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For too longl. ordin.ary folks he,v,e stood by whUe the elite few have shaped humankind's grand societies. we: say, snousb! For the love, of Steve, M,a~l"g,aret, Monty and the rest of the average Joes, let them build a city from which their own ideal society migntcome forth\ In Stores Now r.rn~.~


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.56 Howa ha ndy Los Angeles cou p Ie-a n dI thei r fu n -lovl ng 5-year-old son+rnake 62 use of Fourwriters reflect on the vagaries of the holidays Christmas envYI an ex-eon's shopping sprees child discipline.' and a milky color palette to create approach to llfe on the desert frontltnes.~.~~. meta I. The tsi de oHl en and Poi Iy Wi Isen's rn~OI. where socks. '_.:.]t? Tum to page 86 tofind out wffil t th eoy're ou -.~ ~'·~~~I·~~·~'~·~~ ~. been this much fun.:rnlient 1rflle~apy. f . lectsd 46 gifts-org~.~~~~~~~~~ . 0 n you ~~~~~.::.».~~.~.oto·: Dwight E'I'::. and wood-to everyo ne make or buy for r ITIst.'::::It4i==': .:= =.c:hIi m OJ n 'St'yll~n..~.~~~~~ ~.:. and showers are in short supply.' ~~~.~~~~.~~~~J~ Tille Impress~ch1is.~..J ry home in Sherman Dab.:= = J .nfzed by . fabric.~.3]rY1inviting space in their small apartment.~. California (P~.~ Ap.~Ui -= '=-. Ha]r and malk~lIIp:a~arra ~A:rtristUi"1tled) l Props: (I a j reo_i3~gbte (Wanj.-.".~.~~~~.··!lt!..~. .I5:e%~. We col.= .~ -'j - ~'~"~~ ~~ . .~J~~ .:. artful storage. ..g: ofia Torling {Arti'l'::~ Un'ti'edJ S -: '. .~.. water bottles. wea ifi ng' . ..ts:Marie and Fillip {City) . ~ ~i ~~~. an .: .===. Materials science has never<.·.~.·· . and a biblical hut in the luving room" 66 Live from KirbJkl Iraq: A deployed Amerlcan soldier recou nts hTIStroops' lOllY 68 . pa per! plastic.~~~~.' '\ _r Ph.




o I Zi!. 10 EDITOR'S NO'TES 12 RE.under-the-stairs shelves and Mu rphy desk Construct a tabletop letterpress and design your own cards .esa f]O M]ke Rllchardson (COVER PROJECT) 42 RE-PRINT 28 I MADE THIS! Reader project.0 0 o o o DEPARTMENTS. music.17 RE-VIEW Drugstore sculpture.6 SOLID WOLD Turn a distressed dlresser into a modem media center 32 SIKILL SET .e Made ady o o o 0 - DIE[EMIB ER 20107 I ]IAN UA.ece together pendant lamps 30 HOME FIXES 1 86 BUYERJSGUIlD E 'Where to get the goods Smart uses for commonplace things 4. and the history offruitcaks.52 H DYGITIFAJ Q&Awlth comic-book im pr.RY 2008 0 o - Q 0.54 MOVERS Bt MAKERS Anintrspid innovator the toothbrush reinvents 44 RE-WIRE Pt. PII us: the best In books.PLY Your 36 RE-VAMP holiday table with avian place settings.e Spiitl up your SO READYWIH]IP Satisfy the sweet-toothed in yOlLjf Ilife with homemade peppermint Iletters marshmallows and 'Soft caramels . the scratch '11' sniff revival. party poppersr and a starburst cent!erpiec.A primer on rennjishilng wood 87 [ONTRIBUTORS OU r holiday elves 34 RE-DUX Three ideas for reusi ng card boa rd tu bes 88MACGYVER Fold orjgami box toppers to adom your gifts 'Whmlngentrry: (D curtain Next up:::games . and ladders 38 RE-STVLE The multifunctional guest bed! .

for a beautiful look that lasts.. . No (hips.NTEIED~ paint.. Krylon H~O~Latex is serious innovation~ nspi redr .A.whether it's wood. The patented formula dries. to the smoothest. GUAR. metal..No nicks. . touqhest finish of any spray paint. yet It's low odor and cleans up with just soap and water. STYROFOAlvllJ Brand Foam 011" almost anythlnq else . No kidding .BLlE F'IINI:SH.-' . THIE MO':ST DURA.. It's quaranteed to outlast solvent-based paints. . with a flnlsh that 10Dks beautiful for years without chips or nicks. wicker. . Use Krylon H~O Latex on your next project . .

~" 66. ey. poot<lge paid 011 . g. IA 510037.dyMJaI_ae..(XIm or vi~it .T D'1lREClOR Be<cky Eaton PH.&! C3na-d~l or (5]5) 247-2987 (iTIWm~ti(ln31} 4 Maill RCOIdyMa de.n kin thr to p hOl' fnr n['J.. aM tools . Ka ren Ba mhan: (::1:48) :3 S6~346li fralll!(eSC~1 F~rola~.. you're skipping MOld Men.dym.FfeadyMf!r1e.O..." 3. RT.1. Is.'iil. fo 11101. ON N 813B7.oom and (I' c'<on thr Subsr '1 be .a..0iIi10' IEmro:R:[lilll1lill Dia mo rid OONl1RIIBUTlNG.F Shoshans 8e.~. Darin Howard.S.540 liz@read'ymademagBJm lil/4iSJDE 'SALE'S MlANAGIElfl AI~. Th~ co.pcRIEHCE S!r. Marco JHelf..OI23S: C~I'I~d~ Post PIU blic~I~(ln~ M~i! S~~@S Pr'C)duct AgF~@m@nlt~o. I rn . IA 50037 -0235 I?iii:.Zam (0 fIIliTRIBUIliIIN G IILIILUSTiR:ATORS Dall11ien Swgil1i 'Scutt Ha 1'iI$~1lI £wtthrrml@. All oontents of this i~lJ€of. Kathleen CasMi II sc (J~O) 54'9-. Gina Mil~ovkh MA!R1KEflNG Itn::S~GNIEIR Alyssa Campb@1i IPRODl!lIaIONUt\lE MANA'G Ell Mi k!e! 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Also..Matg!r1on (ha~ tool 5 a IiId file but may be dum~)'wi ~1'1 both).. C(Jm/s.~the 5.ohhre fal'lOiJl!ilig ca~egorie~." .. rBC:Msider dOling p!'OJe-t:ts youR'~elf Mol'I~~ {hdiSop posable thum M). lBen Green! num ber (866"455" 3819).l' t.. Sam Hunt.. JOlt' Ira n OUiR TIHIIANKS @mail: info@readym~demag. M~tlt [11M rTI.@'(\!ithCorporatior]l.nrtents thi s pub'lkatkm mary not b~ r'epro" duooo in whor~or 'in p~lr~Vi.0 . aJt the 55-minute' mark.ts .c:rs 11:1: l>R Dfiliil' Dere~ fage rst rom ASSOCIATE mHOR. Tom Fortie~. C:atJ~ K€~lisQ!l.. 1E1Ii)'saWorley.ld.:lIn Ila~l/S.x/yrnademOl!g. Ko te F ra !1C:~s. Erika Larsen.. lRachael Coyle.utmi'l'rsslons.lutions. Although tlh@ editors h.H~ed. Box 3732:5..wm PrilntOO]!l the USA by Quad!Gr~phk$.er ~Olt:o b@ inch.. by contacting: .THWESl IDrT1R. LameHe Fiayden. Dwight ESii:hllimiiHl.. Sam sthi ng's IHld ing iIII Her~. $II.adymi5!d\emElg. and a b~@ f¥(l' . Caitlin Vilin Dmell.COJIlJNir MANAGER Liz Fh~mi ng (3].!I bmi~iol1l1ll[lljide:li~es. 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CON11iRIB!!JTING... 8.Made 8]7 B~n(:mft W.~0069223~ Ciillrladi<ln BN 1:234$..8.II~riber nam~ .(212) 551-7009 heathE'f@'[eadymademagwm mel) Amt h 0 niy [)i'Scem::a. MaJ1kham [ohnson. 'Imf'llil~ 1:.d disp.hour te two clays depending on li.:'lr1sh. E[I.rithi n >Ol1eY@i:lr_ ri sk Ski lis.. . e 32 (ISSN# u lS44-2950}.1l\!aili31b~e~o ~l'Jmp~ni ~ wnGS'e pr'od l.GONTlliUIBlJIiliUiIIG STVLIIl: ED~TOlliI: (Iai re' Bigbie COlflllliJ'RIBU1IlMGi EDiTORS.EonO:R~AII.mdE$@!eijl.o· ad ~ rE'.. Juli~1 W~ittman.bilkJahn~on.C~~y Ti Irna nis.c.[0) 549'· 6400fillX: . Thomas Wol!d 'm'NTIR~I!mnNG COPY IE: IiIi(Hl: B rGriwyn Xim m D AIRT IPIlJ BLISHIN (j IPRES]DENT MID IPlJIIBUS!IHIEI. Ohey leca I codes . b U.Des Moin~. :5U BSOIUPnOH RATE: $19:95/y~alr l~ th@ United State'S. Wr: {)I:C"<9sionOl mii\ ke" Gr·~!Vtic'@s sholUld OOofinw@sttOYOlll. Joe Gross... Cals!ialndr~1 MOrita IVD. IA 503019-3023· U. Cyfit hi~ B lack. E~lI rmdCIJ5C$lOlll@. skill lel! E ri n . the of .thieen@\t"iI?. e-mailijngre .~ 1"I. Crc. Craftsman (knocwsthatt "rabbet" is M~ a funny spelling of the' ~QPpy-eCired poet).~c€iV€:. is published bimontlldyby Mer.a.<14him@1W'Wil1ccom IN:C:R.. Amanda P'etrusich. pi!1p. Na oi I Sa m ad{illl!f. Na ra ngka r Gio\l~r.iIi 1J~R[JiCTOR Ge mge McCElI rna n ASSISTAlfIIllr AR.topwortc:liI_ fl.J)on~....n~y_Ihhe post'offi~ <\Ilerts U~dH\ltYVUF mOl~zine is I~JIldeliv~r>~lble'.• .o\. Mib! Chi !1IO'. Ell!!cafd'IlI'llg!UUh~Je. Al1na [a neG rossrna n. Jen l1y iFuss. P051IIMAS11ER~ ~ndl ~d1drer. _ Dltt~-14 Ca ro lin~ Mc:.' .r·· pnons. J.H erron.r".JIJ'€ mad e ~\l€ ry ~ffQr~ to ensu F~ o:tCl:U cy. m~lteri~ ls. (l nd a cldlition . safrt}' pr€!c. Tina Barsegnian. please. Jill R()\$~n t hal.)i. Oavi d Bo urn.


ng this bag for on enduronce test while you're Risky Business. buildl ng lure . too. [guess conferences aren't €ntirely for mrs yo UJ mig ht recogn ize from a recent Saks bunk after all. We were the ha ppiest people a lilve. creator of the ru lt toy company Kid req ui red a lea p of fait h t hat few pole va ulte rs would attempt. Nothj ng is gained by sittllilg addresses at conferences. That's e. self-deflecting approach. Other luminaries included the electronic musician and artist Momus.illr"s resolutions that will change everything F]fth Avenue campaign called "Want It.ew¥e.3 udienos.{American Institute of Graphic We make our sustcinoble bcqswirh Artists) Next Conference tn Ignore the. . but the biiggest takeaway was "I am plagued by self-dou bt. and host of the public radio show Studio 360'. nothtng short of rtsktng it all rea 11)1 orks.xactly what hap- abo ut th r€...sfter battlIng ennui for giVing seve ra I yea rs. l. P. nee!rly broke and resigned lin look for a day job." spoke of how miserable shewas when she started til . the calls started pour] ng tn. about the compulsory bettering of one's profesthe For Dummies manuals to g@Hhiw!!JIgh design consultancy. "We had no money. a nd still. To paraphrase the writer Henry Miller. I~f@_ ut when ReadyMade was ilnv~ted to speak B at the AlGA.@ seconds to say yes -we down an opportunity QUill ra f@l)11tLl rn .FROM THE IBolliistic nylon is lome. whose curvihnear letter- by these success stories.aunrhmg R. whom this magazine prof led ]Iil issue 8.As I was gra ndl-1s worth a trYr especially if it could end up a magnfficentfai yet continue to rtsk it all. about this." That's be- cause what we had was the' beliefthat we could make something happen through the nuclear Robot. more talented. make 1i10 money. Su rs it's :shiny ond block.' Marian Elan~es. Thethree-dayevent featured some heavy hitters. out o'r plcnas.@adyMa. PaUli Bud took us h erss If al Y@'tU to j IUS t d raw and.'501 the illustrators Marldril BaUl~es and Christoph INlemann. As we look. d m cha nge the world" Does that preachy? I1t should. orqcnic cotton. pened. sh €' 1i1 n (II Illy got up the nerve to light OHt em heir own . co-feu nder of the legendary Spy magazine. U necsss a ry. we assume that the'y are smarter. Kfd Robot-despl1te rnoteriols liiike: to coerce an message? That responsible design can sCH. writing a book.toward rE. obvious things. fu sion of f magi natio n an ci wlll. but uniliess you' re plonninq on ioki.ibeskind. noveltst. Whe'rl people are invited to deliver keynote a r1ewyearal1l(~ the ulti0 U1S start pil' ng UPI there is onething we can be sure of. Whatever has been bubbli ng beneath the su rface+sta rt- ing your OWI1I something reminded business.3S ali1illustrator. and Daniel l. The master of ceremonies was Kurt Andersen. Dunngthe conference. the' architect known fnr the JewIsh Museum ln Berlln.There's something sional self that feels (II hair too dose to rellying Girl jump~ngl stick to N. Con~erenlJe's are'not my bsg.comJbOlgs . like shedding a 'fe'w pounds or qU]tr!l ng this or that vice! and consider do]ng: sornethi ng tru 1)1 bold. I learned about various modes of design. Sur these artists and! writers took a decided Iy modest. We' are very serious. At the end of the year..3U I Budnitz's company its cultish following-was IOn the brin k of bankruptcy for five year'S before it tu rned a profit. And that w insptres me. -Shos~allD1llaIIBergem" www:simpleshoes. a nd more self-assu ned than the rest of us. no resources.

s.. + www...eshoe.. Ii I II Ii I IL 1 -I I F_-_~ I I~ J ..simlpl.colm/D~Y ..~ ~ ':1 .

{orsahen film as:rJblJon whenwrapprng holiday grfts for gearhe'ads. ]I.31urie H~ynes Bu r] in'igOO!'iw~th the mu~tfiti"Jdoeof sweate rSCgJVe$ si1lestit. the g new additions to the magazine.everything YOUIdo.mademag. li Ilm/e.chedfol"eV'erym"leon her gift list.3 pllasitic party platter.Vi se fro m top} Evergreeil11!:re~ Ibya 11 student Kim berl fP. [j List wa nted to let you know (a lifornla (oillege' of the Art-st 1did j List that.'TIOI.lel ry 2006)" GR. first-time' letter-tothe-editor writer.! PLA'SHC KMlllS In you r Mod Squad Issue (October/November 2007}. considering it's made to last forever. ] love. Nl~ole Malrie Ga:s. they've mistaken for jellyfish.assel bri n k.PAPER CUTS.y H. out haw on page 79:" -. page 16): the damage those plastic bags can do TIf they don't malke It to a r.dyMadel may su rprise and d e II'~ht mea ny tl me yo LI wa nt. HOLIDIAY tAIRIDIS.erryMOildng: (Clac:b.ears bad: to reconsider the poor Ch ristmas tree August!Sept. 1adorned my "tree" with used-tennis-ball ornaments and a carpet- nd getting rid of old rnicrof che. a p~ZZ. a CiON E F. For my senior studio in the. you missed a major pol nt in com p(lIr~ ng pa perand plastic bags (Ecome1ter.Eds. I've spent the last two months weeding through thousands of little plastic sheets that we no longer need to keep" Please help me reuse all this microfiche. then wired everything together a nd hu ng it all 'from the ceiling.ICHiING pre plate." department of the ber 2005).y Hasselbrlnk 'San Frar"l[i~(QJ Caiifornia tried-a nd-true. It's tragtc wh'f2n rna r]m~ l1fe wasbes up 011 shore with bellies fu ~Iof plastic shcppi ng bags. and a bikewheel tire.i'710 or ~etters@ready.e~mlea Hlofhei mer Portland.telfS" 817 BanC1FOft Way~ Belrkeley" CA.200S/Jam." ~t@mb(ll" . Wood/Furniture I'm a longtime subscriber. Ready. I decided to make one. ReedyMade Let.~ '9.e'the . :[transformed a few of last year's cast-off's into scu lpture that can be Enjoyed all yea r rcu nd.a nd Challenge of a few y. RE"a.l'iiba u tli1j . foillawingtihe how-to in IS'Sl!Ie 20 ("6 DrYGifts. You. Oregon . With tile hel p of myoid Christmas lights a nd a star I've had for almost 20 years I j think IT created something pretty great+I wait to make another one nextyearl can't Jim Fish Cleveland. ]i m Fish'stta n n fP. Ohio BIRAN(HINIG OUI Deiaf Nlm~ef l'm sure you recall yo ILl r own MacGyv.Ma:.3 and INow that most government publications are avai lable online the libra rywhere I 'work is cleaning out its archives Gi pafllr.N CHRISTMAS instead of buying a tree this year.ecydlng facUlty (and most don't).de~ 1can't bearto see it go to a landfill. Sa milantha Joyce Bedford.em f'jnd Here's. COl rl ada sample skirt. 01111" ldea~ Us. [took a rntnt' .rJI.itOn Mont rea II-i Q u~ bee. WE DO rr FOR YOU r Next Up: Xmas Trees. from the' new to the Klmlberle. P€:nnsylvaiina '~SENID YOUR.

]1 ia5870 Desi'gneo it combine's The re sult to fit your home.ecrn vteeh .... . ... IfIiijI ~N...'.1 ••• 3~o::IO'Hl?'" 1•• 1 • '•• ...I! iii- tlo.'• 1_ .'. ."79 ....w~'Il~Ne."'..."'~ r' iI!P.s 5800 seriles of high-tech" sleek cordless phones 15 Wildly desilgn and enhanced all-Irs-one 5-8 GHz technology solution for a very good re. " •••••••• ' •• I •• 1. you're love.1.'I! 1 • li.i3IS Q'In: with exceHent reliability.h •• 1 . out more at vte chphcnes. And your Uf'e.. .~. . home phone VTe'ch'. . security and value I sure to popularFind is a perfect..1 ••• • • 1 •• 1 ••• '.".'I..!ICIIG'ITAIi. "V~TeM '!lOl 181 IB vtech M'~ vlech II ia58.'.tII •••• .1 •• '. fei3lhlre-ric:h.I. .

Ii't'ion'.SMTING THE BIG APPLE This fall.. the antrild (lite to piaS.ra ce IHleJwthome Com]thi~illl M~dilaVP Christopher. RM AClco unt rM amllge r Hearth er S mi:gelsky. Bu'she-III. IRM Pres] d el1't/ Pub ltsh ell'(:.e'nt Amldy 5<1reya n. station devoted to creating yomowfli George INelson-inspired chopstick clod also kept the crowd busy.glrll)' Pe~p.lle. . Rabbi Darikside spins j you~ DWR. complete w]tn a smorgasbord of iron -on designs that wou Id rna ke any fashionista green with envy. Medi:aEdge Commllln~c. [)WIR StlLidlO Proprietnr and resident blogger Bradford S~ellhammer. BHG executive Berea IRot~.. M~rtedWh E)l'Jecut'hre Director lE!r'itttOli WeJlre.@'fS t IGraei£! IHlaWlhorne tunes ferthe crowd. A.Thank p.lic b-ags. (C~oc:kwl!:le fr(ll!'n top IdO IBHG Pre~d.i. weVE: lers:. and create" Partyg!Ders elbowed their way to our customize-your-owntote-bag bar. StlraJteglc Dlrector Barbilfa Langbeder. and all DIU r dedicated volunteers. for making the bash such a success! Che. drink.ewYork Cityto eat. industry folks a nd lReadyMakers gathered at Design Wuthin Reach's l4th Street studio in Ni.


Ple.(. When you downll. you're netjust steal inqtlle bands' pie..c.1.We thought about getting you a tool belt. Eaclh subscriber or purchaser of the m2ll'gaz]ne is ellowed one *vow download and one CD burn.I·I • IZ<eadyMade I·. or a puppy. 'if vou wilt So we [olned forces with Noise POPf San Francisco's foremost music festival...oad muslc that ]5 not meant to be free. TO BE A GOOD. 'I. way. Everyone loves pupples. very hard to ensure their acts sfm take home a sflce of the...i3sswon:l: Heltdazs TO !DOWNLOAD THE CD JA.~ 1. you'U also find afold-your-own CD jacket template with the playlist on our website. vrsrr readyrnadernaq. It's almost like we're holding hands! TO DOWNLOAD TRACKS. yOdu're also puttlnq am upstanding [part of the lindustry in periL Aliso: These tracks an!!' inte'nded tor personal use only-not tor sa~e or onllne dlstrlbutlon. to bring you 19 free songs from our favorite bands. we~re working on a project together. pie'. I'~.Ilseprotectlndependent music and pllfY nice. User name: ReadyMaker I P.Qm/rmJ2'cdjacket Then take' ou r '\lOW. PERSON IN THE INEW YIEAR We chose these artists because they are produced by labels thalt work. .CIKET TEMPLATE" V~SII'f readymademaq. Since we can't offer snowman wrapplnq. Download tracks to your MP3 device or burn a disk for yourself or your sweetheart.. But then it occurred to UlS that you rnlqbt want somethinq you could tinker with yourself-a more lnteractlve gift.


M.and scores of real-lite tip's fair rehabbers.ry I I .Th. who baked loaves made from han'ey. . R'OO.::_.ate 1n the celiltury. ~Sllisatn Beal the old-fashioned gamer o@'y:ou:r-=li. I .th and rivi ng: The average A.merkan creates 2." Thi nk grapes fllownin from Chile" • Tra nsporting food by pla ne uses almost double the energy per mile as.ndii.. l..afllo w fu nerals.ear by eating. ~. The lRo man Em pi rei s credited wutlh productngthe first official recipe: raislrrs. mas.··=lo4 dEtl. U.! ~MC.-··t"I. domino -dr-itl:b:tt r that willhavethem tomI~~'llng tile towers.._e ..2 tons generated by getting behind the' wheel. many local farmers rely em cenventiona I methods (i . so once you pILII]11 off a trensformatton of your OWI1I. but is restricted to certain climates.3.and big. dates.'- • Superrna rkets offer central djstri bution de- • Local markets often receive goods from smaller. Here's the slk~!l'rlly. full trucks. . submitit at day-I.e" pesticides) to ha rvest.I I . the focus has turned to food miles..tngland passes laws restricting the loaf to ChIlist- pomegranate seeds mixed with mash. . ~n te rrn s of a ca rbon footp ri nt.g' Fruitcake comes of age by Mike'C~il'llo brief tdsto.ptne nuts. It's ch ock-fu Ill] of before-end-after photo tutorials . olen Trollio Iecometer] [ r"'d -. ditional energy ito produce" • Organic fa rrning consumes less energy. [ ol Ca.~st€lf.r~~com -\ L 1 . orthe distance your produce travels from p. alrnonds tlgs" and pornegra nates for departed loved ones to carry into the afterlife. own plates for a full' set of .le'gumes ~(). a truck" • Local tri ps by truck consume less fossil fuel and less energy 011 food refrigeration. lean supplychains.e:yt9l!j. _Q.rlin. • Cropsgrown Want to-impress Effect .rO'00 IIC-'.30 IIC The first known fruitcakes carne from the ancient Egyptians. before they hits he lives. E. sprrrirrg .s~t?Order t'~e Domine 'T.eldland f'rTIdge..g find].. E. $410' at rp~kle. on averolge.. which they save to eat the followi ng y@arTIn hopes of co I1Ij u ringanother good season.e. -l "_ _".d DII.a new blog from online retailer Amy ShtLHt devoted to affordable and accessible makeover ideas..- rr 1 in theirideal'edietorg)' and other local food crusades. But there's more to fnod mi les than the distance betweenl ml.gevlty for and v]rWalllildestructribilluty.blogspor. a . P'!r]zed its lon.S.18 [ best new welbshe ]i Enneec of some tnspiration for your grImy kitchen or Q.low to plate. In thewake of the' 100-M]h~ Diet '(10o.vergrown backyard?' Check out Day Lab DI:Y. then shi pped across the country don't req uire ad- • Produce that's grown in greenhouses during the off-season takes extra elilergy to rnai ntain. spices.d(j)juble'-:sixe~ and a. and-erea~t. t h at m akes du ni ng W(Jlrse. and 17005 Europeanscelebrate theend ofa successfu l nut harvest by ba king a csremonial fruitcake. The site welcomes reeder-submitted projects.emp·-la~a~na=-Elt Kit.. €'ddlngs. less efficiently packed vehicles" pots.e Footprint of Food It's no longer enough to just eat organic. chr]stenungs.·~ Jr". REH . - . on account of TItsSTI nful rich nsss . That explains the shelf life.8 tons of CO2 emissions each y.gabout ]f500 miles..ab-dfy.3:1Be-'AD 4'6. SUIPERMARKET SHUIFFLE NIEAR ANIO' IDEAR The' Domino c-. the frult(ak€' become an essential foodstuff d U ring long campaigns. compared w1th 2. • Due to regional idicsyncrasies like high humidity and intractable bugs.

