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Agriculture along with animal husbandry has been and will continue to be the lifeline of Indian economy. India is the largest and one of the most economical milk producers in the world (estimated production of 105 MT).It is the most important sector of the Indian economy particularly in poverty alleviation and employment generation. This sector contributes close to one-fourth of India’s National income and total work force engaged in agriculture is about 60 per cent. At global level, milk has been identified as an integral part of food for centuries. The success of White Revolution in India has largely been written by millions of small holders. About 70 million dairy farmers produce more than 50 per cent of the milk in the country. Milk and milk products are one of the important components of the Indian food industry. Consumption of milk and milk products is deeply rooted in our tradition and it is an essential item during rituals, festivals and other auspicious events. Dairy market in India is quite huge and according to an estimate the unorganized milk and milk product market is about Rs 470 billion while the market for processed organized dairy segment is only Rs 10000 crores. The market is currently growing at round 5% pa in volume terms. There is an impressive level of processing i.e. 22% in organized sector. The dairy exports in 2007–08 rose to US$ 210.5 million against US$ 113.57 last fiscal, whereas the domestic dairy sector is slated to cross US$ 108 billion in revenues by 2011. India with its population of more than 1 billion and diverse food habits, cultures, tradition and religions, offer great market for milk and milk products. Milk products with well defined quality characteristics and packaged in attractive containers can be marketed at different places. Most dairy food delicacies are value added products generating high profits. The milk products produced include curd, ghee, khoa, chhana, paneer, shrikhand , milk powder, whitener ,condensed milk, malted milk food, ice cream and a variety of milk sweets, some of which are now produce d by the organized dairy industries as well, are major value added products from the Indian dairy sector. The market for traditional dairy products in India is estimated to be US $ 10 billion, being the largest and fastest growing segment of the Indian dairy industry. Major players in the dairy sector with dairy products include Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) and Nestle are the largest player. Other include Milkfood Limited, SmithKline Beecham Limited, Indodan Industries Limited, H.J. Heinz Limited, Britannia, Cadbury, etc.All other local dairy cooperatives have their local brands (For e.g. Gokul, Warana in Maharashtra, Saras in Rajasthan, Verka in Punjab, Vijaya in Andhra Pradesh, Aavin in Tamil Nadu, etc). Other private players include J K Dairy, Heritage Foods, Indiana Dairy, Dairy Specialties, etc.

We can provide you detailed project reports on the following topics. negotiating with collaborators. Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery. The scope of the report includes assessing market potential. Top of Form Page 1 of 3 | Total 23 projects in this category « Page 1 2 3 Next » Add multiple items to inquiry Select the items and then press Add to inquiry button Add to inquiry » . in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the cost of raw material. Please select the projects of your interests. Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business. We also offer self-contained Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies. confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery. Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required. formulating the cash flow statement. Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects on the following topics. We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement. projecting the balance sheet etc. corporate diversification planning etc. from analysing the market. project consultant & industrial consultancy firms in India and worldwide use our project reports as one of the input in doing their analysis. Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports. We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement. raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements.Milk and milk products are one of the important components of Indian food Industry andIndia is the world's highest milk producer and all set to become the world's largest food factory. Market Surveys and Studies. investment decision making. Dairy food processing holds immense potential for high returns. General Guidance. Many of the engineers.Dairying perceived as subsidiary occupation for vast majority of farming community in our country is now acquiring an independent status as main occupation as it is crucial in providing employment .

