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C/o 1st Floor,H.NO. LIG -187, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Hyderabad-500072. E-mail: Mobile:+91 8121106837 OBJECTIVE To work an organization in the mining and exploration industry for the sustainable development of mineral resources. Education  M.Sc in Geology (2005 – 2007) from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, with an aggregate of 68.96%.  B.Sc in Geology from Nagarjuna University, Guntur with an aggregate of 58.6%. Current Status  Working as coal exploration geologist in Mozambique for Midwest Granite Private Ltd, Hyderabad. Since 01-09-2009 to still. Responsibilities • Surface geological mapping, and sampling. • • • • • • • • Supervision of diamond core, RC drilling and core logging. Drawing graphic logs, seam structures, correlation of seams, preparation of plans cross sections etc. Preparation of Iso-chore map preparation. Sample preparation for analysis. Preparation of CAD drawings based on geophysical and sample analysis. Contour generation through Mine software. Preparation of cross sections and resources analysis through Minex software. Compilation and archiving data on computers and google maps plotting.

 Worked as an Exploration Geologist in TAK Mining Lda, Tete, Mozambique (Alkhudry Group, Jordan). Project: Base Metals, Area 5000 Sq. km of Northern and North-East portion of Tete, Mozambique. Since August-2008 to August 2009. (one yr) Responsibilities • Carrying out geochemical rock, soil and Bleg sampling, • Carrying out X-ray Fluorescence(Element identification) and TerraSpec(Mineral identification,

0 for interpretation. Surfer8. Supervision of diamond core. And Head. Geophysical logging interpretation.• • • Experience Geological and geotechnical mapping. Forest survey and collection of GCP(Ground Control Points). storage (Database management) Trimble geomatica operations.  Groundwater Exploration (Multi Resistivity survey and vertical electrical sounding survey). Venkatesh.Prof. AutoCAD. Water sample analysis. Arc/GIS (ArcMap). Kukatpally.0. Data collection. Responsibilities Survey field • Carrying out RTK. data interpretation.  Worked as a Project Assistant Level – II in Ecology and Environment Group (Hydrology) in National Geophysical Research Institute. Objective: In this project. • • • PROJECT  Textural analysis of coastal red sediments from Vizainagaram Dist.  Surfer 8. Preparation of watershed management maps. Hyderabad. Well Cad. RC drilling and core logging. fifth Floor. Hyderabad Feb-2008 to Aug-2008.  Operated both hand held and DGPS (Trimble 5700) operations. Responsibilities Ground Water department • • • • • Carrying out Vertical Electrical Sounding System. Field Skills  Fieldwork done in Visakhapatnam as part of academic curriculum. Under the guidance of Associate. Technical Skills  Minex 6.(MapInfo). CSIT/IST (Building) Department.05. assigning layers of the specified like drainage patterns. . Post processing and topo survey. project area and finally labeling in Arc Map. my role to preparing base map from the topo sheet and converting into ERDAS and georeferencing.  Participated as a geology student in Gudur Mica Mines as part of field tour.  TerraSpec (Spectrum analysis). Uppal Road. J. X-ray fluorescence.  Worked as a DGPS operator in JNT University. IRIS(Syscal Pro)operation. form July – 2007 to Dec – 2007.

 Packages – MS – Office.  Operating System – Windows2000 and WindowsXP. .

G Married 08-06-1980 Indian Can speak in Telugu. G0613259 VIJAYA KUMAR GUNDALA S/o G. INDIA. Phone: +91 8594 230776 Declaration I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. English and Hindi.G SOMAIAH. SOMAIAH. Personal Profile Name Father’s Name Marital status Date of Birth Nationality Languages Known Passport No Permanent Address : : : : : : : : VIJAYA KUMAR. Chirala. Place: Hyderabad. on “WORLD AIDS DAY”.Curricular Activities  Participated and got a first place in district (Degree) level essay writing competitions conducted by SET & SHADOWS.VIJAYA KUMAR) . Date: 11-3-2011. John Pet. Perala. Prakasam Dist – 523 157(A. (G.P).  Winners of the “Kabaddi” champion ship in Inter Block Games (2005 – 2006) conducted by Andhra University.