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Mugicul Words; The Power oI


Goidelines und speciIic techniqoe Ior writing und osing
uIIirmutions to Iinully uchieve ull yoor gouls und desires

Kuren EIIzubeLI HuIbrook.
Copyright November 2007. All rights reserved.
Positive AIIirmutions ure simple, yet powerIol tools reudily uvuiluble
to everyone willing to tuke the time to leurn how to ose them. With
the techniqoes in this book yoo will leurn the most powerIol wuys to
increuse the impuct oI yoor uIIirmutions. Sturt toduy writing und
osing positive uIIirmutions to creute the liIe yoo choose.

Creute the LiIe Thut Yoo Ðesire

¨Nothinç hcs cnç pouer oter me other thcn thct uhich I çite it throuçh mç
conscious thouçhts.¨-- Anthony Robbins

AIIIrmuLIons ure one oI LIe sIngIe mosL powerIuI LooIs Ior creuLIng ubundunce
und LIe beuuLy oI IL Is LIuL LIIs process Is reudIIy uvuIIubIe Lo unyone uL uII Ior
ubsoIuLeIy no cIurge.

Normun VIncenL PeuIe, SLepIen Covey, AnLIony RobbIns, ZIg ZIgIur - LIe IIsL Is
unendIng oI powerIuI und weuILIy peopIe wIo Iuve used uIIIrmuLIons us u LooI Lo
creuLe more ubundunL IIves.

WIeLIer you reuIIze IL or noL you use uIIIrmuLIons Lo creuLe LIe experIences oI
your IIIe rIgIL now. EveryLIIng LIuL Iuppens, posILIve or neguLIve, Is druwn Lo
you by your LIougILs, words, und ucLIons. AIIIrmuLIons ure LIe expression oI
your LIougIL, words und ucLIons. TIIs Is LIe ¡uw oI ALLrucLIon und IL Is u
unIversuI Iuw. AII Iumuns ure bound by LIIs Iuw, wIeLIer LIey beIIeve In IL or

A very sImpIe deIInILIon oI un uIIIrmuLIon Is LIuL IL Is u sLuLemenL usserLIng LIe
exIsLence or LruLI oI someLIIng.

¡I ¡ suy Lo you or LIInk Lo myseII ¨¡ don`L enLer conLesLs. ¡ um noL Iucky, ¡ never
wIn.¨ TIen ¡ Iuve creuLed LIIs sLuLemenL us un uIIIrmuLIon. ¡ um usserLIng LIuL ¡
um noL u wInner. TIIs mIgIL be u sLuLemenL oI IucL or IL muy noL. PerIups LIe IucL
Is LIuL ¡ someLImes wIn LIIngs, or experIence Iuck und someLImes ¡ don`L. WIuL Is
more ImporLunL Iere Is my usserLIon (PercepLIon) LIuL ¡ don`L wIn. ¡I ¡ IoId LIuL
LIougIL und Imuge consIsLenLIy ¡ wIII beIuve In wuys consIsLenL wILI LIuL beIIeI.
¡L LIen becomes u seII-IuIIIIIIng propIecy Ior me.

PerIups LIe mosL powerIuI uIIIrmuLIon oI uII LIme comes Lo us Irom Rene
Ðescurtes: ¨I thinl therejore I Am¨'

EucI oI us creuLes our own specIIIc reuIILy In IIIe by LIe words we speuk und LIe
LIougILs we LIInk.

WIen you reuIIze LIe power oI words und LIougILs you wIII demonsLruLe dynumIc
IIIe cIungIng resuILs Ior yourseII usIng posILIve uIIIrmuLIons us one oI your LooIs.

TIe IoIIowIng excerpL Is Luken Irom Thoughts ore Things, wrILLen by PrenLIce
MuIIord (18¸q-18q1) descrIbed by some us one oI LIe eurIIesL wrILers und
Iounders oI LIe new LIougIL movemenL

The spiritucl mind lnous thct eterç one oj its thouscnd dcilç secret thouçhts
cre recl thinçs . mctter or the mctericl is onlç cn expression oj spirit or jorce,
.is eter chcnçinç in cccordcnce uith the spirit thct mcles or externclizes itselj
., cnd therejore, ij the thouçht oj heclth, strençth cnd recuperction is
constcntlç held to in the mind, such thouçht . uill express itselj in the bodç,
mclinç mcturitç neter cecsinç, tiçour neter endinç, cnd the leenness oj eterç
phçsiccl sense eter increcsinç.

You cun reud LIe IuII LexL oI LIe essuy Iere TIougILs ure TIIngs

Words LIuL you use wIen LuIkIng Lo yourseII or oLIers ure uIIIrmuLIons. TIe
person wIo suys consIsLenLIy ¨¡ um so cIumsy, ¡ um uIwuys droppIng LIIngs¨
mIgIL noL be u good cIoIce oI someone Lo puck up your gIusswure.

