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Suspect - A suspect is an information seeker and he/she may or maynot have any real intention or interest over the information or on the advertisement 2. Prospect-This is the stage where a suspect could become a potential or future customer. Hence he/she would look for some detailed information. 3. Customer- Customer is a person who buys or consume the product or service. 4. Client-Client is a person who should be a repeated purchaser or buyer who has a satisfaction over the produect or the service received 5. Advocate-This could be a delighted customer who becomes loyal to the product, brand or organization. This the stage where the customer is entirely satisfied, hence promote the product or the brand by word of mouth or referals free of charge (F.O.C) Needs Vs Wants  Need is something you have to have or essential and something you can not live witout Eg- foods , water .etc ( without foods we can not survivefor long period of time)  A want is something you would like to have but it is not absolutely essentail but you feel it would be good to have Eg- pizza 5. Self-actualization (Self-awareness , Personal fulfillment) I am me 4. Esteem needs (Strength, Status esteem, Respect, achievement,Social recognition) I am Known 3. Communal / Social needs ( love, belongingness, affection, family, work group) I Belong 2. Safety needs (security , protection , freedom of fear, employment, insurance) I am Safe 1. Physical / Basic needs (sex, water , foods, rest , exercise, shelter, sleep) I am comfortable Physical / Basic needs =These are the most vital and the basic needs for survival Maslow believes all the other hierarchical steps would become secondary unless the basic needs are not met. Safety needs=These are also yet again important for survival but not so demanded as the basic needs Communal / Social needs=these are some needs for love , affection , belongingness. In this hierarchical structure these needs become less important than the safty and basic needs but also considered to be an important stage. Esteem needs=As per Maslow’s theory these needs wil become extremly important as a human being and these are connected with social recognition and life achievements Service quality=Service quality is influenced by the key variables of customer expectation and customer perception.Customer expectation is what a customer believes he/she will receive before transaction. The customer perception is what and how a customer sees or experienced a product or a service during and after a transaction. Customer Expectaion = CE Customer Perception = CP CE > CP = dissatisfaction ( Customer Expectation greater than Customer Perception is Dissatisfaction) CE = CP = Satisfaction ( Customer Expectaion equal to Customer Perception is Satisfaction) CE = CP = Delighted ( Customer Perception is greater than Customer Expectation is Delighted) Value Satisfaction and Quality =Customer have their multiple choice when it comes to buy a product or service. This is depend on the perceived value of the product or the service. Customer perceived value if the difference between the benefits gain by using , owning , experiencing the product or the service at a cost ( money) The Extended Marketing Mix.= Marketing Mix -There will be four Ps when it comes to marketing mix for a product oriented provider 1. Product - A product is a tangile element where one can see , feel or touch 2. Price – this is the monetary value given to product or a service 3.Place - this is about the product or the service availability for a customer and tangible product will have multiple or many options of availability but sercice is limited 4.Promotion – there are ways and methoids of introducing and promoting product and services to the market.  Extended Mix 5 People – In service marketing people element is very critical and very importantthat right type of people are recruited for the right job eg- customer care agents. The correct attitude people should be recruited and then be trained for the correct job. Internal recruitment can be suitable for larger Cross Border Academy Pvt.Ltd Sri Lanka. Student: S. Ashika De Silva

wrinkled 3. air tiket (hotel reservation or booking )3.Since the service element is intangible organization use physical evidents in terms of their uniforms. It applies to possitive and negative body language. A. Responsive In this mode a person actively accepting and will be  Engaged = Involved Nodding . Human beings send and interprets such signals almost entirely subconsciously.There is no tangibility in service marketing hence one can only feel or experience the service but will not be visible to the naked eyes 2.organization to source correct type of people since they know their staff and less expensive training cost. body stiffness 2. Cross Border Academy Pvt.  Evaluating – pen tilt.Process – the main objective of marketing is to customer stisfaction through customer care service. branded gift items and monuments to customers to minimized the rick factor of serivice marketing Characteristic of service marketing 1.r@att. service certificates.good eye contact Closed /Negative Body Language=This is some what less realiable as an indicator of the person comfort with the current dialogue.x. We called Positive body language as buying signals meaning you’re on the right track.A A = Attention I = Interest D = Desire A = Action (This is a conventional message content format recognized in advertising and in communication in an advertisement. Eg-The relax posture 2. relaxed posture ( open shoulder)  Eager Those are feat under the chair open legs lean forward are eager.Physical evidence. interest.e. This may be the reflection of tireness ( tired) or boredom ( bored) or less interest. desire and then only the action) Body Language Body language is form non-verbal communication which consist ody posture . Ashika De Silva d.Ltd Sri Lanka.arms relax 4. Inseperabiltiy -This service character has to be consumed while it is delivered eg.taking note 5.Variablity -Service is variable to individual to individual time by time and day by day. Student: S. gesture facial expressions and eye movement.costomer service .t. call centre agents. There are two broad method of body language 1.I. Hence this needs lot of continues training and development for the staff or to the service provider eg. eye blinks.negative facial expression Observing Body Language=People need to pay attention to nay change in a person’s body language. An advertisement can only grab attention of the audience but can not sell a product or service.hence we need better intergration of staff vs technology vs process ( systems. 6. leg cross Combative In this mode person become very less reflective.  Listening – head tilt . Reflective In this mode people are interested and receptive but not actively accepting.leaning away 8.  Unattentive – nagavtive facial expression  Watcher Fugitive In this mode people are really and physically want to get rid or get out of the situation and they are mentally bored. Nagative body language known as objections meaning that a person beginning to diverse (dislikeness or going wrong way) Reading Body language=Knowing how to read body language is a communicational skill also how to use body language is too very important. This is the best time to talk something irrelavent to the . It creats attention. 6.happy hour. open or positive body language 2 closed or nagative body language Open / Positve Body Language=Positive body language is generally quite reliable some of the following are known for positive body language.hand on face 5.D. lot of eye contact. Intangibility .perishability-service can not be stored.Arms behind head leaned back 7. procedures) ultimate customer satisfaction can be achieved through continues technology develepment and re-engineering 7. Here good to give more space and time to think provided with more facts and benefits.arms folded in front 4. Eg1.4.nodding aggreement 3.e. hold.fidgeting 6.

