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EssEntial GUidE tO Important information Essential Guide to Europe is published and distributed by Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd.............. 27 Venice................................ 24 Nice.............. 30 AUSTRIA Vienna.......... 15 GERMANY Frankfurt..... 6 SPAIN Madrid.........................your........... 29 GREECE 21 Munich. www.............................................. EMI2664 ................... As delectable as the journey......... 20 Hamburg.............. 10 Birmingham....... ...................... 32 EssEntial GUidE tO Europe........ 4 THE NETHERLANDS Amsterdam..... One stop to Europe General Editorial enquiries store....... .................... 13 Newcastle....go........... emirates.............................. 12 ABN 33 003 357 720...................... For more details visit emirates.................this................................EUROPE Contents Introduction. 2 CZECH REPUBLIC Prague.......................................................... All information correct at time of publication (September 2010) | Over 600 entertainment channels | To have The Sydney Morning Herald home delivered phone (02) 9282 400 international awards and over 100 destinations worldwide including 25 in contact your local travel agent or Emirates on 1300 303 777.. 22 FRANCE Paris................................. 26 ITALY Rome.. 14 SCOTLAND Glasgow........................ 18 Düsseldorf.........copy.......................................... 9 ENGLAND the publisher of The Sydney Morning Herald........................................................................ ..... To.......or......... Jason Vella... Indulge in world-class cuisine on every Emirates flight.............Essential........................... ........... 28 Award-winning service Crew Tips courtesy of Emirates The guide is intended to provide general information of an educational nature only..............................

wonderful.–.to.a.the.quicker?.the.emotions.London.lovely.up. | Gourmet food and wine | Seamless connections 2 400 international awards and over 100 destinations worldwide including 25 in Europe.more. straight.Glasgow’ Award-winning service EMI2666 places.Europe’ contact your local travel agent or Emirates on 1300 303 777.yourself.means.Once.affordable. Enjoy Emirates’ 600 channels of non-stop entertainment.but.powerful.the.the.flight.take.first.offer... croissants.the.they.been..of. TI In the se bo P xes throu gh you’ll out the gu fi id and t nd travel a e. to.start? ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE CRE W aims.!’ As entertaining as the historic.of.King.pleasures.and. For more details visit– they.’s.hottest. offbeat.the.Scotland. op tip dvice s from crew to fl Europ help mak ight e you ean jo r u more enjoy rney even’ A.Nice.

celebrate.Prague’s.with. beer?.of.Prague CZECH REPUBLIC TIP Pamp e in the r yourself s of Ca pa town rlsbad / Karlo vy Va ry.. Prague. than. is.will.will.steeped. away.hand-painted.burn.The.there.the.the. cubist.destinations.a.of. presidents. Just.on.Easter. Right: The Vltava River flows through Prague’s historic heart Below: Frank Gehry’s Nationale-Nederlanden Prague’s. PRAGUE MUST-DO Visit Old Town Square between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge for a taste of the city’s astonishing history. ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE better known as the Dancing House CRE W music. a Prague in.history.Advent.need.the.why.trick. to.history. centuries.on.superstitions.Monday.real.still.partying. beautiful.and.on.a.and.. TRY Dinner on the terrace of the Celeste Restaurant at the top of the famous and very quirky Dancing House building.a.centre. 4 .the.Czechs. tastes.draw.after.with.Witches..a.Night.Vltava.emperors.the.. MORE INFO www. popular.old..Sitting. Festival. WHY NOT? Sit in a cafe and read a copy of The Trial by Franz Kafka.of. before visiting the museum dedicated to his life and work. which was designed to look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing together.lively.month.true.a. manage. with.200. Be careful when leaving through the gift shop – it sells 112 different types of skates. Above and left: Night and day – canals and historic buildings encircle the centre of Amsterdam ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE WHY NOT? Chill-out in the lounge area of the Vodka Museum after making a movie of your exploits at.Central.anyone.look.round.time.fairytale.just.leading.every.tea.‘ –’s.has.festivals.Van. cities.the.Vondelpark.been.firebreathing.overriding.festivals. to... handsome.the.for.the. the best way to see them is to take the beaten. which The New York Times once called ‘one of the world’s great cafes’ and.has.before.of.hosts.track. Robodock.a.of.only. place.the.houses.first.including.House’’ 6 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE 7 AMSTERDAM MUST-DO Amsterdam has more canals than locals.on. TRY Lunch in the parquet-floored Cafe MORE INFO THE NETHERLANDS TIP Cruis e of Am the canals s and a terdam dmire archit t ectur he’ve. CRE W their. hop-off canal bus to visit some of its many museums.get. enough. It. streets.phoenix.of.– more. ‘’ There.cup. After.

