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lhe BAQARlJl Party Beak

lReelj:Jes f0C dfiinks, ~tfnciflest SlilaG~S, l1or;,sd'oeuvres, entrees 8Ji'lGI ('je:sse~ts.

The BA€ARBI P~rty Book
Tall Drinks 4 Daiquiris ......•.... , .•...... 6 Cac klai Is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . .. 8 Short Drinks 10 Eggnog " 11 Exotic Drinks .. , .12 Punches., , . ".,' 14 Batches." "", , 16 Hot Drinks, .. ". , .. , .. , 18 Cold Hors d'oeuvres , . , , 20 Hot Hors c'oeueres . .. 21 Entrees 22 Desserts 26 Which Bacardl ForWhat? .. , 30 Drink Tips .. " , " " "." ... , 31

'I fji0u've ever wondered why, there a re so many waysto enjoy Bacardi rum, sip,a little of our light or dark r,ul]lneatorwith 'lce"You'lI'discover that Bacardi is good rn,ixed because it's very good unmixed, 'In fad, tne smooth, dry (not.sweet), light tast'eofHacardi rum has mane it'the • most popularfurn and the mostpopular ,branq:ofall,liquors in America lodqy, ~nioy,it

BACA:R.1l)1 rum tall drinks·
BAcARDI Driver, PoLlr ajigger or two of Bacardi light oVer loe in a tali glass, Fill with orange'juice, Squeeze-and1dnop irra llrne er lemon wedge. Stir. BACARDI & Tonic. Poura jigger or two of Bacardi light over ice cubes in a tall glass, Fill glass with tonic. Add a sljce of lime or lemon. You will also en19Y. Bacardlligh~ rum wilh Bitter lemon. BA€ARDI Rickey. Squeez~lf2limeor lemon and drop It into a tall glass filled with ice. Add a jisger or two of BaGardi IigfiL Flil with clu b soda. Stir. B.ACAR.DI Oollins. Pour 2 tsps. frozen lemonade or limeade concentrate (or juiceof Y2lime or lemon) in a shaker with ice CUDes. Add 1/2 tsp, sugar (1 tsp, if fresh lime or lemon juice is used), and a jigger or two of Bacardi light-rum. Sf\akewell, Pour Intoa tall glass. Fill with club ioda and stir. Decorate with fruit sliQlClmd a cherry BACARDI Highball. Pour a j!gge~ ol)wo of Bacardi light or dark orGold Reserve rum over ice cubesln a Ii ig/l ball glass. Fill glas~witi1 elob soda, water, ginger aleoryourf~vorite mixer. BACARDI Mo'rikoy Wrench. Pour a.jigger or two of BacardllighJ over ice in a tall.gless. Fill with grapefrultjuice. Stii' BMARDI 8. Cola. Pour a jigger or lwoof Bacardl light or dark rum over ice cubes in a tall glass. Fill with your favorite cola (or diet cola). Squeeze and drop in a lemon or lime wedge.

BAtI~R[j)1 Baiqqiftrs
BAC1I.RDI (i)rlglrlal. Daiquiri. Ghe ginal Dah:jUlri was mace wit !I.UJ) in i896-and tt:l~ best!ltill are!) Put 2 tsps. fresh lime o~ lemon juicsf;>. 'Y2tsp. sugar. 1lhoz. Baoardi ligh\tum, and ice into a blender or shaker. Blend or shake very well. Sirain and serveig a chilled cocktail glass or on the rocKs. For a delioiously simpler Daiquiri. omit sugar and use 2 tsps. Mimrte Maid limeade or lemonade frozen concentrate (undiluted) or l'hl5ps.limeade or lemonade powdetad mix.&See page 16 for batch recipe.
'MlnulO 1\1101111' nJglSlered OJ" If'~.mar~il1 Tho COOn·Colil eomMO.

