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Crysta DenOuden, author of the Dark Angel series ~The Daughters of the Otherworld series book 1~ Kalika’s story Also in the Daughters of the Otherworld series: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Shadow Song Sapphire’s Moon Chosen Wings Heavenly Wings Once Gifted Always Gifted

Prologue My name is Kali Moore. I used to be a normal girl, trying to get by life. At least, I was… until I died. Yeah, you heard me. I died and now I have the ability to see the dead. And the dead, well, they want to be seen. I can’t tell anyone about my ability, or I’ll wind up in a padded cell. I’m Shadow Bound. I’m sworn to keep the dead a secret and deal with it myself. This all happened when I was driving the car that killed my friend, Hannah. Its been eight months since the accident and now I’m sure the dead is following me around. God only knows what they want… My name is Kali, I’m sixteen-years-old and I have the ability to see the dead who want to be seen. This is my story.

we will each end.” She said. my mom’s hand tightens on my shoulder.” I said.” She said. What about Emmett?” She asked. “You have a choice. or you may return to the world of the living and be gifted with the Sight of the Dead. I knew Hannah didn’t exist in body. All I saw were headlights.” Said a voice above my head.” She said. “You will be able to see those who are gone. I stared at her like she was insane. “Hurry child. “Who are you?” I asked. “Exactly. There is not much time. The car came at us from the side. Its been two days since the accident and I just got out of the hospital the day before.” Mom had said. You may remain here in the Afterlife with me and your grandfather. “Open your eyes.” I said. “Now that is what I’m talking ‘bout. I couldn’t help but think of how cruel this was to Hannah.” I said. “So I’m in… heaven?” I asked. we will find out if the world ends.” She said. “I did. driving too fast on the dark street to notice us. repeating the words over and over again.” She said. tears in her eyes. Then the white room disappeared and so did the woman. but that she existed in spirit. “No. “Huh. Didn’t you listen to a word I just said? You’re in the Afterlife. “Lets just say I’m a Guardian Angel. and the dust soars into Heaven to be found again. Kali. and I believed that she was happy. but I still remembered it: Someday.” Mom had said. I opened my eyes. Gorgeous in the name of Kellan Lutz. giggling. I believed that Hannah had found Heaven and that she was there with her Grandfather. but maybe we will. Except for those whose bodies aren’t found. her laughter. It is not your fault. sister of…” The priest’s voice drowned out. It was just… there. “No. You must make your choice.” I said. “I’m sorry. Hannah’s gone. but someday. who wants to date a super pale vampire?” I asked. “Of course not. “I guess. don’t you think Edward Cullen is hot?” My friend Hannah asked me.Chapter ONE: Anything can happen at any time in the world. in the dirt. Because maybe the world won’t end. its as sure as our birth. “I choose to be alive. . Its not your fault. ~*~ Then. I didn’t even see the car. “KALI!” Hannah screamed. what do you mean?” I asked. Here or There?” She asked. The driver hit us. I would never forget her smile. “I don’t understand.” Said the woman. as the body returns to ashes. the one with the red tulips on the top. its Hannah’s funeral. I was in a white room. Why would you put someone you loved in the ground. There was a woman standing in front of me. “Are you drunk? Did you not notice his abs?” Hannah asked incredulously. where we’d watched a movie.” I’d whispered. suddenly. it was totally random. “You’re dead. “Where’s Hannah?” I’d mumbled. A single tear fell down my face. ~Eight months previously~ “Kali. Kali. daughter of Sarah and Michael Bright. ~*~ I remembered waking up in a hospital with my mother leaning over me. with all the bugs and animals? But everyone is put in a coffin when they die. I stared at Hannah’s black coffin. She laughed. and the ashes return to dust. That she was okay. “I think that Jacob is hotter. “We gather in the memory of Hannah Marie Bright. But Jacob Black is ten-times better looking. I’m not dead.” I said. I remember something that Hannah once told me. She probably was. “Its my fault. I would never forget Hannah Bright. My mom had looked away. “Where am I?” I asked. Keep your eyes open and don’t be distracted. I mean. We are to be born to die again. We were driving home from my house.

I was late for my first class. “Okay.” I said.” I said. I was so. “Hi. so careful as I drove the streets. deeper than emerald but lighter than the forest green I’ve seen in paint.” I said. Its ‘cause of my eyes. I sighed and pulled into the parking lot. I’m still not used to the heat at this hour in the morning. I was exhausted already and it was only my first class. the school was still huge and I still managed to get lost. He looked… nice.” He said. Not like a phobia.” She said. . ~*~ Even though I’d been on a tour of West Malibu High. I have deep green eyes that my mom swears are a different color all on their own. therefore. I’m Sapphire. I’d read on the Internet that people who have accidents are afraid of the very things that caused them. It was the first day at West Malibu High and I hadn’t been to any school since June. so my mom named me Sapphire. The bright Malibu sun was hot on my neck. “Good. She worked at the local Police Station. or Kalika. You’re new here.” She said. I was terrified of cars. Mr.” I said. His hand was strong. I’m Kali. but I was still scared of them when I drove. like baker’s hands. Ms. which happened to be in the very back of the room. I had brown hair and bangs that have to be cut every three weeks. “Hey! Hey Kali. Brown.” I said. She was from Mr. Kali Ma. “Hi. “Yeah.” She said. I was in the tenth grade. I sat down as close as I could. right?” She asked. so I drove super careful. I had a lot of guy friends back in Toronto. I had been in a car accident. The sun beat on my back as I drove to West Malibu High. holding out his hand. wait up!” Someone called after me. She grimaced. Kalika. I turned around to see a blonde. “Cool. Its unique. made you cautious. We’ve only lived here for three months.” I said. I never really paid attention to boys before. I’m Ethan. beside a boy with dark hair that hung in his piercing brown eyes. “I like it. What’s your next class?” She asked. “Yeah. I’m Kali. Seven classes to go. I thought as I slumped down in my chair and tried to pay attention to my teacher. We have the same class. Kali Moore. “Lucky. Accidents did that to you. “I don’t think so. We went inside. Like the goddess.” I said. June came in and started to explain about basic art and what would be required. “Hey. It was going to be a long year. June. “Cool. Sapphire joined a girl with black hair and blue eyes at a lab-type table near the windows. I grabbed a granola bar and a water bottle and left. “I guess. sipping her morning coffee at the kitchen table. My eyes are sapphire colored. I shook it. Chapter TWO: “Are you ready for school?” My mom asked. after summer holidays started.” I said. Here we go. Sapphire Robinson. I’ll see you at five. So does my friend Sabryna. I thought wearily. “Yeah.” He said. Brown’s class. We had reached the studio. “Hey. Just my luck.” Mom said. I heard. She’s awesome. “Cool. She grinned. “Sapphire’s a pretty name.Life can end in a blink of an eye.” I replied. “Um… Art with Ms. I didn’t look like I’d ever lived in Malibu. having just turned sixteen a week and a half ago. wavy haired girl with sapphire blue eyes running up to me. I remembered. I sighed. “Is Kali short for anything?” She asked.” I said as we walked.

