1% Steps to create a successful Linkedin Account . Linking up with other organization can help introduce your organization to a whole new audience that cares about your cause.8% o Middle Management:32. ideas. With more than 35 hours updates every minute (http://www.278 o Household Income +100K: y Partnerships.

Those ways are reach. Step 5: add your company website. and favorites o Surveys. digs. and Youtube links to your profile. sentiment. Facilitate discussions within your group and pay attention to all of the feedback you that take place within the group. y y y y y Reach is the number of o Users reached o Visits o Unique visitors o Page views o Content viewed Engagement o Time spent on the site o Repeat visits o Twitter followers o Facebook fan page adds o Contest entries o Reviews o Viral forwards Sentiment o Reviews. and behavioral measures. Step 3: Start a linked in group bases around your services. engagement. The absolute best part about social media sites is that they are easily measured.Step 1: Create a user name to clearly define who you are Step 2: Build Connections and continue to maintain relationships with your contacts. comments. friends. product. Twitter ID. service awareness o Brand affinity o Brand perception o Donation intent Behavioral Measures o Sales o Donations and repeat donors . polls. Step 4: Conduct polls and survey to gather more information on your contacts. and votes o URL s shared Business Outcome Metrics o Brand. business outcomes metrics. Facebook fan page.

Social media sites also all your organization to have a greater reach of people to let them know about you and your organization . Twitter. Provide organizations with a cost effective way to promote their organization and allow people to gain awareness of a cause that organizations are supporting. Sites like Facebook.o Customer satisfaction o Program loyalty Social Media sites have become essential for business to stay afloat. and Linkedin.