•• ~. .. . .' I •• I •• I •• I . •• ...~ r. •• . ~ J : : ~ ! ! I stamps : : I : ... . •• .. and people keep sendingit to a kitschy cultural cache.' ~ r •• ~ ••• •• . •• ~ r .McMeelintroduces 'fiction for Hdo that includes pictures..20.a1hogany. •• . . • •••••••• r •• r •• .~ I •• I •• I •• . . •• • •••• r •• . •• •• r •• r •• I •• ' ..ence du rirng the Vktorfa!fl era. ' .eadl other. •• .~ ' . •• .eghian U~endJ alert] j [ HANDLE WITH CAR'E II What happens when a visual artist : .... •• . ' I •• I •• .~ I ••••• ' ' . •• .ach january the town of Ma nitou Spri ngs. I . Tina B:ars.. •• . I •• ' I •• ' .~ r.~ r •• . •• r. r.. In the hands of Mir. r •• r •• . •• •• I 1 1 - 18)7-1901. •••• . I .. I •• r •• r •• . 1.~ Anne Walsh is the artist tasked with the next issue. by Sue Warwick Fresh-baked billboard Scented postage December 2006 january 2007 Summer . Dive ~ Scented . •• . •••• I •••• . .. ~AtmaJane Grossman 'WHAT WHEN WHAT TH EY' READOUT Nose.. . r. .a1l2007 I Spanish fashion house Cimarron develops a lirrecf denim that re Ieases the fragra nee of Ie mont be ny. ~ ~ : scented gadgetry. Texss. r •• r •• ... . I • ••• .. .." .' .. r r •• r •• I •• ' . and tutti-frutti... •• . . •• r.. To celebrate the Year of the Plg.. ... the Chinese Post Office releases a stamp redolent of pork. •• . 1913 Collin Street Sa kery in Corsica ns. •• ..' . •• ..~ •• . •• .. •••• • ••• I . •• r r •• I •• ' ... •• . .. I •• ' I •• ' I •• ' ... •••• ~.. •• . .07 ~ : j_ Publishing house Al1d rews . . I. r •• r •• ~. leather. I •••• I •••• I •••• I •• I •• I •• .. • I •• r ••••••• • I r •• . ! ! ... There Is 'Only one fruttcake in the entire world. •• .arch 2005 Hectronics manufacturer Audiotronic unveils players :~ : : i -.. •• •• •• .~ I •• ~ r. •• .. •• . E.. •• . .anda July. The "Got Milk?1! ad campaign installs cookie-scented scratch-and-sniff stripsin San Frands(o bus stops. pu blishes the first mail-order fruitcakecatalogand an international holiday traditionis born. r. . r r r •• I •• ' . Design company Flavor league launches three ambrosial wallpapers that carry the scents-and looks-of bananas. . •• . .~ I. . •• . i : i ' : : i i Fragranlt jeans F. ••• r •• • I •• r ••••••• . •• . Today If not exactly redeemed. r. .~ r •• r •• . : [ See Spot Smti!Jh October 2006 ! ~ A Scratch-and-Sniff' . •• . I r I •• ~ r. ' . •••••• r •• r •• . Today.. I •• ' I •• '~. "Tile 1'. I ! !. .~ •• .. •• . I. ~ •• .. .. •• ~ r r •• r •• .. I •• r •• r •• r •• . ••• r •• r •• r •• .•• ~ r •• ..~ r •• r •• .. r. •• .' . . hosts the Great Fruitcake TOSSfWlth a record lob oflA20 feet set bya group of €]ght Bosi ng engi nsers. •• ... •• . r. •• .. ' . - .~ •• . r r •• I •• ' . r.. due to be mailed out now through February. .. when unmarried weddinggu"ests plac@d a slfce u nder their pll ~ lows to prompt a dream of their future spouse..Book fO'r Dogs.. or orange for the first twenty washings. .. ...~very realm of life.."9'1 Ha. •• . of chewables enhanced by scents such as chicken. •• . . . •• . and. •• . ~r •• ....' I .~ r •• .' I •• I ••• r •• r •• r •• I •• I •• ' . •• .rper'~ magazine's Index rates the den sity of the average fruitcake to be on par with that of m.~ •• . the company shTIIPS million loaves per 1. •• . .' . r •• r •• . I ••••••• . '. r. . •• ~ r r. After falillng QUIt 'Offal/or. •• . . •• r. the first ('issue" turned out tobe a vinyl window shade ailkscreeried with a heartbreaking me:ssage . •• ... •• . •• . •• . fruitcake enjoys a resurg.. I.. •• I r. year across the globe" . •• . •• . - . •• . I •••• . •• . •• .. •• .. . •• . • ••••• r •• r •• r •• I •• ' . • •••• r •• r •• . •• . I •• . cherries.. •• .•cheese. r. •• . Colorado. •• r •• r •• r •• I •• ' .~ r •• .I: i i' ! ~design I'CI~ +-+-1H -+--+--11-+ --- +-+-1H -+--+--11-+ -+--+--11-+ ---- tampers w:ith homewaresr Subscribe to The Thing QUQ. . •• ..~ r •• . •• .. .. •• . . . the hol]day sweet at least enjoys worst glft is a fruitcake. •• . r. .rterly and find out" For :$120 you'll receive a different utilitarian domestic object in tHe man four times peryear. $ign up at thethingquarteriy. . ~ ••••• I ' r. . r. •• . ... •• r. :" ~ ! Thanks to recent advances wnthe printing precess that brought UlS the Mello Srnello stickers of y€!'stery~eHf odjferous items ar€! mlaking a cernebeck-ein .MP3 ~ M. •••• • ••• . . •• . er. •••• •••• ~. I .. I •• ' I• ' . mint. •• . • ••••• r •• r •• r •• . •• ... I •• .. Aromas range from the tasty (cherry and cookie) to the unexpected [casino and mariiuanal. •• ~ r r •• r •• I •• I •• I •• I •• I r . •• .6 1985 Tonight Show host [oh n ny Carson rails against the homely treat stating. . I •• ' I •• ' I •• ' I ' . .

. .. f··· ...W.311 QvJt!ors of the :f! I r = inn W. + T .+:r··· ....ure~ Desig. One part $ul1. .. ... . ... . .._pwgrOJmmin.. . and "Tit-Bits't+prosthetic breasts knitted 'for breast cancersurvivors+flank projects that reader's can make themselves.1·_· KnitKnit in 200] to chronicle a trend she'd noticed wi1thlr11er circle offriends+ h the intersection of knitting and conceptual... f·· . . and you'll be the coolest kid on the.. ..mds on the-finer points of arctic €.... ... ... f·· . Nor b e.. .j . ..... .. - .-1·- ---i .It 's easy to fa rget ~h@ olrigi n. radto.. _ _ ...iaan Igloo and ather Snow She'te'r._ f··· .ode mArt) and IJ d 0 KU Iterms n n {a prom] 11r-nt arc h He-crura ~ htstorian) provide details about the ground breaktng tnnovattons showcased flit each fair. '-Mike (IMIIilO at least the warmest IOn Ex$tto 'World's Fair Arch rtect..f·· . the stati..... . .. _- _ . ·t f·· f··· f·· f·· . n Hanley Pekar. .. _ . .. _.. .. .. ng Qli'1I evelrythi n&l:f~o~ l how-tos for building tglocs.. . ._f·· f·· f··· 1-· .c€-tiItUiJ/. . Y:a111lIde~u n -(lj resea rc ~ sd enfist for the u.. ... Exif to 'Tomorrow offers a compelh ng a no copio u sly resea renee! su rI!ley ofthe in tern aJtTI on aI expo's ltions.? S~mdllarfactoids and anecdotes add up toa souvenir of a once-imaglned futurethat's bot1 F!ostpdgici31l'ild cu rrent+a powerful remmder that such beacons of optimism 'should corm nue toshl~lr}Ie.Ne....~. Y~lnki~~luln (W. ..s.. f·· .al glulde . . ··--1·-. . . HaW' to BuHd an !g{oois eq ILla Ily SILl ited to the se riou s ex plorer a 1t1l6 Hebackya rd ~ s~ow sdei!lce tostructural phy5ics" Yanktelun's wh' m sica IIin::tIruc:ti?iil manl.. ... •. s ~ .!. .. f··· . ..-I--' . 1-· ...._- . 1-· f·· . . Touch. ... . Fashion 1:933-200::5 by Paola Antonelli and Udo Kul'termann.g gUlde_-Jurn-magaZ:ine In 1111 ~g@of sornsthtn g' for-eve ryo nesatelltte is called LCD (a~ulllowest Gammon denerntnator]. ... ._. ~ .co: The..... . -( ..... . _--..... .....aII genn:s of musk.· f L8iILlln2'bIl:e liHalyden .. ._- from Knitting's .s by ~{)'rb~~t E..l..alr in real t1 nne... For lnsta nee! wh o k nerw that O. f··· f·· .. f·· _ .....ner thezine _ . ... abor] T Kn. .. .... f·· . .. . . ..s a nd '90s.1- ~ .. .. .Ja~ o'iers builder.. !Norton) Ta ki II1Ig 'IN] nter h [Ime bui Id i n g to its northe rn ext re me's..p0U:s. ~ . f·· . .... FOi" the.__. . .on's r~gtag staff~ lso published . .itKnJt: P'rofiles and Projects & Chal1g) started . art S]xyears later...... f··· f·· .w WaVie by Sabrina Gschwandtner (St~ev!Jant... I··· ....._. The Best of lCD' liS a throwback '\fIsuall treat: ~JuUa C-csgrov. .. .~\le$_IFor the last half-. . _ . spruce traps.. a ~d N~ck Tosches..... slab shelters... . from left-lee mng poHtical1 commentary to any and .Il\I. .. . -( . Th15 best-of coliection featurestilustraticns. A refreshing new addition to the crowded (and. +:.. .a.. .... .. f··· f·· .. 1-· f·· . . f··· .. f·· .rt E.. .-+. f·· f·· .::lI 1970 f1lbelrgl ass d 0 me bsca m e the st ru crural membrane10rmoderl:. . .:ltl~ brc(ltlJd~$~ an ~lI"Iray fedectic pllOgralmming.a ks's r:9riac:..... items of ell cth]r1g reduced to one-twelfth scale. .+: .. edited by Alrildrew Gam TOfflOffOW: (Rizzoli Universel For those who lhialvenl exper'enced the wonders of a World's F.. ..v FJ:ater.. .. . the title has grown from a photocopied booklet to a hardbound volume that profiles 27 of the most inf uential artist-knitters working today. .. carteens. .... r··· _ ...~ f·· f··· ---c- r- f·· .. . AJmy's Cold Regions laJboratory-. ~ .. _ ....... .... t _ . .~xpm. bloek+or the tundra.- s -...Art and WritingoiWFMlJ edited by Dave the Spazz (P ri nceto n AJC hitect ura 1Press) 1~~. . _. . .ork's piiolileei"~i1g free-form station WFM U has COii$j~te.. o During the 'SO.. ...n. f·· .. Foll~owYanklelun's lead...edldy bea rs made from f bergl ass TI nsulation... f·· . . f.'-.radioheads on yO~lr 115:t... 1-· f·· . ~ . f·· .. stodgy) knitting shelf KnitKnit is a worthy celebration of the craft's evolution+from a hobby reserved for spinsters to a dully recognized form of fine art ~]en Tu)U.. .+.. ."ll1Igh11@@Ji ~g. f··· .... . INevv '{.. dare we say.+: .f·· .. High-concept works ~ikegiant t. ..o Sabrina IGsdllwallildt. . . . The Best of [.. ..-< --+-...._.. eS5alYSj and other ephemera that appeared in those pag€sr 1315 well as the wrltings and alr~(Irk~f 68ir..... j . .. _ .e I How to Bui. f·· . Coa LJI t hi ors Paol a An to nelli (ell' rator of a rc httecture a nd desi gn at the Mu seu m of M..... and more. . plus a t:orew~rdlby J]m [arrnusch... . ._1·.. _ ..~lIl'iidone pa 1Ft snow . . ....... ..pi! rty prime F.

000 .Il!r~.iEilth eunle~t Ii:U ree d'ilrerent mles.j~~ \'nnltet iW II t'~~1!reS2~.. I" ease t~aflltHe \]nld~1 ~UI~I~ "M~~Cirit ItUn~hl ~ijla t.thers.' tahin~ nl~Ii'QtlItl~~ill J:.. stand ou~ and be heard._ltt tH2 UlS.rn. I~~DIUII PJetHl1lioo~[.A.InJing.• 'f. wiim SUSTAINABILITYREEIN. J lf1~re HYBRIDLIFE m . y'oLllr dsepest-hslc belile. su ~ £ HI.~ting~uu 1IIi~~b~: ~ern~n~II'1I00 ~ I~ttun~ e.~.~ OppolrtlH~imy nom JiLilst to contribute to the sastatna Dlmty cause. I NC..M".lW.·~tf. Fnruo:Jlrt.ggreen.'iin~l.d 1.jil' i Ellhies yjillllJil.. stand war .tr. . or cause b) raise awareness around sustailllabHil1:y.. '~I~~~t"e. .)n~ection 'rjilh ~u~'a. Sp{lii~Ot: fm. OUT.see conservaten Enter ~:rnl some green tor thillrlk~n.~ STAND UP.Jllenlitll iltl[la:ilt~il~l$t~ ilta~ilit)~I!~~ \i'e!~wirnnJ1~ntll(:tlan!i:~. ~Iow does it work? iEnter onUneam k. WWW..iilell9 !Jtail~. {::.. est 1pt..IUllfie~ "'llh~ .e~t '!{J rurnCl::l1 RIlf.i~ V.eenrootwear.5' ~~.)l~~t ~H~ih.:'..i nng. ~t~~.ei.~iLl~S1'!iJ1 U~ p ~Hh t'2UF. "ndl S:UfIIl] FOR. 1lJ11~'1 a . is Sp!ll1~~tinflUh ~9[l~·~te ~~n~~Sl~. 3J"".:hna~.ln:.a..)fll~31 ~liJl~t.".r.ill~~_[E~~~ll'I'.ll.~n._llll~ :58 IJ.. bljt to actuailly cha~ge the way ' for stand iIlg up!' sta ~ di mig 0U[~or sta ndiiingfor susta inab'iil ity .:~nta.k~e..ellief in .'.tl~~~I.dl yom optimism and show how one person~'s. !W!.Otl13n DR: :m~~L f L3~~ d. P.25. Take Yl]lm best ideas. INC.n.O'JI. .~::lr.fs" an.:\'t.SjlIRl IilJIIENTn:IIIRMN.'hS~ Pi''JhiDit~. AND FOR ca ~WIN 25..'·m. ~ TO W~N SOME GREEN FOR IHlIINKIINIGiG VIEW OifIfICIAL. did'er(m ~ ~t ~ JZ Sti.S5.)te~I~!l..r:'~p!lr"~ nu1II:J 'of e1~'"ai~enlti~$.ENIF'':1 ~tg..!~'tr IMit d rlW\>i\r/~~n~o'JI\>.' KEEN ls askling you ilio stand lj~ and be seen.':iin. your passlon for the oumdoo'rs:~ or your b. Htl!al lOr p.~~ 1t rl qi[cBlif~rlnr:'eMr..*. 'Ii\' n~~rs \'!111:Je~iii~~t!li' ~J ]!'J~O~.ll. {p:m 'on U i:2tll.IE~TIRY RUlES .'em! I i ~ g~t'ian"d th~r.I~IID.a gr. ~~I~Ii<lli~n!\it ~~~m ~ 'uW1l~t g. green ideas can make a difterenca use your creative ideas.")j ma)~Ii'.lif:ti~ iJf .arfnm.~nlp NO PIlRiCIl'l!iSE t!lEI~E~. ST/ir~[j ruurr. anillf'Jr rabinri:er{\lir~'lm"ltil :!fw.KE.%. ss.NTERONliNE Al E KEEN.~1~~ntn'lt) Who said money doesn't grow O~ tersn '~)D'portlmity at w'iinllling $.lI1\ii~..jtt~".~ul!.98) r~. l oOn .ARJCOIIM .:II. m:I]..w.iiMtJihr.OO~ 3r. OreQ 1['.einl~re~Ie!lllin~e~ot~. S~e~::IM 1~11~~jm~ia~e ::liMw. la~i~ive ~n'!'ir·'Jnr.~}: ioidt.S:M~ [j IJ p.enler.. ~lIiI ~adi '~ui1~~~I.~\~IIl!$ ~eul$d t:I)' p:at'~bil Jt rlgJioi ~:eiJll~JIl.

As befits his reputation Murphy"s "disco nt was avatlable ge.2007'ifs a b~]ss. Made in . jazz.Are Free) Li kethstr fellow Bmo~lynllt@s.g fcl kie's deep.JE:N T1JWi~[ILE'. a no a trove of dccu rnents a no tri n kets (think backstage passes.and background synth ("Su n rtse"). and future'.ks followi ng Hu rrica ne Katrrina.a rsba IIi a~bu m s a s Moon for ashort time 0111 ifune's)a." a superb track from this sum mer's equally su perb LP So. but tn . lot'S ofcello orchestration.ndspin it as tne perfectjcgging album. to re- AU Hour Cymbeis (W't: .ellf-s.31 jazz hem Di:lvld Sanborn. the n.Katri na tracks. W]thsoft gutta r plucktngs. The stunning. bl uegrass.~. originafPo.s ('Co. Though it's.The Preservation HaU Jazz Band Mad:e in New Orl. Ad.t (lDou Ibl~ lNegatlve) If i rnltation is the sincerest form of' ./lecto. the you n.33 (DFA Records) The Gill rd iovascu 10. Cuc.te m Veasayer Dark Vncrerooe. hand-assembled Made In .und' a/Silver.and raunchy symphony" serves up both bootysh~~dlngja rns and such poiigm~lI1t (ilre'alt. Preservation HlaI~ creative director B.laroids a no press photogra phs.. Yeasayer mine the musical territo ry of late-era pfOg rockers a nd early new age . a deep bathtub. dub. oyster receipts].33 on CD Pix and WhaJ Would tne Community Think. a CD ofalternately swi nginga no bl uesy pre. Making: a faux daguerreotype ('sEe page 79).New Orleans box shares some of the results ofjoffe's inspired oiggfng: INotwo sets are the same" but 21111 include a DVD documentary about the bam]. e. impossible to reduce any A. electronic d ia l. and muntry-'We-€'11'lI has produced their boisterousand loose ninth LP'. which had been flooded with six feet of water. [a Cocarac.ean's: The Hurrica.sio'n. Mardi Gras coins.i:Jca (ROWl deer Reco rei s) After 2. -JluLllia Cosgro._-----r --- - « Pr€!S€H"ljaltion HalIIIR€!cordi ngs) In the wee.rnedcan city to a 9 -by-13u box.1Hour Cymbals wo u Id n'll have sou nd ed out of IPIace in 1978. 11' -Almanda Petruskh Emily ]3 n e W~lite We&ln LC D $oUtndsys. c USlENITOWIH[ILE.ed-out link connecting past. present. -'Sam Hunt lyriCS-lProoftthat the band continues "Someone notes as ani ns t ru me nta I versl on of to be' both exquisitely crass and perfectly weird.. the album is also riddled with the usual guttsr-endkazoo skronk .TV on the Radl0.erioUisness.l1at Though trs classed up with! the gooey sax wal Is of smooth- rel@ase45:.uildlng a foldaway be~ (see page 38}. pag:e 80).! It 15 nothi ngshort of doting homage.5es. .arac.and post. cc- USlEN TO WI~RE. perf o rimier qontracts. sam ber voteeand sad-girllyrks hearken to such eawly. then San Frandsco-b'ased sjlnger-solilgw~tter Emily Jane White is Cat Power's nu rnber-one fan.New Odeans comes awfulilly dose. -Gilbert Cruz (lJwe:'SGm'e effects .etljamit1Joffe scrambled to salvage sop pingmaster tapes and a rchiva I material from Allen Toussaint'sfamed Sea-Saint Studios.r:s'Editfon J _. would you sink down tothe bottom of my lover/' the res I!. ModdlngytHJr m eo] a (on so Ie (see page 46 ). It'sa gent us rna rketi rig move'.But wHere TV on the Radio turns up the nunky. Yea s fllye r' s SC!ngs are steeped i n snicksrl r1Ig "gen re.r La." refusi i'iIg s. -AP c_ a Ii1 ce pC! p of r James Murphy {Lc(D Soundsystlem) is proba b~ybest listened to whllle (alclu bbing Or (b) exercising. and lines like "ITf] was.3 years of goofing around-« Ch an M.ek]er side ofprogL:eopk melodic numbers ebcut the fut:me ("2080") that latherthe lead v6calsin cormly . Cl usrlEl~rOWI~lllE. at staid notions of sla pping together dispa rate elements of pop. G I ui ng together a felt gun (see. On [)ark Und€rc()at~ White's debut release.

..anduli~ hI'lnn~rwill i ~&tfi~ $1[~U~. ereara ~dditiollal flOlll[~sh.J...ondf: "il. or spon the newly fashioned s-w'€.IN~.:tQ..' <f~'u~d. w ~ ~"'w r KEEIN@'IS.j. On~.{J..3!J. ~tan~nti"" ~!innetl"l' l$.hoodile..a(:1:i". s:titch the :scmpsonto the .·".~o-I-f._ .a~~~ ilhJ!'JUtU~<""f'K to\l ~ a I!:li'~·'f a\\!ilt~~.~nMt ~ R~~ii't ti1[.. Ph \It IlsH. &. 4. the design you"ve _i c<E E "'I· IilI FROMII'fI1E~IIOUS .d~at ~~trr~:.:c-~llt:.~ 'fill.·--r.DQ.ed from Alaskal to Chille iill 31 iblriight red Ja panese fire ttrud to ~.1i'~ mlt.MIEM. TQUt ~rt~t Fil'sse.esw~th.l! ~~vr..tai~ab~lity.~dea t mountains. de~f.~ilt~h'QtInQn-I1t>Ni! colors a nd textures Hoodie TOOLS: Pins N€!'ed~efmd thread Sewi ng machi ns (optional) _- .:urre:liltpmjet:t fecuses: 011 ~O([1.~hat~mlw l"~:teMti~~·).c-!il~ e~dI t.. ~ ~m.. . ~." P!lAY SETHW STEVENSVI LLE ~MT . Using.3.)l.1C.DI'II. 1M ~uil. to the h. 2.u:Mti~~ 'Ii R~~\'ds.he thllead.s.&~.~(r.oodi. fora IPUI r~lj]ise.eoe'.~ . <lh.i~(ll: b.jNI Qti~ill'~l ~u~t( n. etc .(II ilnd. . . Her r. Set h WalFlru is a p tO ka va ke!r nml bin-diesel crussder.I ~ur j~~ O ·ehdt<Jllller~al w:..C:ot.3n-i c-nh~ t!rf!!ir. By hand orwith the hemp of ~.~l·illlol!1t C}/.~ 5.ll. ~iI'il\~~1 U"·(I~It1J~n 6·e... is out now on G ra ilna~~~t ·lridMJ~pkWip.. MAKE'-1ld .AARI<OF KEIHt..__ . W ·~~:>.e..SAi 'tlW~_KrEtIIiOO"TWEJ!....liMM fllt. OR - ERI·KA. I _.1 ~llml«' ~u~t:. f···- .. . Faces jn the Rocks...ity skybne."c-·d t~i~ ·eh-dt<Jlln~r~al d""o'!M~r~~~ ~TIMu~1i ildiliit.nt~t.11 h ~U~~~il: ~u~t:.h~ ·tilteMml5.~ ~u.~aares ere.A 1 Enika :A.j!..:ntrj\ .l)..Ii". nUh~J.!iRIt Of BAG S[.__ .liipti~h 'It.c~n~1~&!~~iinr.l! ~.. IINC_ ..l!)·' <')~.F'ME.- you Ii ke _-_. ._. l1'1hi: ~~.. t. ~ ._. W~ap up the finish. and pin the scraps. r·_· . miet.1···•.ew(] rl sans..'Nk~~..1Uill ~t~kTl~nt ~l~(l'.l..ifI.l1~.'.l.. wt~~' ~·igjnal·~t~::eIIlW ~KO".10ll ~Ut .1d ~"Dur ~'hn'ftjt """ ~ u~ ~ 1:tiM'. Qh~~t.lin.lX'liti!i'!! <::h-d~ln~r~al~~<c_.. Out out ) pieces of fabric fo]1owing the sketch. Mariee Sioux's debut a lbu rn.\ir.~ ~Iilc~>.liOtlth3hln.......HI n <if:~r~l~$~in ·ah-~: ~h~~ 1 : '-i'JII~.R. >.edplJi\od1Jl!ct r- and g~ve~ttoa friend. ~inn~ .n~~ &'liDUt O}.a~.~i~sS2~~(I..itanlnilri!J U i iiJj ~ ~mn~e.~it. j . .~nd.- . __ .t11dx'·W.l1 ~witilie ~~tar~-rtal o::h3rLiill'.Ue rebuilding et IP'Ost~ Katri I'iI a N.~ES IRelPurposed.. - ..Ilf) lffi-t w::'! urJ)j~ ~n~ ~t.:. a c.ushii:rtyours-elf.f!l~J!.lian ·Qu.~-I~ ~ '~ille~&hl'1._.S '" JR~IDn.i~-·""-~'i'lnl!1entdlp~~m.T "e~~._ . n-'.ilf<lt hiM ~1f~iMnln~r. ....ilddr~~~n1 !:mlt~ltt!o!i:lbl .l i [ rrfrf- CREATE PORTLAND .l ~(I1Jt -(2(r:oJ) .lin~~~ Il~siili.·~adl1aftnsfi".1~li'iI.r·· r·-1-1- - CARE IIIARVE... penciland pape~ sketch our yom ~ru!I!d!scalPe (ocean sC1ene:ry!!l'ee~tupped .. f···. · ~Jsbin~~ :. ()OrnINlJELllma~ _J frfff- mapped out .and.~~~. COMPLETE DETAIL.!~Qt te. I~!~ !iil'il\~~lli'iJ~ Ii!o[:liett Uo ~t. He travel.OOil •. 1. _._...t T~ · ~c. IIi:EG~5TEREDTli..e in. SiI'~\~~IIOUIT CQ1te~it.sewing maehine._-•. .n)m(ilttealternatbe fuelsand raise alwamness fVlr su.ate s b douliI1ifln'tary films Uat '8!:Kp Iooo iissues amil snllilltiiens [or sllstairnaMity.:n. ~1'I1lRID~FPM I. mit~ 1~t<eiltfl!. INGREDIENTS: Sei€c[ion of ~a::ralpfa brk. ..

adjustable' for use on stairs.00***** GillANT 5'-8' ULTRA-STEP model performs extremely well in ~ard-"l:~·rElabh'. the all-i nclustve I~feijm~ wa rra ntyis the idng on the ca ke.6 . The . leg lervellers Wllrlg I spa . $.coffl up It asa double-sided stepladder. It feels as solid as . yet still offers your standa rd A-fw~. w-----------LITTl. BONUS: LJs.256***** COMEI-LADDER L toolup.m~nt mechanisms are very user-friend Iy.. I mal)! sta rt gru nn ng Ii k:eTim AUe n 1f I'm nat (a ref uL BON US: Use it a s iii d f}!l rJlg ra c k for yo urd elicates. orstai rway ladder.iRoOf~. U one shou Id learn from the mistakes of history.. Its panoplyof accessories includes wheeis telescoping plenks. Pilus. and its storage height is a bout three and a l1alffeetr..pot. At . In fact. ..@ to buy iii ladder for his S'fEcr'fEt·ag@_[l"I!.STEP IT UP Around hoUday time.e i ncluded staltic ~l ng~fE~'~Q the playa round of horseshoes. extensicn ladder.. __ _ 4-illN-l LADDER . SC13i Ie l adiu sta ble hinges are easy to lock and unlock. [enny Fuss.!.e a nd extension.. the' Gortllats relatjv~ly light.agent be hil Ii1IC . andwork pia tfo rm s.. nomede. memories of Chevy Chase stringing rooftop Ch r·jstrnas lightsi n National Lam'poon da nee th rough ou r h eads.--------T'lElLEST'EPS lL.------ GORILLA 1. l j 19iadders.f TELESCOPIC If [ames Bond w'€r.3~ PROFESSIONAL This SIOO*****ad€!I offers m Iti se m '_ . the lesson would b.Welgtdng tn at 291b3"1 this multitalented $2.. 1111U U Q re pes itions t han my yogai nst ructor.eto invest lin a steady ladder+especially before attempting to mountyour own extravagant display ofenergy-efficient LED (om-legged ladder I've ever eli mbedl.fty 36 II)'s It's.iVQr~" t~U~ would be it The bad boy compresses downtoju:St28" anQ comes with a ha ndy-dandy shoulder strap to su pportits h~.3~ 1!11 stylish b@nc:h W hen yo u need to pa rk you r t1 red sec ret. the sheer acts of expandmg a nd [€Ilia p~iRg it awejust plain cool.lE The LJ ltra-Step is un like a~'y three-leggedcrop picker I've teetered up before'.2B. BONUS: Telestsps dioubles. and the he~ght-~djlUsl.