is Ethan Christopher. he was Bryn’s dads son. “Hey Kali.” Aubrey said.” Sapphire said. sometimes even at Sabryna’s house. “I can’t. “That’s okay.” I said. I have to take care of Bridgit.” Sapphire finished. I guess. I wasn’t feeling very well all of a sudden.” She said. this is Kali Moore. Aubrey. She lived with her mom. “Save you? What do you mean?” I asked finally.” I said.” She said. “Toronto. She’s new to West Malibu. Kali?” Sabryna asked me. Andrew and Mike. hon?” Sapphire asked. “You bet. He had a wrinkled face and crinkling grey eyes and grey hair. She was walking with two other girls. “Sorry… I…” I .” I said. I saw it.~*~ After class. “So. Is Drake that tall guy on the football team? Drake Michaels?” I asked. Um… we’re just friends. its pretty for the first month and a half. I hung out with Sapphire. It must be nice to see some snow. “Hey. even if they won’t admit it. “And Sabryna Riley.” I was frozen in my place. Yeah. I blinked. She was the girl from art. Mark had Kirsten. then it gets really annoying. “You go girl. “Nope. “He’s hot. Um. It was super crowded.” Sabryna said. her youngest sister. “Hi. Aimee and Mark.” I said. And that was how it began with my new friends. Sapphire’s house was the best. I looked hopefully at Aubrey.” I said. I laughed. Aubrianna and Sabryna every day during and after school.” Aubrey suggested. Phire. that way. Bryn had three sisters and two brothers. as you keep forgetting. until Christmas. was like a million years old. “None of them?” She asked. with black hair and blue eyes. she had two brothers. waving her hand in front of my face. what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Sapphire asked.” She said. “Maybe. who was five. “I think every girl is into boys. The ghost disappeared.” Sapphire said. “I can’t either. Guys.” I said. and her little sister. and he was in the same grade as us. “Thanks. Her parents. Usually. so my house would be ideal. Corey. He’s hot. “I guess. “Kali?” Sapphire pleaded. He asked me out yesterday. None of the guys I knew were interested in me…. Daphne. plus her and her parents. although we rarely hung out at Sabryna’s. Sabryna shrugged. So. I knew it was a ghost because whoever it was. “Cool. “Thanks. Ethan never talked to me in class.” She said. “Maybe you should ask him. I promised Drake I’d catch a movie with him Friday. Good job. “Kali… Kali… save me. I never really thought about it.” I said. “No. She giggled. She had mocha brown eyes. I grinned. Sorry. her oldest brother. Was he even real? I wondered. I wasn’t sure if that was considered friendship or what. I didn’t have any siblings. ~*~ For the next couple of weeks.” I said. Corey and Jess (that’s short for Jessica). although we spent hours texting at night. was 9 and she was in fourth grade. sometimes at Aubrianna’s house. Kirsten. “Oh. where are you from.” I said.” The ghost said. People in the park were staring. I couldn’t move. Bryn was the middle child. I froze.” Bryn said. Kali. The girls stared at me as if I was nuts. “Do you guys want to come to my house Friday night? My mom said I could have a couple friends over. “Did you have a boyfriend in Toronto?” Aubrianna asked. The girl with dark red curls nodded. I’m sorry. I grinned. her middle sister was Jess and she was 15 and starting her first year of high school. “Kali? Are you okay.” I said.” Sapphire told me. Her oldest sister was Angela. “My mom has a date on Friday. Kali. was 14 and in eighth grade. “What do you want with me?” I screamed at the ghost. “Hey. her middle brother was Justin and he was 16. Ethan and I exchanged phone numbers and I went to catch up with Sapphire. “Aubrey’s into boys. He’ll probably hang with you Friday. “Huh. but somehow we always ended up at Sapphire’s. I barely noticed. Aubrianna’s house was a little less crowded on the siblings side.” She said. “Were you sitting beside Ethan Christopher? That guy with brown hair?” Aubrianna asked. My mom’s having this meeting on Friday and I have to stay home and help Ang babysit. Ignore it. I couldn’t speak. she was 18 and in her senior year at West Malibu. It never snows here.” Sabryna said. clearly amazed. “Kali…” He whispered. Maybe we weren’t even that. “Kali. who were content to stay away from us while we hung out in Aubrianna’s room. had married after Aimee had Bryn. “Kali. My first ghost.” I said. Just then. this is Aubrianna Night. Sometimes we hung out at Sapphire’s house. Angela and Justin. Three weeks into school. “Oh. Bridgit. Bryn and I were all hanging out after school at the park.” She said. I sighed.