69% Plant & machinery: Rs. 65 Lakhs T. as cooking fat. 531 Lakhs Break even: 29.Default Select all | Clear all Sort by Sort » Ice Cream of Different Flavours Ice cream is defined as a frozen dairy product made by suitable blending and processing of cream and other milk products together with sugar. Ice cream is consumed more in cities.C. Today ice cream may be considered a luxury food item although its popularity is increasing rapidly. 13 Lakhs T. stabilizer and incorporation of air by agitating during the freezing process. it is being used even in villages and towns.I: Rs. cream.78% Plant & machinery: Rs. Plant capacity: 600 Kgs / Days Working capital: Rs. Plant capacity: 1000 Kgs/Day Working capital: Return: 58. Paneer is consumed directly and in hotels and restaurants.48% Add to Inquiry Basket . Any new entrepreneur can venture in this field.C. consistency in quality and reasonable pricing arer all essential to build up a strong market and brand equity. There is huge market for Indian milk products. Khoya. flavoured milk etc. Ghee and butter are used for ice-cream manufacture.I: Rs. There are a number of dairy products like butter. The consumption of ice cream is likely to increase in future. in the confectionery industry etc. However occasionally. Key concern for setting up a dairy plant would be regular and timely supply to the market. There is always a greater demand for milk and dairy products among people. India ranks next only to USA & USSR in world milk production. There is good for new investment. 98 Lakhs Break even: 31. flavour. particularly in meetings and social gatherings.65% Add to Inquiry Basket Dairy Products & Milk Packaging in Pouches Dairy products are basically based on Milk. 361 Lakhs Return: 62. cheese. Paneer.

C.I: Rs. Chocolates and Cocoa products supply proteins.00% Add to Inquiry Basket Cheese Analogues . as compared to the present dominance of the organized dairy industry by state units and cooperative. Plant capacity: 1300 Litres/Day Working capital: Rs. If production costs of Cocoa are reduced.I: Rs. it will also have to relate to the free market conditions. There is very good scope for new entrepreneurs.e.Dairy Farm for Milk Production Agriculture still continues to be the major sector in India economy.24% Add to Inquiry Basket Chocolates Chocolates is the favourite item of children. 3 Lakhs T. there is a need to revamp the country?s milk policy and promote manufacture of high quality dairy product and meet international standards. Plant capacity: 15000 Kgs/Annum Working capital: Return: 47. The demand for milk and milk products continues to rise in our country year after year due to growing incomes of families. not only in children but the adults as well. If the industry intends to make forays into international market. fats. surely provides the investor . there is good export potential on this front. 45 Lakhs Break even: 44. It?s primary feature is solid at room temperature and yet melt rapidly in the mouth a 37?C giving a liquid with appears smooth to the tongue. 4 Lakhs T. The increasing Craze and demand for Chocolate. 8 Lakhs Return: 33. Vitamins and Minerals. Carbohydrates.48% Plant & machinery: Rs. To meet the growing demand of milk and milk products. crop production through irrigation and rearing livestock.00 Lakhs Break even: 51.68% Plant & machinery: Rs.C. a good market potential in the field. 37. Indian agriculture is based on mixed farming i. Co-operative dairying grew in the post independence era on the foundation of co-operation.

There is very fair market demand of this product. Plant capacity: 1000 Kgs/Day Working capital: Rs. which is manufactured from milk by acidulation and then by filtration.62% Plant & machinery: Rs. It is a frozen dairy product made by suitable blending and processing of ice-cream and other milk products together with sugar.Cheese is basically milk product. Cheese prepared from this milk is called analogues cheese. With efficient marketing of the product. stabilizer and air during agitation. soft drinks etc. which are sufficiently available in India throughout the year. 19 Lakhs T.C. Basic raw materials are groundnut. it forms substitute of animal (cow. there are few seeds and cereals grain contains highly soluble protein. 127 Lakhs Break even: 45. public places and social gatherings has increased its popularity over tea/coffee.60% Plant & machinery: Rs. restaurants. 126 Lakhs Break even: 57. entrepreneurs are sure to realize profit in their business. fat and carbohydrate. is a popular food item among people.I: Rs. There are also enough availability of well known technology as well as good fabricators in India. The process of production is simple and most of the production nowadays is being done by large and small scale industries. 78 Lakhs Return: 41. 36 Lakhs T.92% Add to Inquiry Basket Ice Cream & Ice Candy Ice-cream. By grinding and mixing with water.95% Add to Inquiry Basket Dairy farming and dairy products (Pasteurised Milk. though of a comparatively recent origin. Butter. Good quality and balanced ingredients are essential for manufacture of high quality ice cream.I: Rs. 4 Lakhs Return: 24. soyabean etc. together with intelligent freezing and hardening of product. As a whole it is a good project. The availability of ice cream in hotels./ Day Working capital: Rs. Plant capacity: 1200 Kgs. for manufacturing of analogue cheese. So new entrepreneur may enter in this field.C. The precipitate is cheese. . flavor. buffalo) milk.