Graphics 6. in fact very largely a physical condition when a person influenced by stress the producing effects knows as stressor ( A challenge. Social Etiquette This is an important etiquette for both individual/personal and for corporate/business culture. shivering. Colour 7.e.e. Thebrain give instruction for various parts of the body a chain of reactions know as stress response or stress reaction. smoking . Stress is a normal and necessary response to life changes help us to deal with differenties that are come across our direction. Taste Etiquette ( Behaviour/ Mannerism) Etiquette is all about good behaviour that is the socially acceptable this could be differ country to country .x. Emotional Eg :.tention. Coporate/ Business Etiquette This is about how to conduct yourself your business within your organizations and within the external partners like customers. keep in short ( KISS) 4.eye contact 5. psychological. Brand is the personality that identifies a product or service distinct from others A brand can take many forms. weat. Brand is the personality that identifies a product or service or a companty Brand meanings / signifies 1. Legal protection Brand Elements 1. Ashika De Silva d.t. Sound 8. arms folded. stimulus. This is regarded as a psychological vibration.Ltd Sri Lanka. Stress signals 1. 3.r@att. Name: the words use to identify companies products . Defensive  Bored (boring) foot tapping . aching muscles. Smell 9. core. services 2.Absenteeism . Design. behavioural Eg :. Symbol or an other feature identifies a product or service distinct from others A brand can take many forms. Most of us think stress as a mental state. ideas.worker and other employees on how to behave . They are protecting and they would feel the discomfort if that get in invaded. respect move within the organizational culture. 2. Mental Eg :. cold hand and feets head burn.etc also for organizations this mean a set of code and ethics. head ache. nervousness 4. politeness 2. . frequent mistakes. emotional reactions that does not move away and be harmful. Physical Eg:. Logo : The visual trade mark that relects the brand 3. drinking Managing Stress Cross Border Academy Pvt. Economies of scale 4. Term . Tagline 4. pressure. this set of conducts governance and individual . external influenced). Basis of competitive advantage 2. This etiquette more emphasize on 1. Religion to Religion and Culture to culture. anger. the message and the objective of the conversation are too important. ask for questions 3. over reaction. frowning Branding Definition for branding could be a Name. supplyers. Stress management This means or define as the way your body responds to the demand of your life style.thoughts.personal space Personal space This the personal area or region one surrounded with. Shapes 5. Other criteria like the clarity. Student: S. irritation. Hence it needs lot of formal and informal telephone mannerism and again feedback becomes much essential. Telephone Etiquette The objective of tele-communication is to share information. It only become an issue or problem when it causes physical.crying . rejection. financial strength 3.lose concentration.

work life .taking quick breaks during work 7. 2. withdraw C. 2. Anger can also sometimes lead to a positive change if we can control and construct in aproper way but on the other hand too much anger could lead to bad out comes which will end up in ruin the famil life .net . and realtionships. unfairness – being treaded unfairness Managing anger 1. positve stress – this helps to achieve goals and to become successful. take action B. behaviour – being calm. thinking pattern :. Student: S.breathing There are two kind of stress 1. Emotion Eg :.Ltd Sri Lanka.relaxation 6. adjust the attitude 3.x. health . relaxzation 2. do noting D. Nagative stress – which will bring out comes as loss. failure and defeat. Causes of Anger 1.empathy .r@att. a healthy diet 5.humour .t. Physical fitness 4. Ashika De Silva d.e. identify and be aware of cause of the stress 2. control or manage thoughts 3.e. problem solving Cross Border Academy Pvt. analyse and treat the stressor A.1. Anger can be a neutral emotion but the outcome of it matters. Frustration – this is a common reaction when our efforts go against success. Abuse – this is a normal way of verbal physical or sexual harassment 4. Anger Management -This is an emotion normally reflects when due to an interference happen against our goals in our way. Irritation – routine hassles disturbances that could trigger anger 3.