boy crushing. And Aubrey. “No. “Okay. I was stumped. But… what did she say?” She pressed. I sighed. “I should be asking you that.” I said.” Aubrey said. Sworn to keep your secret. one hundred percent.” Sapphire said. “I’ll have to. Doesn’t make a difference. You see ghosts. They stopped at the waterfall. I had to say something. Sabryna. “Yes I am. “It’ll have to be before I join the Pack for the Full Moon. “How could you have known? You’re only a werewolf. “Yeah. their faces showed nothing.” Sapphire said.” Sapphire whispered. was a vampire. Or at least. When are you going to tell her? Tomorrow? Next week? After the full moon?” Aubrey asked. speaking up. “you could just tell me now. dreaming. “Saph.” Bryn said. And small. or you may return to the world of the living and be gifted with the Sight of the Dead. “She’s Shadow Bound. do you know how long its been since I’ve had blood? There’s no way I can tell her before the full moon. Only the past three months.” Aubrey said.” I said. “‘You have a choice. That’s werewolf with a u and vampire with a y. I followed them. Sweet and charming Sapphire was a werewolf? No way. You have to do it. “Enough to know that I’m ‘Shadow Bound’. or maybe I really was seeing ghosts. at the park.” Sapphire said. I had a dream about him. I knew exactly what that meant.” I said. “We don’t know anything. They looked at each other. “Yes.” She said.” They said in unison. what are we doing?” Aubrey asked.” I said. I took a deep breath and started explaining everything that had happened. swallowing. “I’m a Pixie. charming Sapphire whose name was the only different thing about her. sweet. “Okay. In our world. Aubrey was a vampire. as though reading my mind. You’ll text me if it happens again. waiting for them. “Kali? What the… what are you doing here?” Sapphire asked. Whatever.” I said. Aubrey. cute. “I don’t know. “Kali honey. I can’t tell her. Sapphire. Sabryna’s a Pixie and Aubrianna’s a vampire. I stopped myself from gasping. funny. right?” Sapphire asked. whatever that is. And that you’re a werewolf. her voice quiet. “I have to go.” She said. you may stay here in the Afterlife with me and your grandfather. Sabryna’s a Pixie and Aubrianna’s a vampyre. my mom will be wondering where I am. It was literally impossible to believe. It was real. “Why are we here?” Bryn countered. “Maybe he is. I am totally. I’m dreaming. Its like he’s following me. An hour later. “Wait. She’s Shadow Bound. I left the three of them there. “How much did you hear?” Sapphire asked. I thought.” I said. I was afraid now.” Sapphire sighed. “Will you guys think I’m crazy?” I asked. You’re all inhuman and now you ‘claim’ that I am too. five minutes?” Sapphire asked. and now he’s here. “Kali is. We’d hung out there a couple of times. “So. I froze. was a Pixie. I pretended to. when you were dead?” She asked. I should have known. . I’m a Werewolf . Sapphire looked at Aubrey. was a werewolf. but only those who choose to show themselves to you. “Or.’” I quoted the Angels’ words from memory. Its not the first time I’ve seen him. “Fine.” I said. “What did the woman say to you? In the vision.” Sapphire said. Aubrey sighed.” I said. I finally saw Sapphire’s car drive down the street leading home. But I haven’t been ‘seeing’ ghosts all my life. You said he asked you to… save him?” Sapphire asked.” I crossed my arms when I reached them. Sworn to protect the identity of the dead.” Bryn said. “You aren’t human. speaking for all of them. of course. I saw him at the cemetery in Toronto. “S-Shadow Bound? That’s impossible. Maybe I was crazy.” I said. almost as if they were permanently etched into my brain. “Okay… so you’re seeing ghosts because you died for like. “Do you guys know something about this? Because if you do. We walked away from the playground. “Sapphire. Pixie? I wondered. what happened?” Sapphire asked. you have to tell me. Only necromancers see the dead. Who were they talking about? I wanted to know. so I knew where I was going when I followed them in early sunset. but I could tell that there was something up.” I said. It’s the same ghost. “Who is?” Aubrey asked. including the accident in which Hannah had died.” I said. You’re the one discussing me behind my back. She can see them. You are Shadow Bound.couldn’t think of a lie. but Kali is Shadow Bound and she doesn’t know it. but only three blocks. It was impossible. “Who’s going to tell her? You?” Bryn asked. “It wasn’t a vision. stepping out of the trees. “Actually. this is called a Shadow-Walker. Pack? There was a Pack of werewolves in Malibu? I couldn’t believe my ears. I drove away.

That angel. reminding me that we had English together. and Ryan McCarter. for some odd reason. “Okay. “Tristan O’Neil. Hey. I’m just tired. “I’m afraid of the theatres. “We should go. I felt the same way I always did. “Sure.” I said. “She’s right. Sabryna’s parents and her brothers and sisters are all Pixies. And Aubrey’s parents and her brothers are both vampyres. We don’t want to be out by the water in the dark. “Ethan Christopher. Chapter THREE: When I woke up the next morning.” He said. Aubrey and I were all Gifted. raised her eyebrows. No. And no one knows about this?” I asked.” She said.” I said. The woman Gifted you alone.” He said.” He said. “And…? That’s only two.” I said. I didn’t feel very ‘Gifted’ though. It’ll be like a quadruple date. “No it isn’t. I guess no one could choose their Gift. you’re a Werewolf . “Well… actually. I’ll invite them. Sapphire. so let me get this straight.” She said. “Okay. But they can probably make it Saturday. irrational part of my brain that kept reminding me that I was a Shadow-Walker. but I did. We smiled at each other. Maybe I can come over? We can study that English project together.” Sabryna said. K. We don’t know why. I saw the Dead. “Are you alright? You’re strange this morning. Baby-sitting and stuff. “I’m fine. “This is totally insane. The guys will like that. I’m a Shadow-Walker. It runs in the family. “Of course.” He said. No one knows why I got the Gift. I got us dates for Saturday afternoon. I didn’t want to.” She said. I followed them out. You’re holding out on us. “Cool. right?” He asked.” Sabryna said. My brothers and my dad are Werewolf s too. Way. “Yep. Sapphire. “Um… Ryan and Tristan. “Maybe you can invite your friends… what are their names? I’ll invite mine.” I said. gave you the gift of a Shadow-Walker.” He said. Bryn. ~*~ “So. Your friends are Sapphire Robinson. Sabryna’s a Pixie and Aubrianna’s a vampyre. I smiled back.“There you go.” Sapphire sighed. “No. Sabryna. and you shouldn’t be outside at night.” Aubrey spoke up.” I said. “So its hereditary. Aubrianna Night and Sabryna Riley. Are my… is my… mom Gifted?” I asked. I felt normal. “Aaron will protect me. through the guys only. Ethan touched my hand. “We should be going. or whoever she was. I didn’t understand what was going on. I was not going to go to the movie theatre. There was something comforting about being around Ethan Christopher. I have to ask my mom first. Except for this tiny.” I said. I froze.” He said. “Can we make it Saturday afternoon? The girls have plans with their families.” I . I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Sure. it’s the bloodline. Its almost nightfall. I’m…” I thought up a lie. “I can’t wait. when we’d stumbled our way to our cars. That morning in Art. Who else?” Aubrey demanded.” I lied. Its real.” I suggested. do you want to hang out Friday? I have this movie ticket to the movies. “With who?” Aubrey asked. looking excited.” I said to the girls later that day at lunch. the gift of Sight. “I’m sorry.” He said. “Sounds awesome.” She explained. We can still hang out. He grinned. “Um… sure. “That’s okay. I’ll text you what she says.” Sapphire said. I smiled. We should. I guess. I can’t go to the movies.” I said. “Okay. I still had the scratches from last night in the woods.