Market. how.gourmand.should.bars...over.Spain.late.own. MORE INFO www.or. TRY One of Madrid’s famous Flamenco’–.city.the.great.night..have.comfortable..Miguel. which is based on the former Spanish Royal Collection spanning artworks from the 12th century to the early 19th century.the.down..nightclubs. in the heart of the paintings. home to one of the world’s finest collections of European art.matter.of.the.will.real..the.and.all.houses. Real Madrid.of.a.” SPAIN TIP Don’t m Prado iss the m centr useum in al Ma drid.why..the.have.the.evening..heritage.the.don’t.with.tastes.senses.monuments.. don’ CRE W Opposite: The rooftops of Madrid Right: Boutique shops line the Calle Serrano ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE 9 which used to be a shelter for bullfighters...Madrid.of.Madrid The.the. at the Santiago Bernabeu But..You.the.Museum.through. “Nobody.the.that.experience.historic. galleries.or.time.visit.exacting. s MADRID MUST-DO Visit the Prado Museum.most. the.. stroll.–.goes.close.the.. your. restaurants.go.time..of. chorizo.flamenco. one o ft great he world’s es of art t museum will.mature. do.Madrid.see.packed.taking.bars.–.is. There are many to choose from such as Taberna Las WHY NOT? Buy tickets to watch one of the most successful teams in Spanish football.good.find.the. buildings. is.short.6am.for.way.

historical.European. You can fill up on the tasters alone.all. Tate ENGLAND TIP Take a and v day trip is Camb it historic Top left: Burlington arcade in Piccadilly.but.the.incredible. was Britain’s first shopping arcade Top right: Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace Opposite: Brick Lane ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE 10 . 30.the.Royal. free. opened in 1819.of.the.the. 80km just f centr rom the e of L ondon ..high. experience. is... Street.enter. perfect.are.Botanic.on..300. boasts.a. Regents Canal or The Tower on the River Thames.all.different.up.Westminster. of. CRE W’ WHY NOT? Go on an urban kayaking experience with Thames River Adventures from Hampton And.Gardens.British. city.Palace.appetite.London..such.the.Church.Margaret’ TRY A visit to Borough Markets. Westminster.which.. MORE INFO www. which is food heaven. Then visit the world’s most visited modern art gallery.Street. Viewing. as. LONDON MUST-DO Take in the views over London – looking across the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace – from the London Eye.there.