.a gift brochure. and ALL are stress and shopping mall free. and the adventurous gourmet. See EDEN Gifts at edenfoods. the casual cook.3336 for .424. Eden has the perfect glh to delight and rejuvenate everyone on your list this holiday season. wholesome food.For the naughty and the nicer for the snack or call 88. Each EDEN® Gift Basket is an artful arrangement of delicious.8. Most are certified organic and kosher. the finest that can be procured.

I.ADE [ tn1Jl1lhy bin .~ .~1IIIiI'''' "".-." tnllrPth'Y nigh1stand . " Convertible daybed i·-·~··~~·~··-·-·~-._--- - -..s t.. .-'lli"".. READYM._---_ - -... . ._ --!'II ...-"II. •I .~---. ._ . 'I • • ~I ~ • " " e - FROM." I '..~ "~"''!II''''!:'!iI •• . ~ -----.

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TH E PiKO] t:CTS Holiday Helper Ah. and sew the ends shutto make draft stoppers for Ileaky wlndows and doors.t)1 31. addi tion LO the th ri II of seei ng yow na me in pri ntl . HI-GLOW. CA 94710.Ua. 817 Sanuoft Way. SOFT SERVE Cut a n X~nan 010 tenrris ba II and place it over the' head of yom hammerto gently knock together assem oiy-required gifts without pounding them to pieces. Here an? a '~ewtips to help you one-year subscription to the magazine. After a gentle buffing and a cold-water rinse. use a cheese grater or vegetable peeler on cold butter to shave off"what you need. which keep her from burning her fi ngers whi le 5i PrPinga steamy CUIP of joe. ReadyMade. US:: Got a ny great tips. by Brown Bkdl Design I RE'GULAR PRICED PURCHASE QfJh ualiti thn_mgh Jan. fill them wah {u ncoeked) bsa ns.. SILVERJ [fJim Mfll. to sha reowi th the worl d? Send your most hel pful hi nts to homefixes@ resdymedemeg. ']nvite fri end s over. TALK TO. you'll win a fr.e toothpaste and a soft cotton rag. socks talking up space over hagile in your drawer by slippingthern keep the decorations BUTTERED UP Whipping up a special holiday treat that Of Home of Whitehalll Monta na. Berkeley. a~d tackle the millicn !'ittle home projects on yQl!lr list. ru ns out of silver polish+and guests are'on their way- he's off to the medic] ne ca binet for sim pie (non-abrasjve) whit.vac atio m 1:1 ms to r. for small pats of butter? Instead of fu mhli ng around with a slick stick and sharp knife. STOCKING STUFFER MakJ@ oforphaned use holiday ornamentsto intact until next year. DON'T SWEAT IT Aprill KlIuea:se of San Fra ncisco bypasses eardboard ceffee-cu p slleev€s for sporty terry-cloth wr]stbands.eiax. 'in If we print your suggestion. 2{)()8~ YOUR ENTJlRE STOP THE DRAFT Cut off the arms of worn-out sweaters. his trusty platter is tarnish-free. Illustrations.

. and lover of Crclts By Jennifer P rkln Iostess.Make it memorable. Make it yoursel£ Festive Food Pockogling by Joonn All (1f{J °el1150n md Oafl Fn1hl. Make it special.s"ast Christmos Ornaments by Kglhy CanQlvkllillo Ilh~ Crafty Cnico) Chic Florai Decor oy Debbi@ T@Hel Avid Florol De~·gner Sea so no MP3 IPlayer Cozy By Vickie Hov v dt Author. TV peJr$Q cliry and avid Knijter II~elted Twinkle Charm Bracelet TV Pe sonolity Iry 0 519 e and F05 on S ow Producer Marie{s Famous Biscolf By Marie He] Passionate Cook.

Don't OincemOf.l10-gr.ryth~.p'er.rface fora few let UIP -.aed dean up with water.t {I8o)a. sand again once d fY. <1I.Jr n~w 'SMU 'Set to t.e:s. Sandi]ng block (optional) C. Then sand evt. worn-cut s.1S amount ofsuin onto the wo·o. Foam brushes G. Wah.. 2.iP' all the wood dust.wipe <11. fr. That's 'Wiery lightly: You don't wane itO sand dUQugh the d~~n layer oflJinis.1~ghdy sand yOlJJ.u piece Is !ready for pr~rne ~ime~ dllDH.' ~fly leXCIBSS.r nrire project in rhe direce Non of til1e woo dgr<lJ. Ne. 4.!.Once the project is: eompletely san.. {~ J Put. Using a brush or :avacuum (not £ir.ain. generOii.i. Keep itprctty wet.TH E PRO] ECTS ].e with.orttie.cti0n of the grain.decit)..~:spe.:.rack doth to pick any loose mores.hpiect:.m.e with Brush on 3i. Let dry for a few hours.d. Starring with 3. 0]1 TOOLS & INGREDIENTS: A.ole thingag. Waool-basedpolymJ. Container fer stain over thewh.. when it feels llike it's fiLGt~'Cl]tt[ng') the wood anymore. Stain H. UsInga fresh tackcloth. Tack doth F.down the t€st by tl!.o'\'~ to a.h sandpaper.rnfi. third thin coar t l~itdry~ and y. thin COlail':in the d~n.ndpa. Applya second coat of finish.220-g.r Ph Ot05 by Marl~~ ]II() Jn11s0 am 111 150). medaim-grtr sandpaper {no o[ How to stain wood by Tom IF.1ming to pag!€ 61 and vis jting rea dy m <I d e m ag_com I (red e nza .S!!! minures before wiping ii~ downto remo:\n.tepief..xt.. wrnpe .r:i.switch to a..dt sandpaper.~ fl dry cO]ti'lpne~ely(12. Ir~le'ru ve:ry ligbdy samdwith .'l!fg. U£iing a lint-freecoeton cloth (an old 1'-shbt .h~ jusrenough eo smooth iit out. dry fast.YO!. .fid the stain sir on the su.ded" m.. Let the su. hot! iliS Is usually ample). Latex gloves E.. 3.:·tha iii e picturedkclean iJj. Sandpaper of varying: grits (from 120 to220) B..nd go D.iethalili€:s are easy eo use. remove anyresulring cillus~.!ho.jJ. then remove the dust wooth ymJ!r tack doth. Using a wide foam brush to help e~i:mhllate visible brush stiliokes. r-based p oIYILIIF1.

It's time to EVOLVE. J\nywl1er.-J ~I "'" \.ank it lirnthe' kitchen. lnslde er out. your mllU:si. Twin wi'reles. .Cwhere you walnt ilwitihout mUes of spealkerwir.. IP'glrty on the patio. ICr. Irechalflg.(. feet. Evot'!!"!.!is the no-wires freedem )l'1~l!Jrrnusle . C:rystal~dear di'gitaL steree Sleek" modern design.eabLe s. been waitiil1'l'gi 'for.pealke.eTNplays.e. J~) Your iPod Is ready..s. Yo r music is waiting._G·r!_ J orr. 5011lJ1ild. Mu~ic' Olil YOUllr iiiPod'TM 'tn:ms'folims empty space mliltlo !iIC)I!J1i place.e witilill1150 has.

Si rnply cut a f@wwb€s ofvartous widths.@yom scarves orties by cumng a s111'i1gle wrapping-pa per rollinto six equally sized s@c:tion5. Cut a fewsltts down the length ora wr'13pping· than hiding holiday cards ina d ralJ!oi"@r. Ra.Ci'IPpi ng-pa per tUi bes Photos by M. them togeti1@r i 111 a ctrcu lara rrangernent.z. and festoon withifi n~ry. IIRACK. poking them into the top tu bss.Oln A Roll Three si m ple ideasfor reusing Wf. try this cmfty a Itemativ€.3 rds i111 the sl its so they sta iii d u p'right.ndplaceit on a mantle or shelf t h€'n pm p yo u r (. cut off the hook of i3 wi rs ha ng'@If ana bend the cut edg@sinwEird. Splf:3y~ Ellild insides in different colors for more' pu I1ILh! a nd hot-glue !Let d ry~and dangle on th@ door.adoorknob.proudly d~splEliy yom stash.arkham Jlohnsmil AGES Organi. To i nstall. Of IITIDY TIDINGS.w@igh it down w~th srnall "'0Lk~ or magnets" IIGOLDEN ARCHES of mothballs and plastic-covsrsd furni- If Christmas WF>eath5 conju re memories pai I1It the outsides turs. ToOkeep E h~'tu be from rolf ng.then gluing them together in ·131 two-by-three gl"id. Hlail1g the rack 1n a closet ow on . 34 f'f!adYrJ1ade .

® H[USQVARNA VIKINlG." -J-.- ------- SINGER· PFA'FF< of VSM Grou p AlB"its affi Hates 0 fB].sewinqideas . and qua Iitystitches.Martha Stewart and Sewing: A Common Thread I have been sewing since [Iwas a ght [Istill remember mv first malor proiect:.or even note cards and statl 0ne ry. To be in youlr house or apartment. surrounded by things that you made .. l've discovered how moncqrarns and embroidery .. USQVA RNA VI to:: ING. To bring these projects to llfe.. an d IP'FA a reoreglste red 'I: rademarks H FF r I ice 111:50 1f50.-Y -J.a lovef y. II rely on machines by SINGIER. and PIFAFE® with their easy control's" reliable tension. EnJoyyour creativity" --.Husqvarna VIKING® Awaken your creativity at www.I've learned more and more about the art of sewlnq.there's real[ly notl1ing like it.canadd on e-of-a-klnd detail to acharml~ngset ofcoasters. om c 51NG EIR. <92007' 'ISM G]fQup A B. "white . . All rig hts reserved. Over the years..--" cotton shirt [Imade in jun~orhilgihthat ~was so proud towea r.


lfway througheach rol]. then use string to suspend a miniature origami crane from its bcugh. Tu ck ornament-Sf mtnts. 10 CALllN'G IN FAV'DRS Ma ke pa Irty poppe rs for you r imli tees. Cut is! manzanita tW]g to fit inside is! small glass bottle. al1lo wra1p them' iIn colored nssue. .Jfyou're asslgning seats. use orphaned mittens or knit hats as trivets for setting hot cookware 0111 the table . SIPray.a for each guest. by Caitnn Va 11 Dusen Photo by Markham Johnson III SILVER F'LATED Ratherthan buy]ngflowers that wm promptly be removed wben dinner is served . inscribe the guest's name on the birdte's wing.em iIII a S E2iI rbu rs t patte IP re setn ng 11. 16 GR.ERE In keepmg wUh the season. III BEANIE 'TH. The materia IIlends a uti ltta nan aesthetic ito any ta bile'and all~ows.AVYBE GONE Use IKraft paper as place mats or a tablll!: runner. or handay message's inside empty toilet-paper tubes.fc rage th e sid ewa ~ks for a (o~ Ie C'tti on offallen sweet gum tree burrs and use tooth pkks to co 111nect t h..All the Fixings Five si m pleideas for a festive holiday table. cut a 900' silt ha.for easy clea int th e 2l ssem blagewi th a metallic color for an atomlc-era centerpiece. cinching the ends wU h co limed rib bo n or ba ke ry [W] 111e.. III FLOCK[NG TOGJE:THER Ass em bIe a ta ke.


pl lUIS cu bbiesfor toiletries andtreats.e 5900 • ----------------------- INGREDIEN. this (onverti ble daybed is .y of storage for bedding.e'w~ or to ge·tdetailed dlia. puck up the fulll plans at ready Quarters by Barbara Holmes Photos by Markham [ohnson BuUd a fold -away queen sleeper wOlrth fili ppi ng for.8 four-sta r attraction that out-of-towners willi never want to leave.glramsand essentials tips on malkling the fa rIIcy ]01 nery and bui It-l n drawers. With pillelnt. Tu m the page for a how-to ovenll.TS: ------ TOOILS! .

wm finish ill used a jigsaw to rough om my cuts" then finished up wi:ehlte:m_p~ues (which. The bottom section of the daybed make 'the handle holes.huge help duringth:~s process. 3. ill made out of ~!! ply) . the pieces into two rectangular boxas. The bottom ) half (P2) win be a lietle longer eo accommodate the small end. 'the cutout front OfP'I~ and ehe holes eoaecommodseethe drawers in P~" firse mark exactlywhere your cueswill be. s Platform I (P'I) and! Platform 2: (P2)~that have one open side .e J7 to cutthe plaeform pieces on a taiMe saw. piano hinge) Refer to the Ingredients ltse and anail gun.drawers that: you will also have <1Im... Usingwocdglue workingalone. (If you're qlllkk-g:dp-style a .ched b with 3. 2. e atta. . cubbies w~. extra middle support. To.CONSTRUCT BED PLATFORMS 1. Y()u~lli !t'ln by making 'two rectangular boxes. assemble clamps will be onpag.(Eventually they~l].

tly to the wood and fi.rn. make 'the cubbies by enclosingthe ends of!P~. wanteo match ehe height of ehe bottom of your :mUintg drawers so that when they are tucked huo ehe daybe d.yourhands or bo dy (like the handles) . 1.e. drawer together w. make anothes CUt! giving a rab bet to th. the whole bed will Soar about III offehe ground. y . 9.ew rd bepainting my daybed. dado seton your taibWeaw (or a routerbit).In the sides. nails. <'I.rnled the with. Cut . drawer.€:topedge (the thickness of 10U. go back and soften edges by using a. That w:i.6. :16. 10. With that from the bottom inside edge. Thepseces should pAy ~H 18.othole for YOllu'jigssw Made before yo. Now C'. you will need to d~m. piece ineothe dado gmoves~ andaffix the sides of each.~ ingwoodglueand nails.14. A:ttKt:t the ewopleeforras with. Since the bed is a converrible.modify dling:s as you seefie in the course ofplanning and building.t] makecuts. you have a visuaUy contirmous boeeom line along the drawers and the platform.CUt ona :Slemp b efore cutting all the parts .th. Re£er:dng eo t~le Ingredients lise. ehe p~. m simply:s(.. lie in it.y piece in the dado .ha:t startsW! up fwm the bottom edge. movable lids.od[putty later. back.y router .For ehe handles.~oc:k5tOP2 for s your casters. Referringto ehe Ingredienes list" cur pieces for the roljing drawers with removable lids . and set' ehe mat eress in place. make cuts for dle end cubbies and cubbydrawers . Attach a [[WI swivel castor to.r. Make them long enough sorhar when you attach thecastors.a p.DOUT 'CUBBY DRAWEIRS n. make s a dado cut t.~]. You. Gath~ er an your sidepieces Oongand shot t) and.. Unless. prefer hard edges .feel free to . The cue should fit rheehiekness of your ply !(sliglb:tlo/1I!lnde[~II) and be 3h~rdeep. After making your eutouts.1Ueolid wood support b. that wm allow Y01l1 to assemble [he drawers by gluing andnailing the side drawer pieces in place.. sc make slue to test the fit ()f the p].~. same setup.iw!erfronts and . The cut should fit rttheW'~ and be Ih!! deep. YOiLl used for thetop platform cutouts! make handle holes tor the dn. makiog surethey have enough clearance from the edgeseo move free.fIDush-tdm hit on m.eto be snug but not tight. with <'11.. lL3.. U5.y templates di~eit. . each bottom corner ofeach FINISH UP 15.P. might: also. ill chose a red and omLllge two-tone.. . 7.4'" round-over bit on areas that wm come intocontact 'with. G~. ]7. of C:01!lr'S.t:sIedge.mbbets along the interior side edges of the ~u fmI1lt and back pieces holes with wo.~Yand 3-11" deep). and fronrt of each drawer piece.r.12.lhat ou've made your bed.rew-ed m.l ::d~ow drawer's removable lid the rest on ~. (See IBUIIl.Finish..Using the same template 8 O~ method.glue and. and paint eo your Hking.~:y" Step [j). Slide each drawer's bottom.Since m kn. make a dado cut MAKE ROLLING DRAWERS WITH UDS 5.a:nohinge.


When p.e1eI'I1I1~ne p]ate placemem when.ang]esbeca:.. contact a fine letterpress printer. bf. brackees '(facing (lunDin the corners of the' 12" piece . Glue and SC["e\V to:g.12.ack on top of the [platen w~th the rep of the ja(. washers! and. By IOalvid Bourn. '10 m.m the holes for the rods. For J1i:he ase. fro."S . bungee eord.13. which will rest between the steel an:g:l. willseeure the stee] ang~e. Auach a bit too lOI1J.ake the lEloating p~llten (the p~ece 'ofwo 00.. printing)[1peevents the wp of the j. slotted stee] !.~aten through J1i:he ang]e. over the top' beam.J(Hn:g: betrem beam.ang]e braekets . that p['"e~~es down QIlilto 1M. (fa1l1llsh. tiens for printing ymn own custom cards aW€.t:a:l"get when you~re cr(l!nk~ng it down. unlike the hulkingmdustrial models.") M fn]Jmboth sides.·i bra!ckeu .'i plywood p. Further secure them.iit yo u at readymadem press is much better suited to line-a rt images like the pinecones a nd boughs pictured l.artaeh b the two ]:)"z" x4. On the P]e.acke{s~ bring them. Set the base onies fee:! and hoM two slotted steel . that between the upright posn •.Depending on the brackets.edle:rtW(l! sers of 1g"-IO!l1:g :liE 4"$.U:lJ.!he top of the a!liJI~les. the beam to the base and.aneqrua[ dlseanee (ajl::IO'lilt.e!. U. dF. the base with.Secure the beamte. Place ~ 10. lnstrucTtDis here. tengdl.~ein.flUiS!hwith the end ofrhe beam .st which.nchor.from the outside edges of il!:[1Je wood. a fewoc~ewsthrough the' angle brackersyou attached in Step r.while the fence po~tanchO.iece'u~rung'. More 0111 that. :OriElwhere marked...'i S100 • INGREDIENTS.ONISTRUCTIO'N 1. 3.e cords. secure the steel angles with therods. Get cardedr .f1ushwith {he outside edge of the second x l. beam.rulailb.o the bottom t lHHwm beam foom the base . Unserewthe i ' check out these twoinvaluablle resource's: B ri in Press ( com. wing I]!IIJ!ts. YOUF.ack: from digging. such as Norma n CilayHHlI f o Classic Letterpress (510-579-0777)..rrnntimg~the bungee eerds h. We've recommended ].lingle:!! andmil!:rk: holes fur the f-our thF.5." the~enceanchortO the bormm cenlmerof the WF beam.0rg)a In d th e San Francisco Center for the Bock fsfcb. Assemble the rop aruf bottom beams. ]IJ[ocethe mp beern between the ~Q1IlF.phpL some of OlU r favoriite a rtisa nal projects requi re an oldfashioned hand-cranked press.lidedrods.For prinm:ing pl!l!rposest they are acmaUy TOOL'S: bit. n the other end Qi.1rblill[]J:ge.5. and attach {he other ends to the op- posite .(to hdp d. Anach four 2" angle brackets (two 0['1. can be .!. begin Iby order ing p lastic-backed deep-relief phctopolyrner p Iate san d in k fro m the fo ~ks at boxcarpres5". the (.use they're rt:. the. Kit Deck the halls 'with prints from a homebuilt letterpress. it may be necessary to drill athole in the centee of each one to accommodate rhe hook from. a!.<¥" sleeted SIDed . To learn more about t hie wonderfu ~world of primi ng. wgether by iSJuaclling four r ~. of 1 squares as well as two d~agoI'la~ grid rt line'S . Repeat this process with the remaining steel a:ng~es. into the top be!!11l..To keep the platen on . {heir corners . each side)' to the bottom beam. 7.e_cs.Markho~es fur two a ]evdw meke sure dlIebea. Center your borde j.with the top edge and inset a cOlllp]e inehes fr-o:nl the ends).Centerthe bottum beamundeenearh the base so it protrudes . ilt guide screws on each s~de of the plaren.gJJ·ound a is helpfu[ to inseet {'INO ASSEMBILY '9.:kpressedageinst the middle ofrhe fenee posta. based on a design by printmeksr Ph otos by Dwftght t'S (In Iim a 111 Charles Morgan Fll'1om block p'r~nt. driH p~e$$ (or power dri~l) w~drl(I. 4. This tabletop version is a greattool for printing your own designs at horns and.g~so secure your top beam 3" to 4" dowI1I.~: . 2. 6. ORe 'end oEthe ~. ¥M .mporari~y 1iSO For larger or trickier projects.xigh~5"use ~re!llmanent marker to C!l1eilltea. comlappleciderlcklerpress. Attach J1):he ends ofyoli. The a]][g~es should be focing out.ulYtn.r o the bottom beam . eo one side' ofthe p.e jack.fr0111opposite corner'S. "' 0 platen on il:hebase ofrhe press.elp[\etratct t!h. plus step-by-step ag: com/letterpress.adily aVi3!. which keep it frUI!l1 s::w~ngi:n..angles in place on.~ngto bookbinding to cider making (see our how-to at readymadema.iFp re5S.m is properlyaJigned. p]ame)l' ceaterand g~e the 1:2" x 12'" p]ywood angle H. The brackets should be set in about~:"i .owto Get Sta rted For letterpress projects. piece onto one {)Fthe ]:~f' m~f' x: p~e0es.easily disassembled a no stashed in the closet when you're not whi ppi I1g up invites to you r next fete.Press.

