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In February we transited through Seventh Fleet to Fifth Fleet where MILIUS expects to conduct
maritime security and ballistic missile defense operations. As a multi-mission AEGIS destroyer,
MILIUS is prepared to execute a full range of missions is support of U.S., partner and coalition
objectives. As youll be able to tell from the Bravo Zulus below, weve had an eventful and
busy time so far. Since leaving San Diego, MILIUS has traveled over 9000 miles, crossed 13
time zones including the international date line, gone through 4 Straits (Suriago Strait where we
crossed paths with JOHN C STENNIS Strike Group, Balbac Straits, Strait of Malacca, and Strait
of Hormuz), conducted countless combat drills, damage control drills, multiple underway re-
plenishments, small boat operations, and flight deck operations. Weve been very busy, and
now things are just going to get busier as we settle in to theater operations.

Bravo Zulus (Well Dones) this month:
- Great job done by every department on inport maintenance, ammo onload, and topside preser-
vation while in Bahrain! We made an extremely positive first impression on Fifth Fleet by arriv-
ing fully operational and ready to go!
- BZ to MR1 Matovich, HT2 Willen, and HT3 Trevino for fabricating two flower pots from
scratch. MILIUS is better prepared thanks to their ingenuity and hard work!
- Fantastic job by the CIWS crew on clearing a fouled round, tearing apart Mt 22, reassembling
it, refiring, and the uploading all in one day.
- BZ to FC1 Wilson on being selected as the CDS21 Sailor of the Quarter!
- BZ to ET2 Rich for his work with the calibration program, resulting in MILIUS being recog-
nized by COMNAVSURFPAC for outstanding Electronic calibration readiness!
- BZ to our Cryptologists for being recognized for outstanding collection efforts!
- BZ to our CTTs on an excellent chaff shoot!
- BZ to CG and CM division for conducting a successful gun shoot, training 3 personnel on the
M16, 3 personnel on the M14, and 25 personnel on the M9. Both divisions put forth great team
work and adhered to safety procedures leading to the flawless execution of gun qualifications
despite the heat and long hours. Thanks to their oversight, cohesion and knowledge 25 Sailors
qualified and have certification for deployment.
- BZ to the cooks on making fish taco's Rubio's style!
- BZ to GSM3 Garcia and GSMFN Manabat for repairs to 3 GTG. They unclogged a seawater
cooler for the generator and prevented a major casualty that could have been caused by 1 of our
3 generators overheating.
- BZ to the Family Readiness Group for a fantastic job creating the banner currently hanging in
the mess decks.
- BZ to QM2 Mabon, EM2 Guzman, OS2 Fejeran and the rest of the Junior Enlisted Association
(JEA) for hosting the first ESWS Jeopardy. The motivation by all was great, and the JEA did a
good job planning and executing the event!
- BZ to EM2 Guzman for fixing the latching mechanism on one of the crews top-loading self
service laundry machines, fixing a leaking gasket on one of the crews self service side-loading
washing machines, and correcting numerous habitability problems in berthing such as broken
rack fans and lights.
- BZ to ET1 Nix and MWR for executing our first flight deck cinema night.
- BZ to the Wardroom and Chiefs Mess who both put on fantastic Steel Beach Picnics.
- Bravo Zulu to LTJG Celline and LTJG Sciortino on qualifying Surface Warfare Coordinator!
- Bravo Zulu to IT2 McDaniel for fixing the AIS computer in CIC that was broken for over 6
- From CDR Compton, the CO HSC-25: "Bravo Zulu to CDR Bufkin and the crew of the USS MILIUS for your outstanding support of
HSC-25'S deck landing qualifications and vertical replenishment training. Your actions directly contributed to an increase in training
and readiness for HSC-25. Your dedication, flexibility, professionalism and focus on mission accomplishment sets the example for all to
- BZ to GSE3 Ramos and EN2 Magallon for discovering fuel leaking from a pressure switch in NR 3 GTG. BZ to GSM3 Garcia who
made the repair and got NR 3 GTG up and running before lunch! These engineers set the example of having a questioning attitude
when things dont seem right and not accepting any degradation. Well done!
- BZ to CF01 SPY work center. Since leaving San Diego, they have done an outstanding job in conducting both preventative and cor-
rective maintenance to maintain the radar in peak performance. Their actions highlight the pride and ownership they have in MILIUS
and are a great example of perseverance.
- BZ to EM1 Magboo for leading repairs on the stern light.
- BZ to IC2 Bryant, IC1 Herald, IC3 Dadlez, ET2 Stump, ET3 Drew, ET3 Bonner, ET3 Jergensen, and ET3 Ashenfelter for their work
with the EM Log change out. The CE Division team worked tirelessly and showed an outstanding level of technical skill, ownership,
and dedication in restoring the system.

