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The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to receive an 'in principle' approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part of the RBI's liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994. The bank was incorporated in August 1994 in the name of 'HDFC Bank Limited', with its registered office in Mumbai, India. HDFC Bank commenced operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995.

Savings Account
These accounts are primarily meant to inculcate a sense of saving for the future, accumulating funds over a period of time. The different types of products bank offers are Regular Savings Plus SavingsMax No Frills Institutional Savings Senior Citizens Retail Trust Kids Advantage Pension Savings Family Savings Salary Classic Payroll Regular Premium Defence Kisan No Frills Savings Kisan Club Savings Reimbursement

Current Account
HDFC Bank Current Account, experience the freedom of multi-city banking. One can have the power of multi-location access to their account from any of the 2,201 branches in 1,174 cities. Not only that, they can access most of the banking transactions from their office or home without stepping out. Running a business requires time and money, also that business needs are constantly evolving. To solve this problem bank provide with customers a choice of Current Account options to exclusively suit their business, whatever the size or scope it be.

Customers looking at liquid options with a considerable moderate return expectations and low risk appetite can choose this product. As per the Finance Bill 2009. y Sweep in facility. INSURANCE AND INVESTMENT These are several areas where bank products are available: y y y y Wealth Services Mutual Funds Tax Planning Insurance Life : Several life insurance Plans are HDFC SL Crest Plan HDFC SL YoungStar Super II Plan HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II Plan HDFC SL YoungStar Super Premium HDFC SL ProGrowth Maximiser HDFC SL New Money Back Plan HDFC Term Assurance Plan HDFC Loan Cover Term Assurance Plan HDFC Single Premium Whole of Life Insurance Plan HDFC Savings Assurance Plan HDFC SL ClassicAssure Insurance Plan y y General Insurance Complete protection for your home. all fees and charges mentioned above will attract Service Tax @ 10% and Education Cess @ 3% of the service tax amount effective 24th February 2009. 2. y Overdraft facility available. y Tax saving fixed deposit. travel Health Insurance Complete protection for health . Features: y Wide range of tenures.Bank offers several current accounts to serve the needs of different categories Plus Regular Apex Trade RFC Domestic Max Premium Flexi Current Fixed Deposits It is the long-term investments provided by the bank.

Mutual Funds y y y y y y Buy Mutual Funds in small units Enjoy liquidity for your funds by redeeming and withdrawing money anytime Get expert analysis by experienced Fund Managers Your interests are safeguarded due to regulations of the sector Portfolio Investment Schemes Trade in recognised Indian Stock Exchanges. Mudra Silver Bar Buy 24 Karat Silver bars made in Switzerland and certified by Assay IPO Application through ASBA Now you can invest in IPOs without moving funds from your Savings Account.y y y y y Bonds A secure investment avenue giving the customer stable returns with tax benefits. y y y y y y y y y Travelers Cheques Foreign Currency Cash ForexPlus card ForexPlus Chip card Foreign Currency Drafts Cheque Deposits Remittances Cash to Master Trade Services . Offshore Investments y y A customised solution as per the risk-return profile of a global investor Invest in multiple currencies and across different geographies and asset classes FOREX AND SEVICES y Foreign exchange and trade services The following are different methods of transacting in Foreign Exchange and remitting money. Equities & Derivatives Leverage our vast information repository and transact online Mudra Gold Bar Buy 24 Karat gold bars made in Switzerland and certified by Assay.

