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: Diploma in Information Management : 4/6 : A proposal to set up a records center in selected Organization (Commercial Record Center) Submission date : 20 February 2012 Presentation date : 13 February 2012 Value : 20 % The Task: 1. You (5 to 6 person per group) are required to propose a records center in selected organization. 2. You should propose the following main areas: ● ● ● ● Planning and developing records center The Administrative structure of record center. Management of records in record center. Others

3. Format: ● ● ● ● ● Font Spacing Length 11/Arial or 12/Times New Roman 1.5, proper numbering, page number, justify 20-25 pages (excluding references and appendices) References : APA style Late submission is strictly not to be entertained. : : :

4. Criteria of assessment ● ● ● Understanding on the topics, clarity , originality and group commitment. Example of forms. Spelling, grammar and citation style.

environmental and security and access) Budgeting Other information that you believed relevant? Conclusion REFERENCES APPENDICES . state the reason) 4.6 Service Levels (period of time. vision.4 How to administer the records? 6.1 Organizational structure 4.2 the preparation of records for transfer 4.0 Storage and Maintenance of Vehicles 4.3 Storage of Records 4.6.0 6.2 Management of Records 4. Layout of proposed records center Management of records 6.4 staffing 4.1 Centralisation vs.3 Process of retrieving and using of records 6.4 Reference to Records 4.0 Introduction History or background of organization selected Mission.2 Duties 4.The report should consist of: COVER PAGE TITLE PAGE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF FIGURES LIST OF TABLES THE TEAM MEMBERS (The picture of the group members) 1.0 8.6 the destruction of records under the provision of the disposal schedule. Decentralisation (State the reasons) 4.3 the arrangement and transfer of backlog accumulations of records 4.2 Location (central vs.0 4. etc Administrative structure 4.3 communications and technology 4.0 9.0 3.4.1 Transfer of Records 4.5.5 accommodation the release and return of records used for reference purposes 4.0 i ii iii iv v 2.5 Facilities for Staff 4.5.2 Process of transferring records from office to records center 6. regulation and procedure) 4.4 the provision of reference to records held at the records centre 4.6 Security of records (Custodial.0 the retirement of records from current systems How to maintain the records? 6.1 How appraisal process is conducted 6. objective.5. offsite.

Ensure that when printed your illustrations are clear and easy to read. Avoid using colors unless it is necessary for the proper interpretation of your figures. [Blank 11] [Blank 10] .g. Insert single blank lines before and after the table. All figures must carry numbers in the text (e. Place them as close as practicable to the relevant part of the text. cite the source at the bottom of the table and include it in the Reference Section (see example). 1) and captions. year) [Arial 11]Figure 1: FTMSK Hotspot Structure (Images centred on the page) [Blank 11] If table data are from another source. All supplied images should be converted to grey scale and formatted as jpg or pdf. Each table should be given a brief title and consecutively numbered. Use single blank lines before and after the image. In addition. Lettering of the caption should be as large as the typeface used for the text. a source of the image other than the author’s own archive should be placed directly under the image (author. Captions should be complete enough to allow understanding of the illustration without referring to the text.Tables and diagrams should be properly titled. with relevant notes cited as example below: Example __________________________________________________________________ Figures and Tables [Blank 11] Figures should not exceed 50% of the whole paper content and should be located as close as practicable to their corresponding text. Fig. date) and the font size by 1pt smaller than the caption. [Blank 11] [Arial 10]Source: (Author.

32 [Arial 10]Source: (Author. year) _________________________________________________________________ .50 T/S 12.50 39.37 0.60 28.16 6317 0.34 IB 0.52 EN 310: 1994 25% T/S 29.2 EN 310: 1994 2500MPa MOE/Maj or 5289 5739 MOE/Maj or 6079 EN 319: 1994 0.41 MOR/Maj or 39.Table 1: Performance of OSB (Images centered on the page) OSB/1: General purpose Minimum requirement Treatment: 600/5% Mahang Ludai Treatment: 600/7% Mahang Ludai EN 310: 1994 18MPa MOR/Maj or 28.28MPa IB 0.43 20.4 37.