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Steps to Becoming a DC Pledged District-Level Delegate or Alternate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention

   The District of Columbia Democratic Party will elect 14 of its 44 delegates on Saturday, March 3, 2012. To run as a delegate persons must be registered Democrat in the District of Columbia. During the District of Columbia’s Pre-primary Caucus on Saturday, March 3, 2012, Democratic voters will elect 14 District-level Delegate-nominees and one District-level Alternate-nominee for each Presidential candidate registered to participate in the DC Democratic Presidential Primary (on April 3, 2012). District-level Delegates and the Alternate are apportioned among the District’s two “voting” districts based on a formula giving equal weight to the average of the vote for the Democratic candidates in the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections and to Democratic Party registration. The District of Columbia’s total amount of District-level Delegates is equally divided between men and women. District-level Delegates and Alternates
“Voting” Districts #1 (Wards 1,2,6, 8) #2 (Wards 3, 4, 5, 7) Total Males 4 3 7 Delegates Females 3 4 7 Total 7 7 14 Males 0 0 0 Alternates Females 1 0 1 Total 1 0 1

Persons may compete only in the “voting” district in which he or she is registered to vote. Timeline February 17, 2012 – Candidates for District-level delegates or female Alternate Delegate can qualify by filing a “Statement of Candidacy” designating his or her presidential preference and a signed pledge of support for the presidential candidate with the DC Democratic State Committee. The Statement of Candidacy must be delivered to the DC Democratic Chair at 1050 17th Street, N.W., Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036 no earlier than January 17, 2012, and no later than February 17, 2012. February 20, 2012 – State Party provides a list of District-level Delegates and Alternate candidates to the respective Presidential candidates. February 24, 2012 – Presidential candidates provide a list of approved District-level Delegate and Alternate candidates. March 3, 2012 – Delegate candidate selection at the Pre-primary Caucus April 3, 2012 – Democratic Presidential Preference Primary April 17, 2012 – DC Board of Elections and Ethics certifies results of the primary; pre-slated District-level Delegates and Alternates are allocated according to presidential preference vote. April 23, 2012 – State Party certifies elected 14 District-level Delegates and one Alternate to the Secretary of the Democratic National Committee.

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and 8 and Wards 3. 2012. What is the Pre-Primary Caucus? The Pre-Primary Caucus is held for Democratic voters to cast their votes for Delegates to represent DC at the Democratic National Convention. at the time of voting.dcdsc. DC Democratic State Committee www. 6.dcdsc. the District of Columbia is divided into two voting districts. 4. Who determined the Delegate categories? The National Democratic Party determines the categories of Delegates who are qualified to attend the Convention? What are voting districts? For purposes of the Democratic National 10/22/11 . and 8 and Voting District 2 is made up of Wards 3. Who can vote for the Delegate candidates? Participation in the Delegate Selection Process is open to all voters who wish to participate as Democrats. etc. Voting District 1 is made up of Wards 1. 2011 as part of the Delegate candidate selection process. respectively. Therefore. and 7. meals. What are the duties of the Delegate? Delegates are elected to fully participate in the Democratic National Convention. 2. March or by calling the Committee’s office at 714-3368. 4. 6. Does the DC Democratic State Committee pay Delegate expenses related to the Convention? Delegates who are elected to the Convention are responsible for their own expenses related to their participation at the Convention including travel. How many Delegates will represent DC at the Democratic National Convention? There will be a total of 44 Delegates representing DC at the convention with 14 of those elected as District-level candidates from Wards 1. How are the District-level Delegates elected? District-level delegates will be elected at a Pre-Primary Caucus on Saturday. 5. Where can I review the DC Delegate Selection Plan? The DC Delegate Selection Plan is posted on the DC Democratic State Committee’s Web site at www. and 7. one must already be or must register as a Democratic voter in the District of Columbia. lodging. 2.DC Delegate Selection Plan Frequently Asked Questions What is a Delegate? A Delegate is elected by the Democratic voters of the District of Columbia to represent them at the Democratic National Convention to be held the week of September 3. 5.