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Thermal Imagers - Design Trends
Results of a Poll of GlobalSpec subscribers


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Search manufacturer cat these specifications: Spectral Range: Less than 1 microns 1 to 2 microns 2 to 4 microns 4 to 7 microns 7 microns and up Accuracy: No more than 15 No more than 10 No more than 5 No more than 3 No more than 2 Temperature Resolutio No more than 0.0039 D No more than 0.042 De No more than 0.11 Deg No more than 0.8 DegC Maximum Frame Rate At least 8 frames per s At least 19 frames per At least 52 frames per At least 117 frames pe Detector Type: Flying Spot Line Scanning Array Other Cooling: Uncooled Thermoelectric Cooling Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Active Built-in Cryogen Other More Specifications >>

GlobalSpec has asked its users about the latest design trends and features related to Thermal Imagers. They have also shared their product applications and tips on how to buy and use these products. See the entire survey


What new technologies are influencing thermal imager design?
120 answers

Answers: Detectors for 3-5micrometer and 8-12micrometer. Advanced and improved optics and mirrors designed for this. Micro-syncro motors as conformation of the image. Cooler systems. Continuing progress in the technologies for displays. New materials for finished products lighter and more compact. ~Irene H, Design Engineer, Buenos Aires, Argentina Chalcogenide glasses molding instead of single point diamond turning get less expensive manufacturing of aspheric surfaces and diffractive optical elements. All in focus to reduce thermal imager costs. ~Eduardo P, Design Engineer, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1) power supply design by portable units, 2 ) the way of cooling the element 3) size of the camera 4) possibility to merge images of other "normal"ccd camera's into one image ~george N, end user, the Hague, netherlands 1. Thermal Imaging with Infra Red 2. Thermal Imaging with X-Ray or another Active Measurement for Bld Structure & Infrastructure w/o Visible Condition ~Aryo Seto I, Architect, Jakarta, Indonesia Thermo pile /boleometer and matrix filter detectors with amplifications and signal conditioning as a layer under the detector (hyperspectral imaging). ~Mickey P, Principal Scientist, Houston, TX Real time digital signal processing. The construction of full 3D models from aggregated data points. Lower-power digital storage technologies. ~Larry C, Research & Development, Seattle, WA Electronics, sustainable energy (ie: heating, cooling, solar, wind, wave, passive buildings, batteries, thermal storage, and distribution. ~Don C, Stationary Engineer, Fire Protection Engineering and Technologies, and Student always., Tacoma, WA Simultaneously capture a digital photo in addition to the infrared image and fuses it together, taking the mystery out of IR image analysis. ~Michael M, General Management, Moscow, Russia The integration of daylight, dawn/dusk, and night time imaging systems for marine applications. CCTV integration as well as data. ~Mark T, Chief Engineer, Cincinnati, OH Advanced building components as well as design and function of newer products and equipment being incorporated into systems. ~john P, North Bay, Canada