y Register&Pay: Customer can enjoy complete bill payment solution under one roof. make subscriptions and donations. PAYMENT SERVICES Verified by Visa (VBV)/ MasterCard Secure Code. Through this facility you can now make your DVAT & CST payments at your own convenience through HDFC Bank's Net Banking facility. y Prepaid Mobile Refill: An HDFC Bank Account holder can now recharge their prepaid mobile phone with this service. y Ngpay: offers a range of services from its network of partners. mobile phone bills and insurance premium at convenience. Here shopping can be possible online with customer¶s existing Visa Debit/Credit card. He can view and pay all his mobile. consolidated menu. y Online payment of GVAT HDFC Bank is one of the first few banks to launch an Internet payment option for payment online payment of Gujarat Value Added Tax (Gujarat VAT). y Online Payment of Excise & Service Tax: Pay excise and service tax payments at convenience through HDFC Bank's Net Banking facility y Online Payment of Direct Tax: HDFC Bank was the first private sector bank to be authorized by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) as well as the Reserve Bank of India for collection of direct tax y Online payment of DVAT and CST: HDFC Bank is one of the first few banks to launch an internet payment option for payment online payment of Delhi Value Added Tax (DVAT) and Central Sales Tax (CST).3. In a simple. y InstaPay: Here the customer can pay the bills. one can discover and choose merchants or service providers with whom he wants to transact. y Visa BillPay: Utility bill scan be paid using HDFC Bank¶s Visa credit card and can avoid long queue and late payment. through Internet. electricity. make donations and subscribe to magazines without going through the hassles of any registration. He should debit the account directly with bank¶s DirectPay service! y Visa CardPay: Transferring of funds to any Visa Card (debit or credit) within India at convenience through HDFC Bank's Net Banking facility y E-Monies National Electronic Funds Transfer: Transfer funds from customer¶s account to other Bank accounts across India using HDFC Bank's Net Banking facility. telephone. y DirectPay: Customer can shop or pay bills online without cash or card. Customer can enjoy credit free period and reward points as per the credit card features. Some of the facilities available here are: y NetSafe: shopping can be made possible online without revealing customer¶s HDFC Bank Credit Card number. y PayNow: HDFC Bank¶s Credit Card can be used to pay the utility bills online. For this he should register and he is informed through sms and email alerts every time the bill is received. electricity bills and insurance premia on-line. Through this facility customer can make his VAT payments . y BillPay: Pay the telephone.

and much more Email Statements y y y FREE statements for Savings and Current Accounts Monthly statements for savings accounts Daily / weekly / monthly statements for current accounts MobileBanking y y Use ngpay for a wide range of financial transactions Transfer funds. . RTGS Funds Transfer RTGS is an inter-bank funds transfer system. real time).anytime.y y through HDFC Bank's Net Banking Religious Offerings: Donations can be made to favorite temple easily and securely using HDFC BANK's Net Banking. and more. order cheque books. PhoneBanking: Providing bank facilities through bank. Branch Network: Bank¶s sophisticated computerized network gives the flexibility of accessing Savings or Current Account from 2. view mini-statement. MobileBanking: Customer can access bank account and conduct a host of banking transactions and inquiries through mobile. with this MobileBanking service. ATM 24-hour access to cash. anywhere. recharge prepaid card etc« Email Statements HDFC Bank introduces Email Statements for all its Savings & Current account holders.201 branches and over 7. shop through mobile. Net Banking: Net Banking lets the customer manage his account from the comfort of his mouse . InstaAlerts: Get regular updates about bank account on the mobile phone or email ID. ACCESS YOUR BANK y y y y y y y y y Net Banking on Mobile: Access Net Banking services from the internet enabled mobile handset. Features: Net Banking y y y View account balances & statements Transfer funds between accounts Pay bills.e. anywhere Credit Cards Online: Access the Credit Cards account anytime.110 ATMs across India. where funds are transferred as and when the transactions are triggered (i.

PhoneBanking y Dial in to PhoneBanking to perform various transactions over a phone call. They are: Personal Loans Smart Drafts Home loans Two Wheeler loans New car loans Used car loans Gold loans Education loans Loan against securities Loan against properties Loan against rental receivables Health care Finance Rental agri loans Tractor loans Commercial vehicle finance Construction equipment finance Ware house receipt loans Home Loan y y Attractive interest rates Dedicated and experienced team of experts . InstaAlerts y y Receive real-time account updates on your phone or email Register for InstaAlert using Net Banking 4. Loans Several types of loans are being available to suits different customer profile.

FMPs). US64 Bonds. Mutual Funds(equity. includes the online credit cards service µNetsafe¶ Super Premium Cards Woman's Solitaire Credit Cards y y Solitaire Credit Card Solitaire Premium Credit Card Premium Travel Credit Cards y y y Superia Credit Card Platinum Edge Credit Card Titanium Edge Credit Card Premium Credit Cards y Platinum Plus Credit Card y Platinum Plus Chip Credit Card y Visa Signature Credit Card y Visa Signature Chip Credit Card y World MasterCard Credit Card .y y y Extensive network between the branch and service center Expert legal and technical advisors Safe documents storage facility Loan Against Securities y Get an overdraft against your Shares. NSC. The best credit cards available here. matching his spending power. Insurance Policies.KVP Safe documents storage facility Safe documents storage facility y Loan Against Fixed Deposits y Get an overdraft against customer¶s NRE / NRO / FCNR while still retaining ownership 5. Debt. CARDS Credit cards: Credit cards are designed to meet the unique needs of customers.