“He knows that.” I stated. Ryan was tall. She helped her friend stand up and led her out of the cafeteria. We have Math.” Aubrey said. “What’s wrong with Sapphire?” Ethan asked. She rolled her eyes. I’ll sit beside Tristan and you can sit beside Ethan. “Um… dude. “I called you B. to ask that question. I wasn’t hurt. “I… I have a boyfriend. “That’s okay. I know. Ethan Christopher. “R-really?” She asked. sure. I forgot to tell you.” I said. .” Tristan told Ethan. “No. We left the cafeteria. She met his eyes and stared. “Saph? Saph? Are you okay?” Aubrey asked. “Yup. “Yes. amazed. “Ethan. I blushed. “So you’re going to be?” She demanded. She stared at him. Come on. “I… I feel… sick.” I said. grinning at her. “I don’t know. “I know.” I said. “Hey. She smiled and smoothed her hair as we neared the guys. I’ll kick your ass. I think the girls won’t mind having three other guys to hook up with while I’m with Ethan. “What? Are you okay. Leave it to Aubrey. Do we have any classes?” I asked. and finally. “I… I’m fine. “Who?” She asked. who was the best looking. “We’re not dating. “Um… Bryn? Are you… do you want to come to the fountain with me? I forgot where it was. noticing her. “You’re with Ethan!” Aubrey squealed.” She said.” I improvised. I took in Ethan’s friends.said. I was still staring at Tristan like he alone held the key to the earth. I can tell.” I said when we sat down. Bryn likes the view of the windows on my side better.had the biggest abs. Spanish and other classes together. “You… you’re dating the Alpha?” I asked. Its Sabryna. Hey. Sapphire looked away. “Aaron.” I said.” She managed.” She said. Maybe. We couldn’t say anymore on the subject. he was too busy looking at Bryn the same way I was looking at Tristan. It’s the full moon tonight. “So.” Bryn said.” I said. “Hey B. right?” Tristan asked Bryn. “Really. We decided to switch spots. “I can’t go. God. Aubrey jerked her head away from Ryan and got up. I smiled.” I said. smiling at him. I got my eye on a green-eyed hotness. “Hey girls. Ryan. “Hey.” Ethan said. “Oh. Poor Ryan was looking all alone without Aubrey there. Well… almost.” She said. I could tell there was chemistry there. And they were. you think Sapphire’s gonna make it to the date on Saturday?” Ethan asked.” I said. “Okay. “What did you just call me?” She asked.” She said. He was so freaking good looking I almost forgot about Ethan. Aaron Kingsburg.” I mumbled stupidly. Bryn?” I asked. even Tristan. Dude. I remembered what tonight was. Go Kali!” She chanted. He’s the Alpha of the Pack. pouting.” She said. blonde hair and icy blue eyes. No one was paying attention to Sapphire. “Its okay. Of course not. She had plans. I think your girlfriend’s checking me out. “Is she okay?” I asked. “Bryn. He was teasing. “Did you really have to get water or was that an excuse?” She asked. “I guess so. “That was an excuse. I assume that Kali has told you about our six getting together on Saturday. Do you mind?” He asked. Go Kali.” Ethan told him.and whom Bryn was eyeing like he was the best piece of chocolate ever. We all stared at her. Bryn will give you my number. black hair and jade green eyes. “Oh my goodness! You’re going to be with Ethan Christopher! One of the best looking guys in the school!” She exclaimed. pretending she didn’t know what I was talking about.” Ethan said. Tristan O’Neil. Tristan O’Neil and Ryan McCarter were coming over to our table. “What!” I exclaimed. I smiled. “Why not? I just got the best looking guys in school to hang out with you and you’re turning them down. who was sitting turned away from the rest of us. “Tristan?” She laughed. “Go Kali. “Well… not yet. His friends followed.” Sapphire managed in a whisper. He likes you. “I have to get her home. Bryn was still looking at him. I’m really sorry.” I whispered.” She whispered back. with big abs. Kali. “Um… no. Tristan.” I said once we were out of earshot of the boys. it’s okay. The six of us of us will be fine by ourselves.” Ethan said. My. “Wow. “Shh! They’re coming over here!” I whispered.” I said. I was too busy looking at the jade green-eyed miracle that was sitting in front of me. Ethan didn’t notice. Aubrey was already puppy-dog-eyeing Ryan. You’re into him. “Probably something she ate. You like him. “What? Oh. I grinned. if you touch her without her permission. “Hey Bryn. I sat right next to the gorgeous Tristan.” I said. let’s go back. sitting down. I’d seen it on my special calendar this morning. “Hey Tristan. “I don’t think. She blushed.” She said.” I said.” She said. I thought.” She said after a minute. She snapped out of it. did you fix your hair?” Ethan asked her. My lower lip curled into a pout before I even realized. They were all on the football team. “Do you really think he likes me?” She asked when we went back into the cafeteria.

Shadow Walking is a very rare gift and the bloodline is lost. He led me to the small. Did anyone ever tell you that?” He asked. We kissed for minutes and then he pulled away. I shook my head. a Shadow Walker only sees the ones who choose to be seen. Then. I don’t know where he goes. “You’re beautiful. In fact. I typed: Shadow Walker Bloodlines into the search box.” He said. “I knew what he was going to do. The last one. because Sapphire has a boyfriend. His pulse was beating fast on his neck. “Yeah. “Okay. Out of no where. “Wow. but whereas a Necromancer can see all the dead.” He lied. Aubrey explained that her dad and her brothers were there. a dazzling smile. “Yeah.” I said. the Shadow Walker has remained hidden in our midst.” He whispered. I loved the way he said ‘you and me’. “What… was… that?” I gasped.” They all said. hall-way. Centuries ago. entrance by the cafeteria. I thought. The Shadow Walker posses the Gift to see the dead. it caused destruction and death. is a Gift that no other person would wish on himself or herself. It didn’t matter how brief it was. He smelled like woods. A Shadow Walker is Shadow Bound. “Oh?” He asked. “I’m glad I’m the first.” I whispered. then. He held me there.” He said.” I said. Now someone else has to hook up. He led me to the private bench that was half-way outside. I smiled as he walked away and then went inside. Tristan leaned forward and kissed my forehead. raised a force so strong. he kissed my lips briefly. “Come on. I Google searched “Shadow Walkers” and clicked on the Wikipedia one. I tangled my fingers in his dark hair. the most Powerful Shadow Walker in the entire history of Shadow Walking. like Necromancy. “We better get to class.oops. I was the last Shadow Walker. He kissed me.” I said. ~*~ Sapphire never came back to school for the rest of the week. he or she is not meant to share the Secret of the Dead. “Thanks. We left the entrance hall holding hands. and when this Shadow Walker died. Aubrey also explained that it was her fourth time Changing and she was still having trouble with it. warm and beautiful all at the same time. half-way inside. I clicked and read: . Let’s go… talk.” He whispered. The Shadow Walker’s gift. I felt bad for her. His lips found mine like they belong there. then his kiss became more sure. he pulled my arms around his neck. “Well… Ryan already has Aubrey. My heart was pounding a million times a minute. Shadow Walkers are the very soul’s of a Necromancer. No one was allowed to see Sapphire while she was Changing. “Yeah. a wolf. Ethan.” I said. he kissed me. pulling me away from the table.I inhaled Tristan’s scent. He doesn’t go here. he held me against the wall where no one could see us. The only one with this Gift. “Huh. Kali. The results were scary and very accurate: Throughout the centuries. His hands held my wrists. Now with this power comes great responsibility. Aubrey explained that she always stayed a wolf for days after the Change hit. “She had something on her forehead. helping her through the Change. On Thursday evening. so did the force of Power.” I froze when I read that. it was against the law. His kiss was like the light. but only those who choose to be seen. sparks went off inside my head. even those who wish not to be seen. Fingers trembling. at first. When we stopped at the doors. “Wow. against the wall of the entrance hall.” He whispered. only with thy whom may be trusted to keep the secret to their graves. Ryan and Bryn were staring at us. softly and hesitant. They can see the dead. and we kissed. “Good job hooking those two up. Its just you and me left. He leaned down to my ear while Bryn and Ethan were flirting with each other. He leaned forward and ever so gently.” He said. A page popped up.” Tristan said. I was pretty sure my cheeks were red as rubies at that minute. “Shadow Walking is a very rare gift and the bloodline is lost. He smiled. sorry. Except for long runs on the Full Moon in the shape of a dog.