Glowing Together
IMa~e puzzle-piece pendant ~'ights.,
bylDdJn Goldwater

I Photos

by Markham Johnson

As BI nen:!lyla"year"old~ [spent a lot of time building 3D mathematical structures with paper; ta pe, and a hobby knife. So Iwas excited when ,E noticed a sirnllarlyconstructed larnpshadejn a trendy designer 11ghttilngstore. These shades

a re made using pieces ofa single, simple shapeyou can cut from a sheet of paper or plastic, Thefinished prod uct should satisfy both your outer hipstersnd your inner geek




I. The easiest way eo make ehe lampshadepieces

is to erace the patpa-

eern {fil'D.d a template ae readymtldemrlg,C()m!PJ&zzJela_1flp~h'(uk)onoo

or plastic sheets and. curt them out. Alcel"~1lative1y:. yOU! can make ~.i!'cookii.eutter" out of meet metal in the shape of ehepaeeern, beat c it wi~h a rt-or,d].t aloe!scamp out the pares (i,fyQu~r,el!lsj,n.g p]a&tk), Or if you have access to :.1! laser cuteer, ~lruckyyouIChoose whicheeer
method. works best, and repeat
llUUH. you

have the desired number of

~amiP,sb,adepieces, 2 ..Make a !Variety of corners with three, :fou~~'t or liv,e adlj,oin~ pieces. Bui~d Y!()Ul' hunpshade by ex.p e:rimenting wirh n:g: rthe various. ways offiUing the' pans together. 3. As yom':rechannelingyour inner G~orge Nelson, don'toorge:tm leave ~.smaU gap at rthe top ofthe~~mp' teaceommodate the, eord, 4. Screw in a eompaet fJluo:re~<;oent bulb (Wihich gives offffies;s, heat than an incandeseenr, SJO
it won'lr i,gn]te;roUIr shade) eo your socket.plaee halon!:. yomI' cr-ea:ilLruoI'l! {[-om a hook,

inside the shade, and

d~sph!y it as liI. tlilbLe topper.

the pa:tt-ernalnd chec:h out th€' var,ous mafl€riai ,and ,as:llembly optiQns, visit rea d yma d ernag, co m/ p u zzl el amp sh ade
} 'Todownload

~ {,



Agrandmotherly dresser gets, a face-lift.
by Thomas Wold i Photo by MarkhamJohnson There' iit walS" next to some oldn res a rid a busted barbecue: a sad skeleton of a 0 UleSS€'L Out h,ereln IRichmOflJ(JI, alifornia, where I rent a workshop, things II~~ this show IJ p on C k the curb allllthe time. K i1magil1led H_ was once sorneone's bedroom showpiere, a formerly prized possession now wonl down and abandoned. COLJ~domething be done with s
this? Though prletty shabbyfromits street time, the face and frame weH~ solid oak, and IIiiked the, little ,Q,e[orative details=-tres grandma. Idecided to. carry it back to the shop for some transformation,

in Show


. Shiny.. I primed the case 'v~th pigm. Aftc!l:l couple of coats."just hope ill ~. extremely durable. Dismantling a piece is a.!I: doors.aJsdcsretader. eeinforeb in_. soI added a hjgh~glos'5resin pour overthe cobalt p'9\h!lt. rather ehan as apiece O'ffurnitll!Jf\e~ 80m decided to appoo1ach this project like a horne remodel.hhTh:g touch was to add thin fluorescent lights tucked Just inside the top ofrhe pieee so my "house" would glow from tb.speaker hole pattern Into the shop for afew weeks.1 kept seeing itasa smallhouse.n WaJ:Snowcompleee andready for move-in (my stereo w~Ube v~y ~@!Ppy in its new home). m recut the o~d"guts'iIIand used them as i corner brace s. m wanted something more speda~.e drlllpress. For the top. Cobalt blue ~.t. A bit of putty here and there covered all the cracks and seams . ill ta tached metal shelf standards ItO the ply-wood backandthen the shelves.!r~ng rides on the that eemplare) to copy the shapes ofrhe holes from thetemplate tothe Plexi.e the Ple:x:rugE. MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION The firs. The mllllodie.. Wby not go with a modern open £[OOD. sanded it.lireo witilla lor less i\1aybe even a flat-screen TV console . The sheen ]oo.)I cum:a.rnH.t oesn'tend d up back on the SUCIct in 30 years. I replaced the dresser's bsck with new hasa guide beOil!. ..\ THE INSPIRAnON I Jet the dressier hang out in.k onto the Plexi.t(wh.nkethe night sky-seemed dght fora from. with one color that would pall all the elements together. Could this be the grandma furniture of the fUiU1fe? Per~@!ps. See you next issue. Some stores w~rnrn ut these sheets 150 size for you.c inside. bur the inside wasteo compartmentalized.. which I cut from scrap wood . piece to feel rnonolithic. . I sealedthepaint with brushed-on polyurethane.l::er.: plan for this little fixer-upper? With some adjustable shelves and sm~dingdoors.ks almost H. I made the slrrdin:gtracksfor the door O~l my taMe saw. the' corner of . tben applied artist acr:ylicpi~dmitwith an ~IVLJP (~rngh_.hd. I wanted to maintain the grandmotherly exterter. bur WShlg inexpensive) off-the-shelfrrack hardware will prodnce the same result.~~. w~khill on used as aguide by damping . To do this. I drilled starter holes in the Plexi and them used a flush-trim router Ibi. I wanted thefi. ill made a plywood to support metal shelf standar-ds. this could make an exceUen.t order ofbusiness wasto gur the case.errted shellac.a. Til) gussy p c things up' and suggest more of a stereo icabiner. On the inside..~ordered some quarter-lnch translucent b.te 'Water and is.good way to [earn how ~es uilt.~itdisplaycase or A/V cabinet.the ortgjnal~ €.Now the opened-up structure W~ much stronger than.newl Fo.ate" t~. waiting loran idea to come .Everythi ng gOil:: new screwsand wood gJue. and. cabinet.volUlme low-pil'es~~nJlre) spif'ay systJem (a brush would work just as well).The finis. my loc.

WI~lenI'm lucky e'lrnOUj gh to receii'lle' . c reverse side.Wrap Artist Story and photo by Todd Oldham Deck out you r presents with origami box toppers. .eornaments Happy hnlidaysl on top >cal~1 detached and live em as sculpture.striecfoemola. The more you creaseit. H you feel your paper getting so£t~put it down for aminute .ate]y calls to mind paper maJ:g:i.eglue~apprny it to with odgami pattems. be You. 'It Use papel!':-. Press yOTur des~ig1iJJUnder heavy books be' *' *' tween sittings. who recently gifted me an aJmazimg assortment of his: folded paper ereatiorrs.coml()rigami~'lugep. Paperfoldliml. so take your timeand don't always expect to finish a *' I 211m worst gift wrapljp1er.~t handle tbepaper too much. can repair sma~~tearsiathe paper to the by uJ!JJtoM~ng it and applyingtape ililHE mNiSI~IRATIONI: Th1nting ahoetcreartve wrapping inunedi.g can be at dl:aUeng:e.Feel free to elaborate or simplify to suit yUUill needs. the easier your foldlng will be. as well as f'uUimstructionsali1Ld how-to diagrams for cooking up youI!' own origami cheeseburger at '1wl{_ty1Jutdemflg.isatrue art. 'It D011l.. ner the paper". especially ]IiJJ. I've' handed countless lovell).gets.dan. Paper is aterrific medium! and origa:mi.~t be afeaid to us. D01iJJ.1\nl:i. nougfuJw e provide some paper-felding tips here.a~waysusethin.. .9 gi ft th ati s bea utifu I~yand th OIUjghtfuilly deco rate d.. 'It eSlpe(ialllly'Wl~en il:1~I. The thin- *' Whe]]J. theHimslerir .foldlin:g insarueticnsas a guide more than a. it's a rea I tin ri IIIi piece ina simgmesruU:ing. Hgbtweight paper.chael InguHi l(mJchdelfflb~dlt·. working trouble spots w~tb toothpicks ]0 the final stages of your projec IE. presents "wrapp1ed" in the stapled-shut gro(lery bags to my understa I"lldffing friends and fa milly. MidiJJ:aJ. Miehaelhas b e'en k~.el's apable bands. com).nd.

.."'"'Ift.. I"I~'" fIJI ~~p L-.~p www~befbfQ[nCQI]J ..1! .....

m down any :sugar ..i1gar. mmmediately whisk in. few taJlble~pDons a at a time.n:gp'in.5 .from the sides of the bowl buris still warm 10 the ..ares [NJGREIJIEINTS Veg1ttt:able oil spr21ly . 80FT CARAM.]den. -". 16.adc . cups cream 1% tsps Kosher salt 2.g.e itch to sweeten your skillsin the kitchen .[~S.i:t.ewy caramels and melt-in-you r-rnouth rna rsh mallows. msxuntil rhereare no dry spots.J!.l[~a:tamel OmItOa cutting board and refrigel['<l:ltefor 15' minutes. :11. that w]ntreritlm. cutthe .until the mixture reaches pred!ldY2f8 degree!i Fahrenheit . heat and whisk in salt and vanrnH. 2.Win:h.[ until the mixture springs b.t fiv. p Remove from heat immediately.ELS Mahles abouHOO l·" from. 3. Add the vanillaand S. Comb~ne ge~~Hjnnd six (bsps a waeer in m~x~ng bowl Place buwlon iii. 2.r dOlwnthe side of the howl. addition.. any SUgaiFclry~taJs from the sides ·ofthe pan. 4. evenr" thick- 2 packets powdered g@hrlin (0.aJI1i:. touch. CHp yQUIr ..le bravado. each. mJOuiFcanunel inso prepared pan and let sir for several .ously. Iru::rea. 7.. sauce-- and.a~sheet of parchmem orwax paper.].\Vith.(loatingofvegetahLe . B.•.momete:rtQ the side of the pan an<ffi cook. Store in an . 'Ill' keep the candies . With the re push down. reci~eny :240 degrees ~~<1Jh:rerihe..another p1U'ljor a :ro]H. tsps vanilla extract L Prepare anm ii I tsp vsrrllla extract I tsp ground cinnamon I tsp ground ginger Pinch of grou nd nutmeg Pinch of grou nd doves 1. 4. set aside. butter.gently fI:anen the rna:rshmaUowwan. .. uli~or _ .. Turn the sheet of.f equal parts cornstarch and powdered 51.m Set aside. combine]:~eor run:iilJ:fY curter. (UP plus 2: tbsps light LOrn syru p %(UP water % tsp Slll~t PQwdeli"@d sugEllr Cornstarch peppermint mar"Sn'maNow5. Ina medi- urn saucepan. . eups sugar for PrJ rnpMn·pi e "5. 0.2 tsps vanilla extract V€g~@tt!3ble spray oil 2.5 oz. These gooey caramels and fluffy marshmallows are sure to satisfy thermometer.. . Gr.dJpthem .getalbl.he<1!JlI until it (egiste. 9..~I!I!Jw r" square pieces..e oi[ ~pmy.and.nWa marshmaUows.ehe sopeedltomedlam h~gh t and beat fD. mixer £[u:eJd with a whisk attachment.adudLy p our in C![eaJID.lnpa_IDduneItrt orwax paper .Let it set ovell'nightj then u~e a dean pair of scissors to cut the marshmajlowineo 1" sqaares.a. and a candy anyone' can churn OLlt tasty confections. until thereare no dry spots..: 1 tsp peppermint flavor I V~tsps vanllla €xtr(lct for ness..] 1 v~ cups 6 tbsps welter sugar l/.]tion.crystaJs fremrhe sides 'of the pan.pke marshmfllUo W5.f:mm. caramel .indlividuaHy ... with . .squ. MARSHMALLOWS Mal'11Els aboutWO 1'". and use a pastr.marshrnallew onrothe plieparedl pan" :spray the top with vegetable ori~~nd rover with. whidcing thofOUgh~y after.linea.y blru. Hght . eontinu- rnixee running on medium speed! s]owly p our the hot suga. pan. mn a heavv-borromed and eear Hghdy with ve. CLip ILhecandy i1til:ter.eminutes. Scr~iPe the .. Add the s. s:n:irlri:n:g. baHng sheet with palBcliu:oerrrt orwax paper X i'pan with at least 1" ~~ides. combine ~ugu' and corn syrup. mix.: 1 cup light cornsyrup 2 tbsps unsalted butter 2.ain~ght concainer until Feady to eat.s [NJG REDIIENTS for viI. an a add.Hornelmade] for the Holidays Ditch (andy canes for ch. one tablespoon at atime. t'O..[nsymlp'! and lAt !C'1ll(p water. ') wr. 3. anduse a pastry brush toplI. aJ.slikking togetht:'I"jtoss them in a mixture 0. 6. _. .hoUl!'!> or' (Ive:rnigbt. 5. loy Ralchialel Coyli!e II Photo by Malrkham ]olnll1iSOnl W~th a ~~tt. Cook the mixture over high heat until it starts to tUfn go.otil:terf:[avO:I!"~ng!iaThd !beat briefly: '7. spmy.candy thermometer to the side of the pan and cook the msxture overli:ti:gh .1' . .


and Conan.. " . HeIIOOy. . Grendel. Goon..Strip Tease: Mike Richardson reflects 00 life alongside the characters he's ~elped shepherd to prcmmence.. (Clockwise from top left): Concrete.

wafilt~ng to.js dl:f thmrd=mairg.I knew that I could publish comics that peopme wanted eo read. We\re partnered with CLAMP.ap. and Hell'b~'Y." They just hung up. Tared of hiding his predhlecriun. empty our bank. READYMADE: Hi. series about a guy whose brain was transplanted into at concrete body by aliens.evenlruaJlo/I got the chance to.'We're eonstantly growing and expanding al1dfindling new ways to ten our stories. I W:aJS 'Ordering comicbooks [for the store] and seartcd notldng that the's a. to own my oW. CQ'yu7"e. I R:ead:yMade recently caugJ1.faIminto place.en at n1Lidn~ght! grab his f~vnfite enmic books off the newsstand. and I'd met a lot of the comic-book crcarors .asAli'em.og~ and . movies? MR: I gam: not of calls from Hollywocd a becausewe had oj[:i. MyS-piace to create eriginal content for the web.varied story lines. I felt like tbeIndustry was ~n danger of cnnnbHng. Ownerofcomicabook PLJb~ lishing hOLJ5Ie Dark Horse M11waukie Oregon j 57 Picking berries Can't pickjust one hew be's pushed tbe superhero envelope.king sites to keep his company's comics on the cutting edge.111. we've also starred dealing directlywith creators from odl!er couatries. The ~ndillsttry keeps growin:g".. and the things he goes throu. It grew from.n'~ that good. His company" Dark Hone Comics. IRM:What was you r first taste of success as a comic-book publisher? MR: One of the first t~des e published w was called. so we moved f:ro.m. RM: Hlow did Y'OL!l get1nto.stry7' MR~I understood bow the sales process worked. RM: Hlow does Dark Horse differ from other comic-bock companies? MR:We'm focused on reaehing a lot of diffen. Richardson bas led the ch. so I sold the store and. produce The Ma.oll]lght ould be interesse d w ld.rk. <11 filmstudio that has produceda series of bloekbnsteJr5" inchiding The Mask. I just kept w:aiti. aUowed artists to rerain rigbt:s to their work. a group' of female creators from Japan wfuJoare Iike the Beacles of mangaand Instead of just print.l sa~d!"Ifyou want eo make movies with these characters. We"I'{:: orking w with them itO produce monthly books called on Earth. afteil! he ehere's 110.passion. Readers want comics with smart srorles a[!Jd.t up WDJ.'!nC audiences-efrom 1r0 GREATEST Keeping employees PROFESSIONAL engaged in the CHALLENGE company SALARY DURING 20S $3 per hou r eo remmd people:wbo we are and what we're aU about. The other chaUeng~ is sUiy~ngre]!evalilt. me. any other series we've: pubhshedm the last 20 yea['.esfl such publisher In the country~ with a Iisttlsat Includes sum t~des.I knew th:art~f I didn't do it chen I'd never do ir. and opened a store called Pegasus.. in ][9. It RM: What's the biggest challenge ~n pub~ishirJg a genre' that's now so poIPU lar? MR: The competition is .tljus~ because the opportunitiesweren't available eo me didn't stop me from. accounts and open acomic-book sho~).before anyone cou1d see his purchases. well-known company. the stories were stale and weren't appeaHngm:o the audiences that bad grown up with comics. or do the embers i:U. ~D opt~on. on. teenage girls middle -aged rnen who grew up reading .ds-the last gn)up atllyone th. Everyone thought we were nuts.Instead of publishing standard sUJpernero stories. [Btru. (~uestiion about that.. Pnedator" and Concrete. andused social networ. We also allowartists to retain ehe rights to their work. characters rhathave real emotions .getting fiercer. and quietlyask the cashier to stuff his stash into a f. Basically. there . We're cons~andy]ook~ng for new ways eo reach our aillJ(Uence. ~ncomic books .at conferences.giJtl~charncter'S ~hatthey wanted. RM:Was it reallythatsimple? Did you know alnything about the pu blishi rngind La.JHII down in the nine-to-five grind? MR: Comics are Sl!:wll very much a.te.Alre 'comics still your passion. I want to produce.. using technolo.m.Tn 197'9~ I convinced my wife that we: should. so I had a network. they're short novellas thatare aimed at teenage g~.alfogetoredefine the genlff. Milke. soI focused on tbatpassion and trusted that the rest WOiIIJ RM: How are you doing that? MR: We'['e focusing 0.and even though we're a. Richardson is also the creaeive ivrc:e behindDark Hoese Enterrajnment. be there. besiness. 1 didn"t knew allYlrhingabour producing.lPordand to B'EH'Id" Oregon. we've re-created thernagaeine that started Da rk Horse) Dark Herse Presents. and Iined up creators eo revive the series in a digitam format. we :sHU have . we pubhshcomics wirh differeat types of characters and.rh Richardson FIRST JOB BEST JOB was created by Paul Chadwickand has won more awards than.How did you get that f*&%i rngawesome job? Mike Richardsem After coUege~ I was workb!JIg as a com. RM: .mercial arfist.86 ~starred at pubHsh~ng company.A Question for Comic-Book Entreplreneur by Jodi Hel mer II lustration by Ga brlel Sa 1 • son VlTALSTATS OCCUPATION LOCATION AGE il:O hear Asa college student in tile !'70S~ Mike Richardson would race Ineo 7=Elev.S.[!JJ.elf bag.[['IOv{::s what I knew am :@JIong. We've partnered with. It P.ics. I'm never bored . burt I knew I 'wanted.

better way. magazine's J8est Conceplr of 200 7 In the magazine's Annual Des~. a 27-yea:r:.ee1:~ni vcnror.~Alot of people are quick IrO solve problems mechanica~ly in my business.r hand or dirty a cup.» In typical Amron style. .S.gfil Review .ns of parents J~endin:g.D. 110 create some son of .disrupil:'li.ndfledgUng designer who makes <it liv~ng cre.ey Museum seore and Design Within Re:ach. and Menacmg.~11 talks with oral care companies interestedintbe . "This is e a visual reminderfor us not to use the ollJl.' ·l~ he says.a.alrbeeps now and beeps la:t'er?I think I can so~v:e things: in." C eative Outlet . Of the: miUio. power-cord noose.gjzmos that pledge to change our lives=-ene decidedly lrrw-tech contender hopes to fulfillthepremise. in th.ctric.Inventor Scott Amr.e U. audthey wantto make everything "smart.s w. the faucet into a perfect arc! ~ik.ou."rm. availableat the Whiu~. such as a fI~rpo~ and a. lVH. Soon Amron.ighing roa g up pound and..heir use." Amron says. at slingshot bottle openerthat pries open t. holder.det. has come up with 3! solurionereant to streamhne om: batbreomreetine. His BrushandRimsetoorhbrush redirects water from.ova:tio. coil-less device thaI!: !l:ipsitem. by Tina Barseghian I Photo by Michael Schrnelling The Long Island inventor's seasibilities aree't li mited to. Amrml has designed the Endo Magne6c Cli'l. bet Amron'sDie Electric devices (lieete. a. In. Anaron is . always crying to change perspectives.on makes small changes wmth bmg impacts. are designed to Mock power outlets.may hit your funny bone. The whimsical objects. aUowrnngyol!JIDa rinseyour mouth widruollthaving~o lap it up fm<m f. Theflyingbottlecap. thtteby preventing t.fIJJ) which won I.a springless.DJ Mi~er" which simultaneous.'l:Ielectricity.~.shed.r ."(.o~d electrical efig~n..'~he says .ssion!l!ovalrioll. the Radio chips for eansumer electronics. too: ap~U!g-insbelf~a coiled-cord plays two radio tuners.oriJ deliver a higher:. many of the Drn1e Electric objects are useful..~J1n.n. even a chair made out of power cOj['d:s. Patent allncl'Trademark Office-many fo. "JB:l!Jt the majority of electronic g~Z1110S are stupid. "When you flip a switch.:v:oltage message.addition to the Brushand Rinse.lccomplii..e cap and launches it across the room.eawaeerfountain. you can"t see the:burn~ng fossil fuels ehar ge:ner. How many times are you going 11:0 monitor your temperature or make something ch.

H}pposlte.a nd a plug-In flowerpot.Rad Sdel1rt~st: Scott Amron di'spla!ys his inspiration boa rd. an ~e lectric" tihai r. i"" . .~r®m lellt}The invsntor's toothbrushcum-water-fcurttairt.


revolving showcase of sidewalk finds and pet projects. by Alissa Walk@f Photos by Edle n Batlki spare midcentury .How a Los Angeles couple turned their apartment into a .

\ I .

fru 19..lll. (Opposite page.ert~ or=most Hke~'y~bl!liMsomeehing to replace it."I paint a lOI!:. 1-by-14-foot the oi.ame trorn Room Ser'vice. But when. . The . As such. "We'U g~v. decided to starr fresh. verite method.» If something should happen trues like plenty ofbuilt-ins and odginalfi.~e say1l 'lV~"'="W.~s herman Oaks.u''''.. the various in~ earnations .64 and flooded with Ught. Both PoUy and Ben eomefrom handy famalies: Their fathers were bigh schoolteechers and.cq]rl!dsition? Curbside salvage.aJ. BuUt ~. t~. microvelvet sectional sofa .:i.dee. match their evolving Ilfestyle. "There wasa as CyfUS eats strawberries just inches away from a peistlne ton offree £.. calm . that olLig~nany Not e'le. nut the Hvedl.8I!n eclectic mix of omUne foraging and whatever they could bui~." Polly laughs.midcentury apartmenr in :20031' they '~'WeJove purgim1g1'" PoUy. wbite. 35~says.g Brmgtnt.ejlr~ here I I o.~Qe finds.: rru. textured glass.o[el!U~..couple's furniture has been eCJually w.Boldiilln.oI1lat.!I. Cyrus~keeffiJs such sparkling.etwo.~~'Ij!'e with their 5~y. Ben reminds P.nd. "Everyone asks that. coustanrly they left their Brooklyn left five years ago.1.·JI. bluechairs scored offCrai:gd~st. of.k/'Be[l says.. pearl.swill dean a " ~t. PoUr WU.xtl. "But he's gr.g .ow-n. graph ~ ~te~ and. when WUsons are comm¥nedwH'Vlng in the moment.dthemselves ontheir 7~by~:I!4~f()olt bakUiny.oUy-.t_ while the sectlenal sofa c.lIlrI1l~ture on the street in New Yor.rJ.~'P'oUy admits.l)~ ~ farniture ruinatjon. classic L.A..s along with bonus fea ~ fde:nds [and theI1l]go 'Visitrnt.c:cmyof '~he couple":\'!:mldlcentury apartment deubles asa w!:)I'i:!:s." s. dockwl:5E! ~rl:)m 1ItQiP' left) The Wills:olns'apartm>il!nt uSPQPILJ~atedwith \iUnt.een) teal.·J:. visitors when they cross ofBen .fY couple with such dlesigm-s.. d~. A..a!.avvy d]~ wo:ulcillbe!lcesre the WHsOJl.rufeS efchrome tothat H~v~whi~ecouch.h~m~ slcah The living room's most enrrenr additioas are a set of usin. . aqua..est'llffaway to. It aUcame downto howto make ittheirs. carpencess. they ~etmflning theapartment to. wernrn.of the 'w-alls:tea gf..rnd son. Things werenjr always so monochrematlc. ticking . "-'~. the face of . landed a. Los Angeles . S mene is how this couple-vwho .endrhesr mothers were both exceptionally artistic. up knowing the rulesand he's am:aziflg aboutit.few of those P]eces-rnfidud~ng a desk. like this side table and rotary rP. theapartmerrt offered a blank Cam1'V3.hQ. d and.hop: s~tof ~ cobalt blue ctrslrs were scored! on Craigsh.s'OI1l.~n the Unired Natioas-ceame with the 'Wilsons.