Titanium Card y Titanium Credit Card Commercial Cards y Corporate Platinum Credit Card y Corporate Credit Card y Business Platinum Credit Card y Business Gold Credit Card y Purchase Card y Distributor Card Gold Credit Cards y Gold Credit Card y Woman's Gold Card DEBIT CARDS HDFC Bank Debit Cards give the customer complete and instant access to the money in his accounts without the risk or hassle of carrying cash. bank¶s Prepaid Cards have been tailored to answer the travel and gifting needs y ForexPlus Card Prepaid Travel Card . Different types of debit cards are: Classic Cards y EasyShop International Debit Card Premium Cards y EasyShop Gold Debit Card y EasyShop Platinum Debit Card Specialised Cards y Easyshop Imperia Platinum Chip Debit Card y EasyShop International Business Debit Card y EasyShop Woman's Advantage Debit Card y EasyShop NRO Debit Card y EasyShop Titanium Debit Card y Easy Shop Titanium Royale Debit Card PREPAID CARDS Besides offering manage the overseas expenses .

Foreign Currency Deposits are available in 6 different currencies.y ForexPlus Platinum Card Carrying foreign currency has become more secure with the new and secure Chip enabled ForexPlus Platinum Card y Mudra GiftPlus Card Prepaid card that can only be used at POS terminals at HDFC Bank branches to purchase Mudra Gold/ Silver bars y MoneyPlus Card The Corporate Payment Card . Bank¶s Savings Account are the ideal way to grow his capital while abroad. . 6. He can book a Deposit for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years while enjoying the advantage of full repatriation for his funds. reduced tax liabilities. protecting from exchange rate fluctuations.It gives the freedom from cash disbursement / administrative hassles. HDFC Bank Fixed Deposits include unique facilities of Super Saver and Sweep-In. y GiftPlus Card Prepaid Gift Card ± Customers/employers who wish to gift their family or employees could choose this service. y ForexPlus Chip Card A pre-paid traveller's card designed to give greater security and increased protection. which offer the dual advantages or take care of any deficit in the Savings or Current Account linked with the Deposit. Along with the easy repatriation. Foreign Currency Deposits This facility gives protection from exchange rate risks and ensures great returns on foreign currency earnings in India. NRI SERVICES Savings Account Our Non-Resident Savings Account lets NRI¶S save their money in Indian currency. Fixed Deposits Our Fixed Deposits allow the customer to make productive use of his earnings in Indian currency. With full repatriation for the interest earned and no tax liability. bank¶s NRI Current Accounts ensure that he can conduct transactions easily on a daily basis. Current Account An ideal tool to park one¶s Indian currency earnings.

industry benchmark service levels and strong customer orientation. trade and transactional services. it has made significant inroads into the formal banking consortia of a number of Indian companies including multinationals. Large Corporates Bank offer blue chip companies in India. including working capital finance. domestic business houses and prime public sector companies. Funded Services y y y Working Capital Finance Bill Discounting Export Credit y y y Short Term Finance Structured Finance Term Lending Non Funded Services . The services provided are: 1. to name a few. The product offerings are suitably structured taking into account a client's risk profile and specific needs. foreign exchange and cash management.Accounts for Returning Indians These accounts are specific to the needs of Non-Resident Indians who are staying in India on a temporary basis and looking for an ideal instrument for their money in India. Based on bank¶s superior product delivery. they can enjoy the flexibility of withdrawing cash from account in Indian rupees even as the account is held in foreign currency Wholesale Banking Corporates Corporate Banking reflects HDFC Bank's strengths in providing corporate clients in India. transactional and electronic banking products. a wide array of commercial. a full range of client-focused corporate banking services. Bank achieves this through innovative product development and a well-integrated approach to relationship management. Also.

. From the fluctuating cash flows to the unpredictability of the weather.y y y Letter of Credit Collection of Documents Bank Guarantees Value Added Services y y y y y y y Syndication Services Real Time Gross Settlement Cash Management Services Channel Financing Corporate Salary Accounts Reimbursement Account Bankers to Right/Public Issue y y y y y y y Forex Desk Money Market Desk Derivatives Desk Employees Trusts Cash Surplus Corporates Tax Collection Online payment of Gujarat V Internet Banking y y Supply Chain Management Corporate Internet Banking y Payment Gateway Services Supply chain Partners HDFC Bank creates Supply Chain Finance solutions that enable the clients to automate supply chain management resulting in operational efficiency and supply chain gains. The vast array of services and supply chain solutions help in seamless transfer of funds. faster delivery of goods and reduction of processing costs. Each agribusiness faces different challenges and has unique needs. managing a successful agribusiness requires a distinctive approach. y y Dealer Finance Vendor Finance Agricultural Lending Everyone who is involved in agricultural industry knows that the business is not usual. And all this from bank¶s website or our revolutionary ENetŒ service.