I don’t have the Gift. “Okay. “Just you. Moore. “And I’m Kalika Angelique Morganstone. “No. but my grandmother did.” I .” Mom said when I sat down at the table where she was reading the news.” She said. Finally. “Sapphire was right. and started getting ready.” I said. “I… I don’t understand. I had two hours until noon. Who else? I don’t want a party here.” She said. “Thanks. I was supposed to. “Yeah.” I said. “Okay. Around twelve.” I said.” She said. it skipped?” I asked. actually. The fifteen women were strong and powerful. when my friends were coming. Saturday came too quickly.The Shadow Walker bloodline is one line by itself. I answered the door. and my lip-gloss was a soft pink color.” She said. This is the Shadow Walker bloodline: Morganstone. Anyone who wasn’t Gifted was stripped of the Morganstone last name and given the human version of the name. honey. “They’ll be here. My mother didn’t have it. That morning. but there were never any. got up and went to go find my mom in the kitchen. “You guys look great. I ran to get it.” I said.” She said. I logged off my laptop. My initials and my mom’s initials stared me in the face. “I wasn’t. I explained everything that happened on that night.” I lied. I woke up at ten-thirty. There is only a few Morganstone’s left. “The Gift… it skips every other child. That’s my name. but I was upset. you guys were early.” She said. “Yes. I wanted to be one of the fifteen women who were Gifted in our family. “In my family. It’s impossible. the doorbell rang.” I said.” She said.” She said. My eye shadow was a light. I left and went to text Ethan that my mom had said yes. I let them in.” She said. “Okay. Sapphire Robinson. there was fifteen women with the last name Morganstone. wearing sundresses. I kept expecting to see a Ghost around every corner. “Sure. Aubrianna Night and Sabryna Riley. “Mom. I should have been glad. leaving a note telling me she was going to be in and out all day. the name came off my tongue so perfectly.” I said.” I said. Not until I died the night of the accident. “I didn’t think you would be Gifted with the Sight. of course not. That’s fine. as if I was supposed to be saying it. my grandmother told me that I wasn’t Gifted. “Me and you. Are you okay? You look sick. I looked pretty. Just Ethan Christopher. Aubrey and Sabryna right?” She asked. “And. she’s got the flu. including the woman. That name is no longer mine. Genevieve Morganstone Kalika Morganstone This is the last of the Morganstone bloodline of Shadow Walkers. “Mom… why didn’t you tell me I had the Gift?” I asked. I froze.” I said. Genevieve Elizabeth Moore.” Aubrey said. I’m not a Morganstone. Sapphire. “My friends. That sounds good. “You… what?” She asked. but it skipped. My great-great grandmother had it. “They aren’t my only friends. I needed to ask my mom if it was true. Aubrey and Sabryna stood there with their hair wavy. but I wasn’t. I smiled. You look better. Tristan O’Neil and Ryan McCarter. I was wondering… could I have my friends over on Saturday afternoon?” I asked. I laughed.Better name: Moore. ~*~ “Hey honey. I don’t have the Gift. those fifteen had the Gift of Sight.” I said. “Who told you?” She asked. like you. the Gift to see the Dead who wish to be seen. I fidgeted. My brown hair was put up into a ponytail. “Okay.” She said. Maybe I was. Sapphire isn’t coming. I wore a sea green tank top and jean shorts. My mom had left early. “Thanks. “Where are the guys?” Aubrey asked. Mom froze and put down her newspaper. I turned fifteen and for one year. “What do you mean.” I said. so just Sabryna and Aubrey plus the three boys. pastel green color that brought out my eyes. Each of them received their Gift when they were fifteen-years-old.

It was murder. I knew Hannah could hear her. It was obvious no one could see her. I froze again. I don’t remember what happened. who was still there. Hannah had been caught. I heard. “Kali. The man pulled a knife out of his pocket.” Aubrey said. “Hello? Are you in there?” Tristan asked me.” She said. He had wrinkles. “Its… Its Hannah. please. did you hear about that girl? Hannah Bright?” Ethan asked suddenly. we started running. My friend Hannah. speaking finally. He was dark haired. “You guys.” I said for her. I looked at the man. “Kali! Run!” Hannah screamed.” I translated her words for Aubrey. I remembered very clearly what had happened: ~*~ Hannah saw the man before I did. then it was Tristan. I was frozen in my seat. “Kali.” Hannah said. “Is there a ghost. even though there was no chance the guys could hear us. the boys had arrived. She said in need to know that the accident wasn’t an accident. “Hey. they’d probably think I was insane. “Hey beautiful. “Why should I? She’s my girlfriend. “No its not. could you go out to the deck for a minute? Sabryna and I will help Kali. Han. “Yes. “What about him?” I asked. “Could you translate if I ask her a question?” She asked. but Sabryna and Aubrey were staring at me like they had in the park. Hannah. Ryan came in. He was so gorgeous. and then. “Yes. I felt like I was melting when I looked at Tristan. She said we must find the murderer. There was a dark-haired. “Hannah.” Aubrey sighed.” They both said in unison. watching us at the corner?” Hannah hissed. Kali?” Aubrey asked. That it was murder. who were all flirting with each other. I don’t remember how it happened.” I whispered. Then I saw.” Tristan replied.” She whispered. to see the man with the knife at her throat. I couldn’t answer her. I turned. I grinned.” Hannah said.” I said. there was a man. Right. and grey eyes and white-ish gray hair.” I whispered. You must find the murderer. thanks for inviting me” and went to go sit with Aubrey. he was trying to kill Hannah. “Why do you think that the accident was murder?” Aubrey asked.” I said. for a minute. my voice shaking. “Do you guys want some pink lemonade?” I asked. Ethan. “That’s insane. Hannah had punched the dark-haired man in the stomach and we took off running. looking quickly. Hannah had almost been killed the week before she actually died. still gorgeous as ever. “Do you see that man. he was staring at Hannah like she was death itself. “Tristan. “Because I was almost killed the week before. brown eyed and dangerous looking. because then I would be telling Ethan. the type that only Grandparents had. I saw. Tristan and Ryan what I was. He wants to kill me. “I want Kali to come back to Toronto. We went to sit down with our friends. brown eyed man. I froze. finally saving my butt.” Hannah said. At the very least. then he kissed my lips.said. Hannah and I were alone. I saw a ghost. her voice quiet.” He said. “She said she wants me to come back to Toronto. All I remember was hearing a scream. made my heart break. “Oh. what’s wrong?” Tristan asked. It was true. waving his hand in front of my face. “You must come back. even if they couldn’t see it. Hannah’s ghost. The ghost of Hannah. “The man. said “hello. what the hell is wrong?” Tristan was panic-stricken. “He’s watching me like he wants to kill me. You must come back with me. “Kali? Kali. heading for the fridge. “Kali? Kali. but I didn’t answer. The guys sighed and left. . before I could answer. The phrase: “if looks could kill” ran through my head for no reason I could see. He said a brief “Hey” and then went to go sit with Sabryna. Ten minutes later. leave her alone. She needs to know that the accident wasn’t an accident. Then. Then I heard a scream. “She said it was because she was almost killed the week before. in the next minute.” Ethan hissed. who was already making puppy-dog eyes at him. They knew what I was seeing.” She said. what would you like Kali to do for you? Is there a message you’d like to send?” Aubrey asked her. ~*~ “What do you remember?” Aubrey asked me. A man I now recognized.” Hannah said. even though he only wore a tee shirt.

