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Michelle Karvinen UNIV 101 Introduction to University Life

Date: 11/6 -2011

Common Read
Instruktor: Amanda Voight Book: I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced 2010 Writer: Nojood Ali and Delphine Minoui ‡ Honor is obviously very important to the men of Nujood's family. What does the notion of honor mean in rural Yemeni culture, and how does it differ from Western ideas of honor? (5 points) Honor is not just a word in rural Yemeni culture it is much more than that. Honor is often seen has individual actions in western culture, but in Yemeni culture all members of the family contribute to honor of you and the whole family. In the book honor is (FREMSTILLET) is all about what other people think is right and what other families thinks of your family. Nujood goes against what people think is the way a girl/women should behave and even her own family goes against her, her uncle says ³You¶ve sullied the reputation of our family! You have stained our honor! (P.119,L.1-2)´.

‡ Nujood mentions a tribal proverb that says, "To guarantee a happy marriage, marry a nine-year-old girl." How does this traditional view of a "happy marriage" differ from the Western view? (5 points) - A western view of a happy marriage is when to people love each other and when the couple can agree on things, being able to discuss things, work together and trust each other. - In the none western culture it is the man who is the ³boss´, women and men is not seen as equal. A man marrying a nine year old girl, will guarantee power to the husband and there for seen a ³happy marriage´ in the man¶s eyes. After Nujood got married her ³husband´ says ³I repeat: you are my wife. Now you must do what I want! Got that? (P.77,L.21-22)´

to stay in Yemen for her education. It is said in the end of the book that her and her sister had to withdraw from the Yemen school so it turned our to be a bad decision. Do you think Nujood made the right decision . or do you feel she should have studied abroad or attended the private school in Sanas? (5 points) I think it important for her to be near her family. because she would have more help. Khat is illegal in the United States. ‡ How has the international publicity surrounding the divorce affected Nujood's family and community? (5 points) ‡ Khat plays a small but sinister role in Nujood's story.It is said in the book that Nujood thinks that most of the employers of Yemen Times was from foreign countries because she couldn¶t understand when they were talking in the phone.Michelle Karvinen UNIV 101 Introduction to University Life Date: 11/6 -2011 ‡ What do you think Omma was thinking when Nujood told her about the abuse? Can you understand her lack of action? (5 points) ‡ The urban elites Nujood encounters in the courtroom and at the Yemen Times lead very different lives from those of Nujood and the country people of Yemen. she thinks that they speak English. but educational I would says that it would be better for her to attend private school. It can also be because that the live in bigger city and in that way gets disconnected from the smaller cities. ‡ Shada and Nujood chose the less "elitist" option for Nujood's schooling. but some people in immigrant communities compare it to coffee and support its important traditional role in social situations. so why did the judges seem so shocked by Nujood's tender age? (5 points) . How are these "enlightened" people actually disconnected from the rest of their society? For example. Nujood tells us several times that child marriage is common in Yemen. United States .

But it can also come up with beautiful surprises (P. reality can be truly cruel. After reading this book. with no way of defending them self. I defiantly now have a brighter view on how many small girls and women is treated in the none western the world.. After reading this book.6-7)´. ³Compared to dreams. .. Overall the book was really inspiring to read and it was nice to be reading about a strong ³Women´! Nujood. It was a shock that the equal rights between women and men still is such big on going problem and that children¶s get abused that way. I now.. what effect do you think khat had on its users and on Yemen in general? How do you think its use and effects might compare to social drugs in the United States? (5 points) Complete the following thought.126.(5 points) I think the book was a bit of an eye opener and I enjoyed reading it.Michelle Karvinen UNIV 101 Introduction to University Life Date: 11/6 -2011 authorities counter that it is more like cocaine than coffee. L.

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