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Wall Street stocks rose on Thursday after data showed the US labor market remained on the mend. The market fell more than 2% during this week while it rallied 18-20% in the previous seven weeks helped by inflow of around Rs 29. the I-T department has frozen the company's bank accounts for non-payment of service tax. It was the first bad weekly close for the Indian equity market in 2012. The past seven weeks have seen positive MARKET 0UTLOOK  The upsurge in the markets came to a halt this week with both benchmark indices closing with significant losses. The Sensex was down 2% while the Nifty lost 2. and hurt sentiment for the banking sector as a whole.  State bank of India’s stock fell nearly 9% during the week on concerns over its rising non-performing loans. info@marketmagnify.0731 4228777 . 130 billion euro’s.5% during the week.5% during the week. NEWS AFFECTING INDIAN MARKETS  European Union finally handed over Greece its second tranche of financial aid. The fall witnessed in the last three sessions of the week may be due to large money flow toward the MCX IPO which got oversubscribed 43 times. but the market stalled as it approached highs not seen since before the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers.marketmagnify.  For the week. Realty.  From the global Ph.000 crore.  Bankers are refusing further loans to Kingfisher. The Sensex was down 2% while the Nifty lost 2. banking and capital goods were the worst performers during the week.  US consumer confidence in February and new-home sales last month that exceeded economists' forecasts.

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