National.heritage.acclaimed.with.arts. Balsall Heath and Moseley areas that make this the UK’s curry WHY NOT? Remember the ’60s with a cool and kitsch evening in the Tiger Lounge’s basement bar in Cooper films or even the weekly knitting club. United.140.the.Proud.Club..stages.Bullring.Lowry.opentop.a.Triangle:. Birmingham.’ restored.full..the.with.coolest.the.performing.malls. TRY Warm Birmingham..first. stunning.rock.You’ll.the.Football.Sadler’ free.temperature.Country.more.$A100-million.Birmingham.Square.Royal. the.of. follow the Tolkien which fired the imagination of the author of the Lord of the Rings as he grew’ department.the. which passes landmarks such as Moseley Bog and the Two Towers (of Edgbaston)’ Rome.including. Birmingham’s. . is.of.Pantheon. nation’ about.from. with. The.worth.of.. And. TRY The British national dish – chicken tikka masala – in the Balti Triangle around the Sparkbrook. home to the largest public collection of Pre-Raphaelite art in the world. Most. without.biggest.full. become. MORE INFO www..stimulation.The. Drink real ale at the Kings Arms in Salford and enjoy whatever is on that night – plays.the.Orchestra.and.which..Crufts.a.’s.the.Northern.Oasis.most.heart. such. The Imperial War Museum North is well worth a 12 13 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE BIRMINGHAM MUST-DO A visit to Birmingham wouldn’t be complete without seeing the great exhibitions and collections at the Birmingham Museum & Art In. MANCHESTER MUST-DO Take an open-top bus tour from St Peter’s Square and visit some of the’’’s. Canal-side barges and cafes.industrialised. gigs.–’ including. also.concerts..shops.industrial.Peter’s. MORE INFO www.Manchester’ Centre.modern. or better still.shopper’s.lure.stores. bars.are. intimate.a.outskirts. Ballet.that.started. houses.’’s.both.the.and.powerhouse..Manchester’ ENGLAND Manchester ENGLAND The shopping hub of Exchange Square The Imperial War Museum ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE WHY NOT? Take a canal-side combines.the.innovative. internationally.venues. the.a.high. restaurants. boutiques.

the.River.the.. To.are.bars.the.west.of.It.. WHY NOT? Relive the golden era of travel and take a steam train through the and. smaller.fairs.Tyne..years.restaurants.Centre.trip.river.a.Scottish.cultural.Scotland.on. city.history. the. Left: Newcastle’s landmark Tyne Bridge Right: Quayside ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE WHY NOT? Visit the largest indoor shopping centre in Europe.title.of.Scots.. as.bridges. GLASGOW MUST-DO Visit the Glasgow School of Art. architecture.not. It stands on the site of the wooden New Castle..the.festivals.Food.wide. MORE INFO its. your.should.history.for.. MORE INFO ENGLAND Glasgow Scotland’s.of. which was built by a son of William the Conqueror and gave the city its name.Millennium.stylish.programme.see.means. and. ‘hyem’ is home and ‘nowt’ means a Mackintosh classic and a hub for architecture and design in Scotland SCOTLAND TIP In any city.of..the.neeps..museums.and.taste. But.‘ ur d thing n and leav reason s to e es ne xplore w .city.are.England.get.....and.Gateshead.The.Scotland’s.biggest. the MetroCentre in nearby Gateshead.and.from.built.the.a.coastal..often.countryside.the.that.of..the. Quayside.on. TRY Talking to one of the locals in the Geordie accent: ‘alreet’ means alright..the. 14 15 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE NEWCASTLE MUST-DO Visit the Castle Glasgow’’s.with. designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Scotland’’–.Style’.com. and.Highland.Tyne.dazzling.April.occupation.’ every...River.stamping..masterwork..where.hallmark.. Newcastle. s time pend vis q durin iting a few uality g the sights day racing aroun rather tha It give d to s n s e to ret you a goo e it all.bridges..list.of. Nouveau. the.more.. The– Stone. CRE W Australian.of.but.cuisine.civil.Sydney.broad.cometoscotland.should. undisputed.short.summer.Drink.annual.for.of.. amazement.its.’ just.vibrant.mark..cafes. TRY A walk on the dark side with Mercat Glasgow’s Horror Walking Tour.the.with..the.statue. Mackintosh. Stephenson. famous..Real.only.Charles. tossing.of.a. Glasgow Newcastle Hamburg Manchester Amsterdam Birmingham Düsseldorf London Heathrow Frankfurt London Gatwick Prague Paris Munich Vienna Zurich Venice Milan Nice Madrid Rome Athens Larnaca Moscow European Network Istanbul Malta Manchester Birmingham London Heathrow London Gatwick Glasgow Newcastle Moscow Hamburg Amsterdam Düsseldorf Frankfurt Prague Paris Munich Vienna Zurich Milan Nice Venice Madrid Rome Athens Malta Istanbul Larnaca Brisbane Perth Sydney Melbourne Now flying to 25 European destinations.