Your menLuI sIup Lo LIe IoreIeud suyIng ¨How couId you be so sLupId?¨ wIen you
mIss your exIL on LIe Ireewuy does noLIIng Lo IIIL your spIrIL or muke your worId
brIgILer, Iowever, II you wIII sLurL u sImpIe reIruIn - Iuppy, Iuppy, Iuppy -
runnIng LIrougI your mInd you muy be pIeusunLIy surprIsed Lo noLe Iow mucI
beLLer your duy goes.

We uII cun beneIIL Irom IeurnIng Lo recognIze our LIougILJspeecI puLLerns und
repIucIng LIe neguLIve wILI more posILIve, powerIuI und enIIgILenIng Imuges.
PosILIve uIIIrmuLIons ure LIe very besL LooI Lo uccompIIsI LIIs cIunge.

TIe IIrsL sLep Is Lo become conscIousIy uwure oI your LIougIL und speecI
puLLerns. AILer muny repeLILIons oI u pIruse, your subconscIous begIns Lo uccepL
IL us reuIILy. TIIs uppIIes Lo neguLIve uIIIrmuLIons us weII, IncIudIng InIormuLIon
used repeLILIveIy by oLIers.

Try un experImenL. ¡denLIIy LIe source oI neguLIve messuges you receIve Irom
oLIers und eIImInuLe LIuL source Ior un enLIre monLI. ¡L muy seem odd uL IIrsL Lo
dIsconLInue wuLcIIng LIe evenIng news or sLop IIsLenIng Lo musIc wILI neguLIve
IyrIcs, yeL you`II IInd LIuL II you gIve yourseII permIssIon Lo do LIIs Ior jusL one
monLI you`II eIImInuLe mucI sLress und dIscomIorL Irom your IIIe.

TIe excILIng news Is LIuL II you ure noL Iuppy wILI your IIIe Loduy you Iuve LIe
power Lo conscIousIy cIunge IL ImmedIuLeIy. TIIs muy be u new concepL Lo you,
or muy noL. ¡I you Iuve dIIIIcuILy beIIevIng LIuL your IIIe experIence Is creuLed by
LIe power oI your LIougILs Luke LIe cIuIIenge. ¡L cosLs noLIIng Lo experImenL
wILI posILIve uIIIrmuLIons Lo deLermIne LIe ImpucL LIey muy Iuve on your IIIe,
und you Iuve LIe worId Lo guIn.

¡L does noL muLLer wIuL your experIence Ius been Lo duLe oI IumIIy, cuILure,
envIronmenL, or even Iow oId you ure. Anyone cun beneIIL Irom LIe eIIecLIve use
oI posILIve uIIIrmuLIons. TIe pusL does noL predIcL LIe IuLure. You ure noL Iocked
In Lo your currenL IIIe experIence.

Ðr. Tony Compolo, weII-known AmerIcun pusLor, uuLIor, und pubIIc speuker
LeIIs us "Your pcst is importcnt, but it is not necrlç cs importcnt cs the ucç çou
see çour juture."

AIIIrmuLIons ure vuIuubIe LooIs, used Lo move our reuIILy In posILIve dIrecLIons.

Use posILIve, seII-dIrecLed uIIIrmuLIons Lo creuLe LIe seII-IuIIIIIIng propIecIes LIuL
you desIre Ior your IIIe. You cun 'Muke IL so` In uny ureu oI your IIIe you cIoose.


Lse uctive verbs
GeLLIng, doIng, IuvIng, IeurnIng, IovIng, eurnIng, buIIdIng - LIese words
ImmedIuLeIy sIow un Imuge oI ucLIon Lo your busIc seII. AcLIve verbs IInk
ImmedIuLeIy Lo u cIeur vIsIon oI remembered ucLIvILy. TIe more cIeurIy you cun
see LIe ucLIon In your mInd LIe more powerIuI LIe ImpucL oI LIe uIIIrmuLIon wIII

AIIirm the positive
TIere Is un oId song LIuL suys, ¨AccenLuuLe LIe posILIve, eIImInuLe LIe neguLIve,
und don`L mess wILI Mr. ¡n-beLween¨. AIwuys cIoose words Lo reIIecL LIe posILIve
resuILs you desIre.

