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Finance Knowledge Transfer Accounts Receivable Breakout Session 2

Ground Rules
Important Ground Rules
– – – – – Sign the attendance sheet Feel free to ask questions Turn off your cell phones and pagers No email or internet usage during class except at breaks Have a good time!


Create Customer Invoices/Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable Generate Correspondence (customer statements, IDT’s and invoices) ) Reverse a Document


Benefits of SCEIS SAP Accounts Receivable Integrated system Real-time queries and reports Document audit trail Real-time posting Automatic reconciliation (AR/GL) 4 .

Account Receivable Invoice Process .

AR Invoice Business Process Overview Receive Invoice Form Create Invoice Scan Form (if required) Generate Invoice for Correspond ence Send Correspond ence DC-020 Process Accounting Transactions 6 .

Accounts Receivable Overview cont. Transaction Code T ti C d Use U Defaults to document D f lt t d t type: DR (customer invoice) DG (customer credit memo) or ZK (State agencies) Blank – Must use ZD or ZW NA FB70 – Enter Customer Non-State accounts Invoice receivable invoices FV75 – Enter Customer Credit memo for all Credit Memo customers F-04 – Post with Clearing Create and post deposits To view customer account line items – open. cleared or both To view customer account balances FBL5N – Customer Line Item Display FD10N – Customer Balance Display NA 7 . SCEIS uses several standard transactions to process to a specific document type.

Custom transaction C t t ti ZAR_REV Receipt payments from R i t t f customers (AR) Screen copy of: S f F-28 (post incoming payment) FB50 (post G/L document) Defaults to document D f lt t d t type: DZ (customer payment) ZREV Receipt of miscellaneous payments SK (cash documents) ZARIDT Live agency billing Live agency FB70 (enter customer invoice) F-28 (post incoming payment) FV50 (park G/L document) ZJ (IDT invoice billing) ZIDTREC Live agency receipting payment from Live agency ZF (IDT receipts) ZIDTPAY Live agency billing Non-live agency ZF (IDT receipts) 8 . SCEIS uses several “Z” (customized) transactions to default to a specific document type.Accounts Receivable Overview cont.

Accounts Receivable Overview cont. Transactional Data Posting Keys Debit Credit General Ledger Customer Vendor Asset Material 40 01 21 70 89 50 11 31 75 99 9 .

The Accounts Receivable clerk will: – Access this transaction once it has been established that a receivable needs to be set up for a customer. p – Have the ability to generate an invoice from SAP. 10 .Enter Customer Invoice Create a customer invoice using transaction FB70 when you want to bill a non state agency for the cost of good and services rendered.

11 . System generated Document number is displayed after posting. found in the document header.Enter Customer Invoice cont. identifies the type of business transaction. All customers have a payment term of 0001 – Pay immediately. All SAP documents have two components: – Document header – Line item The document type.

Doc Type (defaulted). Invoice Date. Document Header – Basic Data tab • Customer Number. Amount. Reference number (*) – P Payment tab tt b • Payment Terms – Defaulted from Customer Master. Posting Date.Enter Customer Invoice cont. Base line date (Defaulted from document date and payment terms) – Notes tab • Free form that will print on Correspondence type Z007 12 .

Enter Customer Invoice cont. Line Item required fields: – GL Account – Amount – Cost Center – Order – Fund – Grant – All other account assignment elements will be derived 13 .

Required Header Fields: •Customer •Invoice Date •Posting Date •Document Type •Amount •Reference Required Fields: •Amount •G/L Account •Cost Center •Fund •Order •Grant 14 .Enter Customer Invoice cont.

15 . Do NOT click on “Park” within an FB70 transaction.Hold Incomplete Customer Invoices: Do NOT “Park” Customer invoices can be saved as incomplete HOLD documents by using the “HOLD” functionality on a FB70 transaction. Park transaction as this will LOCK the document.

Enter Customer Invoice-ZARIDT Live to Live Required Header Fields: •Customer •Invoice Date •Posting Date •Document Type •Amount •Reference Required Fields: •G/L Account •Amount •Cost Center •Functional Area •Fund •Grant 16 .

Enter Customer Invoice-ZIDTPAY Live to Non Live Required Header Fields: •Document Date •Reference •Doc. Header Text (Optional) Required Fields: •G/L Account to be credited •Amount •Cost Center •Functional Area •Fund •Grant •G/L Cash on Deposit account p 1000040000 to be debited •Amount 17 .

Demonstration and Exercise Enter Customer Invoice “Hold” an Invoice Enter Customer Inv w/ 1 time Customer Enter li to live invoice E t a live t li i i Enter a live to non live invoice FB70 FB70 ZARIDT ZIDTPAY 18 .

AR Correspondence and Account Statements .

A/R Correspondence Process 20 .

Request Correspondence – FB12 SAP allows you to request a correspondence such as: – AR Invoices – Account statements – IDT invoice for billing 21 .

Maintain Correspondence – F.64 You can maintain your correspondence request in the following ways: – Print a request immediately (from the print view) – Repeat the print of a request (providing the request has not been deleted) – Display the request with the print view function – Repeat the request – Maintain the request text – Delete the request 22 .

Maintain Correspondence cont. Required Fields: •Correspondence Co espondence •Company Code •Account Type 23 .

24 .Maintain Correspondence cont. Double-click view print p preview. Double-click to print.

25 .Maintain Correspondence cont.

61 Once executed. Required Fields: •Correspondence p •Company Code •Account Type 26 . this transaction will print all requested correspondence requests.Print Correspondence – F.

Print Correspondence cont. 27 .

61 28 .64 F.Demonstration and Exercise Request Correspondence Maintain Correspondence p Print Correspondence FB12 F.

all open items in the chosen period account. F. The account statement can be created for customers and/or vendors.64.61. It displays the balance carried forward. 29 . and the closing balance of the account The account balance statement will only display the open item list Payments and cleared items will list. not be displayed. F. Correspondence type Z0006 has been created for p yp account statements.Account Statements The State generates monthly account statements y g for customers by using standard SAP transactions FB12.

Required Fields: • Correspondence type • Company code • Customer Account number 30 .Account Statements cont.

Reverse a Document .

32 .Reverse Document FB08 If you created an invoice by mistake you can reverse th d the document b using FB08 t by i FB08.

Demonstration and Exercise Reverse Document FB08 33 .

ESC – July 2. 9:00-12:00. at 9:00-12:00.Next Steps – FI Knowledge Transfer Breakout Sessions Accounts Receivable. at 9:00-12:00. 3 more classes – June 18 at 9:00 12:00 ESC 18. – June 25. ESC .

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