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Service Marketing Project Proposal On A Study on the Customer Perceptions of Quality of Services at Sahara Hospital, Lucknow (U.P.) Submitted by Nijhum Bera, Rahul Mukherjee Rajat Goel & Sonam Kejriwal Project Proposal PROJECT TITLE: ³A Study on the Customer Perceptions of Quality of Services of Sahara Hospital, Lucknow´. RATIONALE BEHIND TAKING THE PROJECT: In India the market size of healthcare industry is over US$ 35 billion which is expected to reach over US$ 150 billion by 2017, according to Technopak Advisors in their report ± µIndia Healthcare Trends 2010¶. The sector offers immense potential to healthcare players as y The country witnesses a rise in the incidence of lifestyle-related and other diseases. y A growing elderly population. y Rise in income levels which is pushing for better healthcare facilities. The rationale behind this study is to enhance our understanding of the relationship between quality management, performance and customer satisfaction using the service quality model focusing on quality perceived by customers. The rationale for measuring quality improvement is the belief that good performance reflects good-quality practice, and that comparing performance among providers and organizations will encourage better performance. The project aspires to follow the age old management theology that µsomething which cannot be measured cannot be improved.¶ PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The main objective for this study is to assess the service quality at a well known hospital in Lucknow through SERVQUAL scale and identify important service dimensions for performance improvement. The following could be the sub-objectives under the above mentioned main objective: 1) Report the Customer Perceptions for the five dimensions of SERVQUAL study instrument. 2) Report the Customer Perceptions for Services provided by the hospital personnel. 3) Study the relation of age to customer perceptions of service quality. 4) Assess whether the Cost of Services at the large hospital in Lucknow are justified. (Pricing of services) SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: Although the study aspires to be a part of evaluation of healthcare system in India, at present the study would be limited to Sahara Hospital only due to logistical issues and the named hospital being the most modern super speciality hospital at Lucknow. The project as stated clearly in the objectives will be a research paper with the sole aim of evaluating the customer perception of Sahara¶s services, its pricing strategy & recommending improvements. PROJECT METHODOLOGY: In this study, both Primary and secondary mode of data collection will be applied: y An initial exploratory research will be done using secondary data and case studies to identify the important factors for customer perceptions of service quality that may be included in the questionnaire. y A detailed structured questionnaire would be designed on the basis of this exploratory study. y Primary data on the customers¶ perceptions of quality of services would be collected through the structured questionnaire. TENTATIVE PROJECT SCHEDULE: We propose following time schedule for our project as of now: y y y Data collection Data Analysis Report Preparation 6-7 days 3-4 days 2 days