As un exumpIe;

¨I cm nou brecthinç jreelç, choosinç heclthç cctitities to support mç lunçs¨
uill be more pouerjul thcn ¨I cm no lonçer smolinç¨

¨Eterç dcç I joçouslç choose jood thct supports mç heclthç bodç¨ is more
pouerjul thcn
¨I cm losinç ueiçht¨

NoLIce LIuL boLI posILIve uIIIrmuLIons Iocus on cIoIce und IeuILI. TIe busIc seII
(subconscIous) Ioves Lo Iuve u cIoIce. TIe oLIer Lwo uIIIrmuLIons Iocus on
deprIvuLIon - no smokIng, IosIng weIgIL. A Ieur oI beIng deprIved cun seL In
moLIon LIe exucL beIuvIor you wIsI Lo dIsconLInue. How muny LImes Iuve you
decIded Lo go on u dIeL onIy Lo begIn cruvIng 'IorbIdden` Ioods LIe InsLunL you
mude LIe decIsIon?

Keep them short
AIIIrmuLIons LIuL ure eusy Lo remember und repeuL wIII Iuve LIe mosL ImpucL. ¡L
Is more eIIIcIenL Lo use LIree sIorL sLuLemenLs LIuL ure eusIIy spoken LIun one
compIIcuLed senLence LIuL you sLumbIe over.

Attuch strong emotion
WIen creuLIng your uIIIrmuLIons use words LIuL evoke sLrong IeeIIngs In gou.

WIen you ure suyIng your uIIIrmuLIons, even sIIenLIy Lo yourseII, suy LIem wILI
sLrong emoLIon. Here Is un exumpIe:

TIe words lotinç und nurturinç Iuve mucI LIe sume meunIng, Iowever, Lo me
personuIIy LIe imcçe oj lotinç Is emoLIonuIIy cIurged. ¡ experIence LIe word
IovIng us beIng u powerIuI und dIrecL energy. My personuI IeeIIng uround LIe
word nurLurIng Is LIuL IL Is wurm, IeeIs good, buL Is pussIve.

My uIIIrmuLIon - I cm nou lotinç mçselj cnd others in cll ucçs - Is uncIored
InLo my emoLIon, so IL Is more powerIuI me LIun II ¡ Iud used LIe word nurLurIng
In pIuce oI IovIng. TIIs unIque percepLIon oI LIese Lwo words muy noL uppIy Lo
you. You`II Iuve words und pIruses LIuL brIng ouL sLrong emoLIon Ior you. Use
words LIuL resonuLe wILI you Lo creuLe your own powerIuI uIIIrmuLIons.

Act us iI
See IL wIen you suy IL. SLund up LuII, sLrIde uround LIe room, und LIrow your
urms ouL wIde. ¡I you ure In u pIuce wIere you ure suyIng your uIIIrmuLIons
sIIenLIy LIen see yourseII LukIng LIese pIysIcuI ucLIons In your mInd`s eye wIIIe
you ure repeuLIng your uIIIrmuLIons. PrucLIce LIe pIysIcuI purL oI suyIng your
uIIIrmuLIons wIenever you geL LIe cIunce. TIIs wuy you wIII Iuve u soIId uncIor
oI yourseII goIng LIrougI LIese movemenLs Ior LIose LImes wIen you need Lo
vIsuuIIze LIe movemenL und you sIIenLIy suy LIe uIIIrmuLIon.

Lse present tense words.
¡ um now receIvIng, ¡ um doing, ¡ now huve, I choose - LIese pIruses send
LIe messuge Lo your busIc seII LIuL your desIred resuIL exIsLs rIgIL now. ¡L Is LIe
responsIbIIILy oI your busIc seII Lo IuIIIII your dIrecLIves us quIckIy us possIbIe. ¡I
you puL your uIIIrmuLIons In LIe IuLure Lense, us In I uill, I cm çoinç to hcte, eLc.,
LIen your busIc seII Ius no cIeur dIrecLIve Lo ucL now. Your desIred gouI wIII
conLInue Lo sLuy In LIe IuLure becuuse LIuL Is LIe InIormuLIon you ure puLLIng ouL.

Suy whut yoo meun
¡I your uIIIrmuLIon Is ¨¡ um u powerIuI communIcuLor¨ be cerLuIn LIuL you Iuve
cIeurIy deIIned Lo yourseII exucLIy wIuL ucLIons u 'powerIuI communIcuLor` does.
Remember LIuL words ure symboIs Ior our LIougILs. Every word or combInuLIon
oI words currIes LIe energy oI un Imuge (LIougIL) specIIIc Lo you. Word your
uIIIrmuLIons Lo geL LIe exucL resuILs you desIre. ¡nvesL In u good LIesuurus. TIe
more words you Iuve uL your commund LIe more precIse you cun be In wordIng
your uIIIrmuLIon.

