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Everest Bank Limited is the mixture of various departments. Each and every department is indispensable aspect for the bank to sustain in the market and consolidate its position I departments the prevailing market scenario. Considering these fact, this report has been prepared of the two department that is Customer Service and Trade Finance Service department

As much as possible, I have tried to accommodate each every aspect of the sections that I was exposed with. The idea has been demonstrated in the various chapters of the report from the introduction of bank, its services and departments to the conclusion and recommendation drawn after analysis of the banking process and system. The main focus of the report is about the ³Customer Service and Trade Finance Department´ of Everest Bank Ltd.


This internship program has helped me to gain practical exposure of banking system. Sushant Rajbhandari BBA 8th Semester Batch 2007-011 Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology ii . Last but not the least. The present project has been done in other to fulfill the response requirement of BBA 8th semester. Intern also very thankful to Mr. in charge of Trade Finance Service Unit for providing this intern as internship opportunity in this department. This project would not have completed without the aspiration of our supervisor Indra PC sir and different searches in the Internet and books to complete this project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT My outmost gratitude goes to Tribhuvan University for including Internship Program of 3 credit hours in our course. I would like to express sincere thank toward Kantipur college of Management and Information Technology for their guidance and developing new idea thus providing us an opportunity to do the project report on Internship in Everest Bank Limited. Milina Joshi. My outmost gratitude also goes to Mrs. my immense gratitude goes to my parents for their inspiration and support.Kamana Shrestha for allowing me for the internship and Mrs. Once again thank to all for the grant hospitality provided to me. Intern express gratitude to all my friends and other who have assisted me in the completion of this project. for providing valuable information and other employees of the department for immense cooperation and support during the internship period. Roshan Dongol supervisor of TFSU department as well as Miss Deepa Thapa. Thanking You.

LIST OF TABLES Details Table 1.1 Showing the sources and uses of fund and net profit also Page No.1 Showing number of financial institution as per NRB data Mid-July 2011 Table 3. 5 7 14 iii .1 showing the activities performed during internship Table 2.

1 Figure: 4.LIST OF FIGURES Details Figure: 1.2 Figure: 3.1 Gantt chart of duration of internship in EBL Figure: 3.1 Figure: 3. 4 12 12 13 23 25 iv .2 Pie chart sector wise distribution of credit Pie chart showing deposit mix of EBL Pie chart showing the share ownership of EBL Work process of the letter of credit Hierarchy showing the organization structure Page No.3 Figure: 4.

LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ABBS ATM BBA CSD EBL IPO LC NBL NRB PNB SCT SMS TFSU TIA Any Branch Banking Service Automated Teller Machine Bachelor of Business Administration Customer Service Department Everest Bank Limited Initial Public Offerings Letter of Credit Nepal Bank Limited Nepal Rastrya Bank Punjab National Bank Smart Choice Technology Short Message Service Trade Finance Service Unit Tribhuvan International Airport v .

1 Organization Selection 1.3. 1-4 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 CHAPTER II INTRODUCTION OF INDUSTRY 2.3.1 2.1 1.1 Challenges 3.3 Context Present situation Challenges and opportunities 3.4 Activities Performed in the Organization Page No.3.3 Context Present Situation Challenges and Opportunities 2.2 3.1 3.2 Opportunities vi 8-11 8 9 11 11 11 . 1.2 Placement 1.TABLE OF CONTENTS Details CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.3.3 Duration of Internship 1.1 Challenges 2.3 Background Objectives Methodology of Report 1.2 Opportunities 5-7 5 6 7 7 7 CHAPTER III INTRODUCTION OF THE ORGANIZATION 3.3.2 2.

1 Introduction of Activities 4.4 Problem Identified and Solved 19 20 20 21 CHAPTER V CONCLUSION AND LESSON LEARNT 5.CHAPTER IV ANALYSIS OF ACTIVITIES DONE 4.2 Inferences Drawn Lesson Learnt 22-23 22 23 References Appendices 24 25 vii .2 Experiences in Internship 4.2 Clearing Department 16 4.1 Responsibilities of Intern 4.1 5.3.1 Remittance Department 12-21 12 12 4.3.3 Fitting in the organization Structure 4.1.