Deployment fun facts:
- When we pull into foreign ports each Sailor (from junior Seaman Recruit all the way to me the CO) is required to sign out
with at least one other individual -- their buddy -- who they must stay with until they come back to the ship. This buddy system helps
keep everyone safe when exploring new locations and cultures. We let people take overnight liberty, but only if we know what hotel
they are at so we can call them back if needed again with their buddy who will either get a separate room or split the room costs and
- We conduct fresh water wash downs of the ship on Saturdays. For about 1-1/2 hours we hook up fresh water hoses,
greenie weenies, cleaner, and wash the salt and running rust off the ship. This helps us maintain the ship against corrosion. The XO
likes to call this time giving the baby a bath. While this is going on the bridge will play music on the 1MC over topside speakers, and
Sailors can wear PT or pirate attire. We usually use about 50% of our fresh water during this evolution good thing our water mak-
ers two Reverse Osmosis plants work well and make up for this loss fairly quickly.
- On Sundays we take Holiday Routine. This is a little deceptive because all the normal watches are stood and people still
relieve on time, but no meetings or other events are scheduled on this day. Plus we do Steel Beach Picnics sometimes. Its a day of
rest when all Sailors have to do is stand watch, and not all the other stuff that takes up so much time training, maintenance, meetings,
- Most of the Sailors are in 3 section watches. This means there are three people that stand the same watch who relieve each
other in the same order all the time. Standing 5 hour watches this means 5 hours of watch followed by 10 hours off. The watches are 7
-12, 12-17, 17-22, 22-02, 02-07 then back to 7-12. If there are not three people qualified, Sailors stand Port and Starboard watches,
where they are 6 on, 6 off usually with meals this is 5&7: 00-07, 7-12, 12-17, 17-00.
- For Cinema at Sea we set up a big screen and projector on the flight
deck, the crew comes out and either sits on the deck or chairs of their own, and we
watch a movie under the stars.
- We have a ships self-service laundry. While our uniforms are washed in
Ships Laundry, we have normal washing machines and dryers we can wash our civil-
ian and workout clothes in.
We make water through Reverse Osmosis machines: Osmosis is the passage or diffu-
sion of water or other solvents through a semi-permeable membrane that blocks the
passage of dissolved solutes (confused? An explanation can be found here: http://

CDR Nikki Bufkin


Greetings MILIUS Families.
Deployment is in full swing and your Sailors are performing wonderfully. We have spent the last month retraining things forgot-
ten during the recent material inspections. NC1 and I have been conducting numerous Career Development Boards (CDB) on all
new check-ins and personnel at career milestones, whether that is ERB, PTS, or 24 months on board. My goal is by April to have
conducted these boards on every enlisted Sailor on the ship. During these boards we discuss qualifications, advancements, career
intentions, goals, and over the entire path to a Sailors success. It is a chance for each Sailor to talk to the CMC, their LCPO, LPO
and find out options for them specifically in their career. I dont know who enjoys them more me or the Sailors. I talked in the
last newsletter about Command PT every day on the flight deck. Each day it seems we get more people to participate and BMC
Badio ensures the workouts are something to remember. I know sometimes at sea you get so caught up in your job, watches,
eating and sleeping that you might not even go outside for days. So this is a chance to see the sun and enjoy a little hot weather
and build team spirit while meeting the Commands goal of Culture of Fitness. Below is a list of awardees and qualifications
earned and as you can see everyone has been busy. We miss you and we want you to know we are staying busy so time will pass
until we are home again.
Take Care and be proud of your Sailor.


