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Resolved: Private sector investment in human space exploration is preferable to public sector investment.

AFF: Judging criteria: net benefits. 1. Public Sector Lacking Funds y Public sector has not had the funds and capital historically (which is why the Space Shuttle program has been shut down) y NASA, which would be the presumed agent if public sector were to be used, also has a spending cap of $18 billion, whereas private sector investment has the potential to be unlimited. y The private sector also makes up 80% of the economy, whereas the public sector only has 20%. 2. Capitalistic Competition (Econ) y In a capitalistic country such as the United States, competition for profit and recognition, as stated by the founder of capitalism, Adam Smith, creates motivation for private companies to invest and compete to output the best possible research and products. Because such spending and research would be funded by investors investing into private companies, there is an investor-driven market, which has the infinite potential for profit. There is a competitive spur for cost-plus contractors, who constantly compete with each other (for example, Apple and Microsoft) to outdo one another. y Private sector companies have already proven that they have the capacity to create sufficient technology, as warranted by Space-Ex¶s creatively-named Spaceship One, Falcon 1, and Falcon 1e flights, which were all funded solely through private investment. The development process for each of these was about eight years, and cost about $8 million to make each. This proves that private companies can make effective technology with much less money and time that NASA uses (NASA spends hundreds of millions upon billions of dollars on flights). y Furthermore, by privatizing space exploration (whether it be in launching satellites, doing research, or constructing parts), we improve the economy, thus creating jobs and improving the quality of life of U.S. citizens by freeing up money to pay off our massive debts, or, say, in social services. In addition, because the U.S. economy is such an

y In the eyes of our Congressmen. due to the inefficiency of Congress today with political gridlock and personal gripes over which party has power. Less political gridlock.influential cornerstone of the world economy. the public sector would be. in certain situations. This creates more political gridlock. especially today. also increasing U. the economy and quality of life for countries and citizens across the globe improve. less effective. y Congressmen also have a tendency to tack their own ideas that correspond to their own beliefs and agendas onto bills so that the bill benefits themselves and their respective parties. thus slowing down the process of decisionmaking. diplomatic power to have influence in international affairs. hegemony. hegemony. Best possible technology and research through competition. quicker process. diverting potential war and creating peace. 3.S. . the topic of space exploration does not hold much weight against issues such as economy and social services (the very fact that the Space Exploration Program was dismantled evidences that) Impacts: World economy increase. facilitating the legislative process and freeing up room for other decisions that Congress must make. Congress inefficiency y Third. or diplomatic power to have influence in international affairs without military presence.