~lso1'!ls extend.0'111. "We don"t want to live beyond our means. (OPiP. ~studying the intersection of sustainabiliryand .hru.u's.lff-lbuHt sTdeboard. successful actor=he was one of the o. dual-purpose designbuild p'mje.cess]bl'e). and ~oy of the people who live there.eHving room. '10. It all began witha headb oard for a tiny bedroom.) .enjoying their qua&~tyoflife. dle~~'\dngmom (but not render them ina.cts~.eces.[lal Geico cavemen andnow appears jn the ABC show Cavemen.gmoney. needed extra.lsilla".r.{:ted.os. Science. and Benis a.experimenration extends to off-tfuJe~shelfitemsas wl. personaliry.hat float In and out.Now in Cyrus's bedroom. tuck away toys.~l The WHso. match their brand of modto ern simpUdty. the wrong prnecesfortheir platform bed kit~ the" used. oiIll"ldialwide iil'I~ruor create the i~h..k loft. the extra material to makenightstands and matching walj-mounted shelves.~ silkscreened papers that make an up most o.ement.c()ifl:SII:ru. He says that despite their demanding careers. hide the many entertainenent devices .e dehcste As. eenrer ~lhreakfast in bed' fold-our tableto us maximize d:1JJ.e o ~t~ border of custom shelving j1Ils:iI: inches.e en~aymemt of fresh pastries from tbar "We help dg~t across the street atthe French bakery. '~rQnl top. the pair's focus . easy-go spirit tharmalees the Wilson househdd soappe.~gned a. frQliIIiI1top) Vel!'tiC'ai w~ne s.ems. The W.this modus vivendiioro every aspect oftheir lives. pony leans more toward blond Swedish wood and t~. in berited their parea ts' resourceful spirit and Jove for well- crafted objects." Ben explains. storage space In their NC'\V'YOF. pony says.ehackedlkea lighting fixrures. Ben of Wij~sonspins records from his s'e.torag>e.That's reaUy whatthey're al] about. A~t:N)V.blieakfa:stilil-bed ~eadlboard ihatl::h~· COli pie 0 lilq irnalillV Cliaft~d for I1h. de8. "1'vea~way"S called the place where we live 'Our Little ILab."Th.e... The couple's eyes really l~ghe up once talk aumsto their own.easy-come. It's streamlined and smart. "We love to walk Into a place and see that iil:tfuly reflects the sensibilities. "Polly has turned down promotions so. never o-v-erly seI1ldmenta~!amd-Hke that dramatic wb~te coueh=full of pieces tbar tell stories .elves became a toy chest ter f nlei1"'$. not mak~!I!l.end spirit of . £~v'Orsan nouveau and spy gadgetry.compa:nygarve~bem..A.em SO~V~ml.Jslolf'1 a ~fllfger space. 34.f the (:oupme':s artwork. the eonvertible paaels provide space to. and if shades for lamps don't suit their style. from the ceila ing keeps books out of sight and serves asa kind ofreverse wainscoting forthe wa.~~ing.'"Polly says" "Our style~sprob~. When a . it's t this ..e. " EVl.g. Ben. a bMksh~lfset higlh. with the few high. TIP'o~~yworks in marketing at Goldmea Sachs while shepursues a master's degree in Family and Consumer consumer behavior.~$on .ite paq'e." Cyrus raises a strawberry in ag.I1I.Homemade· HieJeawavs. Polly crafts new ones." Polly says•.r. '(T~is paq e. s~e can spend more tfme at home .Hen built a credenza 01!l their bakonyilJ$~JJ:iJJgnly a jigs:aw. Those arejust four of mom than a dozen stylesrefleeted in d'ru.

ma.adymade.o'm/credenza .awanda llttle elbow gre'iliser Ben Wilson built th is modern custom credenza on his Ibalkony to store his famUy"s stereo. vlslt r. For flll~11 lrrstructlons on how to make one for your home.g. I UShlg alj~gls. c..e.

11'0 es'cap'e aU." m might say. was rea 'l"~'0]d'·eneugn f" or n. It W:13I.I pwomise"wa. "Sixeimes two JJ~US two.onn8ten~ng and nonquiet oft~'e boys hasbeen the souree of sign~. fi. the front halU doset. other. i t The pos sfbilltiesfor addtttonal D. in that the!}' mostly involve junk. and so my older son~ operating underthe impress. alargepiece O[ pa.c:Uy brillian t! Wha~tdaes .e drew bands of punru.rm1y.~ warne d AI . There's .en. but the prospect IO[learu]ug a.s. discipline boards.nstead of hnpOS8.s durhIDg one ef those sessions that I invented th. ~ W·. Get Out 'of Ia ru~ Pirie13' cardpunches funl ~1I. Maybethat's perfect.~nysons basic multiplicat ruOl!l.ow. We havea monkey on!. ]n inches.ginadly intended IDO teaeh .ak~.ness: ]1"lILmningn the house..e~ ~.uby himself Instead 'Of poster beard.ath Chart and the .aUy badly.t!lte[1" (when thetr tolleF~nce tor m.ts: first ibouru:::ie~hat's the punishmeer..8 unUkely ~.~Mle.Maybe that'stoo mueh likea g"t\1.and then say it a second. if they know d"IJaitthey are dohl!g something wrong but can't quite br~ng themselves to stop. . with U.. Lleave theroom and Jet my wHe dea~.~j!eslike bacteria duri~lg the hiolida:ys ..Col" lege football season hadn't started y.en a kJd behaves .~ there's <]C.ry Sc:hoo[) .le.The Penishmeut Tunnel .e:l.O'\¥~nCoe) some less so (lExmeto and Meon." I hid a. I thlu. the kids have to misbehave .ed! up iIII.They s:~ythat learning . trnl!Oug"h.n art to It. time with my leyes black as cold. freeze juice over them.o.Moo d.into th. . The :sill:oryo[ the D. nd rellactuallyIs.a tweekendswere ed ucattonakwas asking me quest~on8 about mlll]JU. coals.earat the hoUdays .. No A~.It w~sa Saturday . .at theend or des sert. but it got stalebeblnd the kitchen and! !3i111bduedroc[{.at ardor. A~. 1510~ and so fcrth=and then Ietting them select a number .a. whi'et~'er in two dimenstnns. and both o~ t.s."l.ann ly .~. is doubled ov'er.s let Gover their fa te .~ in case you'ee curious)~ oft'en . in tern rows left . The :l:iI.e until M went nut to the car one aftemoen tb{l stairs. or "Five limes three plus three plus one.mnryemembered some piece of advlee frO~1!:~ r a parenting book-rather than answer things d~nl\c:tly.e's.. the matter of gifts and travel is uni.ot . so I'm dll.ety:s. before losing certain poster once a ~d headache.numbers. After the tes annoying boy behaeiorroughly 9' percent of thetime.'V'er band hreaches '' I: "no" onee.e that he .p.~l1il!e shew. Br. Iwon't use 1th.s.cIwon't use the fun. and other devices to keep children under control during the holidays BY BEN GREENMAN sun sadlstlc.. Chartbecame lh'e original Discipline Board. k~. Trjte.. try to teach your ehtldren to find the answers themselves=and tha t led me to pur'" ehese two poster boards and a fe~t-tipl pen . I did.hments around the outslde...le other daiY~ and I taught the kldsto use th!e three. That leaves :3 big slice omthe pie in.iti. and asa resulttheyrequire fee quent disci pUn. any given we!ek.'!La. and d. (when patience in. ill have ealculated th:ruilt tw.hlevUable .ng up names [or e sp'edully as the eslming ·effect . poster board to cover 1th. I used the second.ties and sufte!lied.ring at top vo~ume~ thinking te myself how qlllj.e). extra wra.~de:ill and halfthe effect of i1l!]co~IDoljibut there's no reasento qll!i.ppl.e'.t~on. screaming jltsrt to see how Joud theycan scream (ve'ry~oud. a.e.T . On th'e otffiilLe'[' band. on Popslcle sUcks.he! 6"y'eart old got~n treuble=es 6-yea-r-olds inevit:a~bly do-~c:ut hdm a deal. rdor 1[ a for the M.rnscip.~Ujan. a seooter that the YO[lJ!l'lger one picked out alt a junk shop for Iny w~f'e laet y. thekids helds referendum.of ten.~.e1t.s runother devastattng.•.antlyr:eduoes ow .inki.of UIDiechool year has-worn off and s we have drifted into the wru.. Sadlst ~.sone device's wheels in.TIID.00~ to right.eextra Twister spinner to creare a chore w~]e. . The Scocter Mlonke::yru. spasm of . some real (11me inRocm.d. It p'['obably held. top to bonum. I oblruged.Iookiug :at me as.llll.SO~le ofU~s discipline ofthe garden va[1".m voted for more D.ght ll'enny on hisll"fsit try andreduce his putl!~8bnllent: maybe it w~s ~ fiv1e m~nutes En the woor.e earand sat there with SOJ:neold Graham Parker al bunlJ. the kjds d! ofrecordlng punJshment messages at difter·ent spots ' that ]t was hd1li'my ..At the same time..Uer? The Math Chart was o11'~.per .~ng paper and empty boxes to make fake presentsthathave punishments written.m. that's how malIDY chances. first Dlsclpltne B oard.p'eci.e of Us numberedtlaps. 100.Using equatlens far too eomplex to reproduce hlehle'~ ina eonsumer magazine. 1'0 8 ay tha t 1t~'eMarth C~IDaf'[ orked is an w 1 - .o:rurdl egins B b about a month earlier .At least once ill ~]avegoUe![gni.Hne ..and probah~y psychologic. Superball Into the neck of the lube.dpr. but they also have their limits .h.~nnovaUon. bla.~.Simple.n~ aggravalion.Ilfs about an inch l. that my wife is trying to throwaway" and wb~.une Boards.ayrung Olil l trug m.!lts. whiehthe boys go (Ill a bourtheir bl!J!.Wh. find an old cas settereeorder "th. drop 1 to 1. But this act a has also been t~'e source of inspir:aJ. the 8·~!I}~n<'ll"eb lUIDtU.~tma.Heweverfsr it goes.~. WhJche. ID. ]usidle ofthem. OM. the tape=when the counter reaches 50. I yen. a ILLUSTRATIONS BY :IERU{ JOHNSON .d Si... 1won'twrjte punishments.pennybehfnd on.My two sons are 6 and 3~sol ~dlyso.e Math.adillional d~.. Punishment tunnels.MiUta." U his ealculattens were cor" reet.oooUng 'of UID.1 halve learned to dipthe mOM. then push the' scooter across.. _.~. but n.~. EV1e:ry n:n:QrI!lrung before Iwent to work.efirst and then cut :flaqps over each nfthe .~]I .in.rn!CiatiO. or maybe the' air hockey ga.c:1pHne Boards.vileges:.ear plastic tube th~1t end.It rolls . I wrote E:~~le flllLl!u:TI:bersir.mde lay Is Hmited) and the p!c. <mind.m d. he'd find t~l!iebw~.a:~. ink and . IJ~. These strasegfes have their appeal.

U.~t UketJo be .oe1rtainty. 1Jl]!. w.UTy ntnth y. ". It was all uline. clap'p.~ch:[ngseersucker elephant-bell pants On Mimle8ota!~ in.ars:of a 10-ye.tmas gift I had ever=-and have ever to this day-rm::eived. "'h. Do['ado'\!V.~:nJ.)' he remembered me. st of the gifts t~:ruatmound U m under thetreethat ye!alr: arock snowsuit. had d .gohllg on in thatheme.sents dwindled to that on'e~ final JFHt I Jeaned ov'er and tried. and C o. ::iru.ear~ and the Chrlstmae Benanza . and he :srnrn. and somewhere In there we opened acolllp~.e) . . lefse.of. glossy~ seven-pound bow.~f amnes Brownwere your J d.Ung ball. an Ollltot 'Co.23 y.perand 'Opened the box. . d!e·eply good man...owled-like .8tma:sUnll.wOf'th after serving four ye. t .po. m couldn't believemy . Gel out. driven.'~uxurious.tmasj.~.lIny hristmas .e dffill. h:rrn.ndl1e!gulu(rly wor:e.8.rn. In. Tracy. Christmaeat the Cadsons' house 'vas actually a s ptrltual affair. = . W.. one by ene. Right a~Ol1l. Finally I landed in the hesne of a lutheran m[~lI~ster andhis wife.ave no clIJ!.series of foster homes. and. bea true sml}rgasbord-the table ~lIe.g8. to pick U up~ but lt I!. '" 'evew~~]JavleIm. It wasthe most extmvag.•. contrast to 1U:he arlsons' homey sp'rnriC tuallsm.Daddy's Girt It melt good. flOWtlr·8.based 'by a man who drove a.ay~sverslen .fox [~r Goat. absolute. and unrepeetant matertaltst. Lremember 'behlllg: too b.rlfw..g-i1.~lljchbdn. or . well.on .Mrs.8t gotten (!IiUlt ofLewv.. unnecoe!8sary Chris. love .e dad probably figured Barbie I(my could ['[Ul a very IllJ!cnltive'~d:"\m:ing~~ side business OIlJ!.. The first thing.~~ous.~. Deeemberl).~8...ome-38gifits.~e. A lot.ishands and _" j ~ - .s ple.•• 1 were nove. bu tthereal party was down :Nlt Hop e Lutheran Church~ wherethe congm-eg:adon poUtelywent along wi.a white hal ter top.~lI. Th. there was my dad) their d.8tmas Eve we went to ehureh. tasted. it. there was one thing they always made themselves.the drug C dealer.cUpped.tbe smell ofwh[ch would make Garrison . crisp.rryway ...a[p'ed. (nH~Y don't do p31'd.t h 'Ihat'sthe ymu M an name engraved on. I took the so~o on'~Away in a . Gadson was hts female counte'rp.e of gifts ..n earne of agle in dlle post-".front of me. 'Ii ..My dad.'edthe gifts. The second thing to understandIs my expectations at the ttme: very my excited and sometirnes baffled I'espon:ses to his ehoice cf g[[ts .." s. pm. Lean i1testify to some serlous peace and. into barter. less loved me..8 e your i.atortilla. five wond. gi. a :Ba.glant br3ndlng~m-on~~rnk!ehings are heated. 1knelt down on t~'e floor.n Christmas Day we went to church. accomplished. (Back then. and for one the Christmas morning. oysteran eolored landau roof a.tll!.e-in aprneess in which .ay of the d. my (way-ahead-of-itsUn!lIe)politically correcteastlng as a biraelal Baby ~. understand! is: Olint thts wasn't just i1.!' ~ was unexpectedly . I gotIDOknow what it teJ. itthe me back to .h eockiesmade-> m:dy at Ch:r]. A perfect.seuttha.lIll'e'ast got ~.) wUllJ.. Pastor Carlson was a. b yon want about the opiate of the masses but sentence.rc.Let me get that for y01l1. worn.W Leavenworth. Swed]s.~~...'e:rcats ~ pluiyedrnu al~] wra:PiP'rum:1lg paper.rwn eulture of store-bsught-ts-best.- oUt~['Oltly. he. orn! Peace on Earth:! Rejoice! Sa:yw.ley had.~Uor' weep .irl could never.lliy for p:~Ho]!e'.y dad made l me save for last .nty of homespun gocdness.MFS.1 ope~lII.. He'd been gone ah:lllo:st haU!n]IY ~Ue. then phmged into boMing oU IIJ!n~na.ho loved me to bUs and d].e!81l1.) After what seemed like hcura.ft a 9-y'eaw-o~dg...o'1]! his lap" but doing U R.d the box in.s '9 the ye~r ~.CJonslder that they were pllI. Here 18a.:&full-length. Hts pretty G. ~oo. .p to this very da.Jl8urpnsmgj.~de ubiqultous [pot:roast th'e would.~gto sit .Cadlllae H.rnametr[caJ oippo:sHe:a eemmttted.the mounlain of p. Barbie ~ Towl]!.~faith -hope-and-chalf.Sure.el1ld w~ltched.edllJ!ld:i}j]dr:en w.islne? O~lI..he'avy.~ littlegirl.~l3ifI:~ngof white dogs.siey doll anether.ness yOU.:wwhat a pimp was and sworelike a rappier ~:mforel"~pmusic had been big [ake~w. partial .. ] aul.e' and .:Nlnt. and lutefisk.dll.~lH~r~ a crystalradio set.(.~' he sits locked U.e didn't know then that come June~ he would go badk:.ali"t-Ilbe! typ e of gentl{'l. Bea. And. the Feds met you out e~'H. go bsekagain to a different federal prisen w~'en.ay W:NlS Christ ~. Wh:ile my dadwas inlPrruson~1 stayed in Minnea(polis.t8 tbat .I wasn't It.buffiing through a. m tore off the pa. .lI' .('. For h~n:n:~higher a power could beteuehed.t of that thing). a Diana Ross record. Cadso.gin:[lJt]. is pulled out) and is dusted with powdered sugar" \1\1' he :says [~1I!e! Scandinavlans 'h.My dad ]! and one veJry~Viewy S!I:I't}cia:~[IJ['e. a sled. W.~rnv. the food.~n.~'er:e Ilived untfl ]:lmy dad got spnrng.adI.Even though Pastor and M. Go ice skates.he had ~ lot of ma'[cmng up O to do. I got an lEasyBake Oven (line!ye:u and.e anymore.But the' best handcratted delight by far were the ruaettee." my dad said.TS. much.~t:y C hristianswho went out of style' durlngthe Reagan era. Nor'v.y~serving .) bvioU8:~y. WIth fervor. With .~t even mind th:Nlt I 'k~{. 'Dum: he would 'evenluaUy get out. There wa.~. .e'aw.aped with Swedish meatbafls. dessert bobs to the surface.eyes.rru8. But mook~ng:at it~ mrn~'nmedjatelykDew one thing with absohite.emll.Inside was a.Obm(H.s.astt~cpodable Panasenlc tape recorder.

~.eotyp'e of the physicaUy inept] ew. hut in d1J.s:smuster w." as my mwiend calls rnt.Di:x:ed fibe!['s).kltillh i. Frenkly.'" ~'W. I'm no handyman .swiay too our £eoe~sgood.8 epiphany: 'Ihis h.e pl[loj. These's smnedll..~' satisfyingaiJJO[!l. the idea of building a large as well.y.e core of the to Bible.. so I plan to dwe!~~~.gnails h]Jmy mouthand sweat~ng a.~g.~. so m tackle the 1I1. mcollect by the Huds on River. . learn semething ' late December.ery.~.sthat always.rsit rn. Bertrand Russell=the manllously agnostic phi10:8opher-:sa. half-doaen 'cinderb]ocks. our living ro em. stomach= ache.l1e'~frO'~n the fa. sleep' there. branche 13 of palm trees.i!ll.a.Put it this waY': When I watc~. TI1}'e ~ble instruets us B EO get'~the frnU of go odly trees.c~. 'Nhic~'iIJ. ~'1\. stuffing my bagfull of branches andW.~.8 not Ideal for two is some more maeerials. even [~l'emost Iaid-baekrabbi in America.1 askher if she's annoyed..edl a~] etrog (tnr:aditionaUy thought. new ("Oh~ 80 that's But I've made a pledge. w.e thing uTyseJr. can~t build.rt . But I'm on a .e hut.. isn't aeees sible to a..~ding elothes of ]]Th. The :s. 1 ..[IDg" my For book The Year ojl.ipitu. sand.tsters-bll1t nu]!ch . pi~ck u..~.lo I fQUoW aU the rules o[ SC'r. no whrd. can also find an Jnstructlen ." . I pllltll1P th.e East.I sling 11i:lIy duffel bag 'Over my shouldel' and trek o.rnon . Heb!"!e\¥-wou~dn.rn. struet Mre g. priests. The Bible saysto dwe. I buya pah:llll.says w~en she arrives home .fIDlled!lin. ownpa.]b1e CI}~lI. time and try to experience th!e world ofthe ancient . Th~sm. and boughs 'of leaify trees. Itrek down EO a.~lI. I nmst n. but here m am In a.h. I'm accomplishing stuff.Bob' the!Huilde:r\ivUh.ect.DIY eonstruetian m proj'ecl.:it-yourselfreli" gion.~..this world: ialtering~he position of matter on.oliday ls all a.zing nigh. m start to feel better abeut th.e'etof canvas that just grazes OlU' apartment's c.e bwook. you.~lI.e~eat my meals a'S ~n my hut." ~'W.I Ile down.. r.tu the w:1adL I 8t:1a!. A~lut... m need can thepmpertymanager and explain myplan.~n." Next.ving room. "I can't let that happen.mstainted with guHt.rn.akingthe st'er. outthree 'blan].fl.l:icl1Jly~tried. But my recen t experiment.e lIu t.ts mr bltstermg days or the plague.nts)itotbe' oft-ignorred (gmwD:I1g my beardand avo.though .ng .How D'ne man followed the Bible's: precepts and built a holiday hut BYA.rnnensionarn.of matter on earth. poetry" Usts of whoII:H.~...iIIto Riverside.. and try to :figur'e out what I'm fe!eUng .a-fidle~lIlut.~b~..J.G od.of the huts used." my wife~ ~Fe.1Invite Julie along.l don't have to worry abeut the free.mdme. JACOBS Most :lim_Hies seem Itoget re]. .en~t scratching the floor.~nmersionournalism. dwell in it fOF a week so th3l wernnay be reulIimllded.of my pro] ectafter all..little .s: is supposed to remind.e :po:sU..g to by a big s.e'the :sk.. breathe in the citrus and fur vaea- Thts time it stays ~p.mprt(~y collapses like U'srnn a: Blts[e'r Keaton movie :1amd.ecourtyard.mllyone except one apartment.M . pelestopped r·e·ason.i:ch apartment?" ~'mt~s going~owork. mQst . rl]lll.. Park. this U:rne add. I 1 11I11Y hut -·called 3. not You. rightrnntrn. I am a lone adventarer.hich kjlled 40. smual for a. and some canvas. "Oh. I :N!Jc:[ual~yha(v. .~thwasan in extreme ~l~-ye.rnd there are twoktnds ofwork irn." So that night.from building th. w.m.s.8s~e8.conform to desens of otheFrllll.~8 'One-Illot justthose W]l~la. read rnly books .in.The iflltedo1r b spal"e but deeeraeed withb'Ough:s 'OfIeafytrees and willows omth. extra struts. put my hands behind my head. At 11 a.n in th. It'sa major biblical holiday ca~:~edthe Feast of the Ingathering-o:w Sukket=and 18still praetlced byre]lgiOllS Jews every ma.p'1I:1o.Ulil. no. God created ~'.~:rru. Th~. d. The B. but she says sJhe:'U let me ~'fly so. .000 of the 60'O'~OOO Israelites .mls onthewoed floor . It makes me feel Ilke a guy wlilo buUrls perehes and ree rooms and uses words like j~d:rY"'laU. . [ . mftn.a out the courtyard ?~~ t ah ~'1he .elimateeontrclfed apartment -no.gIt ~8enorrrrous.But mere stunned that youactually bunt s o.Middm.eleil:onof :<1: bon.. :<1.~.Uy.1r. stare at the draped carrvas. She eYle8 the einder blo eks...n two" by"£mu. to be the fn]Jit in questirm) .~j So off I go.courtyardl. book contract-ito travel baek in.rves me a. First. The the simpleton's blueprint M dewnleaded off the Internet.e. But that gu~~tt n turn. mkkah in. I. Sffi'iI.t buying lumber.e desertfor 40 years. Ul!y sonIasper. a..8'iIl:8) ordlelr~.edng cmssbeams and hold.. The rabbis say huts must bebuilt outsidl!et and must lUke do. earth. strul1 isl") .Maybe God appirOVe!S .h~.Once 011 yeaI'~ we're su PPoi8'ed to 'build a hut ev. by the anclenr Hebr-ews when t~1I.d. store smell like something th~y'drub into you durrnng:ru massage at BUss Spa.p a doze." he says." So 1 go to my backupplan: building the hut in. laek offood.e.~ng the former . Th. lant the size of 3. I be'G:in hiamrnll.. My elation .eehours: l~ter~[banlk. relieved by-an i rn.notably my amateur-boer nUiI3!1:1il[pt at me of the anclent huts ~nthe desert. atleaet for a.. first reasonIs that ies a hut . and! willows of the broo~{.r~round .~.iving B:n~.{':ond .aladvisers=rabhis. ~'U.~11still on a h.o[ more ..ssue: Where to put up my but? As Llive In .ag:a. m:ruking sure they a['. Lhada group of spiri(Il]!.. SiWtmtrn. Julie inspeetsmyhut .mOIl1S (the Ten ComnID.~tp~.ruoon thts one. m realize.abUUY~.80~O1]t1l~. smashes'sroof seemslogical. F.~U.bout living bibn.I1's:gotfQur wooden l~on.oil[ it tusned out to be do. ~a. 11::30 I spread.~fHeeX[.e' S(ilueezes between the hut andthe rad~ator to get auotbc'[' v~ew. MetrO'poHtan Lum b er and.l'g:at whom.~.Mamllha:Uan~my apartmen t build ~.8si!lln find th. much as poss.tains multttudes=commandments. andteUing: other people to alter UlI. volleybaM and p a Middle Eastern lemon-ljkeIruit caU.Th. Go d.t~ . In its pag'es.]g](ln oneea Yle.