Aloha again MILIUS Crew, Family and Friends,
This months topic I would like to note changes to the Perform to Serve (PTS) pro-
gram and the Voluntary Sea Duty Program .
Effective 1 February 2012, PTS quota management business rules have chaned. Some important
changes include:
-Any action that changes a Sailors Soft Expiration of Active Obligated Service (SEAOS) constitutes
utilization of the PTS quota.
-In order to provides opportunity to each Year Group in every rating, automatic in-rate PTS quotas
for Sailors who advance on the Navy Wide Advancement (NWAE) will no longer be given. The last
group to receive Advancement in-rate PTS approval was the September 2011 cycle.
-Beginning with the March 2012 NWAE and subsequent NWAE cycles, Sailors selected for ad-
vancement must participate in standard PTS competition for quota approval.

NAVADMIN 043 / 12 Voluntary Sea Duty Program (VSDP) effective 31 January 2012.
To support the CNO Sailing Directions, which guides us to support war fighting, operate forward
and be ready, the Navy has created the Voluntary Sea Duty Program (VDSP) for highly trained
and motivated Sailors to fill critical billets at sea. VDSP provides non-monetary incentives to Sailors
to voluntarily extend their enlistment in their current sea billet beyond their prescribed sea tour, to
terminate shore duty early and accept new orders to a sea duty billet, or to accept back-to-back sea
duty orders beyond normal sea / shore flow limits.

This is a short term opportunity. Requests will be accepted until 30 SEP 2012/. Any questions,
contact the Command Career Counselor.
If you have any questions, please ask your Sailor.
Aloha and have a great St. Patricks Day and don't forget that Daylight Savings Time begins on 11

NC1 (SW/AW) B. Baraoidan

EM2 (SW) Jose Garzasalinas
STG2 (SW) Jerrica Johnson

Officer Promotions:

LT Vincent Junor
LTJG Christina Celline
LTJG Lisa Snoh

Surface Warfare Officer Pin:

LTJG Lisa Snoh
ENS Henry Flores
ENS Robert Kelly
ENS Rhianna Cole

Enlisted Surface Warfare Pin:

GM2 (SW) Brain Ashcroft
CTT2 (SW) Everett Brower
GM2 (SW) Latisha Magee
DC3 (SW) Joshua Merkelbach
GSM3 (SW) John Garcia
OS3 (SW) Kyle Kuhn
GSM3 (SW) Morgan Castle
GM3 (SW) Tiffany Montoya
BMSN (SW) Jesus Lara
A big BRAVO ZULU to the following
Sailors on their recent Reenlist-
ments, Promotions, Advancement,

March 3rd - FRG BBQ @ MDRD Boathouse 1 to 3pm
March 5th -
Love Long Distance: Long Distance relationships & keeping the Connection 2 3 pm
Gateway Village
March 10th -
Healthy Kids & Nutrition 1 2 pm Clairemont Library 2920 Burgener Blvd SD CA 92110
March 11th - Daylight Savings Begins
March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
March 20th - First Day of Spring
March 20th - SOAR Spouses Orientation and Area Resources 9 am to 3 pm at Murphy
Canyon FFSC
March 31st -
Military Discounts Your Pocket Guide to Savings from 10 to 11am at FFSC Naval Station SD

* Annotates in-port, away from home port
Green highlighted boxes annotate underway periods