The products provided them are: y y y y y y y Clearing Sub-membership Cheque Collection Trade Finance Services Corporate Salary Accounts DD/Cheques payable at par Funds Transfer Tax Collection Financial Institutions Institutions need a bank that uses its financial skills to streamline performance and build business.Financial institutions and trusts Banks HDFC Bank provides correspondent bank services to Co-operative Banks. Therefore HDFC Bank focuses on responding to the unique environments of each and every client. 2. technology and product capability. y y y y y IndiaLink Services to Cash Surplus Corporates Bankers to Rights/Public Issue Money Market Desk Custodial Service y y y y y Cash Management Services Tax Collection Forex Desk Derivatives Desk Correspondent Banking Mutual Funds HDFC is the leading banking service providers to public and private sector mutual fund clients and have kept pace with the revolutionary growth of the industry by evolving a range of services to meet the varied needs of fund groups. They are having a wide range of products engineered to suit the needs of the banking sector and this is backed up by a dedicated Relationship Management Team and dedicated servicing department.HDFC Bank has solutions that are chiefly dedicated to agribusiness. configuring its core capabilities to satisfy those needs within locations or sectors. Private Banks and Foreign Banks & RRB's. Banks can leverage HDFC bank¶s branch network. .

OTC Exchange of India and the Interconnected Stock Exchanges. which is manned by highly experienced staff specifically trained to handle the ever changing/ urgent requirements of the clearing members. United Stock Exchange of India Limited (USE) and MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX). to meet specific requirements for the clearing member. particularly brokers. Bank is offering slew of products to suit working capital requirements of the brokers and can also offer structured products. HDFC Bank is also a Clearing Bank for other Stock Exchanges in India namely Ahmadabad Stock Exchange. HDFC Bank with its rich and multitudinous expertise as clearing Bank is poised to cater to the needs of all intermediaries. Calcutta Stock Exchange.y y y y y y Collection Services Funds Transfer Debt Market Services to Cash Surplus Corporates Bankers to Rights/Public Issue Payment Services y y y y Payment Services Money Market Desk Services to Employee Trusts Tax Collection Clearing Bank Services to Currency Derivative Brokers HDFC Bank is the leading clearing Bank for currency derivative segment of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSEIL). Clearing Bank Services to Capital Market Brokers HDFC Bank Limited is the leading clearing Bank for National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSEIL) and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) offering a range of products and services in the Capital Market Business. in currency derivative segment. Products and Services for Capital Market Brokers HDFC Bank offers the following products and services to client members . The clearing and settlement bank activities are handled by the Capital Market Division of the Bank.

and United India Insurance Ltd. offering a range of products and services in the Commodity Exchange Business.. Commodity Markets Business Market Participants (Commodity Traders & Brokers) y y Processors / Manufacturers Farmers / Agriculturists y y . (MCX) and National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (NMCE).Insurance Business The Insurance business is a key focus area for HDFC Bank. (NCDEX). Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.Fund based Non Fund based Transaction based Others Loan against securities Structured Products Bank guarantees to NSE/BSE Settlement Activities Corporate Salary Accounts Bank Guarantees to Payment Gateways DP Accounts Professional clearing members ENetΠSupply chain Management Cash Management Services Custodial Service 3. In this sector. Ltd. Life Insurance Corporation of India Ltd. bank has created a benchmark in providing services to all institutions of this industry.. New India Assurance Co.. namely. The services provided are: y y y y Collection services Money Market Desk Services to Employee Trusts Disbursement Services y y y Forex Desk Derivatives Desk Custodial Service Commodity Businesses HDFC Bank is the leading clearing bank for National Commodity & Derivative Exchange Ltd. National Insurance Company Limited. Oriental Insurance Co Ltd.

from export credit to construction equipment loan.Trust services The trust services at HDFC Bank provide with the dual advantages of a secure depository and efficient administration of securities. meet fiduciary responsibilities. Funded Services Funded Services from HDFC Bank are meant to directly cater the day-to-day working of a small and a medium business enterprise. Through solutions bank helps the clients maximize returns. In other words HDFC Bank provides complete administrative and fiduciary support for a wide range of financing and investing structures. cater to virtually every business requirement of an SME. Services to small and medium enterprises Bank has designed products to meet varying individual needs. y y y y y y Working Capital Finance Construction Equipment Loan Medical Equipment Finance Bill Discounting Export Credit Real Estate Initiatives y y y y y Commercial Vehicle finance Short Term Finance Healthcare Project Finance Credit Substitutes Structured Cash Flow Financing Non-Funded Services Business Accounts Letters of Credit Collection of Documents Forex Desk Derivatives Desk Services to Cash Surplus Corporates Bankers to Rights/Public Issue y y y y y y HDFC Bank Trade Guarantees Cash Management Services Money Market Desk Services to Employee Trusts Tax Collection y y y y y y y . and improve operational efficiency. From working capital finance to credit substitutes.