1fA(l~RJl)1 Banana DaiqUiri. In a ilile'!i1a~r'lTlix V~ripe banana, t tsp, sUgar, ~ ez.Ilms or lemo,n juice, ~~oz. 8ae?l~i ligh!, % cup crushed ice, Blend 10 to 20 seoends. Serve in chilled cQ'oktail glass. BACARDI fleach Daiquiri. In a blender mix" fres fj peeled peach halves, 1 tsp, sugar; 1 02. lime or lemon juice, 3 oz. Bacardi light, V2 oup crushed ice. Blend 10 10 20 seconds, Serve in Chilled coc ktail glasses. Serves 2. (Or substitute 2 carmed peach halves. omit sugan) iJihls is tlie offlGialdrink offhe Nafion~1 Peach Counl;i~


BACARDI rum cocktails
BAC~RDI Cocktail. Use Daiquiri recipe (page 6). add tsp. of grenadine. Serve straight up in a cocktalt glass or on the rocks. The Bacardi Cocktail is a little sweeter thana Daiquiri and has a beautiful pink color. (For-your protection. the N.V. Supreme Court ruled" in 1936 that a Bacardi Cocktail is nota Bacardi Cocktail unless it's made with Bacardi rurn.) BACARDI Gimlet. Stir one part Rose's Lime JUice> -and 4 parts Basardi light rum over ice. Serve Incm;:K'taIIJglaSswitn thin slice of lime. BACARol Martini. Mix 5 or 6 parts Bacard.i ligllt rum with one part dr¥ vermouth, Stir with tce cubes. Serve in '1. cocktail glass or on the rocks. Gamish with.lemon,twist, green olive or oni.on. \lerl' smooth and q ry, BACARDI Sour. Put2tsps. undiluted frozen lemonade concen rate (or juice of If:, lemon and lhtsp. of sugar) ina shaker, Add a jigger of Bacardi dark or Gold Reserve rum. Shake with lots or ice. Strain ihto a glass or serve on the rocks. Top with %·o·range slice and cherry. BACARDI Mary. Stir 1',4 jiggers Bacardi lightor dark. 5 02. tomato juice, squeeze of lemon or lime. dash of WOfGestersh ire sauce. pinchotsaltand pepper. Oruse aoreoered mix. Serve ln a large glass 'over ice cubes. BACAROI Old Fashioned.lnan Old Fashioned g)ass dissolve 1tso, of sugar in 2 dash as of Angostura bitters and a splash of club soda. Add 2 ice eubes ana fill with Bacardi dark or Goltf with fruit.

BACARDI Margarita. Moisten cocktail glass rim with lemon or lime rind. Dip rim In salt MIx 1 oz. Bacardi light '12 oz. Triple Sec, 1 oz. lemon or lime juicE: witt) cracked ice. Shake; 'strain, serve. BACARDI Stinger. Pour 1 oz. white creme dernentne and 2 oz. Baeardi darker Gold Reserve rum into a shaker: Shake well with cracked ice. Strai'nand serve in cocktail glasser on the rocks. BACARI;)I ,qlexander. Shake 1 table· spoon fresh' cream, ~i,10z.creme de. Cacao and'l jigger,BJcardi:l!lari< or :Gold Rese m ~it.b cl(lcked ieB. Stfa1r;l
'" <

BACARDI Grasshopper. Sha ke ,,/, oz. fresh cream, 1 oz. green creme de rnenthe andl jigger Bacardt light rum with cracked ice ..Strain andserve. BACARDI Manhattan. Pour 2 013 parts Bacardl dark or Gold Reserve rurn.J partsweetvermouth an~da dash of Angostura bittersovercracked [ceo Stir and strain into cocktail glass or pour over rocks. Add cherry. For a Dry Manhattan, use 1 partdryverrnouth instead M sweet. For 8iPerfect,Mahhattan, use . 11" Raftdry'an~, 1f~p~rt<~wl,etverIlJOutt:l. Garnish witl1lemori or-.orangetWist<
.,':; ose',ftLhne J lJice"ls 'a reglslered liatlerua}~Qr R L,RosU:Co. ..