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FL Injection Mold Hot Runner design. Engineering Consultant.. Veurey Voroize.. Marketing/Sales. Pune. Process/Production. ~Leon V.medical technology. Australia Available CCD's. a community Engineering News Engineering and scientifi hundreds of sources Company Directory Industrial manufacturers distributors . Brisbane. ~Sanjukta Ghosh. See below ~John M. Buenos Aires. spruce grove.Energy conservation opportunities in residential. at a reasonable price. Aberdeen. miniature cameras for mini UAVs. Cagliari. ~Geoff H. canada Advancement in lens design as well as military influence. South Africa Aeronautics. Elect Surrounding Sec Products ~Justin R.. data logging. Sarasota. advanced materials science for detectors and nanotechnology. John G. National Products Manager.. Epoxy Changes In Industries and khz Freq emitted from. Hydrological Thermographer. detection and tracking capabilities.. spatial. ~Masood A. due to the rotating lens. New Algorithms like Scene Based NUC etc. Pittsburgh. Kleinmond. Italy More compact designs and competitive pricing is becoming more common. Project Manager. Thailand GPS locating / date time stamp / azmith elevation view of imager ~David H. Builder/Contractor. Engineering Consultant. Research & Development.. ~Daniel N. Tonga Is. Senior Security and Safety Consultant. Nuku'alofa... light weight. South Africa Reductions in weight of hand held units while increasing accuracy and resolution.. commercial and industrial facilities to improve the Joule heat losses. Canada I really like the flir t & b series. quickly come to mind. ~Crastes A. ~Engineer Substrate to operate at normal temperatures and FPA matrix for high resolution for small places eg circuit cards. ~Frank H.. Research & Development. LED light Temp.. ~Amir E. BALTIMORE. Canada Applications lead the design but that in turn is limited by access to military technology.. MD I guess that will be improvements in the type of detector. optical lens design like hybrid. Pakistan Nanotechnology. Cape town. Engineering Consultant.cartography. ~H. usages in airplanes. ~General Corporate Mgmt. Defense & Security T Updates subscribers wit developments across all sectors relevant to defen security. report creation. CA Surveillance. PA Convenient data collection. manufacturing tools need competitive. ~Tali M. Red Deer.. Edmonton. Engineering Consultant. medical. meteorologic forecast. longer battery life. LA Data aquit. with sensitivity and spectral range. ~Colin F.. Computer chip temp. Zachary. ~Vincent F. health.. India Micromachining. interactive confer shows featuring latest ne industry trends CR4 Q&A and discussion for engineering. Bangkok. Engineering Consultant. Programmable Hardware. scientific. Engineer. Advances in detector technology. ~Technical Support/Services. Grenada Video overlay and multiple image analysis and comparison. Karachi. See More Also on Global Free Alerts Receive email updates o products and suppliers o you Industry Events Online. etc. ~Engineering. Strand / Cape Town. Scotland Electronic IC for capacity and power consumption. Argentina Surface mount micro circuits are requiring thermal scanning for temp differences. Project Manager. cross references with visual images.. France New materials. Owner/operator Jeminspections.... ~Mark S. new nanobuilt technology. ~Erwin R. Purchaser.

Project leader. UK To clarify the image position by GPS. Oslo.thermal & visual. optics. ~Bruce R. Sarajevo. Contractor. PDM Tech. ~Ramiro P. ethernet. Davis. como. Bosnia and Herzegovina Lighter weight. ~Reynaldo Solewicz. SAUDI ARABIA Data retrieval. protection materials. Thermal Imaging Specialist. ~Engineering. Engineer. 44 Quantum Cascade lasers. Denpasar. Bangkok. Indonesia Building in A+ energy classification. Kolkata. TX Development of better imaging electronics. ~giovanni S. Consulting. denoting higher resolution. GREECE Denser LCD screen. Research & Development. New Zealand Still using focal plane arrays for the resolution. ~Zlata E. Jubail. touch screen. picture. Technical Support. Electrical Supervisor. CHALANDRI. ~Nopadol K.. General Management. Salem. Brazil Smaller and lighter design cameras. aeronautical and optical. Lynchburg. Engineer. Auckland. Irvine. Bridgewater. East Chciago. Vancouver. ~Tassos A. Thailand Non cooled thermal imaging detectors. interface and detectors ~Shaibal G. Neuchatel. Student. pip. General Management. Engineering Consultant. Canada Camera development and Aspheric/Diffractive Optics. Italy Nanotechnology and newer detectors. VA New algorithms for image processing. CA Security. Design Engineer. ~Mike M. IN Combining images . Austin. ~Thiago B. OR Dynamic design.. repeatability. ~John P. QWIP detectore ~Lubos H. ~Mohammadreza G. CA Size of operating systems and detectors. ~Ronald M. Engineering Consultant. PV technology. Thermographer. Norway Mobile telecom. . ~Syed J. ~Jerry W. Honolulu. NJ Low cost LCDs.~Mark H. HI Infra red.. ~Steven B. Engineer. General Management. ~Merl K. Switzerland High throughput in outdoor environment. fusion. ~Aldin C. Owner of Hawaii Custom Sales. Electrician/Thermographer. ~Alan T. MO The ever reducing size of components. Contracts Manager. Oceanographer. energy management ~Carl R. smaller and better detectors.