that’s what our plan is. They flew at him. Hannah?” She asked. I stepped out from my hiding spot behind the wall. “Did you see the man again. “Okay. after that?” Aubrey asked. The ghost of the man appeared.” I said. Sapphire stood. I peered around the corner to see her standing with a guy.” Aubrey sighed. She was going to be hurt. “Okay.” Aaron growled. they all nodded. a shoe. “Hannah.” She said. shoved the knife out of Aaron’s hand. “Oh no. I told you that you needed to come to the Pack when you were changing. “So… why did this man try to kill her?” Aubrey asked. headed for the grocery store. a plastic bottle.” I said.” We both said.” I whispered. In seconds. Then I recognized him: The man in the alley. “Now!” I told the ghosts. Once ghost. “What do you mean? I can’t go back there. It was Aaron. along with others. “No. after everyone had left. she was a wolf with sapphire eyes. I thought. he had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was Changing. “Okay. There were no wolves in Malibu. did you recognize the man?” Aubrey asked. Sapphire’s boyfriend. Sapphire and Sabryna? Even for a weekend? We have a P. and I was walking down the street. and even the man was there to save us. I was immediately afraid of him. girl. Tell her we’re going to Orange County.” I said. When I held out my hands.” It was Sapphire. We called the boys back in. It was the alley all over again. putting the knife at her throat. help me. “Okay. in Toronto. I felt like déjà vu. When I say. transfixed as the poltergeist ghosts started chucking things at Aaron’s head. when I heard someone chewing someone out. “No. and you didn’t answer!” It was later that afternoon. So. “She said no.D day Friday. probably a poltergeist. “Well. What do you think. Aaron hadn’t noticed me yet. Chapter FOUR: “What the hell is wrong with you? I called you. I realized. What an eventful Saturday afternoon. I froze. But… my mom knows I don’t want to go back to Toronto.” She said. Anyone passing by would think I was insane. “Get out of here. spirits of the underworld. “I… I’m sorry. obviously you have to tell your mom.” Aubrey said.” Hannah said. to stop the ghosts from hurting her. a skipping rope. He grabbed Sapphire’s arm and pulled her to him.” I said to the ghosts in a whisper. that sucks. “Hey!” I shouted. “Yes. I was… sick. any minute now. the command fullforce. A knife. a burst of black. and he was built and tall. shiny light exploded out of my . we can leave then. the way he spoke. and they’d probably flip and call animal control. He pulled something out of his pocket.” She said. with the same knife to Hannah’s throat. “It will work.” The Hannah-ghost and I said together. now. are you insane? My mom would never let me. Hannah shook her head. Sapphire was growling. I needed to help Sapphire. to be standing here. “I don’t know. Except in the Malibu Zoo. “Leave her alone!” Aaron spun on me.” I said. “She said no. “Huh. “Good.nodded furiously. “She said ‘yes’. “No! Sapphire! There’s no time!” I screamed. So. but what if you tell her that you’re going on vacation with me. I guess we only have one way to look for the killer: Kali has to go back to Toronto. “I told you. I realized.” She said. “Does she have to know? I mean. “Sapphire! Run!” I screamed. It’s the perfect excuse to go. “So don’t tell her that’s where we’re going. She lunged at Aaron.” I said for her. like. “She said it will work.” I said. “I call you. I guess. Hannah said goodbye and then she disappeared. there’s a fair this weekend.” I whispered when I realized what she was going to do. I froze.” I said. Aaron’s selfcontrol would break and he would snap and lash out at her. growling and showing her fangs. Sapphire was staring at me.” He hissed. “Get out of there!” I screamed at her. will you be around to help us search for clues?” Aubrey asked. eighteen times.

those are called Illusionists. just like now. like take over someone’s body. there’s also Catalysts.” I said. “He killed… he killed my friend Hannah.” Sapphire said. confused. Pixies. “What are you doing? Leave him there. I was scared.” She explained. please step away from him. “Send them away.” . She walked away. “I… I don’t know how. Um… they all have different. they’re called Angelsbecause of Snow-Angels in the winter. and put her finger on his wound. that means that the healing Pixies are very rare. “What?” She asked. No matter what. Witches. because they all backed off. then she pricked her finger with a pin that she had. Chapter FIVE: “The Elders are a group of Supernatural’s. “Just think of good thoughts.” I said. They create fireworks.” I said. Aaron was bleeding.” She said. He was the man in the alley. go back to your resting. Faeries. Sapphire changed back. they can also read minds. The ghosts disappeared. I thought of Tristan. Then.” She said. Aaron and the ghosts saw it. those are called Blossoms. that’s what Sabryna is. “Put down the weapon.” She said. There was no wound. I didn’t know what they were. Warlocks. “I don’t have a weapon.” I said. I knew what had to be done and I would do it.” She said. We left the alley. Some Pixies can read time. your work here is done. which Sapphire had bitten. She bent over him.and they help speed a flowers’ blooming. ~*~ “You know what this means.” I said. etc.” Sapphire explained as we walked home. And it did. Before he wakes up.” She said.hands. they call her a Sacred. they’re called Sirens. shall we say. they can also heal. the one that held a knife to her and tried to kill her. “Good. “We’re going to the Elders. I explained exactly what I’d told Aubrey and Sabryna earlier that afternoon. “Aren’t Pixies and Faeries the same thing?” I asked. “Sapphire. they’re spring Fae. “Watch. “What?” I asked.” Sapphire said. What do Pixies do?” I asked. Vampyres. The light faded and then finally disappeared. a Time-Reader can see it as it was. “Stop!” I shouted. “Pixies… are… hard to explain. that’s the fall Fae. “That’s really cool. I guess. Kali. but just his hand. fifty-years-ago. “Lets go.” She explained. those are called Readers. wiping the blood off her lips. “Spirits of the underworld. Faeries are… more… magical. that’s summer Fae. Some can Pixies are masters at compelling. Aaron’s blood was gone. “Now the light. they’re all on the Elder’s Council. they make potions.” I said. put the light back in. which can make you do anything you want to do. “God no. they create the magick.” She said. those are called Seekers. In minutes. She walked back to Aaron. I held out my hands. those are winter Fae. those are called Leaves. Necromancers and Shadow-Walkers. “Werewolf blood heals the wounds.” I said. There’s one of each of the Supernatural clans: Werewolf s. the others can read future. She pointed at my hands and at the ghosts. say. “Wow. who can do all sorts of things. control the weather. Gifts. like when you and I step into a room and see it exactly as it is. the black light was still seeping through them. kissing me for the first time. I knew Sapphire. Aaron fell asleep. right?” Sapphire asked when I’d finished. but the way she said it.