buses.can.only.skyline.of. oil and seven different herbs.eye.the.the.banks.more.lined. FRANKFURT MUST-DO Visit the cafes and shops in the– MORE INFO of.pollution.directly.should. There.not. spectacular. contrasts.Market.up.from.stroll. goods.Frankfurt. TRY The typical Frankfurt dishes ‘Handkase with music’ (a pungent sour-milk cheese with chopped onions) and Grune Soß 15th-century buildings of Romerberg before taking a walk along the banks of the nearby River Main.the.Main.and.number. a sauce of hard-boiled vinegar..before. along.towering. dotted.. transport.Wine. pedestrian.’’s.problem. The.your.the.the chtsmarkt Ch mark ristmas ets ar e in m towns os a great nd have a t ambie either.River.trapped. system. Zeil. concentrated.the.sunset. behind.museums.Paris.head.. WHY NOT? Fly a fighter jet. label. Take a flight out of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in an Aero L-39 Albatros with MiGFlug and take the joystick under the close supervision of the CRE W ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE 18 Right: Frankfurt skyline Opposite: Römerberg Square .main. all.the..lunch.the.interactive.trams.turnovers.area.the..back.Frankfurt Watch.Europe.are.major.and.Shoppers. GERMANY TIP Weihn a .down.its.

jugglers.exclusive.complete. somewhere. visit.Altstadt.of. which has been brewed here for centuries and is readily available in pubs and breweries in the old town.down. MORE INFO www..luxurious...turn.. ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE WHY NOT? Take an evening tour through the Altstadt with a traditionally dressed. of.contrast.düsseldorf GERMANY r city some. the.and. 132-metre..was.light.Castle.the.fried.Castle. WHY NOT? Visit the world’s largest model railway at Miniatur Wunderland and watch toy trains tootling through panoramas including history. TRY Fresh fish at the Hamburg fish market.brilliantly.Museum.were.31-metrewide. Hamburg’s.choose.Dü – as has been the way since 1703.merchants.Avenue.night.. a.up.River.‘the.of.waffle.–.much.giant. busiest.describes..view. GERMANY Düsseldorf’s Altstadt MORE INFO roundabouts.five-metre-deep..Blankenese. (King’ of.month-long..1337.Friday..the.romance.can.times.the.more.the.has.the.organised.spire.fairground.longest.history. designer-label. sense. be you s when ure to find ’re the m out e down for th tro shuts e nigh or you t ’l how e l soon lea rn xpens can b ive a taxi e! W TI Which P eve CRE Hamburg HAMBURG MUST-DO Get a view of the villas and buildings of Hamburg from the deck of a steamer on a tour of the Alster lake in the heart of the city.middle.with.Hamburg’s.called.Europe’ ship.a.and..between.set.Today.port. 20 21 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE DÜSSELDORF MUST-DO Walk along the fashion mile of the lantern carrying night-watchman and hear spicy tales from Düsseldorf’s Hamburg.other.night. the.jetties.back. TRY Alt beer. diverting.threw. The Landungsbrücken jetties on the River Elbe The.planted. the Alps and the American there..from.. at. beautiful.’s.renamed.makers.sinful. everybody’s..will. every.sides. world’..Dü website.complete..mile. Delivered to the dock every Sunday until 9.cafes.housed.cup.has.a.ü

