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Section I: Language in use 1. Progress will be ________ on a monthly basis. relieved chosen generated reviewed 2.

We are pleased to offer a free 15 day ________ of our product. choice visit trial package 3. I think the new product manager has great _______. potential condition situation certainty 4. We are ________ that you will be completely satisfied with our product. certified confident reassured probably 5. A meeting to discuss your requirements can be ________ by contacting our office. influenced satisfied postponed arranged 6. We have ________ advanced research centers around the world. diversified encountered established invested 7. The new accounting procedures will be _______ in Q1 2006. anticipated quantified substituted implemented 8. The situation may change at any ________. opportunity investment moment hesitation 9. Please verify which figure is correct, and ________ all the charts accordingly. introduce suspend restrain change 10. Our company is on the ________ of business technology. pioneer outer space cutting edge exciting field 11. We provide a comprehensive ________ of professional services. treatment portfolio category quantity 12. We own and operate forty marketing offices and ________ over 10,000 talented workers worldwide. hire employ negotiate maintain 13. The situation in the southern sales _______ is improving. unqualified region team volume 14. Please _______ any questions to the personnel office. direct ask request file 15. Thank you for your continued ________ with us. support patrons business clients Complete the company description Winner Training Winner Training (WT) is the acknowledged leader in corporate consulting, providing

training solutions that enable companies to enhance their efficiency and productivity and improve employee job (16) and morale. We offer innovative products and solutions that help school managers (17) the challenges they face in the increasingly integrated global business environment. WT has a broad (18) of high-quality training products that are guaranteed to meet every need. All of our training programs are delivered by highly (19) professionals with field-related expertise. Whatever your training needs, WT has the (20). 16. satisfaction condition situation certainty 17. disregard obstacle provide overcome 18. challenge career portfolio candidate 19. depended experienced influenced regard 20. anticipation solution substitute achievement Section II: Listening The following listening passage was taken from Skills Plus Listening and Speaking Advanced. For more information and other activities, please visit: You are going to listen to part of a meeting taking place as an emergency. As you listen mark the correct alternative: 21. What event led to this emergency meeting being called? The decline in sales during the last quarter. The threat of losing the St. Cotes contract. The sales of frozen chicken. 22. What caused the initial decline in sales of frozen chicken? Competition from the Dutch company Van Lyken. The salmonella incident. Sales of fresh corn-fed chicken. 23. What did Happy Valleys competitors do in January? Released a new line of products. They won a contract with the supermarket. Anticipated the release of a new product. 24. To what does he attribute the incidence of salmonella poisoning at the old peoples home? The choice of supplier. The quality of the chicken. The way the chicken was cooked. 25. What is ironic about the performance of frozen chicken in the last three months? It has risen. It has fallen. It hasnt changed.

Section III: Writing Write a paragraph describing your area of work and/or your work routine. Include: the matters the area involves activities you are usually engaged in why you chose this area to work with technical vocabulary commonly used in this field.