~Miguel G. ~steve H. non cooled . Russia Screening tech. Karachi. Project Manager. Trade Tecnician/ Thermographer. Turkey Google Map overlay. resolution ~Don P. Builder/Contractor. ~Bill K. Spain Heat loss heat calculations. New Zealand Maybe new materials for matrix.Le Meridien Heliopolis). ~Gordon R. Heliopolis. System Safety Engineer. ~Mamnoon H. Ankara. Chennai. canada QWIP's. Egypt Uncooled micro bolometer. ~Bruce H. FL Depth resolution and 3D. El Salvador New circuit installations ~John D. Meadville. Builder/Contractor. Process Engineer. Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol. CA Size of camera VS accuracy. Honolulu.. Retired.. Electrical fitter. ~José Antoniio F. Director Of Engineering in Hotel Industry (Starwood Hotels and Resorts. plant City. ~Stan M. imaging tech. Pleasantville. Darlington. Pakistan Higher resolution thermopiles. ~Martin van R. Australia Sensitivity & resolution ~Bert S. Canada May be nano technology! ~Mohamed E. Technical Support. Ferny Hills. Dortmund.. ~Tony C. . Australia Thermal home inspections. Accuracy. ~Edwin N. Builder/Contractor. Technical Support. India More accurate detector. ~KANNAN N. Director. Technical Support Energy conservation and retrofit. Engineer. General Management. Red Deer. Chuwar. Adelaide. higher frame rates ~Steve B. San Salvador. NY Battery life. Facilities Manager. ~Quality Control/Assurance. Research & Development. Canada Improved thermal sensoring ~Rick H. ~Ramazan Y. Research & Development.Smaller and more accurate sensors. Barcelona. PA Multi use and portability.weight. ~Ian S. Biomedical Engineer. Muskoka. ~Ruslan T. Germany Microbolometer. Moscow. Napier. Australia Head body production measure. HI Price is getting better. WI Design and picture quality.

Marketing/Sales. GA Smaller chip sizes ~Rick W. Project Manager.O. Design Engineer. ~Ayoub Karimi. Israel CMOS. Engineering Consultant. United Kingdom Microbolometers ~Jefferson O. ~Isaac N. Manchester. Price ~Purchasing. Bangalore.W Missles. NY Detectors and filters ~Richard S. Engineer. ID Picture in Picture ~John L. INDIA QWIP detector ~Research & Development. Safi. Engineering Consultant. Athens. InGaAs ~Research & Development. Marketing/Sales. HI R&D in Medical ~Benjamin Gnanadigam M. DE Image processing. NH Nano technology ~Alejandro España.~Renante C. Process/Production. Carmel. Greece Polyurea insulation ~Jeff W. France Energy conservation ~Konstantinos R. cooling systems ~Clemente Ibarra. Guatemala. Canada Detection programming ~Joel Meza. CA µ-bolometers. Morocco Military Sensors ~Engineering. Hilo. Consultant. MI Accuracy. Cumming. CA Software capabilities ~Kevin O. ORMOC. Bangalore. Quebec City. Johannesburg. Research & Development. San Francisco. Builder/Contractor. Builder/Contractor. Elancourt. Bangalore. Surveyor. Thermographer. Engineering Consultant. Engineer. Canada The microprocessor ~Technical Support/Services. Basingstoke. Faculty/Staff. Athens. India . Cleburne. PHILIPPINES Uncooled technologies ~Z R. Greece nano technology ~Peter G. Atascadero. Guatemala T. Retired. TX Picture in picture ~A R. Ann Arbor. Student. Ireland Sensor resolution ~Theo K.