I s. collection. h Christmas looked a.iny. did.marry a goy to use those skills. "Yeah. S We' were mother tha t I can [~lIrow a great pa. mother opened d'"ilega:!I!'lagearrd helped us. Before I was for this. but it was not . gat there I . sad 'th. We each got our own stock~. or not said.tinwe' seledbanners that spe~~'ed "HAPPY HANUKKAH" in.rnv. you. he was~e~nng me. and yean later I I:narur. Chrtstmestree..@I8 Uh a $2:0 bill stuffed .g. bunny dressed a. We did nat have a. Ithoug.I've ~ot ~ans.adan.Jll ' enough? W. it isbecause of her that mW.n!li~y ~n-~.e p'~ano and .at I had not goUen tohelp decorate.d of last y. of want more? ~'-Y. bride.~stl1!1"~. we'd tape the cardboard s. My mod"iJJ. Can't you see? I married into your "Befnre you were bOf'F!I t~j she said.~c decoratioml!. from.Ow. It w~s blue .e gingerbread and tried [.rnng the an ornaenent of a. I took lt mrom 'h.g::800. It w~s b::i1!.. I talked ahoutmy mother's tree confession.~ny. Stil]..g.coins.ady.we were ready for my second Chrlstmas.w did not match wU~'"iInTI!y memory orrhe smell.eone f(llrChristmas and one for Hanukkah. ...hY\\VDUld they think I didn't I showed my mom the p~Gt[i!lres Cb!l1". On the long dr.cardboard.ood. blue and gold thatwe suspended all ove th. ~'This is tor you.I wondered if itwas 8 omethteg I did. "Speaklng never Sa!W another Jewish I hous:ethat looked the way ours.~should knew.t home." my motherblack g:~oves. home.\liyto 'be'lit .Ughits framed the doorways ." A gi.e want YUill]! to feel a..~g:ns"to front windows.ouknow~" she sald. Genius. the ear. My st.We got seven small presen ts truth? Had.ght of that.I le. unclear in the dark.ty velry own.~ed) and it was unfair ~o miss outjust beesusewe were Jews.eliked ~odecorate becaese aU the houses on the street were being decom. O~lI. last year. If you drnd~]Jot know us and went to our baBement. m been rude.ntime'. any Christmas "secrets" It wasa long drtve to my Inlaws. metal'~. my parents wen!' d:iffe'n}nt peop'le~and m~.~ntoeach w said Dng-e'r.e ceiling with Scotcm!l.8.e. BU..hts. and wh.myf:<' menorah and la." I wanted to teU.rns[u. soon that I slmumdbe let in en.n the block .~de waB not the reason for (!I[i!." my husband said. M eouldn't th'er.h1e.. ~'W.I[w . in a efrcle in the' middle of the ta b~. Itis h ecause oil'her that I seea bare Ch1rnstmas tree and thhak: m could decorate the shit out Oil[ that. I 'knew they had the best!.ks before Hanukkah sta:rted. they had celebrated s Chrtstmes.* How to decorate like a shiksa BY RACHEL SHERl\1!AN If you\Yie.ginewhat else they had.nla.tke s. and. fa.andgold and looked like my ehildhood house made .tape .e':aeenteeplece. instead. Before lwas horn my parents camped untappedtalent.L No one' in ..nger'breaid Hanukkah house. "W~y are you telling me this now?t~ I asked her. "!thank 1 and one big OmID'e • JO. th. to decorate because it W:NbS fun. You might st[l!ulb~.them.~hUe ..8s.anj' saJd~y bare :ialt Chrfstmastlme.but m W.~ m knew l1IIDy mother-tnlaw would be unpscklng my bunny You m..le\v mether-tnLsmelled thi~1!.helil. It .h.rn~yom" reason.t tree. wrapped around the eVlerthou. born. ~'urry mom said she made a Hanukkah gingerbread house.ed~f(il. "we used to have .jno.~nUrn. Mea.ng8 th:'\\t a menorah with eight eandles re"~. 11.rty . had s:h.s in my mother's house.\~hat?j" Lasked. . r: was. He assured me thai!: .od!::ingwa.:?~' home'. in store. 'Dl!e-y were m~. .r decerattng=we and smoked pot. The house was dressed in its Haheaven? Did UTI!yfacesomehow not tell the nukkah clothes .mymother's Inrenl]o~]J that I l1.edagoy and wlent~:or my first Christmas .~~e ad sewn with our names.n'llyou see? I was made ~111. I had beentralned in the ad of holiday deeorating. There were no Ug. m of ging. she says thattbe'y mad[. mlght not know you were ~na. Only in retrospect does it seem. Lhad just left Hanukkah .tree.ft her house and went te college.rungfrom.ldn~thave a newfamUy that celebrated Christmas. so that what faced the us inside-were top-. .c. "th'eprospect 'Ofanother ornameat: the begin" m~jngof a. and my husband's right family.t the counter and s:ruwit: th!e Ha nukmorn~n~ my h~.Uthose yea(r8~our big mro.mllg.eto Massachesetts.~. unU~.0 ~. coins and detail.rbil!:!I." ~'\.Iewish house. I:1IIDy matherbrought oOlU tall her Hanukkah doUs and set them on J the marnteLWe put ehoealate go~d .~deUlll.avy shap es with spindly legs in dark . I admired mymother-In-lew's knack for There was bowl of chocolate gold.U wa. W. strange tliJJ. Did When we got back to New York. Out s..~dedup' in my eloset aU yea!r.s.g8o'OkimilJ.e.was given a pair of kahgingerbread hOU8 e. wait tor the roast. Mexl.nd whether there wasany"thing ..oou'~. we had postets 'Of dreidels da.ghtsee posters with liigu(\es. as if just waUing tow a tree .d 'Be:We were the on~y Jews o.s:llVeg:ot c as law took me to thelr huge tree and pointed to ~ns]de~but what I sa.~!I. Wee. ..I forgot alwut' trarned me wen. but I dldn'teare as much a 8 ] would have ~.e shelf and packedit. that I was in my mather's.0 a.nt into the basement of my child- ~~.[Every winter of my childhood.!\.l!:!lt~~. Can't you see? I jl!l:8l want ta Before ~was born my paren ts were vegetarItiO help you decorate four Christmas .Ls. we got there we' hauled 'Ouw presents was :hapipy to S ee tbat m had married into the and his family's Cape Cod home. On the cawrtde Up' for my second C~~.8 a. we weatto ~tnot seem to them..)' she said. Ca. On Christmas ]]!!londng~ my n. but pr.11.~..eupon eardboard bexesfllled with slll.e were not . for Christmas morning. d1oon~ys. I put downmy bass and looked :art the table. m don'twant to feel at ~'W~llat?"Masked.~:8h eca useor . asked my husiba. d incomprehensible.e world. ~'Wben. A.d8tnla. you might think we had a. h~ng.lng. I tried to imagine it.happ'Hy I walked into a home' driplpingrnn decoration.f[d.e:rud. .imll." for Evergreee.

and. Potable water is so iI~rtant that tro ups are issued Camellsaks before they deploy. the sandbox. sweaty regions. allow it to catch the . and patro] Hj'vi1\. The waiter supply tfttr H umve e is hot enough to brew tea. The 0]1[1.. Some opt for solar show-ers. Though M]ni Cooper-sized pallets of bottled water on base are ubi~luit()uS~ they are all exposed iI:O the elemenrs=-Including the heat.WhSlt's a dirty. er . This sounds . Mop.o1WV~ (high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles) are equipped with a cooler for water.ays. Iraq. tea them you got itfrom an Army man.yuniform.e]y to a clotheshne. tbowugh]y soak the sock in anything hot water.ent post-mission stink. Yang I Photo by Alex Farnum stationed in Kirkuk.~]1 And when someone asks where youlearned that neat trick.. it's nota shower."voik. Showers are available in mostplaces here. To keep bottled water cool. Baby 'w~pescome in a panoply of scents. a whne to keep the cooler saturated.y C. up' your neekcarmpits. not YOUT buddies.~[f:!I~ mentality. . I had no idea how much active military service required a nMY fix~alll:yth. ili:WO tips stand ouras useful forthe civilian readen l Like guod intelligence. degrees. the less you bleed in war. pack some dean socks and baby wipes SindyOli. THE FR':ESHMAKJE:R Durmgbastc training.t m in mind as I do my job here in.ipes. but let's face it.. proper hydration is key to any suecessfulmission. That's where the wet sock selurion comes in. baby 'wipes are the toiletry of choice. Flex:ib1e"~tha.lraq. available in travel packs. As an Army reservist from the San Francisco Bay Area.azy man's soap-on-a-napkin. but long patrols andafull scheduleputs keeping dean.. and precious ice. Then stuff your water bottle inside the sock. or anything that ·w. Hook it secur. But ice can melt after a mission delayer dUlling a muJ6day operation.. low on the priority list. from powdee fresh toraspberry-aloe delight. 1\1. too.1:. I prefer the wip.{ caveat is that the sock must remain mQllst (he whole time.. You don't have to enHSiIL take advaIi!tag:e of nature's cooHlliI:g ffect eo e or the~. ~rmy manuals recommend at: least three gaHons of water a day in an arid environment. barrel. and the result isn't very pleasanc.\'3.ying I keep headng~«Semper Gumby:/' or "Alw. and holding them overhead. To combat that pun~ g.pu nehi ragholes in the b ortom of steaming-bor bottles ofwater. ~mt yOllll be amazed at how d~nty the wipes get and how clean you~]1 fee].11. 'shares. but my favorite is the no-scent anribactertalvartety. vehicle-> evaporation do es a!ll the .. There's a sa:. While grung are trained to endure the most extreme environments. Gatorade. mydrtll s·ellgeantstold me. ~nsudng engulfed in wet fuzziness. That's a lOlL of canteens. Amoftlg the many leslearned in. other . parched guy do? Grab some 'wet socks and baby'w. is drenchedm sweat... This triek is particalarly effective ifthe bottle is attached to the outside ofa moving. 'water at !'lOUP temperature remains high on t~e . Wate:r it once in. you want ItO repel the enemy." It turns out you sweata JOlt in 1.Hke a commercial voice-over. No.I.~ist ofcomplatnes. On your next extended hike or trip to BurningMan. survival tips from the trenches. I realize. "The more you sweat in peace.e"smethod. calledup ro t Operation Iraq_iFreedom.m.


• .

For the wordsmiths on your list, choose from these coffee-table books, hand made accessories. and
desktop gea r.
For dr?w.H@Q inst.r'uC1:iofl.:> on how· to make tr'l ese gifts, turn to P~8~ 78.

1] Stati emery Set
Once all the packages have been opened, thank-you notes are next on the mustdo list. R.ather than gi'ving
"Som eo ne

kie-c utter

set, mOl ke 0 n e yourselfu sing an office staple: the hOl!ngilflg file felder,

Moleskun,es are $0 20006. This holiday" give the gift
of freeforrn prose with a hand-bound journal.

2] Recycled Notebook BY REMAKE

3] Paint-Chtp Wallet
Who doesn't admire the


h'Limble palhHhip? (ori}Qjre up <'I ccmelycelcrs-cf-therainbow billlfD,ld by follklwing' this simple how-to.

4] Cardboard speakers by

Muji, $42,
5 ] Zoo a nimals desk calendar, $22, me acn tcagos: to roe.corn 6] Pinhole camera, kit, $25, cu rfosirys noppeonJi 11~,(om '7] Bet'l.veen the t.ines ccntempcrary art coloring book (RxArtl. $15, 8] S(reel Shelr:M)oo.k:

Inside the Journa!s oJlnternaefonal Str€€larld Graffiti
Artists, by-Trista.n Malf1c,o {Chronicle}, $35, ron j cte boo h s, com The Gu?riUa Arr Kit, by Kerr; Smith (Prl!"lcetorJ Architectural Press), $18,,com



Tile Object in the' 21sr
Cel1'I'd)ry, (Phatdcn),

$ 70, phaidon



Pilp~r Pilot: The Pa~r Airpla/'l~ Pijot's Manual,

by Staff Sergea nt Beniarnln Hayes (Unj;verse), 52:5, New\'bri~ Look 800'11; A.GallerY()fSm~€l Fashion, by Amy La roccaa Iid )a ke Chessurn {Mekher Media}, $250, tJs,dh,com The ,Ma~iJal of Things Thaf

for Hypoc.hondriacs,

Mfghc KW You: A. Guide to Self-Diagnosis
{Knock K,rJock}. '$20, knochknoch, biz PunM101)'S€, edited by

Thurston Moore {Abrams Image},

.:. readyrnadernag.corn


You don't have to

live in Aspen to admire log-cabin

your list.

lumberjack on

luxe. Here are ni ne gifts for every


For deteueo tnstructior'ls on hO':I to make these gijts, tutr: to piigli' 78

scr s

1] Embroidery-Hoop

The perfect present for the

rntnimalist in youdlfe. this S P'OI re, lightw'lllight,~ Iork is
constructed from

wood! ve n eer a nd <'I n

em broidery


2] Faux BO'TsVans
Use a brown fabric peru

to embellish <lI p'.oJ1rof basic white kicks 'With 011 woodigraDn~n'BlsJIi. Then give them to Ell fashlcrt forward pal, adorned with puns Iike "'Wood you be mine?"

3 ] Daguerreotype

Photo Case
D'<lJguerre-otypes (images plfi nted QO"I :;;ij 1¥~1f nod a encased 1111 glass), were once a lovely Wily to present



remembrance, own memory,
Til-! E IU'C)OIlJS

Follow this

how-to, andencase your

4] Log bowls, by l.oyal Loot Collective,

$60 and up.

5] Smokehouse
intense burner, by [a n 1-1.3 rrnan, $36, de s Pgrl_ rom 6] l.aser engraved

cutting hoards, by Olze & Wi lkens,
$20 and $38,

charle sa nd rnarie, co m
7] Wooden earrings, by Orno, $3B per pal r,

8] Mini Dolmen radio, by l.exon, $60, Q[!kepdx,wm




~I .


. by Sovereign 74 readyrnadernag. ttlm to page 80- BY J E S SICA WILILIAM S This i ittle hat.Inspired by tea parties of yore. these fanciful fabric objets s~t pretty next to a dish of mer. gref?f'le~gl·assde:5ign. sover..Is the perfect p rol~t:. bra nell holiday gathering is (om plete without plenty of wine)..corn 5 J Sunglasses case and pencil CCIs. ngues or crumpets {and w~ne. $13 for six.GOODS ). ] Wil"lepocket.E' ign beck .e" by [onatha n Adler. Fol" d€~ai/@d insfruc1io/iS on howw mahe theseglfts.Fl <II Iof whimsical felt firearms. $42 {set of2). Ie I • • . ] rrtp rass THE . ]ono tha nediercom 6] Twofold napkins. and n .. $900 and $35. com 4] Overlap necktie and Beetles pocket square. sized 1m a toddler.t fc r a II you r lefteve r bit'S of yam. by Chris Kabel for Drccg. 1 J Baby Beanie 2] Fe!lt Gun BY SARAIH APPLE BAUM the pacifist on yom list with an a FSE. $2:9. THE PROJECTS. by [osh ja kus. $38 each.

. .t ... ." .- I " "- I " .1I!f:: /' ".



!..c!jp. graph pa p€!'r.the «\:\.ti' p~.esig.. Sh e.1Jfi«"!~ dip.'.tttlgw-n([!.'!!:ily pCll'f'Oxati.~h gra~n CGn[~CI: p~ili'er to .':i.. lS. 'J:umand haste O1!I!fl.~. ..tb~]'i cut rhar in baJJ lengthwise to form two long rectangles. Gently ]ift tih. 5.~oftl.~to the size ofdl(l cever. and.ending just hefore the the fG·Jd .av board to 4..In:.<. t . pa per (Ioc:~ kit TOOLS ScIssors Glu.¥eacve w~d.~ dire'cti(m oftheVi.)! wrong: sides together. Trim.'11] together. aJ uti Ut<l:l"~<]!l:l ubbcll' r band.j.e (i'i'!.1 yOij! will fi. i~'CGuId 1ookre~Uy pretty~ but your s~w~n.. YOI!JJ wMJ 1!lse these for the ~~fi]I.c:a~d push it a~inst the tape. ]emg edges t:Q'lIlirar... '9..evemr~credit cuds from..Iitthe S or r(j fol. 6. ]oo5. ... :use tbe~~e~Ci!f.-..he.el behind the cenrerpanel <:lind g]u~ ~tdown .ur 'Vl!'}lfP (tbe 8!1-8.strip~.':r . sew a~ongYOI.a Sf 2.Gt(lcthc :I"'~$~ of tbc cnd . dock fa<e. M~ke sure there :3Jre fiQSp'a!i.1ps.n M.. and trim any excess.U' line .~]~ . UyQU wish.IlI EDIIE!!I111'S IINGII!IEml~I~U _ En'il br.!.t.g hectom border.<lindb~s~~ .'ious p~re:I's (appro:-x:irn~feJy 17 pages) W 3.wofaces together. y fo~d. CUlt h....eel:1J:ds f th.and t. O'tnd delii:ve:r by hOilfld.!' x 5W~.ak€ the inside of'the waHet.. Ptck whichevertype of papci!'yo'U~dlik. c-.16. .~U1Jrl~.icic P<l!~SI from the center. use ~ape... :Remove mini book and foM in hdf. the a.2.d~memb.:cwitl. andlua:k.6 ecmplementary Weave in !Dille fiJI.g I[QO dO\Vll).aboui!: 2. UsJrllS your sc1SS0tS or pi.e X~alcl:Orkrnife _ HQ Ie pun(:h ll." strips.~ong the seam Sp:l"e. NQ~e: YOI. :i t may . 8. Secure rhem in p~aoe roy011irWo:r.p yo.."~rp'ldiJ:ect~o:n .n...' "Ii< :~ . lo.· fll1\ke tOOil'!ll..e to a hex"}' ~"''''. Make sure ycr!J.ll~it under tbe hO](l~ then foLd!the right p~Ji'J. Takerhe book]ef >!lrfP:<lig~~ and sprea:. :p~ecc of Ught: wood pa.per o:rr wood vene.ilarly hued ~r~lJ(:hes kngd!lwl'sf: into W! l>U~p.olde-ry ra 13 P ° _ Scra p pa pe r's.r) to reinforce the stitcbi O.lter~<llNngwiU:P' i>t:[ir~W'h€re th~y touch the "under" slide of the Hn strip.ll[."e u~ 6~'.~~ JJ Jl.~~ nccessad~y neeO!)lto cut your swatches to exact~y .~tu:::h. '9'.ll2:... :3:pply dots of :E)ue~p:ress down.4. 2.3... c.. P]<:lice in Oil. Set s<twr:n.n.epc3! t steps 3 through 7 to m.~He~. rub her hand. Q~du.c is at a :l'ight ang]e.. ''}:.l~ne tQif'the wanet . _5 'Qil 6 Sltnllilarily rnl1Jledi pal]lrll sW!1Itdn es.lp the '"river" w:u:r strips.. ths right upper bordieJr. INI>GRI~ Dn~.n. At each 5'e.tof e roms Ruller X~aJdo kn ife Iby Nar.' tI.~outsidl3 seam (the sidlethat will beglued to the cov.ef> 'fl. P~aceth~ t<liiPc... Press down. ecide on 0. I o[l'~d~br mO'J}.tFi])s. sh@€'t m us 1(.1l7. side of rhepieee makes the inside of the bil tfo]d)~ and stan bast Ln:g~~.I!flroka Htdc dl!Jllll. imd graph vadety _ T~cky wmit@ gllue TOOlS _ PdipI:!r paste _ IHIElflVY boallFdI Thread RiLlbbelF balndi Rule-IF _ Scissors or P'i1l per (UdltelF = Pdiperdip Pernelll _ Sewhlg Irlilachlne _lHeeHf)l book lL Cutwl..: boot w~tb 11..tUS _ IH i1llng:n (we ng f le fok~eW:$ na ~ U S'~G tradltrio _IRull:!d paper. 3.:AHgn the pockets wirh the oute:r ! (so the back.cLose yom.c{:.lle OlJJongd. Cut theS: or9 cGmplem. Usiog the X-~ceo knife aJJ\ fac(l1)1r·~ o. paine chips.. .evenly.ml1Jle Thkk rubber band from the top and bottom edges.['~'1.oi. sHppi. .".~~Ii.::Jjy~ l ~ar B"~8lh" long _8 olF9 comp~emen1LBry hILIedl pitI]nt: switltch es tOOI~S hued !PiCI] nt s¥II<1tches at le. 50' it folds in half eve~.pagl3to the cover with the :p~e:rpaste so k is Hat.efi.'. -l ...y~ amld. st~tch back and. vert k...~elFneedle:) =Sellf~l"nealrll'llg cu 1flng 1Tl'!!II1L by Caithelrine { a heavy book. fol.sU~p'across thoe ~J'y w]l'e.)!1) 1>:t:d]J\~ to wun .e tackyg~.opes (4 %. and c~t it outW' creaec a bole.x: 3~11 peeces W:fOfig sides (optIonal) =P'ape~(l1p = Holle punch (OptlOl'ldiil) folder makes n~ cards. R. rl~pc~t nri] you b3!:\fB1\set of(1'Irdr..e ai.g mac]d:n.rn.d you. l. .d.e.n.tth.e. rOtH ~h:read and bacste the left uppelr hordei!'t~ustthc: . Before sewh'l!g.'" (for t.n. '~"iL.a p@1' cu1fl:!er ~ lPalfuelr'sl:ap'E! <I ny talpe that "10II Gil n lFem ()rVI1! asny fro ml e piti pelFwfith 0 ut rt rIp p~irIg:) = Tadygllue ll.. lL4 l'ock doW'rl.. You"l] end up wkh two S tl x 3~lrpie. your Instde piece with. 810 Cut wiilyd!ecorative or recycled p~pC:l" you I.he finished prod..nish..d~ ~s~ngcolors that you thi nk ..h'[il." x 4. dght sidss togctl~ji.g m.~cbLlle i1i)Ol.2" out" Place the p1ages >!lin the Cov.o". Bas'ket~'i. h .the . n.~ l'1li G. enciJn.c pag..!I. tha t measureat !!E!last that measure at least 4'" long ~.~ook nice <lind!COilrlflemeolt }'(lin:rwarp colors. CutfrXiOC5S thread.j x 6 )41\. reach O the end ofthl3 warp.f'l.d.l!p~r curter."' . wider If d rnC3!:>Ul"CJllcnt.. yol. Sta:r t s~wj jjg the po(kJets n...e ~n.dorwo the ceore:(.L~t d:l"y...'I.efiU strtp.s. Hrne I.g <lJ!t the fQ~~d.ib :ma.. 10'.long.der~o rs" x n %'Ii~. the:n:l together. and give it <lJl.i:O~d. L Onelerrer-stsedfile IN>G eo let the penmanship lfI'!)'I:\r. eh. bo ok 00 dry Aat.a 3~. som.CI:"' :lifid.g. paper P:<listc on the 'flfl.''~ .Stack the paper$.per-cHpp'ed it t'o'the center psnel. a 3. ycm (::. Place the pieces roge~be:r w~th wmng: sides facing.C .ct mary Ilotho]d. glue tile vellec:rdldc amund. dOJl. ghloe rCiorw'])the hst fIDU stdp just as of your new mini-notebook ~n half a. .1!'vldeb[o~k.ern:tO:1!ry hued 'sw~:~.r Reye:s Clock p. s..[)'U:Nn.t=t of wood _Wood-graili'il om~act. w~th each being at ]e<i!!st ~o'Uneed 4~'.. and pl~oe SJu.~"~ ~:)i~~~ Station ery Set by IEr]n Zarn .d...]. nce the fill s.!:. tr~m off an. on eop.1!m aRklwanoe! and baste W' .:n..k surface w~. To put it .(!Jgram:s &0 Wp'ri [Ired ~ out a large letter. Present it to its rilecw (lWllH.3. seam mahout .. and fo[d the th."1 :from the rop edge.S~e:l.(bJes [cng'thwi.of t. 4. Any design can be used 00'customize the f1!"Ql]. ~nd o recyde. 7.u.:l!dd :!l1l1a]1 dots 'U"~.~ l W '(I'" .D!e :fo:~d.i~{.2.ha~f O)!. :ri.fwmren.stand in for tl1.~L 11 . TIf)ryfiat 0V'(i:rFiightw'i.!e [purnch and conitra. 6.!. Let dr.:l!rd -2 e:nvel.rth.nd.... ~.'!IJ~wwut!:~ gl..~ u .he 11ir1ed~ bl:ali1lk. \W!h()i'lyou &~W the ~.a~o~g rhe ]ns~de margin ofthl3 fo~d~ with the outermost po(~et <1!Ugned with the b(l!Uom margin.'Itthe midpo~. the ~.p L the wallet w~th groeenb~cks. did with the first one. .. to A 5.ons . three pockets on each sM. and let dry.e>d! :fit st:andi:.ver Paint-Chip Walllet Scissors = Bone' fold.across i~bctop edges of each 811 x Jr W!fa'~ sep~:rate]y~ right sides up..~.'that ithe top ends Hnc up . on your ~i:'!lsMe£ace. !!"U1b . to p'lcvcnt utuaveU I::IJg..e~r.lmlbers.f ~tYOUi:' 8 i i .[]Ul ~ . '13 r sera 13 Ill'!J1egree I'iI ~ p pa per .eogd'l! off of six 211 palnr swaeches to form you:rr eard pockets.rru your Qu'OOrp. 'Gc:!1dy Eift 1!.~.to1) td-fcdd (fb~1free to usea bone folder). W:t:<l!I)d)c who~c thi ng wid. two pockets undernearh with ar" ihas~estitch (dds will pr.if you. ylflI:I" fiU strlip~1weil:vinga dght . ClJ!t 01!1ltthe vene-er drde..e~s hcrwecFI th. ~. "~~~o.t. G:~ue to the oillts~de OQV!e:r ofY01!lr book..&i. off the pocket s'eam$. CUlt and foLdeach piece ~n.e:i"Yoop of you.l"ne pockets) Embroidery-Hoop S []ssors ClIFa Recycled Note book by IlRemal~e X-aao kmlife St<l]nless ste@1 sl:lFaigtn edg~ =Sewirng macMine (wtth di Ileat.nt~ <iI!:nd Hanen. paper-.r:mglkar Glo. go much dlinner.going down the edge.rmid]i. center. FLn..g.YO' 81' model~ and troce tbe diameter of the OlJltermos't hoop 0:11 ~. Youcould 1)~SO mak~ a design using a hole punch .:~ . Cut an open fol. 1I."".

