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Participative Democracy

Take a look at the manipulation of people by the elite minority. Explore an analysis of strategies of domination of the masses of people by small groups of power. Be informed about unpublished information on linking the former President of Uruguay Dr. Tabar Vzquez, with the dictatorship in Uruguay. Take a look at the information about Tabar Vzquez that has been withheld by authorities and media of Uruguay, ruled by minority power groups. Know a new way to build democracy and fight against the minority power groups that do not represent the people. CHAPTER 1 THE DOMINATION OF THE SOCIETY BY A small group of people (social elites, sects, religions, Freemasonry,CORPORATIONS, BUSINESSMEN, ETC.) In Honduras in the year 2009, a dictatorship happened. A President was deposed from his mandate, taken from her bed in pajamas at night and removed from the country by military personnel, which together with a small group of powerful civilians, have taken the country in their hands. The democratically elected government was replaced by a new dictatorial government. The military have taken over the media and taken control of the country, depriving people of basic freedoms such as freedom of opinion or freedom to move freely through the streets, especially during certain times of day, where have enacted curfews. The military uses the media to circulate false information about the dictatorial government, propagandizing in favor of it, accusing them as terrorists those who protest against dictators and those who agree with freedom and democracy. The media that inform people about real events, which report on the repression of the military, and the deaths they have brought and various violations of basic human rights, are treated as liars by the government dictatorial and progovernment media related to dictatorship. People are forbidden to stay in the streets, through curfews. People who stay on the streets ignoring the curfew imposed by the anti-democratic government, are arrested, beaten and murdered in secret. Many people are hungry because they have no food in their homes, because they can not leave their homes, and also can not buy food because the shops are closed. The economy and political situation lead to increased prices and inflation limits the survival of people, especially the poorest.

The media who denouncing the facts that people suffer, are closed, censored, or proceed to cut their electricity and water, so they can not continue to report the real situation affecting the population. Meanwhile the media loyal to dictatorial government, continue to inform falsely that the situation in the country is normal, and that people develop in a normal life, in freedom and in support of the dictatorial government. But in reality the people fighting for freedom, is riddled by military, deaths by military squads are reported, kidnappings, tortures, rapewomen, thefts and lootings by soldiers. The bullets are the food of those who struggle for freedom of expression and democracy, demonstrators are shot and dead in the streets, and the media loyal to the government denied any deaths that occurred in the country.