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Chapter 1 Introduction Business is the evolutionary growth of various activities developing from complex system.

Establishing a business means not only seeking for profit but also realizing the benefits it can provide goods and services that will satisfy their customer¶s basic and secondary needs and wants. It can be achieved through the use of effective marketing practices and strategies for reasonable returns to compensate for the businessman¶s effort and risk of loss. Usually, many people are hesitant to establish their own business. They are afraid of taking the risk that they may encounter. This is due to the fact that the competition nowadays are becoming tighter and tighter. Most firms complete for the limited buyers of what they aims to be in the future, their mission to the society and how they will attain this. One great solution to this problem is by engaging on a small business that will help them to gain more knowledge on the field of management while they are enjoying the fruit of their success and hardships. Realizing the increasing responsibility of business organization society, the complexity of today¶s requires a continuous lifetime study. Consumers are now more educated and more sophisticated, making them demand products, packages and processes that will give them satisfaction as well as convenience while using it. As an entrepreneur, we must realize that consumers have changing needs will requires us t take initiatives of learning and discovering something new for our customers. Different product innovations on today¶s time are brought to us by the fact that consumers are becoming more product conscious. Because of this, most

entrepreneurs are taking risk of innovating and introducing a new product for the changing needs and wants of customers. Manufacturing of household products is

there were many products considered by the proponents and they come up to the decision to pursue this study focusing on the living room set particularly the malunggay pattie and knowing that some furniture outlets here in Lemery. Continuous product innovation will help entrepreneurs to compete on the market by providing our consumers needs. Batangas usually offer this product line that are ideal for . the living room set/coffee table set. Background of the Study Research plays a crucial role in establishing a successful business. The proponents thought of using another material to make it unique from other existing related products. This pushed thru the proponents to choose product that is very useful and seen to be the standard item of furniture for everyone. It is one of the factors that contributed a lot to the achievement of company¶s goals and of the successful businesses today. In conducting this feasibility study. They choose water hose as its main materials together with bamboo in a creative and innovative way. Since consumers are now aware of the product benefits. It demand a lot of efforts and careful analysis to understand the necessary things the company in order to make favorable outcome. Aside from this. this productt is not only suited for a specified location in the house but its unique look will fit in any place inside the house. This is one of the reasons why most businesses conducted a feasibility study and this is to identify the availability of a business they want to establish. This gives idea to the proponents to think of innovation on the living room sets while maintaining its affordability and adding uniqueness to its features unlike the common living room set/ coffee table sets we usually have at home. they also considered it now in buying a product.

They are now getting product conscious that lead to increase in demand for products and services. Definitions of terms . As a result of the necessary immovability. To determine the total project cost in the production and the sources of financing needed for the preparation. To determine the market feasibility through the determination of possible users and competitors of the product.malunngay pattie. Historically. the proponent decided to enter into business with a newly improve malunngay pattie set as their product. 3. To determine the management feasibility by identifying the form of business organization that will be used. manpower requirements needed in the operation and rules to be followed for the business operation. 2. tastes and preferences of consumers change. As time passes by. procedures and materials. 5. 4. ancient malunggay pattie were made and used by the Filipino. As a solution to this. the proponents decided to introduce their product which is innovated to attract potential market and to enter into a manufacturing business. In western Europe. the invasions and internecine wars caused most of the knowledge inherited from the classical era to be lost. Objectives of the study 1. To determine its technical feasibility by analyzing the operations capacity. To determine how the project will affect the community in terms of benefits the business will shares on the development of the community and the society as well. they do believe that there would also be an increase in demand of their product. Due to the continuous increase in demand for the related products.

something to be transacted required to be done Capital.Business.practicability. Also the proponents find some difficulties regarding their target furnish with what is required Scope and limitations of the study This project feasibility focused in the innovation. state of being feasible Supply. The proposed business will operate with a five year time frame to limit the analysis of the business position to the period covered by the study. and sales of malunggay pattie.the total sum invested in any particular business Competitors. The proponents used all the data gathered to make the study possible.a rival in businesses Feasibility. trade. Specifically. . These data tends to come up with the information that will determine if the chances putting up a business with unique product will help to satisfy the needs and wants of every consumer. manufacturing. the proponents decided to limit the coverage of the product due to limited capital and product to be introduced in the market.employment.