om) to_getbe:[.ruler j P'e'ncil Metalll w 1'@Or X~t.j draw a knot on the top' INIG RIE!DI~IiNITS ohbe oij!t~i:FIcl) arouI'I. f Mic.lD. ' ~yt~ <~ .G~~e ehemO.hshiny side Oij!t~bring . TOOLS Littl@ Pig~@ Ti@ eli p and Cow'Cuff links by AII'yssa Cam p..For tbefence de clip."i.f'o.~:I]dlstogctih.e1"5 _Computer and pr~nter _Lightbox {op:ltilo. _ Was ha ble ma rk.d (l(!f x7 W!I re<:t~ng:lefrom th~ hot~om lefl:-h~nd ('Orner of a Fed]~:bubb]e .1s©dl l. [ also used the markersand some drily alphabet sta. a ]e. trace and C~ltorilt d~:~:midd]e of ehe paper s{)that you are left and the' darker (0. Mist rhereverse sid!e of'the V!eJvetpiece with w<l!oor13.n .e (we g~t o IlJ rsat ..m. Iii 0 bhy ble stnres] 2 7:.:rst (jlilC iB desigms ~.~e.[ght~ and W~~U wi.belll :il. gEue small ani m als to '~hc flQnt thenauad'il i't wkh j.Tabe one +" piece. j _ P II]e115 ~optiona II) L USi.t:ha gold! ro~Jt:.d it. .ti[ mat@d IFedlEx pack (OIF bu bb~ eowra p e tlvellop eo) V. 4.Let dry o'Ver]'). Apptr a layer of fi.g: epo.:li:IXI ] t1IJg .ded ill youe pU. Place ttb~ ve~vett to secure ends Dagu erreotype Photo Case by .sa stkb inwfo'l!1:r 4" pieces.O](I-l'n.ti.2" Draw your' ING RiElD~ E NTS _1 sheet Vital.~.wnd wooden frame . To make Sl.(j R:1E.. 4.ersoff your pl<1!teiP~peF'$. One ..-.0 :shoe~ <1!md ake concenrric m I]Ywbe wiH ]ook a lit de in. .yj ~g Jiin:. 1'1. or down ]o~d and pr~f1J. mix and pour rhe ~:rmx:y~:.ifl .iiJ!ij!x drawings with the bois $m<1!Ue:s~"~ ..e _Epoxy resln markers..l.. ~~rn. Use the point oftbe XC'Ol:cto to ro<l. Take the mlnnreand hour b<'lnidsfrOJl1I..oore] TOOLS _Cuff II~rIIks(we g!Otoms at j. .g:na:pb and th~n g]ue the ribbenonto one of the~ong edges to act 1iI!S a hi~~. Cl:Jit endsinw..1. the d. a!ndFOllll 31 ])lieoCles~ t.Using a Ughcbox Of e~:g~e ~.4"1l.og.rsfQll the line dr. Gi:l.:prpl..!ip~llog~ther:inthe ceattJ:.e:r ItO fOF:ln ~ small loop.per. Om.ry. pIe.:Uted photo-to the bottom.IiI::I:OI bilif'e _Tape !Itle-alr or liinI.l:5. T'cH Ume.!gicwMte paper-plate templares ~m::h. . conract p~.e:red ends meet ae tll~OOit'ners wW·'emag. W:irh the.. espec iaUy if YOlltre ilil arming a }ljke in the woods! .Mcasu:reand mar. 'epoxy to the top part ·ofthe 'CUp.. J!dt and read ~U of the 4.Place boxhalves tog..s.fl pl1 ()W]JI desrugn Ilsi.g.'ethc i\n~m~l~.h~Addrawn &h~ipe). :12. shi mysideour.e-pax)!' _Small fanrlianlimals o rffigllHi nes and tl1 ell' rn]s'e~e'n~s:ce!!fl.l)Jt: the f1:o~~ 8 to Faux Bois Valns by Somethiltllg!lg Hiding ITnHere INC RiElom E NT!) _1 pi1llr o¥wl1jte T(." forthe sh~d'O"i.J:o~t'i). IN. 16 Place mk:rolfil'ln star bow Oil package and tape . iron set to high ~P[(~ss[[(rWI'li onw... . Arrange the five pieces in the shape ora star ~I]d t.nalll} L Open ~he Make-a-Plate .•.~ om hVieJl!ieoes~ e. Inset and g~~erhe . the faee of the nJbber st<1!mp.. clock kit (av.jn over the pboro~enOij!gh eo cover the image.of the "'flO od k Fiot . '17.rccU(llllS~ esp~d<lUy the OH. 6.i:1J'(~OO!liC:r themi~ \ 1m IBow by Casey Ti Imani s L We always starr our f. later" s mc~.~'rysupp~y...:ctta~gte..g. 4."a f£.a}l bottt:~e [ron _ P ~a:s. Tap'e loop' til eh~ midd!]e of the five pieceseo Jim in the center of rhe di.<!cll <'!Ib0'Ut41!]omg.~ vi1llrdety st.c. the reverse side of the sold pap(lr~a~d!1td \YO 41' sticks onto ~he edg(!.Wid}..c pen =Seotchgui3i1Fd ofth~ fl. of onefinished box side.iflll.s t of each sheet ofbalsa so that the :mjt. with. :Remem~ell that ]jkem05t things.oor'-"tcp~ :ready for holid. g. 4.4" squailre walnut.. the limes chaJlt make it look :feat]. cone shape ..c.e~51l1i:"e ~nd .li .hen cut wi. and.llackwe. bur mot 50 much thalt it spU ls ov~r the sides of the box . -45"diag..yeSt trace drawings on.. emre10pe (Of' any fl'the:r p]:a. '''I.'" '.)rke..." INlG!t1E nlI'~E NITS _Two ~pa rt .lAtG]I~ethe embossed pieoce ofvdve~ 1"1)0 the .eeofvellv@t _1 rubber stsmp (WE %'" r]bbon _Woodgllije INIG R:IEl IiNIT:S Dim TO.e. Let dllyorvemight.llel'~m.111 _2 2.gnifying g]~ss and see ~fanyone can read the fi ne pr~n.iicto an old-fa'dl~o[l!lJed fl. Fed Ex-Envelope iPnone Case by Mailii Holiman and Camewn B. .Hglf.:lindwork o~:~W.xyj secu:l.H)lS canvas shoes _BIFown ¥i3ilbri. T~l . oval-shaped objece I~Oil.'jna j.6. .end who is tbred a(f d~git<1!ldide-shoo'S. C()..tIsklng)' [non AlumInium fo~1 _[poning Sds$ors o. Ruler L Procure a reel of microfilm 'QiIlolk:.:l1g tthe _Glu.drn.cQm) _TIe dIp accord~n.the ve:]vetback~a.efher~ the wlv-~r fiacing ths resi ol3d photo.or sta"y~~iJ'lhlCtj' Sco~:cbgij!~rd the shoes.~ down Ol]! .s.VoU.It's ~crudly the vad.n.~]surface.tlrd nn the l:1f)J.s.thYG'Y. c'YJfHok pieces.'" x 3 ~'" pihotogr.v . a!.d th~ Scissors pattern. Ghletwo 3~'sticks .t depth.a:inst.. 5. allow to d. dow..\holeIn the center of ~hev~nee]"fo:rthe : elork b<1rnd!s. U~i i:1l8 pend ~.1l.mot.rpiJo(:Je..''I: Attach a ma.m. balsasticks =Wood~n15h _2~" x 3 t'! piece of gold-colored paper used LJ ltra..then assemble the dock mechan~sm _< 5.of. FiJ[ out the order form . W~t.. cu.ite.nut balsa. A few'W'·~ .ape _Wrapped pi1ldage~n TOOLS need o¥a 0(001bow this ease.c.gjta~ patl1l! arc goodSOij.g w packa_s:e :imSUil!lcti!)!!l!' .". 5. but by Usa 50110men Shadow-Puppet Me~amine Plate Set Mlcr!10mllm _Cleart.& your w. 1.ij..esign £'1.a-Pldite K~t (avQi]lalblle at madtif. R~p~~tth ~switbtbe other fO'Y.OLS P\~ndl _Stlf. 2.kro.m!pJttte. 3.hotogr-oliph.ce}t .k ellie ba~.[lI~ENTS _Makit TOOLS Mallke~..n.fli . storesand HbF1\ll'~eS ~he di.Use clear t-a.2.U"C ~h~ { the X-acto kmiJc..ay dinner! ' " "~. Cue <1l piece ofribbon 4!llong..tmy shadQ.omaL ! :il..CS ehartell yc¥uto keep grubbyfil n.. Cut ~4 ~.ew.arn~neplates wHlaHive 0:11 ynm d.'c.ld~d jo rhe kit.c-coated bru:h:hl)e~wllli!p en"!l't:lope).rk p en. 24"L x3'''Wxo/~!!'D (~v.ln~J'k irbe a ba~sa sheoet inw t\vo i' x 41 pt«if:·.c Ughte:r d color 'of my m.aHable for purcbase at readjlf!!..colnhto're) a. On'~ you~v()ijni. Cue another p~~ceof microfilm aboae 31! ]ong.ttty at :first~then OVell<l!tldover" untH the wood :se:para:~es...g: the fiat botto-m .o(l:'iIs get star red.Marina l..hem<:... U S1ng the il)lr'Ow.!Box up all ~U1l sheets ((lif' Just Oi:1lC-ithe fi.the 'odges oli1wthc"qadyt!Mdemtf.G~o) 2 M" x 3 M.iidl asc pd.l.n_.]rl\::cd p~.lind!hip tile s~ckers bad .p~"l!oadd the Hames of 'the animals.ndl ]i:m~stiCOrC the wnnd with an $ X-<l(:tQ b]". Let harden. IT'I.destsuit.a!l]f}'MQ. a. let the shoes dry ('Ivernight.sht and. 3. pressure tor one mi:lJiil. ""-'I.m fah.iflfghtedg~ ruler X'. fold ends ~nward Ol!:nddown to foil':m.aod rl!.iflcto kllllife RIFu:s:11 Sds:50rs _Spr. 2".

J3.. PJ:·es$ou. Cut through botb lajl!e:rsoffheenl!.l!.k ("Oughly the S~:n:l.(s.(:i.:IlS otbetp. bang" bamg~ jl1!toits .airs ()if :8" size 7 U ..l. Us:i])g the Aiat-nose p'Hers~ PO:!l.)!JWP' your favorite lkdepinhead! the right and left seamsto be~!I wide .ll:tedg~on. eed[e .!. yarn from the top of the hat fit ~U'oi.embroider onto the hat y«Uill' :S~W ~Z p. tocreatean edge.her side of them.ot~o nick it) down 3" to yOUll' ...i f..a.t n ..i . Tilllis is to r!ein. Ph~.grJ!m.W:r..i1J. C:..~adYm4d~m4g.mJl'I.A .the " .~flap folds o.P'hooc ~n&i. Knlr two sdljd)esl1os~thel ev(i:!:Y dUM slt~.dent ill ~.\l.ght-h:.nd :2.~/we.ees. a. P:drnt the g~n tem])~I<iI~e pil.e l)ojolt is jU.(loced yoor own ear wires by h.U slbl@.s o on top' of C p'ie.the ~. lex v img some room between ~he resistor ~~I].i glme#.ber side..:.en. SEide .NIT:S ~ Resist.op!'>:tkk.t()fjtAphoneenvel~pe). .ngfil€l~dlelJodl'ilChaU dle ]OO<5C ends ~'Y we<1ll.Q..trr'it~~.)'t ·'ili'\(io:·y ·off .an.C~ h~'n {l. [{l1iit!1ve :!:(YWf> wit hOijit roa-!J. to o:p the n().ea.orF:S(avallna ble ina mlye~ectremcs ~20~ga uge wirre ~Earwing hooks TOOLS stili re] i.Jjib0'ut yo~:r reducing se([uence.a!t'ld~.~de.of'the 7 'Au I>i:d!~s flfyour :u:ec~:a.h~!r'geroaf p'~m~ l ~nd ij<1.ry-ma.111 U se rw. :pl. 4.. Knit three rows without reducing..fb1!libbks OIl hodllayc:rs 61.[). K nit tw:o r{rW$ without reducing.he o{Jemiii.hes oni.~t .ini ng cbcl!l!.you donje WOliJnt eo cut through to the ot..~ng:e<r to aillow for drailiilage tilfll ~ L31 rge Iloaf til r1I _A v!3lrri€'tyoWsu(.anach€d~o tbclX:si. 'Gt-uc thebarrel space .ti(ie bending the sof~ wire .cape spa.l.s.e:r~~s il. sn ip off the w~re at the hot~Dm of the :r.(ent SlllCCl. mu1i:Hayered sameVlleight TOOlS sizeoftem]J'la~e prece #3 .er Nlaill l.1. through .gl. an X-acto k. IN'~RI~[)'n~NT'S: ~Uttle bits. 'ca~:fu]ly pie:rce tbro>e l«W~o._g1ehe t blade ~. Note. Comtinuet'O (Cutwider (but not ]omged p'i.':C.n.anccii" s and pre$lenlt t.eS~Jniep. SUde scissors :iotot.8. It doeslJ)'t have ~[).ce 1.1l.11 ~o:th sides of one layer.s:t~ll from the top. n '9'.m the left":h.~.) ll. five tn.~cfo:r five ~~co:nd& Fi.DOl.NIT:S ~C!Jp'L<IIketin Of rrr~n~~loaf pan that you cain set in a I.sideof the hat.iJl eep the plastic k (.lO.1!ig..l!nd dte lajliers wgethe:r" 8.f[]n~.tli~or's NII!:!'edile =Round cho. Whe:ne-cV"er OY.aLongthe strai.f) that y-uu [usr p~er'ce thebubble s. Make a :~oopwirh .~~vejn.airs (lifflat~lilosed pliers 1 pallr of rou ndl~ n osed p Ilfe rs = Wire Cl1JIfi€! rs ~Anvil and polished 11a1lmmeroptilomlal) ( = .airwit"I 11YOlii._gI.lspace between bcbbles to getconSlstemt . Knit the £irs. 5..ker-ueate (ili(- LfY<YY..t two K sdtcbes ~og~tbeJ: (lllf()fy tw'O '[:.lig~y! . You can O also use the sewin:gneedle W .a<e temp]<i!" onCI. end). You.[)'!I" andlet i.oft) yi3i1rn~ dil. doublJe up 10 ·ofthe fdt sbeet~ vel . Megj. cut a]on:gSckie theseam (~eing careful ij. each stitch.oog :rigll:tedge ofthefoH whereY01!lpopped the bebbles £:. Tr.eces of fdt ~:nJ secw c<1:ch~rnund.lCeS0 f t:a. Y bave <Inodd number of stitches on a needlc.Resisroes n. loge ther ~ncl begin k i1J.te. RemiY!"e the foil. rop of the (nO'Wfoil-covered) envelope. adv.a'!i"e bout a i" o:fw~~~atr~h!~d to!S:i!: :sd~ches on~o onep<lir of size 7 {I.ed~dnwn'~nr. (found . aV!e ~ h CY~1 dcJ thatffits snugly into. npk. 3.ue them together to form.ii.:I"st set.l!l!ife.. Knit 30 :rows.n)l:1'!/fo!tgu~)Qn (.ng).)C!'.I~!ne.chopstick llfitH Yol. P.othrread ynu r yt! rn (for $@W~ ng u p 100:5 eo. at t':1!(ldymarlem(lg.8. Vii' h ~t). tred1i.]:. m<1!kj sure tb~l'twlheJld1.kker she'ets of felt.\oes go 'Onboth srdes of A. (]if lefl:1ove-w (s.l 'x:!ll)att~rfi)1I:6.11W the secondpair of. P. dllJi~ st:dp of(~d"d.5.t'l)the ht$~(']eof thB by.g•. do not mark «yo. me]ti. Con:ti:l1U~ until satisfiedwith your design.a. 2.ffoH In.€ last st~~ch.s th~ (eH~er piece.l. Fo]d that layer openj (Cuta~ong the crease. .. of the :n'~f.en on. Knit four FOWS without reducing.rery four stitch~$!Fo'r onerow .I!rd stod <l!:nd!cut l!l!Ut.With i.Glue #3 Cr.. An.2 drc]es wgether untn YOIll.i seam. Trace #3 ~ie. the cyljncler ca~e spac~. U sillg. Let dry.!l!Jlt 31.Cut the 'CO. Apph~baum INI(i Rlr:.Attach: Hne up .aboutt making afew misrakes-> resisters are dH~apI 3. :][2.(lteji.. I fhi nisbed wid:l the row.'~~fOll: each side<1J!kle cuts with an X-acro knife.s:l)ellt seal.2. As soon as the reduced nnmber of stitches 00 one pa~r of circu I~:!'needfes g(it~.r.()!.i'igm(l~usi fig of the diagoA<lJ.1t'em~!I1Ider feed to the des. Cue aJ.:n. 151. KlTdt two the sdtcbies '~osetl::!. .(lPatan a. 3. n.g pl:1ctty pebbles ifJir tones.S. s tin.1(tround 'Of resistors {)n~o tih...'oJm. the WI' (the open..lind t YOli:1811 to reveal the bll.:heIast stitch. C~e dosed! Felt Gun by S€uar. iP]oc~ the hot Iron .ced~es.aUot~ted of'the kmsopen edge ·ofthecut piece.~ontheteOjpru~. ross the I c envelope Jt from.g .tedge and holdic in.o:f the h<lJtand .g down.dtcbes for OI!lC row. sn ~p' aor remain hlg wi:u:e.gGut Ith¢ resistors hi the ()<1lrrr"s pattern that y01!.o l'i.stti.SUde ~tunder th~ri.The C p~eces go on wp orB pieoe$. not ovcrbeat~ or the foHwm adhere to the envelcpe. its Ol\Vner~ with ~.u~ 2: at Tettdy-m'?ltkm4g (see (:t)nt!iph(J'1'J.."Q'!.uel. there is one selechleft on eachneedle.[)'.ghti ne a. 7:.oel>.s.\dl(igo. U!:fm:md . the .arIy.esepjeces togethecr.t pieces out" ~S.)(l tail of ~ .f oecd~es.i ii"OW for • 1:0..(I HElmm.17:.t dan.ea.e. Water }'!our new pl.c should be the bottom edge ofthie Fedlix en!Vdope (See Fignre .U:.])~ placed in.and gl.i~Ag chern sH:ghdy flat for rigidity. B.apl:h~ wire n around itself two anda halfti meso U sing the wire cutters.ce onto a Slngl. FoM a J~ square pk<:e ~he cholP.' ~.. wU I.e 'OVel"tbe top ·ofdle cutpiece Cthis 'W. sew it into a thin tulbe.. '9 .r 75 I:1J.]l.~rr !'>:tilJch from the (i..~ fi.ofdl''Cllhar' needles.ll . s<pray ad he!'>:i.d~.g. TrLl'n l nf) using one pair of needles eo complete b< ¥fe.ted ill (You cam ~lJSO . .nd.hen CO!!l!iI:'i1U1e t Resistor Earrings by SheHe:y Trask INIG RIE. 1. O. ~n$lerting.S!:ni..oo ti:s.. Layer the gun.g5 the fi.iicawm~~lms Baby Beanie Sdssors c. 6. ln~~ Q p~ace need~e on.'iI':. Sew tI.b(t"\'!lm h.l!i.:.1lJg to J'i~l'i:t the seam and.ll. . a:r~ 3i:1]. 7. Placea metal sU.)!nd!- ~T~reardl TOOLS p'U~rs a. GI1!]e~b. '7:G~neaU g INI(i R~. i!)!pe~and fu~d. 9.t.B!. the center of the sbort sfdes to secure the eut pjece toafll kr'O~ims hOi\ii"~:tSct your iron on high.':. U$~ a pen.'5" d r(u la r him n g ne e-dIIes _1 pif:lllF ofs(issors ~1 sewIng needllewit~ .ieJce (Dif Vek.~aui.on pl(.lJ the other half of the row uSci. fhe two piec..1lbe that wm ~:t in dl¢' gUll barrel SPiJioe.eye li!llrrgeenc)ugh lI.f:~'ie'ceA ifl!n'ce onto p~r~~cil:'.itr . .i. Trace I~ C~ilJi)dill) pieCicstwiee.] list .YW.I(.ce ba ok~.down to the insede . W ~tb your n~g~l"S~ crease <lJ the I.4~ Knh those two st~t(:bes wgecbcrit:l1d pLan the: '~m~il1~n.Resist the urge wkleep the plil~r or y'ollll'sdf! f SHp ~befir.].'dope •.lcd to WI)~P II:llJiJ. (lrcmb.6.pslJd cnalk Tin 0' Succulents by JUllli.e:r<lfid.koit rh.krdn~ng tVim TOOLS ~ 2 p. Tr~e and cut #2 drdep~eces !fl\nto fdttwice. Knit every twn st~~~l~es to.UY with . E'e'gin.:rtber I.g :i n ~ diff~~cnt d h:ecdo(1J!. sUp halfof the stitches OI. Contin~e k~iUjng in a circular the . nj.:ro on the conesponding area of the envelepe. .nishedbe.ght side 'Of the t1l!]].I'''E I1JISf!d uou r} ts. jewel.'~Iel' s~~clk: a piece ofVe!cro to the center of the l!lJetv[ycr:eated envelope Hap~at I. and discard the ffla...rn E. !I?I.iffl wilth form ~ng by Jes:s.h the har.tal!J):ng: the enrire edge to e:!)s~(eaC:Olfl..n ily ~.'1 .l! w draw a sit"r'. r. Repe<i!.'d Ith~!)dg~ ofthe wi re to wr.t! these piece 'Of!chiphoaJd to p:wtect the back :.e lay-er'of felt and cut...ebbl. Affb: d)e second . sHgbdy inset fii'@:i'itl! ~he e. 4.ngwich.tdl.luunll'ile.the round-nose pliers. naill punc Clue ~ few ho]es in the bottom ·ofe<l!(:hcavity ofYolJ. COJl:dnue to (:Illllt . TQ~O:tln the dght edgi.aCosgrove l.3!nd.a.]~ved'os.DOothds (').iit ItiD be redil1lcing glTaduaI[y.t(Jp~). ese pattern needles. pie-ce:s together ·I.force the gun.i.NT:S ~Sprdy i3rd1hes]ve _12: m!lJll1ricollorred [HllfIL felt piiE!'ces ~Fabr~c glue ifmto~a:u:i. The two B pk.[Jle~l'S the [1l(fwly coo~~. on :~b~needle withoutwouf~l1J.@:nie . 2.s'tkk inside yool .he strip (lfcard stock) onto pieIDe A im tll1. Tofinis. fI.<C.ler every n:¥e :'it itdl. ch.t to.drC1!lill. 6.l.Iimg them into the h:'l.

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lovable..("Ev() lutlnn" des.ovailabl1e for the holi:d! :b. Electric Presideliili[.com "'5R!i'iJll. and! cccessortes. women find ch ildren .a Cruz-based independent fuhrlc store tlnlot con~eshlp rnatertnl ond Slewing stuff lroro. uterus.loo.c. Meanest Man COIi1~est. and . Fe(]tu~@:sshort.c~m Kiid<"as$ fuJJIMicsfon1.sp~eelilees! t .ign. 1 00 % Fa iir-tr(lde en dffrllbu lcus•.~1 concept that enru'ches the lo 001 (ommll! n irty end nlUlrluresemerging dlesii'gnews.] Heart Guts Cute. sneakmove'.~~II* minicomp2 Sneekrnove Miiniic'olmp2 Re' tubyzaar.m{~st~ readymademQ'g. lung. e){dt!l5~V~ sOlngs by B onde I[)ij IRd@. arld~tllbrtlc (ve..1f newest member of the the S@c(mid~11iI om series of lim ltsd- run 7-inch vinyl comJ)ilh] YOlLlngl at Hart! A Sant. and romel f~mHy. C FM3.avoj~ablle. tees. HIQrtsfubric.Fog. Des igned by two sisters ~ III Brooklylli.Choose the' "Fdbrtlc" or dill'sstl.adie lBabyTops and Onesles Two of R€'CldyMade's eeolestshlrt designs. and Uver doilis . ontroller 7..gan!) hip-bags for men. wihiteitl@es and O. Co-op Beeh ~veCO'"OIPis C1J11 altematiw~' retCl. Rubyznnr Hlandi·"iveco~(JP'·.€o on soft. kJdne'y.m/store' Beehive.!lr fashion and home decor needs.o lse opportu nch . 'Shop aniline th~s season for iincHe designed 9 iftsl Fw. Cldiomblly shrll!Jllnk dOWli11end p:nilrilt.mll€s%esf'O. and clnCl!oomuc'(1llly correct mternol organ plus!i1 tOYSI. Suoltiti:e.lll yOl!.o. teccl by Desi'gli1l" n iiti. INew heart. (heck out our hot poncreos.. suede.d lecther.

(!I1l. AvaTlable at many ~ne·aniline' reroilers and select stores.839.. Curiosity Shoppe Offeringl.The Urban Craft Center We (!"loft center ill'1l$Ollillto.. and curies fen the creatiively in')lined.379 . Sbeet in Sa.~he Curiosilty Shoppe' iis now open for business at 8550 Val.7'9160.lhang. IlPrijnted duvets. quiilts" thww pilll. md"'canvas:.c-om Unison Home Un:cover~ng new wuys to Ibr~ng rnoderntsm mto the"n~o.m th.c-om rO 11cO .crofts.sityshoppeonlinoe.0 D :J 0 '0_0 0 IfRIEIE SIHIPPMING.J a Q ac..415.f1y. 01. Mix orgarn lc and g mpll!11 i.•sized3'-S".enciia.0:]. stlfOng.e' and gain accessto our spa. ' Consult with the for III modem and col!mfull look..lIO~ er visit us onlirlle 'a1: o 0' D o 0 00 Q .c.-alill ct your OWIil CQlf1ive· nienc€'IWe offer classes.o. alild smtlionery. Co.n Frnnclis()).\) o · tl 0 DO 0 !J0 0 affordablle sollutioli1for Imge moderncrt tbot com €i5 fu Illy stretched and r€'OlQly·to·.ca missfruit. too I (llf@ (l M i'55 Fruitfly M~S$ FruIl11ly off-ers ori'glinall Iimited-ediUon need ~e· point paint-by-ntllmbers. IPr~ced$19S-$. Pay a '~e.ows .0. MOl1li.oom Mushroom Forest Side'Tabll'e by Thomas Wold A useful ~~iend 'for Y0l"llf home.m curio. unison#Jon1'e.6. eqUilip melilt. Visit us aniline or ordertoll free CIt ·877A92. ITbretry" an d experts. communal center santa m'OHliea. thofflcuwoJd.0 0 o 0' 0 a 00 ODD OJ (] 000 00:0 MD ICanvas An M DC~s the (001.•OJndtable ~ijnens.rbancraftcente".