WHY NOT? Dazzle your senses with a trip to the Viktualienmarkt...which.good.since. where speciality shops and stalls offer a huge choice of ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE 22 23 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE ..Hofbrauhaus.460.zoo.species. home of the Altes Rathaus (Old City Hall). distribution.‘ ‘Oktoberfest’.opera..halls..a.and. have.. TRY Weisswurst. naturally.oompah.representatives.muenchen.and. German breakfast CRE W Mention.parks.say:..’s.old-world.of. There.Munich.planet.The. to. TSV.and. in. and the Rathaus Glockenspiel.on.Bundesliga.are.58.worth.will. which you suck out of the skin and wash down with a’ MUNICH MUST-DO Visit first.München. But. much one of the largest in Germany.museums.the.charm.. done.lederhosen. which chimes and re-enacts two 16th-century stories every day at 11am.zoo’.as.Munich Opposite: Church of our Lady and the Altes Rathaus Below: Altstadt GERMANY TIP When t Austr ravelling fr al o consi ia to Europ m der ta e..1644.. king a overn n ig such ht break i n as Du bai w a city make hic t to Eu he 6 to 7 h h will rope our fl the igh much easie following t r to c ope w day Munich’s. olives and virtually. MORE INFO www.geographic.with.

the. FRANCE TIP Make th and g e effort o Eiffel up the Towe r. Bra the cr ve o admir wds and e the views . can.You. lovers.Paris.lose. Triomphe.this.the.Magots.also.cannot.and..of.gnarliest. TRY Buying perfume under the magnificent domed ceiling of the Galeries Lafayette.Paris MORE INFO and. the Prince de Galles regular.. CRE W ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE PARIS MUST-DO Ride a boat along the Seine to see the sights of the city including the Eiffel Top: A gargoyle on Notre Dame Cathedral surveys the city Bottom: Café culture in Paris Opposite: The Eiffel Tower 24 . markets.Seine.walking.. WHY NOT? Stay at Elvis Presley’s favourite Paris and then walk in his footsteps along Avenue George V to watch the dancers at the Lido at the top of the be.the. bo-ho.can. Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.Venus.old.Arc.found.the.the.

courses.Of.a.Angels.Peter’’ moments.gladiators.where. TRY Don’t.more. empire.the. ‘ Top: Panoramic view of Nice from the Colline du Chateau Bottom: Restaurants and bars line the bustling Cours Saleya 26 27 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE NICE MUST-DO Walk along La Promenade des finished in AD’s.html WHY NOT? Admire Roman ingenuity at the Baths of n and t gelato a stop he .much..contemplate.packed.days.the.a. follows.Cary.a.. feel.enjoy.des.’ Rome ITALY TIP Spen d aroun a day walk d in you’ll Rome and g be im press Be su ed re Vatica to include MORE INFO www.has.feel.where.look.fought.20. TRY A glass of Castelli Romani from the Latium hills in one of the bars of Rome’s oldest markets.Hollywood. museum. Rome.Spanish. 3.18.on.title. the.Bay.the.bled.and.and.15.. The light in Nice has inspired many of the world’s greatest painters.up.La. monument.Hotel. private..means.that. Here. The.sand.the.–.there?.. for a view of the Roman cinema.nice FRANCE Meet the artists of old Nice by appointment through the Union des Commercants du for CRE W Laneway near Piazza Navona ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE WHY NOT? Hire a car and drive along the Corniche to discover the Cote d’Azur in all its glory – from St Tropez to Monaco near the Italian .glass.Dolce.from.history.yachting.who.the.kilometres.the.and.Grant.Was. ever.and. where 1600 bathers enjoyed heated water and an openair Stroll.along. MORE INFO www.course. yourself.and.a.keep.The.Anita.just. iconic..word.for.. when.ruled.the.the. the birthplace of ROME MUST-DO Visit the Roman Colosseum and then walk up the Palatine the Campo de’ Trevi. Nice.of.Vita.impossible.history. wealthy. Steps. over. Sophia.stand.will.the.and. go parascending or water-skiing on the clear blue waters of the Bay of Angels.stay.

