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February 2012 email: transplant@neo.rr.


A k r o n - C a n t o n Tr a n s p l a n t R e c i p i e n t s
Board of Directors: Mary Fread: Chairperson, Nancy & Walter Hinkel, Bruce Hord, Richard Samoila, Rosie Price & Randy Pelton. Randy will copy the existing By-Laws & Duties and make them available for members to review and see if we need to make any changes to bring them up-to-date. Walter has volunteered to do a summary of the content for the DVDs in our library, probably starting with a summary of the topics, just to see if it raises interest in them.He hopes to do one a month. Micki Wise has borrowed DVD#29 Presumed Consent, which we can discuss when she returns. We welcomed new members, Ted Seeton and Kevin Wicks.

February 2012 Meeting

Our meeting will be February 21st at North Canton Medical Foundation Education Building A 6046 Whipple Ave. N.W.,North Canton 6:30p.m. - 8:30p.m.

Meeting will commence at 6:30 with a meal, followed by any announcements and/or pertinent information. 7:00pm: Open Forum/ Discussion Meeting will end with a Round Table Discussion. We must vacate the building by 8:30pm. ********************** Decisions made at our January 17th meeting for 2012: Co-Presidents: Nancy & Walter Hinkel Vice-President: Bruce Hord Treasurer: Richard Samoila Secretary: Mary Fread

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Thanks to Nancy & Walter, we received the following message from The Repositry: Your event entry entitled TRIO Monthly Meeting has been approved by our content moderator! Other visitors to Event Calendar will now be able to view it. You can visit health-fitness/trio-monthlymeeting to view it yourself. **********************

Our Esteemed President Emeritus, Richard Becherer

finished the job he and God had to do and made his transition February 8, 2012. He did a wonderful job of conducting TRIO meetings, visiting members in hospitals and nursing homes as long as his health permitted. No matter what, he was always available to give us advice.We will always remember him and miss him. The crowd at his calling hours was evidence of how much he was loved and appreciated. His daughter Sheila read an appropriate tribute to this great man at his funeral.

Message from Dicks lovely wife Joan: Hello family and friends, Well, Dick is in his final resting place. It was a beautiful day snow and all because as Sheila put it, if not, he would be on the links and not with us. The spray on the casket was white roses, blue-tip carnations, glads, babys breath and cedar greens.So, the florists must have known because the arrangements were exquisite with blue and white flowers and every now and then you would see the pop of color with red roses, mums and Gods garden. Dick would have loved this scenery. He loved working in the garden and seeing what new flowers he could get to grow. The Mass and service at the cemetery were awesome. The Marines were at the cemetery, played taps, folded the flag and presented it to me. It touched my heart! Many family members and friends gathered to say goodbye and give me emotional and long-lasting support. This experience has taught me the true meaning of the word love.
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For love truly is an unselfish giving of one self. My friends, you have become my support and outlet so dont think you are getting rid of me. I will keep you posted as to things I am doing and the happenings . LOVE NEVER CEASES, IT LIVES IN OUR HEARTS Love to all, Joan Note from Joan: TRIO family, My thanks for your cards, prayers, calling hours visit and Mass attendance. Dick was right when he called you family. May you each gain in Gods grace. God bless you all. Good luck to the newly elected officers. Joan Becherer ************************ TRIO is here for all of you and is willing to listen and share good news, sad news, prayers, bad news and whatever is needed to help one another on this roller-coaster of life. We may not be related, but we have many related concerns and consider each member as part of our very special family.

Robert Forbes, Sr Jan. 1, 1934 - Jan. 17, 2012

I met Bob and Sylvia Forbes when they came to our TRIO meeting in 1994. Sylvia had received a life-saving single lung transplant at Cleveland Clinic on August 4, 1994. Bob was a large man, a truck driver for 44 years and said how he looked forward to retirement, traveling and taking care of Sylvia, who is a very nice, petite lady. Unfortunately that was not meant to be. Bob lost almost all of his eyesight after a stroke and could no longer drive. Sylvia ended up taking care of him at home until it was no longer possible, often neglecting her own health. Bob knew that no matter what, Sylvia would see that he got the best of care. Bobs health prevented them from attending many TRIO meetings, so few of you probably knew him. However they remained loyal TRIO members. Although the weather was nasty and the roads were icy, many friends and family came to the calling hours.
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Along with the churches listed, Sylvia requested that donations be made to AkronCanton TRIO as she knew that is what Bob would have wanted. To date, we have received a total of $140.00 in memory of Bob. Sylvia is our hero, has overcome so many obstacles and is always encouraging anyone when needed. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to catch up on much needed cancer removed, wires protruding from foot surgery, hip & knee problems etc., and mountains of paper work required for medical care. With herI can do it...Life is what it is attitude, she is a real winner. ***********************