Builder/Contractor. AL IR ~Surinder D. Haifa. mi Dual tech ~Patrick M. AZ Size ~Jack G. Ardmore. BUCURESTI. Israel LED ~Michael C. France Size and cost. OK Cost ~Engineering. NM Laser ~Engineer. Research & Development. Tucson. Kuwait. MN Ultrasonic ~Badr N. Sofia. general management. LAVAL. Home Inspector. Kuwait Detectors ~Engineer Low cost ~Rahul M. Australia QWIP ~Alexander K. Facilities Manager. India Nanotech ~Technical Support/Services. Mechanical Systems Service Sales Engineer. Rijeka. DC Fusion image ~STEPHANE P. ~Dave L. Hobart. Project Manager. Purchaser. CA Nano ~Research & Development. Washington. which companies are creating the most innovative thermal . Rio Rancho. Process/Production. Romania Led display ~jacob C. Toulouse. milford. Engineering Consultant. Engineering Consultant. Design. fox Creek. colombia Computers ~jack t. Canada New display ~Engineering. building contractor into thermal efficiency for heating homes. Roseville. General Management.Microbolometer ~Fernand T. CANADA Solar energy ~Stanimir N. MD-PhD. Engineering Consultant. GA Processing. Mumbai. barranquilla. ~Maurice B. General Management. Yukon. Mumbai. OK FPA ~Aleksandar R. India Top Q: From your perspective.

Davis. Consulting. ~John M. Fluks are rugged as hell. THALES. facilities managers attempting to document retrofit savings before project approval. Engineer. OH Fluke and Flir are the two we're the most familiar with. Argentina Indigo (in the past) FLIR Santa Barbara Focalplane ~Alexander K. Belfast. Moscow. Research & Development. Houston. They are designing imagers for the military. CA FLUKE and FLIR ~Engineering. ~Aryo Seto I. Russia Perkin Elmer ~Edwin N. ~Larry C. Lockheed Martin. Jubail. Electrical Supervisor. Dortmund. ~Jim B. Owner/operator Jeminspections. Design Engineer. Dallas. Technical Support.. SAUDI ARABIA .. France QWIPTECH. ~Mohammadreza G. Fluke ~Ruslan T. Contracts Manager.. CA HGH makes thermal imagers that are more used in the mining industries. SBIR. Safi. Germany From what I know. Engineer. TX I have not been keeping up with the new thermal imagers. ~Syed J. Sweden ~Research & Development. Irvine.imagers? 142 answers Answers: Flir. None offer logging capability to build temporal temperature changes.. Jakarta. Maint. Extech is developing in this field. Indonesia I use a battery powered hand held thermal imager made by Fluke . ~Ramiro P. Indonesia Whomever can produce the most economical unit will capture a huge sleeper market. Principal Scientist. Design Engineer.lots of R&D dollars going there. Spec. They are good. Seattle. ~Thiago B.that's the only manufacturer I have experience of. Denpasar. ~Ayoub Karimi. Haifa. Architect. Morocco SOFRADR. FL I only know about FLIR. There is a company that makes a great rotating 3D laser imager. SAGEM. we don't know the type & specification of that equipment. but it's not a thermal measuring device at this time. Student. India I love the flir folks toys. Israel Fluke. Susanville. etc. CA Only Ministry of Public Works in Republic of Indonesia have the equipment for bld and infrastructure thermal imaging. Foundry Engineer. ~Jeff L. WA Flir. Isreal IRNOVA. I would say that there are two that stand out and those are DRS Technologies and BAE Systems. Research & Development. Sarasota. Salem. Research & Development. Engineering Consultant. St Marys. FLIR is the one we have used. Northern Ireland Extech. OR FLIR. ~Jerry W. TX FLIR SAGEM OIP SENSOR SYSTEMS NEWCOM And many others. Flir. ~Mike P. ~Maria S. Bangalore. Buenos Aires. ~Irene H. USA SCD. ~Mickey P. Research & Development. but.