USS Milius



March 2012
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Happy Spring!! We hope this newsletter finds you well
and adjusted into the deployment routine. You may be
having feelings of pride and confidence in your abilities to
handle things that arise unexpectedly. We encourage you
to keep setting your goals, whether they are daily, weekly
or monthly. Deployments take an adjustment period and
we are very happy everyone has been handling this deploy-
ment like rock stars!
We wanted to touch on confidentiality and what that means
for you. We have a code of ethics that is essential in keep-
ing our credibility in good standing with our Navy families.
Sensitive information that is brought to our attention is
kept between you and Jeri and me. The only reason that
something would have to go beyond that circle is if it is a
reportable; these specific issues we cannot keep confiden-
tial. We have 5 reportable occurrences, which are: (1)
child abuse or neglect, (2) alleged domestic abuse, (3) sus-
pected or potential homicide, violence or life-endangering
situations, (4) all potential suicide risks, and (5) anything
else the CO has specifically told us she wants to know.
You will always be told upfront whether or not we have to
report your concern to the command or proper authorities;
it will never be done behind your back.
As your Ombudsman, we are your one stop shop for re-
source/referral information and your lighthouse through-
out deployment. Feel free to talk to us about anything,
knowing it will be kept confidential because we are here to
support and be your guide!
Communication during deployment can be challenging at
times due to problems ranging from email issues to unpre-
dictable phone calls. A communication tip we want to give
you is try to avoid comparing how often you speak with
your sailor to how often somebody else says they are speak-
ing with theirs. Focus on what works for you and your
sailor and dont worry about how other couples are com-
We do our best to keep the Command Families Facebook
Ombudsman Info:
OMB Phone 619.417.9980
Careline 619.338.1754
page up to speed with current updates and/or status as
soon as we get news from the ship (email or phones are
down, port visits, etc). Please check our news updates to
stay informed!
As we come into March, we hope you are attending FRG
activities and getting out of the house! The key is to stay
busy; going back to school, FRG activities (new friends!) or
starting a new project or hobby; anything that interests you
and that you enjoy.
We take our position very seriously. We have children
who do come first, but we try very hard for at least one of
us to be at every command function and event, as well as
being available for you. We hope you feel we are ap-
proachable, positive and supportive of all your needs. If
there is anything we can do to be better, please let us
know. We can be reached by phone, text, and email. Put
us on speed dial; were here for you!

Your Ombudsman Team,
Jeri and Teresa

Ombudsman are Navy families guiding light!! Do you
know yours!
Take a load off and get out to connect with the Milius family at the Family Readiness Groups picnic potluck.
The picnic will be from 1 to 3 p.m. March 3 at MCRD San Diegos boathouse and picnic area, located off of Neville Road.
Join us for some good food along with good company, and hopefully some San Diego sunshine! Please bring a dish to pass, lawn chairs or blankets for seating along
with any beverages for yourself and your family.
There will be a playground, yard games, and a basketball court to amuse all ages.
The FRG will be raffling away a unique I love my sailor earring and bracelet set at the potluck.
Please RSVP at the bottom of our website posting as soon as possible.
Your attendance will put you in the drawings for First Kiss and First Hug! Hope to see you there!

As we near our halfway mark, take a load off and relax at the first USS Milius Spouse Spa Night!
Join the Milius family for an afternoon of pampering and relaxation from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday March 17 at San Diego Spine & Rehab, located at 9610 Granite Ridge
Drive, Suite C, San Diego, 92123.
Complimentary massages, wine and refreshments, door prizes and fellowship will be some of the things offered!
There will be childcare provided. RSVP by March 14 to FRG President Deisy Saliva at 619-244-3027 or If you have children, please include
how many and their ages in your RSVP.
Log onto for more details. We cant wait to see you there!

Whats your sailors favorite home-cooked meal? Do you have a favorite homecoming meal? Are there any quick and easy deployment dinners you cook while your
sailor is away?
If so we want your recipes! The Milius Family Readiness is creating a ship cookbook. The book will be sold to help raise money for the FRG for our halfway and
homecoming parties.
Pass on your recipes and include a short paragraph (limited to 75 words) about youre dish and submit one photo to go along with it.
Please send your recipes to
*Please note that not all recipes will be printed in the cookbook.


