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Vray Lights

Hello Guys! My name is Victor Phellipe and this is my second tutorial. The first one is “How to Install Vray on Linux (Brazilian Portuguese)”. And now I'll speak more about the lights in Vray. In this tutorial, I'm using the 1.60.16 Version of Vray (demo), the 2.8 version of Blender and the 0.9.9 version of the Vray/Blender script. The lamps of Blender, in Vray language, are said otherwise. This is the list of names of lamps: Blender Lamp Spot Area Sun Lamp Radius: Increase the range of the light and control the diffusion shadow capacity. Subdivs: Controls the shadow quality. Invisible: With the Invisible Button activated, the source light will not appear in the render. Store: This option works together with Irradiance Map. Enabling this option, the calculation of IM (Irradiance Map) will be more slowly, but in compensation, the render will be faster. Units: This option choose the unit used in the intensity of light. Intensity: Value refered for the light Intensity. An important point to be highlighted is: Increasing the Radius of the lamp, the intensity will increase also, because it has more surface contact. So, we must to reduce the intensity of the light for regular. In Max, there is a parameter that automatically regulates and works very well! His name is Normalize Intensity. Vray VrayLight Sphere VraySpotLight, VrayLight IES VrayLight Rectangle VrayDirectLight, VraySun

Irradiance Map: 6s - Rendering: 36,3s – Store: Off

Irradiance Map: 6,2s - Rendering: 45,8s – Store: On

Settings of the two renders: ● Radius: 0.03 ● Intensity: 8000 ● Subdivision: 100 ● Units: Default At the first render, the Store isn't enabled. According to theory, the render time (Rendering) should be more fast, but it was slower! Maybe is my scene. For more information, visit:

4s . the Store option isn't enabled. Subdivs: Control the quality of the shadow. All options follow the same function in all Lamps.Rendering: 1m e 4.3s . Area Skylight Portal: This option automates the Vraylight. This light is the most important one. reduce the size of your scene and render it again. that is. Intensity: Value refered for the light Intensity. the source light will not appear in the render. Activating this option. if I increases in one value I have to decrease the other. The same happens at all kind of lamps. we increases in the radius for produce soft shadows and had to decreases the Intensity. because she simulate the light coming from a Window. so if your light is too weak. for the same effects in render. two more options they will appear: Soft Shadow and File. Spot IES: Only this kind of lamp can produce IES lights. Without exceptions. Sun .1s Look at the first render (Previous page) with the third (First image from left). At the last. together with the Sun. Soft Shadow: Let the shade softer. making a very soft shadow. IES light can't be regulated.5 ● Intensity: 30 ● Subdivision: 100 ● Units: Default Irradiance Map: 9. File: This box loads the IES file for to be emitted by the lamp. Settings of the two renders: ● Radius: 0. Units: This option choose the unit used in the intensity of light. because she takes all the necessary information from the Sky (World) or what is behind him.Rendering: 56. Invisible: With the Invisible button enabled.Irradiance Map: 7. Radius and Intensity are inversely proportional.6s At the first render. So.

VraySun is when we enabled the “Sun” option and the VrayDirectLight is the inverse. Intensity: Value refered for the light Intensity. It seems with the option Radius. Ozone: Altera na cor da Luz solar. the VrayLight Sphere. because with her we have a few options turned to our advantage in that it helps to increase the realism. The scene is very simple. or the horizontal (11º). Look at this renders: VraySun VrayDirectLight I know. more blurry is the shadow of the Light Sun. Invisible: Let the light source invisible for render. Shadow radius: How much bigger is the value. the atmosphere (Turbidity) and the color of the light (Ozone). Intensity: It is the intensity of sunlight. I prefer to use a VraySun. Size: Let the shadow blurry and increases the size of the radius of the sun. VrayDirectLight doesn't consider none of this options. the calculation of IM (Irradiance Map) will be more slowly. Shadow Subdivs: Control the shadow quality. Physical Sun/Sky Turbidity: That value changes the environment color and the color of the Sun. . letting his configuration for the side bar. it is too high.. Quanto maior for o valor.. then it needs to reduce the value to achieve a good result. of the Spot lamp. Changes in the color of the Sun. she takes in consider: The angle formed betwen the plane. but in compensation. with VraySun. mais azul será a sua Sun.. but do not have to reduce its intensity to achieve the same result. light feature at dusk. It's Because I use this scene for material testings.. Subdivs: Control the shadow quality. bluer will be the Sun. We'll talk about him pretty soon. Here we can see the diference in VraySun and VrayDirectLight. Store: This option works together with Irradiance Map. the render will be faster.Sun: Automates the Sun. Units: This option choose the unit used in the intensity of light. How much bigger is the value. By default. Beam radius: It's the range area of the Sun. At the first render. Equals the parameter Spot Size. Physical Sky/Sun. Small values leave the atmosphere clear and clean and bigger values makes the Sky more orange. Enabling this option.

0 Ozone: 0.2. Intensity: 1. which means it off. the shade tends to go away from the object.Shadow Bias: Move the shadow toward or away from the object. Subdivs 36. Photon Radius: Here we can define the area where the photons will be shoot. Size: 1.0 Ozone: 1.0 Turbidity: 2 Turbidity: 4 Ozone: Turbidity: 2. If the value is low. Turbidity: Intensity: 1.0 . the shade "through" places where they should not. leaving it black. which are linked directly to the caustic and the method of GI: Photon. Size: 10. If high. This value is linked directly to photons. we "off" the sky. Sky Intensity: Determines the intensity of the Sky. Down this value to 0. Subdivs: 3.

htm . see: help files .com/vray/help/150SP1/ . Intensity: 1 For more examples.Website of the script Vray/Blender Subdivs: 8.htm Size: 1 Size: 10 Links http://blender.bevice.Size: Turbidity: 3.

About me: Name: Victor Phellipe Age: 15 Years old Location: Brasilia.. Blender. Photoshop. More about me: I am attending the 1st year of High school and what I most like to do is 3D! I really love it and I wanna to live thereform. Indigo. www.... Vray.victorphellipe. Brazil Language: English. Portuguese. even if it is early for thinking! I would like to get some training in 3D area. Ocupation: Student Programs: GIMP. Yaf(a)Ray. So. this is me! Or just a little.wordpress. but I think I will train even in computer science .com .