“I would. hearing and eye-sight.or so I’ve heard. but once I tell him what Aaron tried to do.” I said. I hate the week of the Change.She said. we can hear better and see in near-darkness. um… oh they can. She smiled. “I’m leaving the Pack. Although. bats. I went in the house. “Well.” I said. “What about Witches and Warlocks?” I asked. we have better sense of smell. My dad will be so pissed. can actually raise the dead. “Anything else? And I thought ‘catalysts’ were Witches. The . “So… there are summer.” She said. “I guess.” She said. I hoped Sapphire would be safe tonight. “Are you coming back to school.” She said. “Hello. That’s what Aubrey does. can drink blood about once every two weeks without getting thirsty.” She said. they can walk in the daylight. “Necromancers can summon the dead on their own terms and they can… create… zombies. no matter how many books or movies say that it is. They can see their reflection and show up on cameras. there Ghosts. Their spells.” She repeated. She appeared after a few minutes. “Necromancers. “Exactly. “I’ll catch this guy.” I said. “Who?” She asked.” She said. “Its not your fault. “I knew that. too. But… there is a really big problem. though. Readers. “It’s not a curse. whereas. We had reached my house.” She said. that’s kind of easy to explain.” I said.” I said. Well. For a new vampyre.” I said. yeah. then. “Yeah. “I know you will. She smiled. What about… Werewolf s? What can they do?” I asked. fall. I flinched at the last word.” I said. do magick. Sacreds and Controllers. A warlock is the opposite of a witch. drink and do anything else that a human can do. She smiled and left. “Vampyres… hmm. “Um… are you going to… the Afterlife?” I asked. Otherwise I can’t find peace. “So… what about… vampyres?” I asked. I hugged her. “I’ll see you on Monday. “I’ll see you on Monday. trying not to be too satisfied. ~*~ Once in my room.” She said. “Yeah. so new vampyres go and drink blood almost three times everyday.” She said. squirrels.” She said.” She said. would be kind of cool. and spring Faeries. only they live forever and have to drink blood. We also… hunt. we are faster and stronger than humans. What about… Necromancers?” I asked.” She said.” She said.” I said. “Bryce. I called Hannah. okay?” I asked. Deer. “I’m sorry… about what happened to you. their spells are for self-defense.” She said. Shadow-Walkers can only see the dead.” She sighed.” I said. “Like… animals?” I asked.are a lot harder and more complicated.” I said. I just didn’t know the difference. I feel like it’s my fault. “Almost never. rabbits. She smiled. “Huh. “Hi. every Necromancer family had one. Kali.” She said. “Who?” I asked. now that we both knew that Aaron was dangerous. there’s another name for them. like humans.” I said. then there are Time-Readers.” She said. but not nearly as fast as a vampyre. they can eat. “I know you do. “Okay. as you already probably know. I’m leaving the Pack. then?” I asked. It’s easy to explain. Vampyres are creatures of the night. cross water. “Good. “Yeah. I already knew that Necromancers and Shadow-Walkers were somewhat alike. “Aaron Kingsburg. but they don’t have a soul. being faster and stronger with better sense of smell. do whatever you have to do to get rid of him. “Not until you catch my murderer. “Do you ever wish you weren’t… Gifted?” I asked. Sirens. and they can’t prevent it. “Exactly. just like humans and their food schedule. only male. “I know.” She said. he’ll understand. once he woke up.” I said. winter.” I said. they don’t have to live forever and drink blood. “I know… but I still feel guilty. Gross. and sometimes they are for healing and stuff like that.” She said. they don’t have to change into wolves. “I believe you. etc. they can enter churches. “We change into wolves every full moon. The guy that saved me that day in the alley. its called a Controller. Han. Faeries and Pixies probably have it the easiest. “Huh.” I said. “That makes more sense. once they hit five-years of being a vampyre. and he would go after her. Bryce says hello. but what else?” I asked. Sometimes.” She said. Older vampyres. Seekers. though. I do wonder what its like to be a normal human.” I said.” She said.” She said. be blessed by holy water. “Ew. witches’ are female. raise or see the dead. “Wow. Oh. “Stay safe and stay away from Aaron. Its not. its hard to stick to a routine of blood. “Well. I know who the guy is. Thousands of years ago.” She said. say the lord’s name. “Thanks. Don’t worry.

” She said.” Sapphire said. “What has happened? Is this Sapphire?” Hannah asked.” I told Sapphire. I was still trying to wrap my mind around this fact.” I said. “Aaron is dead. “Thank you.” Hannah said.” She said. “Hannah.” She said.” She said. so he’ll help you if you need it. “Tell her that it’s okay to love someone. Bryce. smiling. “See you.” I said. I smiled. Sapphire.” She said. I want you to know. “Yeah.” She said. . because love is inside each of us and we must take it in our hearts.” She was scared. “I don’t think Hannah wanted him to die.” I said. “Hello. “So what happens now?” I asked. And then Hannah was gone. “You killed him?” I whispered. But… at least he won’t hurt anyone else. today. She passed over. Hannah?” I asked.” Sapphire said politely.” I said.” Sapphire said. Sorry.” I said. “Has there ever been a female Alpha?” I asked. Kali. “I’m guessing she killed him. I… I didn’t know what to do. horrified. “Hello. her ghost did. “Oh. He would have killed me. “You didn’t say goodbye. but Bryce is here. “Thanks.” I said. “She says hello.” I said. That’s what happens when another wolf kills the Alpha. I will take up that offer. I wouldn’t see her again. “Do you have to go?” I asked.” I said. “I mean… we solved the problem. Sapphire. “No. “You’re going on?” I asked. She shook her head. “She’s gone.” She said.” I said to Sapphire. I could tell she had a hard time saying the word. and this time. Kali. that you’re my best friend and I wish I could stay. she or he takes his place.” I said. But maybe someone is telling you that Aaron wasn’t the one for you. sadness swept over me. but now that I can rest in peace. “No problem. “She says that it’s okay to love someone. “Yes. Thank you for saving Sapphire. Or well.” Hannah said. gesturing to Sapphire. “Will I ever see you again?” I asked. Hannah appeared again. “I hope she found peace. that I loved him and that I’d want him to be happy. “I… I went to Aaron’s… to tell him I was leaving the Pack. “Why is she sad?” She asked. “Goodbye. “Hi. “In the next life. I’ll catch up later. I guess. “I’m the Alpha.” She said.” She said. he feels he needs to help more people before he moves on. “I… I told the Pack. “We’re too rare. Sapphire smiled weakly. I think they burned it.other… ghost. “What happened?” I asked.” She said. He got mad and Changed.” She said. At least. “She did.” She said.” She said. Sapphire’s face was white as a sheet. “I am sorry. “What’s wrong. “Hello. this is Sapphire. Chapter SIX: I knew something had happened when Sapphire showed up my house on Sunday afternoon.” She said. a single tear slipped down her cheeks.” She said. Sadness fell over Hannah’s face. as many as he can. in the heart. probably not. “He says ‘you’re most welcome’. “She says thank you.” I said. I smiled. I call you to me. because love is inside each of us and we must take it in our hearts. flinging the question at her.” She said. I still had feelings for him. “What did you do with his body? What happens when someone kills the Alpha?” I asked. “She wants to know why you are sad. if you get the chance.” She whispered. But don’t be in any hurry to come.” She said. Great. But maybe someone is telling you that Aaron wasn’t the one for you. “I had to.” I said. Tell James. Hannah. then. “Hello. Kalika Moore. she was fading. I saw that knife… the one he used on me… and I grabbed it… I grabbed it and I… I stabbed him. “Yes. as Hannah was actually dead. Hannah. Then Hannah disappeared. “Because… because… as much as I hated the things Aaron did.” I said.” I said.” She said. “Yes.

