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Title of Proposal Midwest Evaluation Proposal Statement of whom it’s submitted to and who’s submitting it This proposal is being

done by Midwest Evaluations and is being submitted to Far West Laboratory for Educational Research Development. Introduction
This proposal will be done for Far West Laboratory for Educational and Research Development (FWL). The evaluation will be done by Midwest Evaluations (ME) The evaluation is to evaluate their program called Determining Instructional Purposes (DIP) training program. FWL wants determine if they are ready for distribution of their instruction units. FWL wants to grow as a company and develop a DIP training program package. FWL wants to first determine the effectiveness of their program before they start producing at a mass scale. If FWL produces a product that doesn’t work well, it would hurt their company significantly. If their product works great then it will help develop their company on a larger scale. The purpose of the evaluation is to gain enough information that FWL administrators can decided whether or not they could start spreading their program.

Description of Program being Evaluated
The Determining Instructional Purposes training package consists of three different units. The three units are: Unit 1-Setting Goals, Unit 2–Analyzing Problems, and Unit 3-Deriving Objectives. Each unit is made up of four-to-six modules and the units can be taught together or separately. “A typical module contains reading material related to the skills taught in the module, individual or small group activities in which the trainees practice the skills, and feedback for the practice activities. In many of the

Since the DIP can be learned as a whole (participants learn all three units) or as a part (participants learn only one or two units) the evaluation needs to include research findings on both methods. If a school or company is going to use the materials for a workshop they need to have a coordinator. Group B will do only Unit 1. The summative evaluations that will be done are a pre-test and a post-test. the evaluation must yield information that proves or disproves the quality of learning with the DIP program. C. Group A will do the complete three unit DIP program. 2. and Group D will do only Unit 3. the evaluation will rest on both summative and formative evaluations. This will determine the effectiveness of the program as a whole. In order to determine the effectiveness I will have four different participant groups.practice activities. . Throughout the learning process there will be formative evaluations that give insight into the learning process as it is happening. run the workshop. meaning that one would only need to follow their program to achieve the success that is desired by the participants. Evaluation Method The evaluation’s main goal is to determine whether or not FWL should market the DIP program. and 3 at a higher success rate than Groups B. To determine the effectiveness of the DIP program as a whole (Group-A). meaning that one would only need to follow their program to achieve the success that is desired by the participants. By doing an evaluation this way it can be determined if Group A (all units) learns Unit 1. which is someone who has gone through the program. The units are self-contained. FWL prides themselves that their program is self-contained. Based upon FWL’s goal to determine the worth of this program. Group C will do only Unit 2. and D. the trainees are organized into planning teams in order to apply the skills covered in the module to problems and processes in a hypothetical school district” (FWL Request for Proposal).

Participants are doing complete program Group B.Participants are only doing Unit 2 Pre-test for Unit 1 Attitude Survey Unit 1 Test Group D . just like Group A. C. and Unit 3 for Group D). Since Group B will only be doing Unit 1.Participants are only doing Unit 1 Pre-test Attitude survey Unit test 1 Unit test 2 Unit test 3 Post test Group C. so that evaluations will be pertinent to the stakeholders. Lastly the participants will take a test at the end of each unit. These groups will still take attitude surveys. Group A. post-test. and D) will have different evaluations than Group A. The committee will be made up of stakeholders. and Unit tests. post-test) will cover their units (Unit 2 for Group C. but they will be over different topics. The participants who learn each individual unit (Group B.Participants are only doing Unit 3 Pre-test for Unit 2 Attitude Survey Unit 2 test Pre-test for Unit 3 Attitude Survey Unit 3 Test A committee will create pre-test. There still will be summative and formative evaluations. attitude surveys. their pre-test and post-test will be only over Unit 1.There will be attitude surveys to conclude how the participants feel about the program. The only change for Group C and Group D are that their summative tests (pre-test. The committee will create the evaluation questions and survey questions . The attitude survey will be given at the middle and end of the program.

D begin their unit. Results are summarized and tabulated. Stakeholder committee is established. Agency Responsible FWL and ME Date January 4th FWL and ME Stakeholder Committee ME ME ME ME January 5th January 15th January 15th January 18th January 18th January 22nd ME ME ME ME January 25th February 1st February 5th February 12th . Task Schedule TASK FWL and ME meet to discuss ME’s Proposal. and determine any adjustments needed. The learning process for them will be 3 hours a day. Groups B. Group A finishes Unit 3 and takes a post-unit test. and D take Attitude Survey Group C Finishes Unit 2 and takes post-unit test. C. and D take their respected pre-tests. Group A. B. and surveys are created. Group A begins 1st Unit. Participants will be found and paid $50 a day for their learning. Participant groups are found and created. C. Groups B. and post program test. Group A Finishes Unit 2 and takes post-unit that each evaluation will precisely attain the information needed to help FWL make their decision. and attitude survey. All evaluations. Groups A. and an attitude survey. B and D Finish their first unit and take Unit 1 post-test.

500 /5 Days ($50 per day) $5.200 /15 Days ($50 per day) $2.Participants (7 group C) Total Travel and per Deim $15. Head coordinator) day) . One of the FWL needs to report directly to the FWL executives. and one ME representative to run the evaluations.Coordinator (C) .200 /24 Days ($300 per $1. The ME representative can be the same as the ME representative that is in the stakeholders group. D) .250/5 Days ($250 per day) $3. The two FWL personnel will help determine what information they want included in the evaluations.ME representative .250/5 Days ($250 per day) $1. The ME representative will be the head of the stakeholders committee.000/ 30 Days ($500 per day) $4.400 .Coordinator (A.Participants (7 group A) .500/6 Days ($250 per day) $1. This person will be able to help have constant communication with the heads of FWL and the stakeholders committee.600/ 12 Days ($300 per day) $7.Coordinator (B) .Participants (14 groups B. and two FWL personnel (one who reports directly to an FWL executive). There needs to be four different coordinators to teach the 4 groups that are being evaluated. and surveys. one DIP coordinator representative. ME February 12th Project Personnel The stakeholders committee will be made up of one ME representative. Budget or Fee – (see sample budget in Course Documents) Personnel .800 / 12 Days ($400 per day) $3.Write final report and submit to FWL.Coordinator (D) .FWL representative (A) . since the evaluations has major implications for whether or not the company is going to grow.100 /6 Days ($50 per day) $45.FWL representative (B) .

pens) $18 $174.50 (7 packages/ 24.95 $100 $480.180. and Photocopying Total Coordinator handbooks each) Three Unit package each) Single Unit package each) Supplies (pencils.95 (21 packages/ 8. paper.60 .60 (4 handbooks/4.300 Materials.000 (gas compensation) $1.65 $187.95 _________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ Total $47.- Total Travel expenses for ME representative $300 (gas compensation) o Site visits o Meetings with FWL o Travel to and from ME office Travel for participants $ 1.