BAOA'RDIr:um short drinks
BlICARDI On-the-Rocks, Pour 2 jiggers of Bacardi dark or lighl over icecuhes in a glass with a twist of lemon peel if desired, Fora special treat, use Bacardi Gold Reserve rum. BACARDI Mist. Pou~2]jggers,of Bacaroj dark or light or Gold Reserve rum into a glass of cracked or crushed ice wi h a twist of lemon pee), BACARDI Reserve Snifter, Pourajigger or 'two of Bacardi Gold Reserve rum Into a snitter Swirl, lrihate, sip andsavor;

BACARDI rum eggnog
BACARElI,Eggnog Bowl, Pour 1 cuart of fresh or canned eggnog into punch bowl. Pour in 12 oz. Bacerdl dark or Bacardl Gold Reserve rum, Stlr, Fold in 1 Qup(8oz_1 whipped heavy cream, Chill lnrefrtgerator. Stir. Top individual servings with nutmeg, Festive and dellclousl Serves lk. BAGARDI GuieR Eggnqg, Blend together (in mlxer or blender) 50z, Bacardi dark or light rum and 1 pint of van ill? or eggnog ice G ream. Sprinkle with nutmeg and serve immediately. Serves 6. BACARDI Single Eggnog. Put an egg, teaspoon sugar, ice, jigger of Bacardi dark or light rum and glass of milk ill a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into tali glass. Sprmkle witf\ nutmeg.

BAOARDI r.urn punches
B.ACARei Bride's JlDwl. Peel, core, sllceandwedge V,- pineapple. Ina lijrge c.ontaj'n~r rrux pineapple, 'I.cup simple syrup, 1 cup lemon juice, 2 cups un-, sweeteQed pineapple juice. l'h 750·ml bottles Barardi dark ruml'Chilf 2 nq!,.lrs. Pour· mixture over ioe iln Qowl..Add 2 larg\,;bottles'<;elp club sed,!, 1 qt. sliced straWbetrles ..Stir gently. S'erves2Q per:>jJletwice, BAeAl!pl i::ha~pagne Punch, Peel 3 pjnea pp)es. C'')or n lar,ge,containetdissolve ugarin 2 cuns lernon ple,'/2cupCl1raii8e, V2 cup ry juice. 2 cups BaGardi light(U • cups Gold Reserve rum. Chilf 2.hourS. Pour mlsture over ice in bowl. Add 4 bottles cola G.liarnpagne. Stir gently. <serveS.20'peopletwiee. ,BACARDI Tropical Punch, Ina large container mix 1 can (46 oz.) Hawaiian Punch FruitJuiCy Red. 1 can (60z.) orange juice concentrate (undiluted). 1 can (6 oz.llemonade or limeade con> centrale (undlluted), 1'Iit~r Bacarcll'light orelar.k rum. Chill 2l1Ours. Pour pUIl~n over blook0f'ice in pUnCh boWl. Float' str,lwlberries and thin slices.of oraoges,. lemons and,·,Serves 10 . p,eol')le lwiee,

BACARDI Confetti Punch, In large container mix one 6·az,·can lernonade.coricentrate ( 6-oz. can grapefruit juice concentrate (undiluted), one 16m:. can fruitcocktail {d(<linedl. 1 liter Bacardi light rum. en ill 2 hours. Pour mixture over Ice in punch bowl. Add 2 large bottles cold club soda. Stir gently ..Serves 20 people twice. BACARDI Fish HousePunch.lnlarge containermlx8oz. simple syrup, 24oz. lemOAor)irnejuice, l'l2qts. water. Stir. Add 2 liters Bacardi light rum, lliter Becardl dark q~ @,oll:lReserve rum, 4 oz .. peach brancly, 511(..Chlll!1 hour~O'Stlr' occasionally. To serve, pour rnlxture aver block of ice in punch bowl. Serves 22 people twice.

