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Ancient Egyptians Belief of the Afterlife November 16, 2011 Drew Wofford Mrs.


They had the same ideas behind their gods but just different names and the gods were gods of different areas of their life. Ikram. Egyptians have many different views. They knew that one wrong move could cost them a valuable thing in their ³afterlife. They thought that all the worldly possessions that they could fit in their tomb went with them. . myths. much like any other nation did to their rulers. They thought of their life after they died much like the one they had in Egypt. &S. they were there to represent the god Horus. Citizens of Egypt believe in their rulers. he passed the world on. the kings were thought to be great men. The Egyptians lived every day in fear of these gods and how they could please them. and gods. Their view of their life after death is completely opposite what we believe today in America. The people believe that they were actually handling a 1 J. These kings were exalted and put on a pedestal.´ Overall the Egyptians had a very unique view of where their bodies went after their life on this Earth was done. 2006. Ancient Egyptians believed in a very colorful life after death. Calliope. customs. Their gods are different than the gods that we see in the Roman cultures. Egyptian people believed firmly in the fact that their kings on Earth would die and become an even more of a divine god. only this place was perfect in every sense. They believed in these people to the extent of thinking they were divine. symbols. while kings became gods when they died. After Horus¶ death. Kings bodies were taken really good care of after they died. Egyptians thought that while they were on Earth. On Earth. Ancient Egyptians Belief of the AFTERLIFE.Ancient Egyptians had a very different outlook on the afterlife. Regular citizens became regular citizens. this tradition is believed to be passed on from generation to generation1. Egyptians believed that everything that they were buried with also went with them to their afterlife. Horus is believed to be the original ruler of the world. Kamrin.

We know now that the death of a Pharaoh was tied to the rising and setting of the sun. This was another reason why the Egyptians went to such extreme measures to protect the king¶s bodies. Egyptians believed that they must say prayers to keep the soul of the god at peace. Since they were not an actual member of the afterworld yet.god¶s body.html The Pyramids. Many Egyptian experts believe that the Egyptians used the shape of the pyramid for three different reasons. The process to mummify a body took a very long time to complete. http://www. Even the slightest detail had to be of their liking. Rulers began the build on their own personal pyramids as soon as they took the After the king was dead and properly mummified they had to find a proper place to bury 3 . their body had to be protected so it could 2 The British Museum. a hill called Ben-Ben. They said prayers every day during this mummification process. and when the next king took over. There are over 80 pyramids known today in Egypt. http://www. The pyramid was also said to represent the rays of the sun. he represented the rising of the sun. It was believed that when a Pharaoh died he represented the setting of the sun. and anything else that the king wanted to take to the afterlife with him.kingtutone. Another reason they used this shape was because the sloping sides showed how the dead rulers could simply climb the side to the skies and heavens to live in their afterlife forever.2 The pyramids were filled with gold. This was just a way to dry out the body. To make their burial even more significant they mummified their bodies. Pyramids were the most popular burial grounds for somebody oh high standing.3 The pharaohs believed that their death was just a journey to the ³afterworld´. Mummification is a process to preserve the body naturally. to stop the possibility of a cosmic disaster. They said that the pyramid reminded them of the first land to appear at the beginning of time.

The West Bank in Egypt is where all the kings and pharaohs were buried. The funeral for a Pharaoh was a lengthy process. etc. When the procession reached the burial grounds. What we do know is that some of the tombs held boats. burial these were overtaken by tomb robbers and no body has been discovered. The new pharaoh would perform the ³Opening of the Mouth Ceremony´5. Opening of the Mouth Ceremony. The main purpose of the pyramids was to protect the king¶s body forever. The Priests of the town would follow them burning incense and shaking their sistrums. They would pray and 4 J. Parsons. statues. the coffin was stood straight up. After the mummification took place. Crying. These sarcophagi were supposed to be heavy and strong enough to last through everything. Dockall. The most well-known pyramids are the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Secret of the Great Pyramid: How One Man's Obsession Led to the Solution of Ancient Egypt's Greatest Mystery. so we are not real sure everything that they held. and the new Pharaoh if one had already taken over.E. gold. and his was placed directly in the center of the pyramid. followed by another oxen pulled sled carrying the canopic chest. The funeral procession would begin at the Royal Palace and head towards the West Bank. These pyramids were built by Khufu to house his body after he recognized by their spirit.htm . The Great Pyramid is the largest ever built and is surrounded by smaller pyramids. boat docks. jewelry. they placed the body in what is known as sarcophagi. http://www. Unfortunately.4 Khufu¶s pyramids were magnificent. it was said to be a holy place. Oxen would pull the coffin on a sled.touregypt. This ceremony was thought to give back the senses to the body of the king. He had three burial chambers. 2008 5 M. screaming women would follow these sleds. and any other luxury item that would help the king in his next life. food. and possibly dignitaries from other cities close by. The funeral procession was led by the High Priest. This funeral procession custom is still done today. Tomb robbers have completely looted just about every pyramid empty.

They thought that their worldly . After researching this topic. you will spend your ³afterlife´ in Heaven. We now use the method of embalming that just cleans the body of blood. the visitors go to a meeting place while the grave workers cover the casket up before they go back to pay their respects. which carries the casket. Once this ceremony was complete. Nobody was allowed inside the tomb after the door was sealed. We now know that tombs were entered by tomb robbers looking to steal all the king¶s goods. The funeral procession is somewhat similar to what we have today.chant over the body to allow the king to live normally in the afterlife and still be able to watch over his family. If you are a Christian. the entrance was locked. we realize that this rule was not always followed. After we have our graveside service. They thought that everybody went to the glorious place of a ³perfect´ Egypt. whereas today. The funeral goers would attend a funeral banquet while the tomb was being completed. but the Pharaohs became gods in their afterlife. They believed that the common people went to the same place as the Pharaohs. After going inside the tombs today. the tomb workers would carry the coffin down to the burial chamber. Rulers of ancient Egypt prepared their gravesite with the likes of pyramids and such. and by priest and holy persons looking to protect the tomb from tomb robbers and people of that sort. They would place the coffin in the sarcophagi and shut it up. I have realized that the Ancient Egyptians belief on the afterlife is extremely different than the ones we have today. if not you will go to Hell. Once everything was completed inside the tomb. Today we still believe in an afterlife I guess you could say. instead of drying the body out completely. We believe in Heaven or Hell. Their mummification process would scare a lot of people today. This ritual is still in place today also. it is less than a week before we are laid in our final resting place. After we leave the funeral home we usually line our cars to follow the hearse. to the cemetery. It usually took months before the body was finally laid in its tomb.

We know that we leave this world with none of our worldly things. After I researched this topic. Egyptians have a very unique way of seeing the things that happen once our time on Earth is done.possessions carried on with them to the other world. I realize that this is very true about the Egyptians. I have always been taught that different cultures have different views on everything. They thought that they were right with what they believe and we think we are right with what we believe. .

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