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Taylor Made.neil: 'TIS THE SEASeJN FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL BINIGADE DRAFT F HOLID~y S~LE! DEeEMBER 8+ G) * NeJeJN-8PM PUL)fSKI P7fRK JliUDITe>RIUM flly Bird Me~mJQid BOIttl~ Opef1ler.~items 'Forthe Iho~piP¥ hom.IHiMd- d.: (1 rid of The IPermal1ent ¥omtiofl Poc'$yaut'!]D.COCk Slheer Scoop ''E'ats.etJi1gh:t.E. g ~ i1 * '''1 Crowded Teeth Me'l'Q~W:Mdl orQoCne.zroe>. .A.~~ b. behoJde!':-art.Olfl'ly better.pcue'l Sheer Scoop.fIIQf. Clotlhes IPeCl.eOM ..peUJe5l~. theg. 'Dees.l!.oble 5~uflfedl pup maites the pffiBctgiftfUra.{)m fiMs tne best sttufF.6 AMSo Mudh More! Arl!(il!'!'ia~y ]ieweiliry Big 'C!lIl~I!eFS MdklacetF'om AnomoVy Jewelry':!> ro~'!. !J.'cm Kilklu IHandmade IFl!lsed QiIOil>S. ~y.w.Mi9lity.~~s.oom FaocY9l-Panits C~stom jewE!~Y"weddingl rilf1ogs.offl' ferr~ief Iborell'.l:e. neokloces and oth er h'OI'1<!1ma.!·co. Goo dOn Paper \I'IIlisiM YlOU ]loy Hoi !dCilY.g~~ign:>.bro:~5pot.oPl! Sma IIITlflilngs COll1e checkout our Jatest linll.C(lm P.t !)ec~JC!lCEi'S.5bwg5.m pMin:t:edferntfilers 0111100 % rouon AimertCQIfI Ap.~b!Jist1!er ¥(! 'II Be M.AN.e.JIe! Mew'Gnllery DiS'llintti~ J~lry Bo/ A~iui~e $3:&·4.lj ~ . IL OvER 100 vENDORS PLUS FOOD + MUSle! FOR MIORE INfO VIISIT WWW..weJl') thegietJ~v9 ht.GO'ffiI meW9~llery. Tee.fflO~Qbl'eO~g. 'bits and pi€C~S' :s'm!!!~lt."lrt I!jIie~Mtfrieilld~1!ho dlwoyll B!lluef@ltlewellry IHlaruJlma:ae mgonic-rnrrn inspired 5i~:rer golrH'illed jewelrry mlilDie ·and with IIQl.iIi hMd'made ln Seattlel Te5SCII':s Br1QCies: A~lfJom~gJlily sa.bird.c.iogmpini((!II QOmicfrom '5!Jinllrrnlflcism! . S.tfr$iill5bm~.1Jc~_le:>. body. s:Ii'·rt..imlll An Slhowf1I:.cardl in~ W'rlfl~ed on 100% recycl1eej p!!lper with ~et(l~[jle-b~t>e<l i~Ks good0"'PO..oorve£.!'!'!oollectiorll alf!omC!fyje.tlIdi mind.eR}1"FT.m All Mmghty Cloth~ing lhi:s a.Jennifer Du\li:s.. BL )feKHJfWK 1 eH1c. (~rioij. mit~ef1l$" OJr'!CI rnor~ ~Ur!stuFn The: lBehol der .RENEO}ZfD.ily IBffit'Olfl Mywtmadetkitil'l~5 . dig~tti'P. plus ~nde~p~f1Its"(..cQ.liikl"ood..

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Plleoedl ng 12 MOillth~.g r hordll11g1 percent or more of~he' M·t!l! .g P'teCiedil ng]2 Months.Ed·it.T. 3Jrdi S~reet. Poppy p~ llows by Ha ble Construction. Nev~Yort. Wini e I 1 0 No.wners!hip .com $75.8 Spind Ie clock by George Nelson.ediith GcrpoOrattiillfl rHEl. (hie Miha ra shoesl$3]Of gimmeshoes. $199! both at macys. 6.(opies of Sillg. i.'1. at Behiind the Post Offilce.11g]2 tMonruns..C~ 4l5-863-30n..18erg. (u ks !rug. Cop~e!l EO! If. l. St~te' St~eet Jl"mk <! nd Trust [am p. P't3U I Smith Andes sneakers.. Vi In ta ge c German cotton m ushroorn {om packag. IS. ~:Ntent~ml N<ltme of not 14.•:S~e.: F. candystar@-stmm On AshleyOrla Kiely rainbow-neck sweaterdress. 3rd DUfQn. $2S(jI for a 22-~i~(e set. $50.age 3.The'! r . $88.[Om... lkea.~hed ~ellJre'Stto Fillll1g I.a n~..50.. Cu rtain fabric (s.l1be prinlt. Brnym Broth.o"h~r CI~<s::...~ned mirrored coffee lIable~$850.. $ DC plaid shirt.@ mile-lit) . canays:toreSF.0Q7:4.edil'll!!n I\!IDntliis. Roses rug.i:sp'ublkatlDfi_ 17_ ~ertiiry tha~all Irrfonmatiion I'u fIiIiiShe<!ll o I D:nthis fll..3 t {Ill). Iil[]rtlil.uring Pfeccediflg]2 MOI'!!~h'8.airs. $9 for 12.e:tlJiM1lr'eih. 901South &ondl 'St" 6th Fl. 16d Ed~~ill: Shosha na.•15. Des Monnes.e D [a se'). Mefedlitlh 1lilld Elolilelllr<l mme-!i ~ilIdFamily fou nd1ltijon~ own.. MD 2123].1E:: ~:s~ueIP!!Ibdi:.rlll1liis~rue amdlcomplete .~ Wall 5-treet.. $1781 both at ij. C·ople5~'lGh]~'StieDlIrlFig Pr>e:c~ln~1£Motlltih5. com.QofSIngle Issue Publ.~hed rtl!ei. ~t:1 clb/il~s.ed in." .mt!l P~ld Su<b8criptl:onsSt.MO 64]06.ndys:tore~SF:. $30 for slx.e..'. NI'l'112m -~M2.293 ca.No. $74. $35-$60r targc?t.77 W"SihinEl~OinBh.'!!'~ra~e N'o'_ diis:tril1utlon ~bcrl/enom! n~ I ~at:e.(. each.T(]""-e~. 7 DomeSDC Aff.ofSI11g!le ~SSil.opie5Ind!Jd~ on PSForm 3541]:AloOllwage n ~Jo. $10 each. ]tem 12 o.IliIer: Me:r. Co:pie5 Each~s.'r{VER P'aJg~ 88 ('Shown on s.3. · (CIIIQckw~:s. 4]S-.(om. $3141 and John Bartlett tie.ther me-.lL. B.6. Bear. NY lOOGl. OH.73. Feullt4<liltle1l . her-own pants On David Dries van rNote'n shi rt. llii~: Dr n Hold1ng] pertent o~ More onot~1 Amo. Domestic Affairs rectangular felt place n'Oll!Iit]. 0. thein(iu:5frrafist5. 36:85].dusemoG@m.. ~Opercent. ..Clas:oM.cent 1e.eOl md'e~: 51S·:284"JSn.1)1tssoda!ion. $2 for' I'/. Penguin vest... Fiill~g [ OI~1Ashll~ Turk-Taylor Trshirt.'.lm .mdl (omple.helf) Vintag'e jack doorstop. tihiC<l. No.ul:!lnsliledl N~arest ·~D ng IDate'.heIIElia Moss stri ped top! SIl4.of ]5'1. LODUstStreet. {I} IF·rE!e' l'. N. $]78.n I!loli... f~o~r. lililV~ ra mor..1ieJle.~di1~rt1~er'~ proof ClQiP[e~."\'-engeNo.l~5hoo rlJearest to Filjl1\8DatE!"2:0. 283.. -.ocL. (4) i?iI~d[)~s.1l. round felt place 'STAJEiMENT0:1'OWNER5Ii1IP~M_t\NAJ.W'. . U. Cop1~s(iirSincgl'. David and j at Behind the Post Office.edungn MIl:ntns. S~earl1!!i >e~lUriliies OirGD.alte.e o ~Iil)' or IN~. zincdetaUs.@hind the Post Office. 1:2].6.inomaxom. Ate~ler LZ( Fol klcre pillow. <l nd Othe~ Paidl [)lIs' trib<ution Outsude USf. {2].. Ves1t1 $201 hm. $U~9.. $89r macys.lId'qlJ::ir~ers. ~aitiiJ.No..C'om SOLID 'WOLD Page 416 Ringurn rugs.(ofl'le:SllfSinll:le' l'ssue PillrJ. $dli~l~ b &: CCII" In G" kltn: PfoOiI(~ I)ep~rtii'fient. (oI11e~'ofSI ngile Issue rl!lll~fihed Nffil rest to.[mkN. ~ntl1s. lightly Tta laser-cut placernat. Mail Th.te P MailUn.884: ~o.Each Issu:e D~ rim!!!: l"e(. m1xedusemooerrtcom Pag~:~ 0"''71 Woodg:rai n coasters.. Pu blii5he! dl re~~ly or (l~.(. 17 8<11nu·llfi't 8 Way.:. $90. Mel· Ion Tmst 'of New ~ngJ~ndl. :S<lth $tree't.2. om.}01. and MACG. IIRate·Gllpies Mai~ed iIIt IiJtheif tias..('om.g:]2 r No. O.. ~e:rcei1llPllid U~ dli\1ided by lSfiIJimes100). LIN. Suede couch. FQwll@rphrenology bust.]21. (i!rG.eA '9"105.A.aI. :m M:. !lIppl!rnb~e. S~n FI( F. A'Iiftmgf No.The Mme~ <I nd addresses Cif.sOl. both ~l"[ wi mam$~$(. 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Berkeley.. rosesrdrsd is.el~stle PuRl~I:lhedN·~~resno ~UIi1gI[)8te. '-:('11· .J!71~ GIliJ.'S. Faux Bois wrapptng paper.401.~41S~S.dIIllII]2 Motlltihs.•1117 Elanorof'i:'Wa. $125.(opies QfSingle i:ssue 1F:'l!Jbl~shoo re. (o. TDot:a'll'IIl!Jmber t~piie~ IlI\Ie~I?res:> of IRun):A~era8i2'Mo.g:. 333 W. 55.69 IKraft pa per Fain ning stool by. 6<0601. 5238..ntns.wooden ca ndlesticks.:Lcom.CoP!e&of:l. (oples Ea~~11:ssue D'urin. 11ncdeta#s'.lr. ·wI11e~[aclh ~.415-861-2.. 525 Wlinam Pefin PI~ee.226" G. PUlb~~~iltlollli1tle.~l. TX. Her own shoes OmlMaU Tim berla nd j cozy. "·'-lr·O""nJ·~7-50.4 Alexarnd€r Glrard noteC~ rds.3J. Fa nta'sijsk~ paper napkins.. RE=STYLE '.aUlD itor: PlilliIl1sher:<GraceHawtl:lDmE!.am: (){t/Nmr 20m. knitted OIP@ol$151 and black felt doily (on cake stand). $351 alii at edenandfi!den.11_KIiOIll... .•Iln. AJtittl!: P~tr1ck Knull. postcards from House: After 5 Years of Lhtjngr $]Ol' eamesgailery:. sts iln Iesssteel cart.~.~MlE:wrAN D (lRW LAliION (Requlred lIy 39U$.com.e-'fro'mll~ft) On illrina Herown dress On INalbil1 Ben Sherman shirt. $27.. 207: ~2)frE!e or l'oJoml a I RllkIIH:.~ ~""'. (a. com On Rache~1 Aoyama Itchorne dress! $HJ]I.aJS"'~ o~ MJ11(!']:ANerage NCi.en.(01). 536. tocksdssorpaper. :21.oo~l:fil. If!'rm:y~efl!'i(es .e fro IT! Ille"U'Din N allbil Na uti ca lea ns c.lrd.. $6 per mat.CIl pies i:aorlil.9'!i 7. IiJMB San. 4]5-861.llne/Jl!Il'y.:2OCfl/l·iln :WOil'iiIs. $" Ccti'i'ip!et'f MJ1~ingAdd~e~~·ctf He-.. $148.2507j Ogl. Nffi! rest to Fill~g [1. mixe.. at B.pie~no~IDlstr1bulred ('SeeIniStnuclloJis to PllIbl~fihers#4 (~a:Be:ai'3n: Aver~1Pi1! Co~es Each l'ssu:e Du rilllB I?re(. ~LPaid Clr. $8 for six.4~a. No.eet.Copi·~~f.iislh~r1i. and tablecloth. Co:nta!l:t PerSiOn: !.. Attn: E'io:!rb8\ie... 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().:M.jly: 6. ol~ ~ouillty.' her own shoes On Lalrlkin Vl nt~lge Red shirt.tDd:lTJDlder~.OF Otlliet 'Se~U1r1t1e'S: NOille.Sult<:'3<119-.d (4).com. Mil.·M. 66. (ou nter Sales.:liIe~dyM8 de<® ~~~ueD'lte' tor (Irn~18t1()n [).que1'lcy:De'fi]. $228. ((.tJr~butionb). :n7.'h. G0I<:l1malilSaorns&< (0.379. $29. o h of Copies Eoidhl'ssue DUlr~ngj)rel:E!lliun!!:2M. 41. DU[ing IPIlEDBDlIil812: MOl'llbhs.l'Itlid ].-r 310< Hl!ldsonStr!!!et.cys"com. t\I~tijon. Domestic Affairs round felt place mat 527..ow n wa reiro he Pag:es 7'6-'77' Marti ni glass.-751 ea pot W ith hm. 211111 at X-21 Mod e rn ~x21mod..6)7. am 5_ (<! na I (c!t4. I'ittsbu~h.p3e~~adl ]sstle During Pr. Publf@t1on No. Br.C1 415-863301] On NalblllHis own shirt Olin R~lJ(.lItlS):.. 1R~".ndradisfr.~ [l!a~.(!OVER On her Porridge illnthe room Risom chatr by Knolt $734. $:2 21 a reasa nfra:ndsco.h~ssue Pr-ec:ed1I11.. O~iJNc".(0111~ (lfSI ngle I:5lme Publl&hed NeilJffiSlto Fll1ng DaM.:m.~. $.4~&. Gapie:oof SjlliElleIss!!le I?. (Cllo(. Algues wadi IIhangmgs. 1 jus tsca ndi navian.~O~~. IA 5!IJ309'-30:2J.! n .c. VA 23()OO.baJtcom roll.! 53212.lil}: A.II\IJGJ30l!. C. CI'I9." . (0. Poka I wirn€' glasses.m... $25901 propeffermodem.all M~ r~ets [nc.•~A2.7. rase' No. o iJJn. wooden LIS Slub mE?shoes.a Diab'less lada blouse.. and Brsndo bcotleg r:ot-CI. and [ubla Gl'lildlesr$B for 50.sllle[)l!.aeees. [}alb~..k~lI\Iat1~n 9th . her own Sh(M~S shirt! $69. candy'Store~sf(om Pages 72":7'3 Ca rrte bicycle basket.I n ~t.'Se:sl1hrmJ~ the U5t'S {e. Jers.Seouri~e5 U!. €'. etsy. W'S 1024.f{J.c9pie:s~: ~ra:se No.C...Capies. 'flltal (~ul1l'1 15~amd:!lj. ma.c.gAd<:ll~es. 2:4~.e:.5-861-2507.r1i'1.lle~.g: PFe-!:eain<g2 Mo. com.Co.the Dec .. Fantastisk paper napkins. 0_1'. INo.lIlid(_. 415-'861-250'7.tirvero1ge (oples Eac.ite:>~ Sin:ElI'e ~!!Ii2 ~ubmslill!d Neall'e!it 'to Fi~ing !Larkin Bien Sherman shirt.eyCit).lEaclhrnOomirnee 0 listed abll~e hllMs stIDokfor one or fi. all at rose. K[lnlS<ls 'Clt'!'. :2 %~q uart ova I Dutch Olrll illrffinaAoyama ltchorne dress.:iel3 .es.jj!U o~Sonds.:lte.s69_ (2} Maul&! jn·-C~u nty P'aid Sl!lit.221Ei. I[!..'or. 6~h 1'10.. and] Brand low-rise cig~ rette leg jeans.~O< per.IIlC.!ellllll~~he.u~s.ghthe tlI5PS ~e. $46.. Form 3Si2!6.o. 1716 f'ierit<lge Dr. taxiderrnied b08~.·illita~ IFr.!:er~®e alll12ltfRea..$42S.S.If 6e~lie ~1ue'fI\er..u. (ople:s. both at Fi1i11l8.68._ ihis State:rne fit o.l1l1. 30~.I' -'-~~ _":.lp'~Iob.No. $68.fPO. 100 W.19.79.Boo.d e}C!1:hlillnl'!(.se lilan~.[Qu.. S r . JIPMIlJ8. NlJ(117102.stewartcraft.lterageN 0'_ <of CIlpies lEachIS<5ue m ~ ~ij.g61~2S07. i ke.aoo!.erallllm1 n~~ Offii~e (IFPublisher: 1716 L(i!~II~ts.eop I·e : A. fofi 10 001i B.hed res~to IFilim8IDa~E! r.24~.85.A.~i1IdC4~l:Awr.lngJe II:iSiuePUll:>lisihed 1 NemreM W flliMtg t). f'i. No. be d[] ing.adarne!Ou~sidte tJhe'Mail): I nl M!l~redlOut .A.:.$7 per roll.l Pu bHf8tion Title'.

-: m·.baum. Casein point: the recyc:lled..e making fe'llt guns (see page 80). Saint . to fa <complement thetrwood-grain sneakers . featured on page 79. will c be publl~shed next fall. her -11".-m'-) __ !11". H@nryand 01[0.ogr~ph$ Or obsess. A..ay. Poleretd photos..Gom~ is cunentlly .(1 nd a jo ~m aJl]st·~ dvi I1an Il1fe'.n. a _ !"LE: q. H'r~~' e . Es:qujr:e~and n O'W 0 n the mver of ReadyM'ade" Nall"angkar Glover is a fine artist Ilvlng and working tn 0:3 kla n"dl~ win ni I1Ig comic.d e DIU t on page 62. and sh e's tel Iling them in any medium that will let her+irtdudmg ReadyM.. whr@resh@ .w~ ere hs'sa t work on a booka be ut Outkast.lod.ade (read file r wo rk 0 n page 63}. the Chicago Tribune. Army. S hs cu rrentlyco-owns f a nd 0 P@f. knl ttii Ifl g velry 10 ng sea rves.bfe-read an excerpt on page 64-and Tfl'e Know~Ir-AU:: On€' Man's Humble Quest rIO Become the Smarre. Fi 11@1i" nt-chi p wa ~I@tr pal Dwig~t Esch~iman (escn{imanphorl}. Califomia.OUffi€Ya.. outt ofOalkl.S.g. California. her I.designer.3ID~S a small gall@ry and artist's bookstor'€ called Row. in !B@rk@lleYj.lirah App leba urn {sarahapple. After rna ny tnesat ad he ri ng pi asn c for the b u bb~e~ Wra pi Ph one' case on pa ge 79. his work 5parn~ a va 1s a tu rn ta blist of the dusty sort. Ba rba ra He lmes {barbarahofmes.~ISk (bluiefelt@hotmaU.Rea d his ReaAyMade .pa per note boak ._ numb . this sp ri n. ind IU d] ng Superbad.rstratiorJ. She II ey T !I..and she wi lip u blish a series of yo u ng ad u It novels.based ~eweler. Yang (t!Dny" is a New YOifk:City-based photographer.u r _e f I m.2). on lPag@7ft no Superworse~ and A Grefe Is a BarJoon and Compass I3irJdth@irtwo '~Ol'il$. when her Dutch mothi@ftaught her to knit 13il1ld SfilN" find f1n~truLtiIOI'il~ for her b. and now ReooyMade: (see page 66).'.t cru_.lke (remake.on page 79.sec ret proiects that may (0 r may not) include a g~i3lntcardboard Island.l: One IlrJan's Hum ble Q. e!~ . and other colorful work for upcoming shows.. because she likes making stuff+like the shadow-puppet plates featured oOnpage 79. When he's not shooting. (ameroOn Blackwelll and former ReadyMad'e art director Midhalel Schrnelling (mkhae.and nyogeni cs lalbs_ His. (Or tiny wooden boxes. . Cali'fforrilia.. 'IN""""i ". Eri n Zam 1s th€ @t:ls. Rachell Sherrn an kachet@thefirsthurtcom)is the aJluthorofThe first.pit or duct taJpewQIt'lI' She is CUIrrent Iy \ll..!"of Living B1blicallj. a nd even me roe IU x boi s. like The' Wifco Booh-and Shm Up Truth.: P'Ossi..--nchl'II1'g .albyb@an~@ pag@ gn on Sh@ liv@s\!'l-i~thher hus.:no..etsy.f"i or of The Yea.acrylic plllintrf and thrift~5torf finds.. cQm) is a Sa n Fra ncisco -ba se d alrtist. So rn eth ing' s H]di IfDg~ Here 1sthe colla b orative n a me of n Shauna A~terijoand Stephen l. small i31d cr a'fter workj ng unf n '0 e r the m on.lOneyJux. 100.. 10V]1 tlIgc hi Id ren. meet] ng other creanve peop'~e. and she goes as often as she can. T!' ae)!' aft show of phot.. pubhshed in various magazines and anthologies. A Fremont..II!". h as \OJ rittenfor the I'l he OakJand Iribu. and 'Guterman thread.5 . no·-. bfogspot.!li)fk5ng a s art director for the Tern Timely Video Band whil. for n many national publications (lll1ldudjngReadyMade-see hls worl on paige 6.(1@s neriMac! papeUr gIUl@.eaIthy lov1e oftypogra phy.lschmeUing. work r'@gu r~ya ppears 1n ia t he New York Times Magazine.~onailly sh.]. Malrina L~z (/. m atthletic shoes a 11d L@gos to c I~a n fn~ roo rns ..e_ He is thea U1!.. . Ben Green rn an 15 a III edito rat t he New Yorher a no tthe sutho r of severa I boo ks oQff] ctio n. ]=~fs omic story.@clI'~. He 11ves 1n IBro oklyn .com) runs.aII[)IY pottery s~udkL TO:I1lY C..owns Bru5hstmk@~.d ep IO~l'edoOIra q with the U.oidolt. she spends ti me hati n:g [s robs 1sthe edtto r-at-l a rge of Esq uire magazf rII. CaJlirfo t mfa.i3lphy carser in 1998.(om) 1san 0211 k Ialnd. group costumes.]oIn nson {foDww-il1!. She has been began his photogr. L@am 110 melk@ h@rcu'Stom stel1rlonery onpage7R Eri Ik.s:t decor (see page 6S).boo k writ@fand a rtis t. . sw:h as designj ng pa per prod w: ts CI d creati ng ed itolriCi 1illustlr ati ons.ea. like the QIil€. on which she Gin be spotted scooting about Oakland. See hiswork on page 55.ieHozpmnounc@ w!Dlrki ng l1Ia m e oOflElf'inZElimrZlflljfll. m J esska Wi Ilia m s na s ib@@n akiil1lgallrt s~nrC@5ne was m young. Occas. and has'-alongwith hils tw~n brother.b she dreams of sushi. Llfe is p'r€'tty go 0 d.@tyof S u bj.Hurt(Open Dty Booh}. a boo k of hai ku poem s.yang@gmaij.i3. Fab10 Moon-b@enl tellingstories @v@r s~nc:@ through comic bocksand graphic novels {whk:h are @'Ssentta Ily t he sa rns t hii ng). Her studio ts five minutes frorn her house.alnld. Ca 11ern ta. Re'm!.lHIelikes humble quests. . and reststo r ea rrl ngs ke those sh e deslgne d on page 80). t~ e 'COI. lso on the a writinzstsao fff*h··NB. and eati ng. The 0 bjects she rna kes In h N wood stud 10 (like the daybed 0 n paige 38) 01 mfJmsh the 11e D'Hwee n n conceptual art end functional design.ett!erpn~ss bushless.. Malili Holiman areannmmc1ng'the]r proiect-makiog d e but. HONEVL!UX.n Morris(l!f1 (mwanmorri:sol1. you can find him 'in Atl anta. Cshfornla She collects and covets thritted goods. The SpaC€'ba~ is] n prod ucti on. Ma i]ij Ii kes to desIgn stuff a nd (a m eron Iiikes to bal~e p]e'.~'111 h~v'~.lve Ilnll'e drawings. raL . Iker of IbI uefe'~~{digrtafph1kpoodJe. Usa So 10 men isa mixed. TOlillYis a n avId snowb o:ard er and believes there are few thilngs a Ilttlles.m edl a artist iln Darkland.tJes~'~oFotJowehe Bible as LitetalJy}t whiich sits adjacent to her studio. Some ofhis photos have been collecrl'V'ely put into books. com) is ii Mfltllifl etl poilus il~lIstllator andde'slgnerwho wards ofF long winters by wo rk~1111$ on a wf de va Iflety of p lIojects. Gabriell Sa (fabioaindgabdeU:llogspatmm) is an . a music collaboration.rson il'l the WQr~d.. and is currently finishing a novel. paf nter. wetrd papers. native . u". They are very busy with severa I top. e __ . He wals bo rnl n S§Jo Paulo oll1lJIUlneSf 1976. S@@ 5 work 0 n Pi3Jg@ 52" hi Tracy McMi lla n hasa lot of storie s to tell..n page 78.JI h aid a Eu reka pie mom ell'iitt: 'let's iron it!" When t hey'lre not me It1 ng:thi ngs. cQm)~s d edicated to cralflj ing U nique and beautiful creations from a wide variety of salvaged and recycled _. -. She loves orange but fell for a yellow 198[ Honda ('70 P'assport.o. WE'atherman. __ . bookbind~rr and artist who 100\. When notwrlting essays on he she's .Cd-l-m-lj·.) She ha s an un h. Ca11a mj 2'1..

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