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To achieve efficient team member in a growth oriented organization. To concentrate on .Net technology while being resourceful, innovative and flexible where in my skills, experience will be utilized to its fullest potential.

on ASP.NET 3.5 as a Trainee from Jan-2010 to April-2010 onwards at ANANT SOFTECH Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad. I am working on .Net technology as a Software Developer from Sep-2010 to July-2011 at NEXTWAY TECHNOLOGIES, Ahmedabad. I am working on .Net technology as a Software Developer from July-2011 to still onwards at MILESTONE INTERNET MARKETING Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.

I was worked

 Programming Language: C#.Net (ASP), VB.Net (ASP), MVC(Basic).  Data Base : SQL.  Designing : Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop Project Developed:
CMS (Content Management System)
Role: Developing Front end – C#.Net Back end – SQL

Content Management makes collaboration easier, enforces design standards, enhances userinterface consistency and reduces confusion & training costs. This project works as content management system software, implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). The Web CMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and many essential Web maintenance functions. There are some additional features also added as per client requirements. One main advantage is that using this CMS some SEO related works also managed which is very useful in online marketing.
OMS (Office management system)
Role: Developing Front end – C#.Net Back end – SQL

In simple terms, office management means Planning, organizing, and administering activities in an office. Organizing and administering the activities that normally occur in any day-today business office environment. In this application admin can manages Postal, Documentation, Inventory, Task Creation, Contact Management modules as per planning of office for the management of office. Main aim behind creating this application is responsible for directing workers and seeing that their jobs are done efficiently.
MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

update and delete query with giving only table name and columns name. Junagadh.00%  H.9429110058 Multi-Level Marketing is a Perfect Home-Based (Sideline) Business Opportunity that is set aside to Empower People who are SEEKING.SHAH college of Engineering and Technology. Banshidhar Nagar.C (80. associates and partners. Using this we can generate insert. Alternate Email ID: rohan@rohanpatel. or Great Lifestyles.S. Aggregate: .Net Back end – SQL E-mail: rohan.somee. Leave management and Task management with full Details of employees. EDUCATION:  B. Hindi and Gujarati. It provides employee management with full details description of employees. This application will effect socio-economic development for customers.ROHAN K.somee. OTHER DETAILS: Date of birth: 20th May 1989 Nationality: Indian.Net Back end – SQL. PATEL PERSONAL SKILLS: . This application defines multiple levels up to 10th I created this website for only own purpose.44. EXTRA ACTIVITE: Code Helper Role: Developing Front end – C#. This is a simple web application which is useful to creating codes for dot net application. And also provide reports like Attendance and Salary reports in system for easy management of the employee’s details for a company. Computer Engineering from C. Current Address: Shjanand Flate. B/H Bus Stand.C (65.00%) from Alpha High Contact No. Shivranjni cross road.http://rohanpatel. Self Employment. It also provides additional functionality for system like Attendance management.69.00%) from Alpha High School.Net DEVELOPER Role: Developing Front end – C#.  S. This application is very useful to the ‘Human resource management’. Junagadh.Net Back end – SQL. And also generating get set properties by just giving their name.patel. Ahmedabad Language Known: English. in the Aspect of either Good Health. Time Freedom.S.ce@gmail.:9662512307. HR System (Final semester project) Role: Developing Front end – C#. Financial Freedom.U. This website provides unique sources of Income Bonuses through making members under us in a tree format. Junagadh. URL . Gender: Male Permanent Address: Block No.

Openness to learn and adopt new Technologies.:9662512307. Smart working. Rohan Patel . PATEL . I hope my qualification and expertise will match your requirement and I hope for a positive response.ce@gmail. Contact No.Net DEVELOPER  E-mail: rohan.9429110058  Ability to work in team environment In order to achieve laid goal.ROHAN K.