BACARDI Roman BowLin large container mix twa cups diced pineapple, '/2 cup simple syrup, '/2 cup.lemon juice, '/2 cu p or"ange juice, 1'/2 CUps u nsweetened pineapple juice, i'l.,cups peach brandy, 1 750·ml bottle Baeard! light, 1 750-ml bottle Bacardi dark, Stir, Chill 2 hours. Pour mixture over black of ice in bowl. Add 2 large bottles cold club soda or two bottles cold cham pagne, Stir Ken Uy. Float 1 ot sliced straWberri·es. Serves 20 people twice. BACARDI Fruit Punch. In larg~ con\ainef III IX4 oz. pineaJ)plejl:li~e, 6 oz. orange juice, S oz. lemory'Qf Iirne'juJee, ,1 750~ml bottle Bacardi light rum. Add fine sugar to taste, ChiI12·hours. Pour mixture aver block of ice in bowl. Add large bottle of cold ginger ale or club soda. Decorate with fresh fruit, Serves 9 people twice,

to'2Hl Dalquiris simply follow the chart,
DAIQUIRIS=Frozen juice" + BACAROI light rum

!3ACARPI Daiq",iris. Io-rnake from 9

Shake or stir with ice until very cold.
·M1t1uleMaid IImoadeorlemo"od. conCQnl",l.or Daiqu'rim"- If fresh (mitIS preferred, Sullsmule iuioe of Ih Ifrne or roman and .~~tsn, sligar far Cr1ch z tsos. 01 fro. n lui,e;,or<SUb5t'\!JI~Irest> Juice of 9Ii~,es or lemons and 3 tao'espoons suSar for each 1',~9of r[~en iuice, Do nol ad,1 sugar 10 l(Oze" jlllCe, II is alr""dy ~\"".'"III,d, .
"MInute Mald~ iss regislgred lrada· mar~ of The COCil'Cola CompanY,

BACARDI and COKE. Fill a large' pitcher halfway with ice-cubes. Sp'ash in 12 oz. Bacardl dar k or fight ru m. Fill with COCa-Gala and stir. Lime or lemon, halves may be sq ueezed and sti rred in. Serve ill tall glasses with ice, BACARDI Martinis. For each martini in the batch, stir 5 or 6 parts Bacardi light rum with 1 part dey vermouth and ice. Strain into -cocktail or on-the-rocks glasses. Garnish with green,olive,lemon Lwist or cocktail onion. flACARDI Marys •.J'ili a large' pttcher f.Jalfway wllh ice cubes. Add 12 or. Bacardl right or dark rum. Fill with cold tomaro or vegetable juke. Stirin j uice of two lemons or limes, 12 dashes Woreestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Or use a prepared mix, tall glasses With iee, BAOARDI Driver.s. rill a large' pilcher halfway with 'ili:e"cubes; Add 12 oz. Bacardi ligot rum, Flil wlih (;;010[Jr8nge juice. Squeeze and sllr in two limes or lemons, wedged. SerVe in tall glasses with ice.

BACAR.DI Hot Coffee, Add 1 generous Jigger 9[' Bacardi lighteor dprko'r Gold Rese'rve rllm to a cup of coffee. WhIpped crearncptional. HACARDI Hot Tea, loa cup of tea add a jigger of Saca rdi Iightor dark or 'Bacarrf Gold Reserve rum, Sweeten to. taste, Lemon option'at ' BACARDI Hct Toddy.Jn a m'ug ortar.kard, put a tsp, qfsugar and ajigger of Bacardi light ordarR'rurT) Add 3 water and stirwell. Add tWist of lemon or orangepeel. BACARDI Tom &Jerry. Separate yolk from white of-egg'a nd,beat each separately, When whiteis fairlySlilf, add 1 tsp. ofs'~garan,d q~alt9 aslin Iroth. ~om: bioe yolk and white"Put a genero.usJlgger of Bacardl lightordar.k rum in a mug .. wi Ihas pia 5 h of0!old Reserve rum it desired, Add bailing water, I tablespoon of egg miKlure and sprink,le with nutmeg, BACARDI Hot Chocolate. Pour 1generousjrgger'of Bacafdi light.or dark or Gola Reserve rum into a cuno] not cnocolele, Whipl3ed crearnoptional. B'ACAROI Hat-Buttered Rum.In a mug, put 1 tsp. sugar, Y~tsp',butter, l']igger Baca.rdi lighl or darkrurn, 4cloves, Fill with boiling water, Stir:

and add enough wine almost to cover. Cook oyer medium heat,.stirring COI.lstantly unlJi cheese melts-no longer, (Cheese and wine will not be blended yet.) Make smooth paste of cornstarch, rum, 2 tbs, water. Usi'ng wire whi§ k, stir mixture into melted cheese ana wine. Cook and stir over medium heat 2 t03 minutes or until cre.amy_'and thick. Set fondue over a chafing-dish .flame or candie warmer. Spear a(ld dipbr'ead cubes >«1111 long forks. Makes about3 CLIpS. H'Im & Peaches $ canrted peach halves, drained 114 cup Bacanf dark rum' 2fully·cooked ham steaks, l,fth'icl< Whole cloves I/~cup brown sugar 1 tsp, dry rnusta rd Hreheal broiler. Sprinkle p,eaches with '1 tbs. rum; let stand. Slash'fat'arolina ham, stud with Cloves. Broi15Jninutes ori:one side. Meanwhile, (lamoine re . il1g rum 1'1; h sugar Clhd n1ustar9. hartl, broil 3 minutes. Jl:rtrqnge 1 arou nd ham, Sp(ead mi vet ste'il k and pea.cqes. Br0ill or. 2 mlJ.iutes mQ;e or ~ ntil jusfglaiZe1j ..4 servings.

IV4 cups Bacardi dark rum' Grated rind of lleman 2 tbs. lemon juice 1 \/4 Is I'J. salt 1/4 tsp.fresbly I?>fQU nd pepper 2 crushed gartic cloves 1f2 tsp. crumbled rosemary ,~ tsp. thyme lle~of lamb (abautE lbs.l boned and cut in 1" cubes 2 l-lb, cans small whole onions )12 lb. large mushrooms 1 large green pepper. cut in chunks. Stir all, 1cup rum, lemon rind, juice and seasonings in large bowl. Ada cubes; coat well. Caver. Refrigerate several hours. turning meat once or twice. Alternate meat on skewers with onions, mushrooms, peppers, (Begin' and end with meat.)' Broil slowly about 12 minutes over hot coals or under broiler; turn frequently, bastewilh marlnade mixture. PI,I!;;eon hat platter. Drizzle remaining rum over each skewer. Ignite. Serve. 6 to 8 servings. Sllrimp Under Fire . 2 Ibs. la,rge unshelled shrimp 1/2 cup Bacardi (jark rum' 1f2 stick butter, melted 1f4 cup minced parsley .l tbs. lemon juice

Vl cup olive oil

Flaming Shish Kebab

2crushetl garlic cloves r tsp. salt Va tsp, freshly ground pepper 2 tbs. Bacardi dark rum' Leaving talls on. peel, de·veil'] and rinse shrimp. Cut, not qUite through, lengthwise. Flatten SligI1t1y.Combine remaining ingredients except 2 tbs. rum in frying pan. Heat. Add shrimp; coat well. Cook over low heat until shrimp turn pink. Splash 2 tbs, rum over shrimp. Ignite immediately at table. 6 servings. Party Chili 1 tos. salad oi I .2 medium onions, chopped 2 minced garlic cloves 3 los. coa rsely ground beef ch uok 2 tbs, chili powder ¥2 tsp. dried oregano llsp. salt lh DUP Bacardi dark rum' 1 can tomato paste (6 oz.) 1 can tomatoes (Hb.12 oz.) 3 cans kidney beans UG OZ. each), drained Heat oil in 8·quart pot. Lightly saute onions, garlic. Add meat. Break up and stir until color changes, Add remaining ingredients. Stir. Covel. Simmer 2 hours, Check seasoning. 10 servings.
• Unlessalherwise:speoflecl. aUfecipes suggesUng use 01 BecardiUgtotord.r~ 0, GQId Reserve rum "'fer only lo80proof'nJm.