Specialised Services HDFC Bank is one of the most trusted entities when it comes to specialised services like selling of precious metals to customers. This in turn enhances the credibility of customer¶s business and makes banking extremely costefficient. Indirect taxes and Sales Tax collections at their local HDFC Bank. Bank provides state-of-the-art payment gateway services to industries and companies in order to ease transaction processing. 4. Customer can avail an assortment of credit cards and debit cards from bank¶s merchant services. These services include : Tax Collection wherein customers can directly pay their taxes like Direct taxes. There's corporate salary account which ensures smooth payment methods to the staff. The following are the highlights of this service: y y y y Real Time Gross Settlement Reimbursement Account Custody Services HDFC Bank Business Gold Credit Card y y y Corporate Salary Accounts Merchant Services HDFC Bank Business Platinum Credit Card Internet Banking Internet banking is a revolutionary service under the banking sector and HDFC Bank is a forerunner in providing with this service. E-Ticketing . Government Sector HDFC Bank acts as an active medium between the government and the customers by means of various services. Under specialised services one can also avail customised control of value chain through our internet banking platform.Helps the customer by providing him a direct access to book a Railway . Channel Financing y Precious Metals y Value Added Services There is a plethora of services that offer under value added services.

Disbursement of Pension to retired Employees of Central Govt and Defence is directly done by HDFC Bank along with the disbursement of pension to the members of EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation). Ministry of Corporate Affairs . Kutch (Mundra). VC funds. multilateral development agencies etc.Investment banking HDFC BANK offers cutting edge investment and merchant banking services to a wide range of corporates of different sizes across sectors. Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation. Mira Road. Bhavnagar & Vapi (GIDC). mutual funds. Thane (Talao Pali). Lower Parel. 5. which enables them to arrange diverse debt and equity funding requirements of corporates in a cost -effective and timely manner. cyclone. PE funds. earthquakes etc. Bank has got excellent relationships with domestic and international banks. The Stamp Duty Franking Facility is available at following branches in Gujarat Ahmadabad (Navrangpura). Baroda (Gotri Road) and Surat (Ring Road). financial institutions. The Stamp Duty Franking Facility is available at following branches in Maharashtra Fort. Pimpri. Pune (FC Road). Collection of stamp duty is done via franking mode in the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat. Opening of L/C's is done by the bank on behalf of Government of India. Collection of Property Tax through Selected Branches on behalf of Municipal Corporation of Delhi Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF) Collection of Donations from public at large through our selected Branches under Prime Minister National Relief Fund. Ratnagiri. thus facilitating imports for the Government.Ticket online and get it home delivered. Nagpur.Collection of ROC fees for the Ministry through authorized Branches and Net Banking. Panvel. sovereign funds. Collection of levies and taxes on behalf of Municipal Corporations i. . insurance companies. The funds of PMNRF are utilised primarily to render immediate relief to the victims of natural calamities like floods. Electronic Collection of fees on behalf of DGFT is done by the bank too. is undertaken by the Bank.e. Mints and Presses. Kolhapur. Chembur.

Buy Out Funds Placement to institutional investors under SEBI QIP Guidelines Mezzanine Finance M&A and Corporate Advisory Services y y y Domestic & Cross-Border mergers and acquisitions .Providing end to end solutions including identification of target. structured finance . V/C. assistance in due diligence and fund raising Business Spinning off/Hiving off Capital Structuring and Restructuring Capital Market Advisory Services y y y y y y Rights Issues Open Offers Share Buy Back De listing Follow-on Public Offerings BRLM for IPOs . NCDs and bonds Equity Placement y y y Private Equity Placement with P/E.The products offered by the Investment Banking Division include: Project appraisal .loan syndication and debt capital markets y y y y y y y Project finance INR and Foreign Currency Loans External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) and Export Credit Agency (ECA) backed Loans FCNR (B) Loans Asset Backed Loans Infrastructure advisory Placement of CPs. valuation.

. . .