all. to..( Of. 1996:.the.(the. Top: Venetian carnival masks outside the Palazzo Ducale (Doges Palace) Bottom: A gondola ride is a must-do in Venice MORE INFO www. is the world’s first seven star hotel.wallet.including. the.–.travellers.Venice.. as.Venice. held.most. Lugano. Grand. Milan.features.the. according to Societe Generale de Surveillance.ciaomilano.times.ala.most.Festival.and.edge.centuries. Montenapoleone.which.Via.each.1450.Film.well.about.magic.. time.seen.. MORE INFO–.the.a.1778.and. it.Venice Perched.2011). where Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper on the wall of the 28 29 ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE MILAN MUST-DO Visit the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace).La.beautiful.Garda.local.– sights. for.means.on.named. has.and.the. that.Piazza. WHY NOT? Get into the mood of the region – the Veneto – with a glass of the local Bardolino Superiore or Recioto di Soave houses.St. risotto.the.of.there.the.–’s. mystery. TRY Panettone.It.since. TRY A coffee at Caffe Florian – one of the world’s longest continuously-serving coffee which first opened in ITALY Milan ITALY Lake Garda VENICE MUST-DO Ride a gondola along the Grand Canal.Lake. ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE WHY NOT? Stay at the Town House Galleria which. fashion.two. shopping.district. first baked in Milan and a staple at Christmas and New Year in Italy.

picked..of.drinks.–. Top: The Acropolis Above: Soldiers in traditional uniforms at the Greek Parliament Opposite: Eating in the picturesque Plaka neighbourhood 30 .of..with.’ TRY Travelling half an hour to Mikrolimano to enjoy a classic Greek meal on the shores of the MORE INFO www.As.years! There.ride.great.the.good.a.Greek.Archaeological. in.morning.’s. GREECE TIP Get to t and s he islands oa Ferrie k up the s s sale un.early. the.district.–‘Unification.has. a.–.head. After.all. humankind. ny destin ations This.if. CRE W ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE ATHENS MUST-DO Visit the Acropolis – one of the most important sites on the World Heritage List.trendy. Plaka.and.bed.the.of.a.wonderful.. of.the.nightlife.from.the.integrated.been.pumping.almost.its.but. port o f f Pira rom the eus to Myko no C other s and ma cannot.Gazi.– up.of. you.every.ancient.. WHY NOT? Pop into the Sunday morning flea market at Monastiraki and Avissinias Square in the old town..action.Walk.

Cafe Landtmann opened in 1873 and has been enjoyed by many people including Sigmund VIENNA MUST-DO See the sights.the. *For more details visit emirates.with.uses. Marlene aromas. Romy Schneider.with..on. EMI2665 such as St Stephen’s Cathedral. of. TIP Enjoy S and c acher tort e of Hotel fee in the Sache even rbe snow tter on a y day TRY contact your local travel agent or Emirates on 1300 303’.Hofburg. offering.Strauss’s.more. As memorable as the journey. contemplate.visit.each.wonderful.a..Christmas. 40kg in Business Class and 50kg in First Class | Up to 16kg extra for Skywards members* 32 400 international awards and over 100 destinations worldwide including 25 in own.Danube.Christmas.Cathederal. famous. Bring home more with 30kg of luggage in Economy Class.AUSTRIA Europe.anything.–.comes.packed. room. If. CRE W ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO EUROPE Paul McCartney and Hillary from a horse-drawn carriage.its.but. Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Vienna.. WHY NOT Go to the fair – the Vienna Prater on the banks of the Danube – and ride on the giant ferris wheel.St. MORE INFO www.’s.and. is.balls.ceramics.hear.accompaniment.Opera. Vienna is famous for its coffee houses.Ball.strict.through.dress.

25 emirates. EMI2663 .com/au Over 600 entertainment channels | Gourmet food and wine | One stop to Europe 400 international awards and over 100 destinations worldwide including 25 in Europe.Europe. For more details visit emirates. As beautiful as the journey. contact your local travel agent or Emirates on 1300 303 777. 30kg of luggage and award-winning service.