Trim excess fi3t. w'\pe sfea II wi paper towels. Mix soy '!. large, shallow dish. AdCl' . ate. covered, turning . i hours. Remove stea k lrom Brush lightly with oil. Place in iler pan without rack. Broil 6 inches from heat, 1


B'ACARllH rum desserts
O.ur Famous Rum Cake

lCIJp' "hopped pecans or wal~ut5 .

r 3%0 oz. pkg.
4 eggs

118¥2 OZ, pkg, yellow case rnixt JeIHD® Wnilla Instant .!"tl8uing and pie Pilling

lh dJp cold waler ¥2 cup Wesson" oil ¥.! cup Sacardi dark rum' Glaze: 111; butter lb. 1/4 cup Vi,ate r 1 cup granulated' sugar \-'2 cup Beeardi dazkrurn" Preheatoven to 32S°F. Grease and [(our 10" tube or 12-c4P Bun~tll" pan, Sprinkle nutsovet bottornotpan, Mi~all· gradients together. Pour batter over nuts; BaKe 1110ur, Cool.lnyerton serving plate. Prick top. Driztle and snioofhglaz.e'e\ienl~'ove~tQP antf sides, Allow cake to absorb glaze, Repeal till glaze is used up. wglare, mell butter in§8ucepan, Stir in water andsLlg~r. Bail § minutes, nl!Y·R~'




Daiquiri f!:ie 1 p~g. (4-serving size) JeJl-O® Lemon Pudding and Pie Filling 1 P~!l. (3 oz.) Jell·G® Lime Gelatin ;Ih cup ~ug\l'r 21h'G u ps waler ~ egss, slightly beaten ~ cup 8acaroi light rum' 2 cups Cool Whip'" Non-Dairy Whipped Topping, thawed 1 bak.ed 9-inch crurnb-erust. coofed Mix pudding, gelatinantl sugWin sa ucepan. Stir in 1/2 GUp watetandeggs; blend well. Add remainin~ water> Stir over medium heal until mlKture comes to lull boil. Removelrom heat, sUr in rum, Ghill ",bout P/2,hoLirS. (TQ nasteQ chilling; place bowl of·fllling mixture.irt latger bQwl of iue and'water; stir unlit mixture is cold.) Blend lomiing inlo chilled rnixtl-He. Spoon InLo crust, Ohill untilfitrn, abou! 2 hOUTS ..Garnish with additional-whlpped topping, lime Dr lemon slilles, g(ated lim.e·or le:[ii'o'n peel, o~ gr.snam 8~1JGl<er ctumtis.,

Chocolate Rum Cake 1.18'1202. pkg, chocolate cakerrilxt 1 pkg; (4-servingsize) Jell-01>GhoCQlate Instant Pudding and Pie Filling 4 eggs 'h cu p Bacardi dark rum' 'I, cup cold water '/2 cup Wesson~' 011 '12 cup slivered almonds (cnllonar) Filling; 1 pint (2 cups) heavy cream '13 cup unsweetened cocoa '/~cup confectioners' sugar l tsp. vanilla 'I. cup Bacard i dark ru rn" Preheat oven 10350· F. Grease and flour (Wog"layer cake pans. Combineall ' cake ingredients togefher in large bowl. Blend well; then beat at medium mIxer' speed 2 minutes. Turn into prepared pans. Bake 30 minutes or until cake tests done. Do not underbeke. Cool in pans l Ornmutes. Remove from pans;· finish coolingon racks. Split layers in nail horizontally. Stack. Spread 1 cup fining between ea6h layep andov.!ir top of ceke. Keepj::Bke chilr~d, Serve sore; . . h chocolate curls. an lli11a'ir.llarge IlJfxer bowl, Beilt I:Intii sHIL I'01d in rum. Makes'4,tup·s.