The USS Miliuss monthly Family Readiness Group meeting is scheduled for March 31st from 11 am to 1 pm at the Murphy Canyon Youth Center. Save the date
for all the latest news and information. MCYC is located at 4867 Santo Rd, SD,CA 92124. Will you be bringing your kiddos? If so, please let us know ASAP!
Email the number of children attending with you, along with their ages to We need this information so the childcare providers will
know what activities to plan. As always, your attendance at our meetings and activities will put you in the drawings for the First Kiss and First Hug tickets!
Log onto for further details. Hope to see you there!


The Milius FRG is selling patriotic stretch bracelets in support of our sailors.
The bracelets are made with various red, white and blue glass beads. Inscriptions can be included on the bracelets with letter-block beads. For example, a sailors
name and rank could be added or I love my sailor, Navy Mom, or USS Milius and much more can be added to the bracelets to personalize them.
They are $7 per bracelet. For $1 more, the bracelets can include a yellow-ribbon charm.
Check out pictures of the bracelets online at and send your orders to, YOUR GUIDE TO ALL THINGS FRG:
Have you heard about the new, and have you logged on yet? Keep yourself up-to-date on all family activities, monthly meetings, news and details
about how to score those coveted First Kiss and First Hug tickets!
Our treasurer and tech-mastermind Ryan Betz has poured a lot sweat and time into the site, and we couldnt be more proud of his work!
The site features photos of our mighty vessel, pictures from our events, and slideshows.
The website will serve as a news hub with articles and reminders for upcoming events. The minutes from our monthly meetings also will be posted on the site.
Subscribers also can RSVP to events and start discussions from the posts.
The website will be ever-changing and it will serve as your ultimate resource for the FRG.
Be sure to subscribe!

Tax season is here and the due date is April 17th! For those of us who find taxes
scary, and an unpleasant thought Naval Base San Diego and local resources offer assis-
tance you can really use!
The San Diego Tax Center is offering tax preparation free of charge for active duty,
their families and retirees. They are located next to PSD & ATG in Bldg 56 on the
wet side. Their address is 3395 Sturtevant St Ste 2 SD. Once you enter the main gate,
make a right at the circle, go to the stop sign and they are up on the left.
They are open for walk-ins Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1500, no appoint-
ments necessary. We encourage you to call ahead before coming to make sure you
have all the needed documents to file your taxes. The Tax Center can be reached at
619-556-6848 or 619-556-2211.
If you prefer the advice of an outside service Liberty Tax Service offers all military
members a discount off the cost of their tax returns. In addition to outside services,
for those of you who do your own taxes may we suggest Tax Slayer. Tax Slayer offers
active duty military a free download of their tax software program. A military dis-
count is also offered for filing of all active duty military members. Visit for more information.
Finally, don forget if you need further assistance in your area, you may also call Fleet
and Family Support at 619-556-7404 for help.

Taxes Due? Resources to save you from the Tax Blues

Daylight Savings Begins: March 11th

I dont mind going back to daylight savings time. With infla-
tion, the hour...will be the only thing I save all year~
Victor Borge

Many programs in the area offer free tax assistance
and filing for military families
From 19 - 24 March, NBSD will host an Anti -Terrorism Exercise base wide. They will be closing all non-
essential facilities during this week, some of these will include the commissary, and NEX. Pay attention and
watch for more details to come.
FLEET & FAMILY SUPPORT CENTERS: (FFSC) are located at Naval Base San Diego, Coronado, Point
Loma and the following housing areas: Murphy Canyon, Village at Serra Mesa Bay View Hills and Gateway
They offer great services, programs and workshops that are FREE to all active & reserve military, retirees and
family members. For more information about programs they offer, check them out on the web at They offer programs from Life Skills and Financial Education to Career
Planning and Relocation. Check out our calendar page for some upcoming classes.
March 6th, the FFSC will host a FREE dinner at the Murphy Canyon Chapel. The program will talk about
how to reduce your debt, create a savings plan and building wealth over time. Dinner is from 5 to 6 pm and
the program is from 6 to 8pm. Programs have been developed for children 5 and up, but if you need child-
care for under 5, please call Deborah Johnson at 619-726-1742 or Melanie Hampton at 619-572-8675.
Check out this highly interactive website at This is a great website
for kids experiencing the challenges of a military deployment. It helps them deal with stress, changing re-
sponsibilities, and concern for the safety of their parents. The website has informative videos, educational
tools and engaging games for kids ages 6 to 8, 9 to 12 and 13 to 17.