we find that India has 53.00% Plant & machinery: 23 Lakhs T.I: 316 Lakhs Break even: 32. 5000 Plant & machinery: 594 Lacs Ltrs/Day. a form of iron such as sodium pyrophosphate and B vitamin thiamin.00% T. wheat germ. Milk is used as a food. sugar. carbohydrates. Paneer and Butter Milk) Every body use milk and milk products.I: 1866 Lacs Break even: 34.00 Tons/Day Working capital: Return: 48. There is good scope for new investment in this field. The baby cereal food is that enriched food which has a requisite level of nutrition. texture and taste than those of liquids.0 million animals in milk. cotton seed flour. within buffalo milk/annum per buffalo-450kg (average) and total milk production = 2.00% Add to Inquiry Basket Baby Cereal Food Food is mainly composed of three main groups of constituents i. Processed Milk 34000 Lts/Day Working capital: 440 Lacs Return: 58. Plant capacity: Farming 200 Cows.. It is used in hotels and restaurants as milk food preparation and in the preparation of tea. Food products are derived from single grains or blends of mixed grains combined with other ingredients for flavour and nutritional fortification. 60. Any entrepreneur can invest in this project. Used as a complete food of infant. Fat & Protein. vegetable oil. A dairy is a place for handling milk and milk products.t. Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for purposes. If we compare India position w. Dairy technology has been defined as that branch of dairy science which deals with the processing of milk and the manufacture of milk products on an industrial scale.e.00% . One of the purposes of adding solid food to the baby’s diet is to acquaint him with foods of a different consistency. So there is very good scope for new entrepreneurs.C. Materials used by various manufacturers in addition to the grains include melt.000 MT/Year. dried yeast. Plant capacity: 5. 13. other milk producing countries.Ghee. Demand of cereal food in India is increasing about 8%. of the world. It is used in all homes.r. milk powder. This requisite level is prescribed by various dieticians & physicians for children.C.

Containing about 40% oil. In this project report we have discussed about the cultivation of soyabean and manufacturing of soya milk.I: 2686 Lakhs Break even: 40.5 MT Soyabean Processing / Plant & machinery: 1726 Lakhs Day (Cultivation in 1000 Hactares) Working capital: Return: 31. cooling effects and its nutritive constituents. Fruit and nut ice cream etc. paneer and nutrela.Add to Inquiry Basket Ice Cream of Different Flavours Today ice cream may be considered a luxury food item. flavour. It is now-a-days very popular food for its taste. These products has good demand globally. it has been recognized as a potential requirements of nutritious foods in the country on the other hands.I: 112 Lakhs Break even: 34. chocolate ice cream. Soyabean. although its popularity is increasing rapidly. Plant capacity: 7. Plant capacity: 1000 kgs/Day Working capital: Return: 57. Paneer and Milk Increase of inputs on tangible or non-tangible way in agriculture increased the production of crops. so there is a good scope for new entrants.C.00% T.00% Plant & machinery: 14 Lakhs T. Ice cream is consumed more in cities. however occasionally particularly in meetings and social gatherings it is being used event in villages and towns. known as golden bean has emerged as the most important cash crop in the world. Ice cream is defined as a frozen dairy product made by suitable blending and processing of cream and other milk products together with sugar.00% Add to Inquiry Basket Soyabean Cultivation and Processing For Soy Nuggets (Nutrela). So this is a very lucrative unit for the new entrepreneur. Some of these frozen desserts are Plain ice cream.C. stabilizer and incorporation of air by agitating during the freezing process.00% Bottom of Form .