Rum Cream Cake 11B1/2 oz.' pkg. yellow cake mix + 2 eggs % cup Bacardi light rum' i?1 cup water 1 pint (2 cupsl Ileavy cream '/4 cup Bacardi light rum' pinch of-salt 1 cup confectioners' sugar Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour two S' or9" cake pans, Combine cake mix, eggs,?,6 cup Bacardi rum andwaler in ,large boWl. Blend, thell beat at medium mixer speed 2 to 4 minutes, Turn into prepared pans and ba ke according to pac kage directions, Cool layers thoroughly, Split in half horizontally. Combine remaining ingredients In bowl; beat until cream mixture is stiff. Spread cream mixture between layers and over !op of cake. Chill until serving' time, Serve cold. Optional: Decorate with strawberries or chocolate sprinkles or banana slices or ground nuts. 'Uolmo!"orw;se ~p~,iII'o,,,crpas SUiiC,IIW'p,etl Bae,MI
Ii!illlordolkol GolijRCSCIV.rum"1"o~lj 10 "il,um,

n ;comblne cream, ccsoa, sugar

VA cup sugar

Rum Cheese Cake lV4 cups graham cracker crumbs

6 tbs. butter or margarine.melted I' envelope unflavored gelatin Y2 cup sugar Y2 cup Sacardi light rum' 1 tbs. grated lime peel V2 cup lime juice 4 eggs, separated 2 pkgs. (8oz. each) cream cheese, softened '\1:1 cup sugar 1 cu P (Y2 pin t) heavy c rea m Ccmblnecrumbs.ja cup sugar aud butter or margarine; reserve 3 tbs, crumb rnixture. Press remaining crumbs in bottom of s-tncn springform pan; chill. Meanwhile, combine gelatin and V2 cup sugar in medium saucepan; stir in rum', lime peel and juice, Beat egg yolks and blend into rum mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened, about8 minutes; remove frcrn heat. Beat in cream cheese until smooth. Sealegg whites until foamy; gradually beat in remaining 1/2 cup sugar; beat 'until stiff peaks form. Whip cream to sort peaks, Fold egg whites and whipped cream into rum mixture. Turn into crumb-ltned pan; sprinkle with reserved crumbs. Cover and ohl II several hours, Of until firm. Ma kes 12 servings.

Amber Rum Cake l18V2 oz. pkg. yellow cake mix t 1 pkg, (4-serving size) Jell·Q'" Lemon Instant Pudding and Pie Filllhg 4 eggs 8 oz. apricot nectar 1cup Sacardi dark rum' 1/4 cup Wessoni!> oil 1/4 cup currants or raisins 1 cup sugar Preheat oven to 350·F. Grease and flour 12·cup Bundl~ or 10" lube pan. Combine cake mix, puddingmix, eggs, V2 cup nectar,:lh cup rum, ail and currants in large bowl. Blend well, then beat at medium mixer speed 2 minutes. Turn into prepared pan. Bake 55 to 60 min· utes or until ca ke tests done. Do not underbake. Coolin pan 15 minutes. Meanwnile, combine remaining nectar

and sugar in saucepan. Bringto boil.boil 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from stove. Stir in remaining rum. Re·move cake from pan to serving plate. Pric k top and sides. Slowly and carefully spoon anq brush syrupoverwarm cake.
Banana Rum Cake

% cup Bacardi dark rum' %cupwater . 2 eggs 1 cup rrrashed ripe bananas (2 to 3 medium sized) Va cup finely chopped pecans orwalnuts Preheat oven \0 350'f. Grease and flaur 1\"10 9-inch cake pans. Combine all ingredlentsln large bowl. Blend well, then beat at medium mixer speed 2 to 4 minutes. Turn into prepared pans. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until cake tests done. Cool completely. Frost. Rum Frosting: Combine V3 cup butter or margarine (softened), 3 cups ccnfecuoners-suger; Blend' thoroughly. Stir in 2 tsp. vanilla, 2 tbs. Bacard i dark rum. Beat tHi smooth.

