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Jeffery Buhman

Chapter Five Reviewing the Basics
1. What are five main categories of form factors used for motherboards? ATX, MicroATX, FlexATX, BTX, and NLX. 2. How many pins does the Intel Socket B have? What is another name for this socket? 1366 PINS 3. How many pins does the AMD socket AM2 have? 940 Pins 4. Which is a better performing Intel chipset, the X58 or the P45? X58 is a Highperformance chipset and P45 is a Mainstream desktop chipset. 5. Which part of the chipset connects directly to the processor, the North Bridge or the South Bridge? North Bridge 6. What are the names of the two technologies used to install multiple video cards in the same system? SLI and Crossfire 7. What are the two different voltages that a PCI slot can provide? 5V and 3.3V 8. How does the throughput of PCI Express Version 1.1 compare to PCIe Version 1? How does PCIe Version 2 compare to Version 1? 1.1 and 1 have the same specs. Version 2 is twice the speeds to version 1 9. What is the maximum wattage that a PCIe Version 2.0 expansion card can draw? 300 Watts 10. What new type of power connector was introduced with PCIe Version 1.0? How much power does this connector provide? 6 Pin and 75 Watts 11. What new type of power connector was introduced with PCIe Version 2.0? How much power does this connector prodive? 8 Pin and 150 Watts 12. If you are installing an expansion card into a case that does not have enough clearance above the motherboard for the card, what device can you use to solve the problem? PCI Riser cards. The riser card allows you easier access to connect to slim cases. 13. What is the purpose of an AGP slot? It is designed for specific video cards. 14. Which is faster, a PCI Express x16 bus or the latest AGP bus? PCI Express x16 is faster. 15. What is the purpose of a CNR slot? It is used for small riser cards such as modem, audio, or network riser cards. 16. What is the likely color of the PS/2 mouse port on the rear of a computer? Green 17. What is one reason to flash BIOS? You might need to use flash BIOS if you need to up date the BIOS or if the motherboard is unstable. 18. What is the easiest way to obtain the latest software to upgrade BIOS? Go to the manufacturer s website and download the latest flash upbate. 19. What can you do if the power-on password and the supervisor password to a system have been forgotten? You have to do a BIOS jump, how to do a jump is in the motherboard instructions.

Where is the boot priority order for devices kept? CMOS Ram 21. Hitting the F2. or ESC key when booting up. 24. If a USB port on the motherboard is failing. what is one tack you can do that might fix the problem? Disable the port in the BIOS or by jumper and add an expansion card. What is the different between a hard boot and a soft boot? A soft boot doesn t take as long as a hard boot. 25. Describe how you can access the BIOS setup program. . 22. How is CMOS RAM powered when the system is unplugged? A battery 23. Delete. A hard boot takes longer and clears memory. What might the purpose be for a SATA-style power connector on a motherboard? Applies additional power for video cards.Jeffery Buhman 20.