FLIR. El Salvador Fluke. OPHIR. Student. Faculty/Staff.. in industry . IRCAM ~Clemente Ibarra. Athens. Jyvaskyla. General Management. Flir 2.. Dublin. Fluke 3. Hilo. ~Bruce R. Nec. fox Creek. Ankara. Spectron ~Benjamin Gnanadigam M. ~Kevin O. Chuwar. Israel Fluke and Extecs ~Technical Support/Services. ~Miguel G. UK Open to all new developments. Canada Electrophysics . Quebec City. Marketing/Sales. FLIR ~Amir E.I only used Ratheons Thermo Imaging Systems. Oslo. Fluke / Economical ~JIM M. ~Maurice B. Jennoptik ~Steve B. Edmund ~Zlata E. Engineering Consultant. Bridgewater. Norway Rafael. ~lecturer product development engineering Jenoptik. System Safety Engineer. MAINT PLANNER AND SCHEDULER. Australia Flir. Engineering Consultant. Marketing/Sales. Technical Support. FLIR/Cedip. Project Manager. Engineering Consultant. AR Fluke. Engineer. San Salvador.. Sofradir ~Ramazan Y. Boone. Sarajevo. General Management. NY Electrical industries ~Ian S. LaightPath. Argentina The field is very competitive. Jenoptics ~Research & Development .. ~Isaac N. OH FLIR. Technical Support. ~Z R. Process Engineer.Sofradir ~Theo K. Senior Security and Safety Consultant. INDIA Not prefer.FLUKE. LM. FLIR. ops. Fluke. Cost effective. Testo 4. Carmel. Design. ~Aldin C. Flare & Heart Scientific. ~Alan T. Flir. NJ I looked at Fluke FLIR and Testo ~Engineering. Bangalore. Finland FLIR. CA Flir extech fluke ~Justin R. NC OPGAL. Bosnia and Herzegovina 1. HI Air Systems Srl. Design Engineer. Canada IRISYS in the United Kingdom. Buenos Aires. Cagliari. BAE. Italy In scientific . have a Flir I5 in use. Greece Flir. ~General Corporate Mgmt. Avio. Controp (Israel). SPRINGDALE. Turkey FLIR.

Canada Flir & Fluke ~Bert S. GREECE Flir and fluke ~Gordon R. Purchaser. Borden-Carleton. Thailand . Engineering Consultant. NH FLIR AND FLUKE ~Engineering. LA FLIR. Flir ~Engineering. Bullard ~Mike. ID I like Flir. TESTO ~Markus C. Honolulu. Retired. Germany Flir. Process/Production. Electrician/Thermographer. Trier. Consulting. CA Flir & Fluke ~Wilbert C. Emergency Response/Planner. Infratec ~Martin van R. Technical Support FLIR SYSTEMS AB ~Tassos A. AZ Flir. Zachary. Engineer. Nuku'alofa. Mumbai. Bangkok. Canada Fluke and Flir ~Engineer Irvine Sensors ~Jefferson O. Gravenhurst. CA Fluke FLIR ~Carl R. Johannesburg. CHALANDRI. ~Mark S. MSA. HI Raytek/Fluke ~Richard S. Canada FLIR Systems ~Geoff H. Atascadero. Builder/Contractor. Design Engineer. DE Fluke. Faculty/Staff. Engineer. Tonga Is. Australia Flir System ~Nopadol K. TX FLIR. Los Angeles. India Flir and Fluk ~A R. Austin. Bangalore. Tucson. Fluke ~Manufacturing. Manchester. Research & Development. General Management. El Salvador Chauvin Arnoux ~Rahul M. Consultant. Design Engineer. National Products Manager. CA Flir & Agema ~Tali M. Fluke ~Peter G. Brisbane. Retired. san Salvador. Fluke ~Engineer.Flir.

Bangalore. Romania Jenoptik ~STEPHANE P. Croatia Flir. Engineer. Honolulu. fluke ~Don P. Design.. Pune. Engineer. Colombia Flir. India Fluke ~Michael M. Tacoma. Rio Rancho. India Flir. Director Of Engineering in Hotel Industry (Starwood Hotels and Resorts. New Zealand Flir Scott ~Technical Support/Services. ICX ~Product Manager Photonis ~Engineering.FLIR FLUKE ~Mohamed E. Napier. CA Fluke ~John D. ~Don C. NM Flir. PA .Le Meridien Heliopolis). Fluke ~Engineer. Egypt IPI. Technical Support. Bogota. Mumbai. Moscow. Engineer. TX Fluke ~Renante C. LAVAL. fluke ~Yoge S. WA Fluke ~baali K. Stationary Engineer. Morocco Fluke ~Technical Support/Services. Heliopolis. BUCURESTI. Process/Production. end user. Viskovo. CANADA Several ~george N. Meadville. Project Manager. and Student always. netherlands Fluke. the Hague. Trotec ~Mark H. General Management. FLIR ~Engineering. HI Fluke ~Surinder D. Facilities Manager. Fire Protection Engineering and Technologies. preventif maintenance engineer. San Francisco. IL Excel ~Joel Meza. Engineering Consultant. Purchaser. ELPASO. Cleburne. PHILIPPINES Flir? ~Ronald M. Russia Fluke ~Manufacturing. ORMOC. Oujda. New Zealand Fluke. Electrical fitter. Owner of Hawaii Custom Sales. Auckland. India Flir ~Sanjukta Ghosh.