It sure felt that way. that way you can… move on. I was happy. “Hi. I’m sorry. after we left your place. I wanted so. but in the Afterlife. stroking my hair. “I don’t have any right to know unless you want me to. . I… I told her that I can’t. I could live in Malibu. wrote a note for my mom. We just sat there. He held me against him and we kissed. smooth and warm. “Thanks. He pulled me inside and closed the door. I was in tears. in the doorway of Ethan’s room. my voice hoarse. It was nothing like kissing Tristan. I went up to Ethan’s room and knocked. He didn’t even ask what was wrong. “I know. “I know. “That’s okay.” He said.” I said.” I said. Everything would be okay. he held me against his chest and we sat on the bed. He wore jean shorts and a tee shirt. at least. I would be okay. “Aren’t you going to ask what’s wrong?” I asked. She said that he asked her out last night. And better. I just lie against Ethan’s chest and I cried. then I slipped on my flip-flops. What are you doing here?” He asked. somehow.” I said. “So… you’re… available?” I asked. meeting my eyes meaningfully. hesitating. wiping my tears away. He comforted me. Ethan was kissing me. He nodded slowly. second door on your right. “Yeah. He held me. I’ll still be here. I had to keep it a secret.” He said. I finally stopped crying. “I want to tell you… but I can’t. telling her where I was.” I said. Its never really goodbye. I could date Ethan. kissing like we’d never stop. I couldn’t date Sabryna when I couldn’t stop thinking about someone else. I’ll be here. in case his mom answered or something. but now I had my new life. Go on up. and I could hang out with Sapphire. I cried as much as I had when Hannah died. “Hey. I could be happy.” I said. “Well… I don’t have a boyfriend. Then. with the sun from the window shining his brown hair. I know I’ve been horrible to you and I don’t have any right to ask… but… are you dating Sabryna?” I asked. By the time I reached Ethan’s. I was wondering if he was around. Ethan. and left the house.” He said. He answered.” He said. “Me?” I whispered. Besides. Then. We lie on Ethan’s bed. and if you need to talk. I was perfect.” She said. Mrs. “Yeah. I waited until she was gone. ~*~ About an hour or so later. I needed Ethan.” She said. You should remember that. so badly to tell him. I could move on. “He’s right up stairs. before I knew it. I don’t know what happened. he just held me. I was whole. because she was my best friend. He held me and I cried. She hugged me and then left. Aubrianna and Sabryna. he let me stain his shirt with salt-water tears. and she said yes. He tangled his fingers in my hair and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I just burst into tears. so it didn’t matter that I was going to Ethan now. Tristan wasn’t my boyfriend. His lips were soft. if you need a shoulder to cry on. “Definitely. I would always remember Hannah. From school. I’m a friend of Ethan’s. It was his mom. If you need a friend. it was so.“Its not goodbye. “No.” She said. Because you always see the people you love again. I have to go. But I was Shadow Bound. maybe not here. “See you tomorrow.” He said.” He said. Christopher. then I’ll listen. so much different. Definitely better. I knocked on the door. Um… actually… she told me that she and Tristan are dating.

I took a chance when I drove the car that ended up costing Hannah’s life. . simple chance.Epilogue Anything can happen at any time in the world. then you may regret it. But if you don’t take that chance. that simple. and if you don’t look before you walk. you might find out that you should have. Because life is all about taking chances.

Always listen. Anything can happen in a second. Anything Can Happen In A Second. Always stop to think before you talk. Because maybe the world won’t end. Anything can happen in a second.But no one knows the exact future. Always look before you walk. and the day my best friend died. But maybe you will. My name is Kalika Morganstone. Don’t ignore. my life was eternally changed… I will never be the same again. Anyone can leave in a second. “This Is The Way The World Ends. Not until it happens. Not with A bang. But .

I couldn’t. No way. This time it would be the Sapphire Moon. I couldn’t.S Eliot Sneak peek at Sapphire’s Moon. book two in the Daughters of the Otherworld series by Crysta DenOuden Her destiny lies on the full moon… The Full Moon. .A whimper. It was nearly here. My moon. Sapphire’s Moon. I couldn’t possibly be ready for this.” T.

Sapphire’s Moon. coming soon. Sapphire’s Moon: Book 2 in the Daughters of the Otherworld series by Crysta DenOuden .

~Acknowledgments~ I have many people to thank for this novel so I cannot add you all. to Lindsey. but you know who you are. for all the times you had to listen to me go on and on about my life and how horrible it was. and for all the support you gave me and the advice. who interrupted me a thousand times while writing Sapphire’s Moon and Shadow Bound. and now you do! . for the friendship and the shoulder to cry on. who had to hear about every title change before I finally came up with ‘Sapphire’s Moon’ Second. to Megan. Finally and most importantly. because you listened. Thirdly. Last but not least. Fourthly. to my sister Emily. First to Genna. Fifthly. to my friend Jamie-Lee. to Breanna “Bee”. who took me away from my writing and allowed me to get out into the world. to the Facebook fans of the “Daughters of the Otherworld series” because you didn’t know what it was about before.

Shadow Bound is the first in the Daughters of the Otherworld series. her only class is English.~Biography~ Crysta DenOuden lives in London Ontario. She attends her first year of High School. She loves books (both reading and writing). . where she is still growing up.