SIM-MAX Software

SIM Scanner User Guide
Scan SIM Card
1.Insert your original SIM Card into reader. Open table SIM Scanner in order to execute the program.

2.Warning: This software is only for personal usage. Strictly prohibit to be used in illegally copy or back up others SIM Card data.

3.Click the scan button in order to scan the card. (USB flying boat shape card reader is not compatible with new version of scanning program, please go to No. 12 to apply old version of scanning program.)

4.Use new version of scan program first, that can effectively reduce scanning time. Please click OK.

Click Find KI . 7. #19200bps (High Speed card Reader) or 9600bps (Low Speed card Reader).Click Test button to test whether the card Reader is connected into Personal Computer. to refer to the value on mainframe.5. than set it yourself) 6. (If detect incorrect. ATR will show up the values.Auto detects card reader Com Port and speed.

10. the file name can be your telephone numbers. the computer won’ t ask for passwords.Start to scan. Then when you open the file. it is also accessible without input passwords.90 minutes for a set of number. If you worry to forget the passwords.Key in your passwords as encryption passwords. 9. just go ahead to click OK button. (Please bear in mind your verified passwords. so as to prevent other people to copy your SIM Card. in order to write SIM-MAX Card in another day. .Write down file name and save it. as different sets of numbers that would take about 15.8.

during the scanning you can click Pause in order to return to the main menu. .· When the new version of scanning process can not crack down your SIM Card. 13. 12. Please click OK. please cancel Use New Scan Engine.For returning to the main menu.At that time the program will inquire whether use old version scanning procedures.Start to have the old version scanning process screen. Click Scan. 11. you can use old version of scanning program to scan your SIM Card forcedly. The program will memorize the scanning procedures.

Please repeat No. Duplicate telephone numbers into SIM-MAX Card 1.Click SIM Backup to Write to SIM. 11 procedures in order to write the file.14. . 2.Click Browse so as to detect SIM-MAX Card’ s numbers list. 10 and No.

3. the dialog box show below will not display at this moment.Input Encryption Code in order to certify reading file. . Before you duplicate your telephone numbers into SIM-MAX Card.(If users did not key in the password during saving the file.The ICCID will show up SIM Card ID.) 5. click numbers list and delete into empty).Open Data File so you can browse scanning file of each line numbers list in computer. 4. select a line numbers. please be sure the saving telephone numbers display "Empty" (if it does not appear.

The copy procedures are well done.Click Write then the telephone numbers that you saved in the file will copy into SIM-MAX Card. 8.Use SIM Editor to duplicate your SIM Card’ s telephone book and short messages into SIM-MAX Card.6. 7. .

because it will ruin your SIM-MAX Card. .Remark: · Please don't scan SIM-MAX Card.

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