After services they have what is called an Oneg Shabbat. Refreshments are served at that time. This gives people a chance to talk one on one and become more informed on transplantation and the need for donors. We hope many more TRIO members, families and friends will attend this third annual Organ Donor Sabbath Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend this important event. Hartville Flea Market Sale in June (Date to be announced) Ray Golden always picks the dates in June when a Celebrity will be present. Please notify friends and family to keep in mind useful things to donate to the sale. Please no clothing, shoes or boots. Only items in near-new or quality condition can be accepted. Contact Ray or Susan Golden at 330-699-0862 if you have any questions. The sale can only be a success if enough items are donated.

Future Events: Friday, April 20th at 7:30pm

Organ Donor Sabbath Rabbi Robert Feinberg Temple Israel 133 Merriman Road Akron, Ohio 44303 Phone: 330-762-8617 Sponsored by the: Bernard Wise Family to honor organ donors and recipients and is in memory of Bernie Wise

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Transplant Games of America July 28 - 31, 2012 Grand Valley State University Grand Rapids, Michigan For more information, please visit www.transplantgamesof or contact Eric Engelbarts at the West Michigan Sports Commission

TRIO 25TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR CELEBRATION September 28th/29th Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Please set aside those dates and join with TRIO members from around the country. See the TRIO web site at and Lifelines mailings for the current conference details. I received beautiful green and gold 25th Anniversary stickers that I will have available for you at the February 21 st meeting. If you cannot attend our meeting, please let me know how many you would like and I will send them to you.

Annual Celebration of Life Picnic Sunday, August 12, 2012 12:00noon - 4:00pm John Torok Community Center 4224 Massillon Road, Green,OH We have reserved the airconditioned building and the pavilion. They have added a Veterans Memorial with flags, an eternal flame and engraved bricks by the walking path. There is also a playground for children. Sugardale supplies us with free hot dogs and Schwebels with the buns. Ray Golden did an excellent job grilling hot dogs and hamburgers last year... finishing in the rain! We compile a list of foods each member selects to bring. Please plan to come, enjoy good food and good company.

Celebration of Life Party December 18, 2012

North Canton Medical Foundation Building A - Auditorium 6:30 - 9:00pm

Please mark this on your calendar and plan to attend. We are required to have a minimum of 50 in order to reserve the auditorium for 2013. Set-up time will be at 5:00pm for volunteers help to get ready for our 6:30 dinner. Dianne Phillips of Lifebanc has agreed to be our first speaker at 7:00pm. More details later. Page 5

From: TRIO Philadelphia Chapter Jim Gleason, President

TRIO Philadelphia chapter shared the results of their special 2011 chapter project by sending AkronCanton a copy of a free resource now available for families facing transplant. (see press release email of February 9, 2012) I will bring the book Mommy Can Play Again to our February 21st meeting for you to view and decide how many copies we will need. ********************

Spunky and bright-eyed as she scampered around her familys farmhouse outside Portland, Alannah Shevenell said Thursday that shes glad to be feeling well again and able to go sledding, make a snowman, work on her scrapbooks and give her grandmother a little goodhumored sass. The best part though? Being home she said just being home..... ********************* Request from Rosie Price: Would you please keep my father-in-law (Ricks dad) in your prayers to help him have the strength and the will to fight the cancer that is causing his stomach to retain fluid? I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers and I am certain that with everyone pulling for him, we can and will help him beat this so that he can stick around for his family that much longer. Thank you ever so much.
Mary Fread, Editor Akron-Canton TRIO 1529 19th St NE

Maine girl bouncing back after 6-organ transplant

published:Feb 02,2012 CLARK CANFIELD, Associated Press (submitted by Rosie Price)

Hollis, MAINE (AP)

A 9 year-old Maine girl is home from a Boston hospital healthy, active and with high hopes - and a new stomach, liver, spleen, small intestine, pancreas, and part of an esophagus to replace the ones that were being choked by a huge tumor. Its believed to be the first-ever transplant of an esophagus and the largest number of organs transplanted at one time in New England.

Canton, OH 44714-2105 330-453-8214

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