With Spring right around the corner get out and enjoy the sunshine. Go hiking or biking through the 65
miles of trails of various difficulty, scenery, and length at Balboa park. Some dirt trails go through remote
areas of the park, while others go past museums, and performing arts venues.
Visit Coronado Art in the Park on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month from 9 to 4pm.
Every Saturday from 9 to 3pm visit Old Town Market. This is San Diego's largest weekly artesian fair in
the heart of Old Town on Harney St. They offer hand-made pottery, jewelry, clothing, photography,
blown glass and more.

Crew Photos
Crew photos

The past two months of deployment have been incredibly
successful for Milius Sailors.
The time out at sea proved beneficial as over six Sailors
earned their prestigious Surface Qualification for the Of-
ficers it was the Surface Warfare qualification and for the
Enlisted it was the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
qualification. Both are extremely important qualifications
and something to be proud of.
Between the underway times Milius had the opportunity to
visit Guam and Port Klang, Malaysia.
Guam offered some great opportunities to relax by the
beach and soak up the sun while Malaysia gave Sailors a
chance to explore their extraordinary culture with one-of-a
-kind tours and a soccer match; firsts for some Sailors.
Milius was invited to compete in a soccer match against the
Malaysian National Hydrographic Center. The turnout was
great for both teams and despite the score of 5-1, Milius
came out on top.
It was a lot of fun, said Petty Officer Kyle Kuhn. It was
the first time I have ever played soccer and I look forward
to playing in other ports this deployment.
Many Sailors embarked on the elephant tour while others
explored the city and the culture.
It was the first time I had ever ridden an elephant, said
Petty Officer 2
Class Kendall Mabon. It was cool. We
got to hang out with the elephants for the day. It was a
good experience.
We went out and explored the city, said Petty Officer 2

Class Leo Mahoney. We tried local food, bought gifts for
loved ones back home from the market and went to the
mall. It was interesting talking to and meeting the locals.
After three days in Malaysia it was time to heave in all lines
and head back out to sea to head farther west.
By Ensign Rhianna Cole
If you have questions, comments or suggestions for MILIUS
FRONTLINE NEWS, please email the Public Affairs Officer
at Also, please check the Facebook
page and contact our Ombudsmen for more information!
Petty Officer Mabon riding an elephant during the elephant
sanctuary tour in Malaysia
Petty Officer Barnett hanging out with the elephants for the
day while in Malaysia during the elephant sanctuary tour.
Deployment Resources
Deployment Resources & Information
Naval Base San Diego FFSC (619) 556-7404 or (866) 923-6478
American Red Cross (877) 272-7337
Military OneSource (800) 342-9647
FOCUS (619) 556-6075
NBSD Legal (619) 556-2211
Tri-West Healthcare Alliance (888) 874-9378
TRICARE Dental Program (800) 866-8499
NMCRS (619) 238-1587/88
USO Downtown Center (619) 235-6503
Naval Base Chapel (619) 556-2658
Armed Services YMCA (858) 751-5755
Child Development Center (619) 556-8491
Operation Home front (866) 424-5210
Sitter city
Women, Infant, & Children (WIC ) Program (800) 500-6411

Monthly Bread Ministries & Monthly FREE Food Ministries (858)688-5015
Bring your ID card, bags to carry food items. Please contact them for locations and times.

We have plenty of other resources for you from Healthy Military Families and Toddler Time
to Furniture and Used Items to Websites and Re Sale Goods Items. Call the Ombudsman
for more details.