San Diego. building contractor into thermal efficiency for heating homes. MD Flir ~David H. Engineering Consultant. Inspector. Brazil Flir. Engineer. Engineering Consultant. MN Flir ~Nigel L. New Orleans. Hobart. MD-PhD. 44 Flir ~Daniel N. Electrical lecturer. Builder/Contractor. France Fluke ~Millwright Fluke ~Reynaldo Solewicz. peru Flir ~Scott Donnelly. USA Flir ~Bill M. museum conservator. Roseville. ~Mark T. Quito. Salisbury. Argentina Flir ~Kenneth N. PdM Technician. OH Flir ~Patrick M. Buenos Aires. Design Engineer. mi Flir ~sixto sarmiento. Freeport.Fluke ~James S. Panama. Wellington. Kolkata. St Agnes. PW Flir ~Engineer. milford. Canada Flir ~Cassaundra W. lima. Toulouse. Project Manager. Thermographer. Australia Fluke ~Fernand T. Engineering Consultant. CA Flir ~Marketing/Sales Flir ~jack t. Pittsburgh. TX Flir ~John. Red Deer. Technical Support. UK Flir ~Carlos P. PA . Chief Engineer. Engineer. New Zealand Flir ~Shaibal G. Panama Flir ~Eduardo P. Oceanographer. engineer. general management. Australia Fluke ~Jack G. Cincinnati. LA Flir ~Juan M.

Engineering Consultant. NV Flir ~Alejandro España. Greece Flir ~Colin F. Australia Flir ~Badr N. MILFORD. Aberdeen. Research & Development. Italy . Builder/Contractor. Australia Flir ~Bill K. Facilities Manager. Scotland Flir ~Engineer Flir ~Tony C. Guatemala Flir ~Mike M. Engineering Consultant. NY Flir ~Crastes A. IN Flir ~Field Service Engineer Flir ~Konstantinos R. Project Manager. Generation Process Specialist. Pleasantville. Basingstoke. CT Flir ~S Sheehan. Thermal Imaging Specialist. plant City. Engineering Consultant. Finland Flir ~Purchasing. Adelaide. Ferny Hills. Facilities Manager. FL Flir ~Heikki Kaseva. Builder/Contractor. MO Flir ~Steven B. como. Surveyor. Belgrade. Thermographer. El Dorado. John G. United Kingdom Flir ~Buster N. Kuwait. France Flir ~Dragan Jankovic. Veurey Voroize. Serbia Flir ~John L. Project Manager. Canada Flir ~LEONARD C. Helsinki. Trade Tecnician/ Thermographer. Technician. Biomedical Engineer. Athens. Edmonton. Las Vegas. East Chciago. General Management.Flir ~Stan M. Guatemala. Kuwait Flir ~giovanni S. Builder/Contractor. AR Flir ~Bruce H. Ireland Flir ~H.

China Flir ~Michael C. Asuncion. Argentina NEC ~Engineering. Engineering Consultant. OK Flir ~Marc P. colombia Flir ~Stephen H.Flir ~Thomas T. Parramatta. Córdoba. Ann Arbor. Process/Production. Project leader. Paraguay Flir ~jacob C. Yukon. Canada ISG ~Aleksandar R. Australia Flir ~Quality Control/Assurance. Data Centre Facilities Engineer. Engineering Consultant. Home Inspector. barranquilla. Switzerland Top Top . Rijeka. Red Deer. Engineering Consultant. Neuchatel. Builder/Contractor. General Management. AL NEC ~Rodolfo M. MI INO ~Lubos H.

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