Va tsp. baking·soda


pkg, yellow cake mix

1V2 CU ps vanilla wafer crum bs (about 50 cookies) \4 cup Bacardi dark rum" % cup honey 80z. (2 cups) ground walnuts Confectioners' sugar Combine all ingredients, except sugar; blend thoroughly. Shape into small balls about 1 Inch in diameter. Roll in sugar. Store in tightly covered container, Ma kes a bout 21,12 qozen.
• tlnlosaolhelWlsospeCilied,all,teciBss
use O~a~"a,d Iigl1\orda!k o,GQI~ Res."" ,e!"e(~nl~ .10 80p,001',u m,

Rum Balls

5U. ggesting


Jell-O Isa reglstered trademark of General FOOds tered l,.demark
Cmpmation. Bu ndt isa reg)Slered 1rademark of Northland Aluminum Products, Wesson is a regisof Hunt-Wesson Foods, tnc,

W(hichBacardi for what?
BACARDllight rum. Dry (not sweet), smooth andlight bodied. it has a subtle aroma and delicate flavor for Daiquiris. the Bacardi Cocktail, Martinis. Bloody Marys. lrultjulces and tonic, BACARDI dark rum. Also dry (not sweet), smooth and light bodied, it has a·slightly more pronounced flavor for on-the-rocks. water, cola. soda. Pilia Coladas. eggnog, hot drinks and punch, BACARDI Gold Reserve rum. Mellowed and nurtured under the watchful eye of a member of the Bacardi family, Gold Reserve is our premier sipping spirit. Rich, smooth and luxurious tasting. It is exquisitely pleasing whether sipped neat or on the rocks, BACARDI151 rum. A superb high-proof rum for exotic drinks like Mai-Tais and Zombies, For your favorlte,tall drinks, use it in half the amount usually called for,

151 PROOF WARNING, FLAMMABlf LIQUID, Do not usc 151 proot rum lor Hamiog drinks or dishes


because all 15] proot rum has a hlCh a1cohol conlen and may naie up ami cennnue

I~~(b~t'~~~~fl~~~' din~cl1y rrom o~l~l~~:~~:ir

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Drink tips
Spirits. Fortodays tastes, use.qualitY lilluors such as Bac<\roi rum, which are light in flavor and body. (Bacardl rum isn't heavy or pungent) Since Bacamli fum is the country's most popular brand of liquor, your guests will appreciate it. Ice. !\\wa~s 1]5,8 plenty offresh, clear, cleqh Ice IR eaoh new.drink, Store extra cubes in plastiC freezer bags. Run clOUdy cubes briefly under lukewarm water, Use cracked or-crushed iGe for shaker drinks and mists; lots of cubes fOJ tall drinks and drinks,that are stirred. Sugar. Instead of granulated sugar, use simple syrup, 4 parts s to 1 part watef, boil~d pm rigerated. Jl blemGls q~ick~r·a . Do nbt-awtl sugar to . ey are presweetened. (RemeattJ€r, Bacardi rum is dry. not-sweet. It's the adtlltlon of sugar and mixers that sweetens drl nks.) Mixers. Use fresh. cole, Quality carbonatec beverages. Do not usa if flat When openingcarbDm.ifed rnlxers, bdld bottle lipped to retai", sRa·r.~le. Pi~par~d Mi"xes; Wakeadvarltage of dr-y, frozen or liqtlld mixes,-Use top brands. MiKing. Ingredients are generally added in Ihis order: sugar or syrup, ice, liquor. Always add carbonated mixers last, Clear drinks, all-nq uor drinks and sim pie drinks are.stlrred. Drinks with fruiijuices or many ingredients are sha ken vigorously. When adding a lemon or orange ·ty.>lst, rub it along the rim olthe glass first, lhentwist itover ttie liquor $0 that the oil of the rind sprays into the drink. Measurements. Besides quality lngredients, the mostlrnoortant factor in rna king perfect drinks is accuracy. It do'esn1t pay to be skimpy or too generoUS. Always follow recipes exactly. J)gger:. Pie oz. ·Pony; 101,. Dash, lis t~R. Metric Cor'Iversion Guide. The rnlilil,iter . replae8s the ouncewhenr.ssn in liquid (volume) equivalents: When You By multiplying you know can lind by Ounces Milliliters 29.6 Millifiters Ounces 0.034 w~ell recip!" ~r"a fifth of Bacardl rum (for battl1esana pwnl2i1es). the 758 ml. slze may be used instead.