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Ref : Homes/Delhi/231/Elect-3

03 Feb 12

Sub: Quotation for Electrical Fitments

Sir, 1. 2. (a) Reference is made to your letter No. MAppts/Office/23 dated 15 Jan 12. The quotation for supply and installation of security lighting is as given below:Cost of Supplies & Installation:Sl.No.

1 2

3 4 5 6 7 8

Items 1000 w Halogen (Make Philips Model ST:202) Lamp Post Junction Boxes with switch (StdIS 1293) Cable (std IS 14763) Switch Panel (IS 1293) Light Sensor (Make Seimens) Earthing (Chemical) Installation and Commisioning Total

Rate 25,000

Qty 30

Total 7,50,000

50,000 1,000

30 30

15,00,000 30,000

50 75,000 20,000 75,000

2,000 2 2 1

1,00,000 1,50,000 40,000 75,000 3,00,000 26,45,000

Note : Taxes and Vat EXTRA (As Applicable)


Fire. All fitments are the property of the SELLER until full and final payment is received by the SELLER. (ii) Warranty for electrical fitting will be as per terms and conditions of the OEM (Details attached). as well as War. blockade. either party to the contract reserves the right to terminate the contract totally or partially upon giving prior written notice of thirty days to the other party of the intention to terminate without any liability. (iv) (c) The cost of transportation will be borne by the SELLER. (iii) Warranty on Labour include free Repair/Replacements of all fittings and accessories for a period of one year from the date of installation. Payment Terms:(i) 25% of total amount is to paid as advance along with the issue of supply order (along with letter of acceptance of quote and terms) by cheque/draft to “Homes Delhi” payable at “New Delhi”.(b) Terms and Condition:(i) The offer is valid for 3 months for date of quotation i. if the nonperformance results from such Force Majeure circumstances as Flood. No warranty is applicable for Cables and Lamp posts. other than reimbursement on the terms provided in the agreement/ contract for the goods received. Non receipt of payment beyond one month will render the supply order as cancelled and the SELLER has no liability to pay the amount already paid. (ii) Extension of Time: In such circumstances. The SELLER shall not bear responsibility for the complete or partial non-performance of any of its obligations. 03 May 2012. Acts or Actions of State Authorities or any other circumstances beyond the control of the parties that might arise after the conclusion of the contract. (d) Force Majeure (i) Force Majeure. Delay in payment will attract an interest of 1% (of due amount) per week. the time stipulated for the performance of an obligation under the contract is extended correspondingly for the period of time of action of these circumstances and their consequences. Military operations. The amount will be adjusted against the work completed. (iii) Right to terminate contract: If the impossibility of complete or partial performance of an obligation lasts for more than six months.e. . Work will be deemed to commence from the date of crediting of the amount in the Bank account of the Seller. Earthquake and other acts of God. (ii) The installation and commissioning will be completed in 3 months from the date of crediting of the advance payment in the SELLER’s bank account. (iii) Balance 75% payment will be paid at intervals of one month (three instalments) commencing from the date of receipt of advance payment.