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Battle for the St.

Jowen’s Docks

A Warhammer 40,000 Scenario set during the 3rd War for Armageddon

The Imperial fleet. in a dangerous gambit. Similarly. teleported its garrison to the Maintenance level of the facility. has been batted aside After a six-day bombardment.Ghazgkull Mag Uruk Thraka has returned and the Third War of Armageddon has begun.” . It may also be fought with other armies. however. as long as the proportions are roughly the same. It may be played at varying point values. Jowen’s Docks in an effort to finish off the defenders. Restrictions: As both sides want the station intact. to regain control of the station. and prepared to hold on to the last. Help from a nearby Space Marine strike cruiser arrived and. so long the intentions of each force are kept in mind. was deployed on St. as Ghazgkull is saving his best and 'ardest for the attack on Armageddon. Ghazgkull's forces have largely moved on. The battered imperial defenders bravely stood their ground. and the Imperium sees the battle largely as a suicide mission. under the determined command of Admiral Parol. no special characters. A sizable warband. Table This is intended to be a two table game: a 6x4 table called “The Hanger” and a 4x4 called “The Maintenance Level. 2000 points of Imperial Guard and 1000 points of Space Marines. warbosses or chapter masters (or equivalents) are allowed. and a large vehicle would be impractical on a space station. Concessions may be made loosening these restrictions slightly at the discretion of the Game Master or the mutual agreement of the players involved. no vehicles or monstrous creatures are allowed. Additionally. no orbital bombardments or such the like can be utilized. preventing their ability to launch raids against the Warlord’s fleet. This scenario is built to be fought with 3000 points of Orks.

and no enemy units are. Space Marines & Inquisition: Deploy third. they will emerge from whichever door they choose. Access Tunnels Imperial: A scoring unit is inside the Access Tunnels. Maintenance deployment: divide the board in half diagonally. Drop Pod Imperial: No enemy unit is within 6” of the Drop pod. each team tallies up how many of the conditions listed below are true for their team. Orks: A scoring unit is within 2” of the landing pad. Hangar . Orks cannot set up within 6” of that line. When they become available. Set up no closer than 6” to the center line of the Maintenance level. Landing Pad Imperial: No enemy unit is within 2” of the landing pad. They score a single objective point for each condition they satisfied. Orks: No enemy unit is inside the Access Tunnels. Arboretum: Only friendly units within the walls of the Arboretum. and no closer to the orks than 6” from the supply cache. Orks: There are no surviving HQ units in the Imperium force. and no enemy units within that range. Plasma Reactor Core: A scoring unit is within 6” of the Plasma Reactor Core and no enemy unit is. At least 12” away from the walls of the Arboretum. with the two access tunnels on one side and the drop pod on the other. The Orks may have any number of units in reserve. The Imperial Guard may not have any units in reserve. Objectives At the end of the game. Orks: A scoring unit is within 6” of the drop pod. The team with more objective points at the conclusion of the game wins. Bonus Objectives Imperial: The lights are “on” at the end of the game.Set Up Imperial Guard: Deploy first in the Hangar. Supply Cache: A scoring unit within 6” of the Supply Cache. Orks: Deploy second. Hanger deployment: Nobody beyond the walls of the arboretum and no closer than 18” to the supply cache. located in the access tunnels.

If orks are within 2” of the Landing Pad. Terms: Imperium forces refers to units/models/armies from the Imperium of Man. 9 marines w/bolters) 1 Terminator Squad (1 sergeant w/power sword. no reinforcements can arrive. . and the Imperial Navy. treat the roll as a 1. All morale checks are taken at Leadership 10. Space Marines (and all non-chaos units classified as such). Inquisitorial forces.Imperial Reinforcements will arrive via the landing pad (up to 2” away from it as space dictates. 1 squad of Guardsmen (1 sergeant w/laspistol. Rules for St. the Imperium forces count as fearless. then no ork reserves may arrive. and under any circumstances that would usually cause a unit to flee. This functions like a standard deep strike except that it must be within 12” of the boarding drop pod and does not scatter. Titan Legions (and appropriate assets). the forces will become pinned instead. 4 marines w/bolters 1 Space Marine Tactical Squad (1 sergeant w/bolt pistol. Exceptions to this will be explicitly noted. If any Imperium Forces are within 2” of the access tunnels or occupying them. Mechanicum forces (including Skitarii and Tech-Priest Enginseers). Sisters of Battle. Grey Knights. If insufficient models are available. 9 troopers w/hellguns) 1 Space marine Combat squad (1 sergeant w/bolt pistol. 9 guardsmen w/lasguns 1 squad of stormtroopers (1 sergeant w/hellpistol. 4 Terminators w/storm bolter & power fist) Result Maintenance Space Marine Reserves: On the Maintenance Level the Space marine forces will receive their reserves via teleport. Jowen’s Docks Nothing to Lose: The Imperium forces have been pushed to the edges of the Hanger and Maintenance levels.) Reinforcements: Imperial troops will arrive via the landing pad at the end of the movement phase. In close combat. Deathwatch. including (but not limited to) Imperial Guard. Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6 No one arrives. Ork Reserves will arrive from the Access Tunnels.

If the loser manages to get away. The recommended turrets are twin-linked heavy bolters.” Lights Out: As long as the Plasma Reactor Core is “off. Access Tunnels: Any unit may move through the Access Tunnels.) . roll two dice per model instead and if either turns up a 1. Extra heavy weapons from vehicles or heavy weapons teams make an ideal basis for a Turret.” The turrets pop up in their announced locations. Turrets: The Imperium player may secretly place up to four turrets anywhere on either level (but at least 6” away from any other turret or from any access tunnel entrance. During the next movement phase. sweeping advances may be taken as normal (but no massacres). If a model is occupying the location. Count as if all models in the combat can attack all others. Copy their locations down on a piece of paper and reveal it when the Plasma Reactor Core is turned “on. The reactor begins the game “off. If there are two opposing units in the Access Tunnels at the same time. The effects of it being on will affect that shooting phase. the model crashes and takes a wound (no armour saves. but they may be any normal heavy weapon of strength 6 or lower and they all count as twin-linked. they may flee through any Access Tunnel entrance. Entering them is just like embarking upon a transport. Low Ceilings: Any jump infantry who chooses to use their jump pack will be required to take a dangerous terrain roll every time they jump. If they would need to take one anyway. move the model the shortest distance to get them off of the turret. the second one to move in counts as having assaulted the first one while they were in cover (assault and defensive grenades having their usual effects). Turrets have 10 Armour all around and will be destroyed from a single glancing or penetrating hit.Plasma Reactor Core: A (non-vehicle) model based with the Plasma Reactor Core may turn it “on” or “off” at the end of that model’s movement phase. If one side or the other flees. including the one they just entered. they may disembark (as if disembarking from a transport which did not move) from any Access Tunnel entrance.” Night-Fight rules are in effect.