Creute un unchor
Muny LeucIers und moLIvuLIonuI speukers use LIIs LecInIque. ¡ IIrsL Ieurned IL uL
un AnLIony RobbIns semInur, und Ie Ius LuugIL LIIs LecInIque Lo mIIIIons oI

Here is hou it uorks.
CIoose u LIme und pIuce wIen you cun be undIsLurbed Ior u wIIIe. BegIn suyIng
your uIIIrmuLIons ouL Ioud usIng IoLs oI movemenL und greuL emoLIonuI energy.
WIen you Iuve u IIgI IeveI oI energy und excILemenL creuLe u pIysIcuI ucLIon.
TIIs cun be us sImpIe us LoucIIng your IoreIeud wILI your Index IInger, cIencIIng
your IIsL, LoucIIng your LIumb und pInky IInger LogeLIer or uny pIysIcuI ucLIvILy
you cun ussIgn us your specIIIc uncIor ucLIon. AvoId cIoosIng u noIse ucLIon IIke
snuppIng your IIngers or LuppIng your IooL us LIere muy be LImes wIen you wIII
wunL Lo use your uncIor unobLrusIveIy. AIso, wIIcIever ucLIon you cIoose, use IL
specIIIcuIIy us un uncIor Ior your uIIIrmuLIons. ¡I you Iuve u IubIL oI scruLcIIng
your eur wIIIe concenLruLIng LIen LIuL muy noL be us eIIecLIve Ior you us u new
beIuvIor ussIgned Lo your uIIIrmuLIons.

As you begIn eucI uIIIrmuLIon do LIe ucLIon. PuL uII oI your energy und emoLIon
InLo LIIs. Go over LIe Lop, us II you ure on sLuge. Suy LIe uIIIrmuLIon, do LIe
ucLIon. Suy LIe uIIIrmuLIon, do LIe ucLIon. Do LIIs Ior un Iour or more II you cun.
Your voIce muy geL Iourse, LIuL`s okuy. You ure buIIdIng your desIred IIIesLyIe.

Every LIme you do LIe ucLIon uL LIe peuk oI your emoLIonuI energy wIIIe suyIng
your uIIIrmuLIon you ure creuLIng u dIrecL IInk beLween LIIs ucLIon und your
uIIIrmuLIon energy. You wIII be ubIe Lo brIng up LIe power oI your uIIIrmuLIon uny
LIme In LIe IuLure jusL by doIng LIIs ucLIon.

You cun be In un eIevuLor surrounded by peopIe und begIn usIng your uncIor
moLIon. By LIe LIme you reucI your IIoor you wIII be pumped, us II you Iud jusL
spenL ¸o mInuLes sIouLIng ouL your uIIIrmuLIons. TIe more you use LIe uncIor
LIe sLronger LIuL connecLIon wIII be.

Rhythm und rhyme is good
One oI LIe besL known exumpIes oI LIIs In Normun VIncenL PeuIe`s ¨Eterç dcç, in
eterç ucç, I cm çettinç better cnd better.¨
Or Lry LIese:
¨Excited cnd jree I choose the best cction jor me¨
¨I cm nou litinç the lije oj mç drecms, riches jlou to me in multiple strecms¨

TIe key wILI usIng rIyLIm und rIyme Is Ior LIe words Lo IIow nuLuruIIy Ior you
und Lo Iuve specIIIc meunIng Lo you. TIe busIc seII Is our Inner cIIId und IIke
mosL cIIIdren enjoys rIddIes, rIymes und oLIer Iun LIIngs. AL LIe sume LIme, LIe
Inner cIIId knows wIuL Is Lrue Ior you und wIII noL gIve credence Lo words und
pIruses LIuL ure used sImpIy Lo umuse.

Muke them troe
Your uIIIrmuLIons ure your personuI dIrecLIve. CIoose LIe words und pIruses LIuL
ure Lrue Ior you. OLIer peopIe muy muke suggesLIons und even gIve you uIreudy
wrILLen uIIIrmuLIons. Use wIuL Is meunIngIuI Lo you und dIscurd LIe resL.
AIIIrmuLIons creuLed by oLIers muy never be us powerIuI Ior you us LIe
uIIIrmuLIons you creuLe und beIIeve Ior yourseII.

TIere ure no 'sIouIds` In personuI uIIIrmuLIons. You ure responsIbIe Ior LIe
resuILs LIuL you creuLe In your IIIe by LIe ucLIons LIuL you cIoose. ¡IsLen Lo LIe
InpuL LIuL oLIers muy oIIer you und LIen muke your own decIsIons. AcLIon
IoIIows LIougIL. WIuL you decide Lo LIInk, wIuL you consLunLIy uIIirm, wIII
deLermIne your uction.

A very ImporLunL guIdeIIne Ior creuLIng uIIIrmuLIons Is LIuL your uIIIrmuLIons
uppIy onIy Lo you. You muy uIIIrm LIuL you ure u more IovIng Iusbund; you muy
uIIIrm LIuL you Iuve u nurLurIng reIuLIonsIIp wILI your wIIe, buL II you Lry Lo
uIIIrm LIuL your wIIe Is u more IovIng wIIe, LIen you ure movIng InLo LIe reuIm oI
psycIIc munIpuIuLIon. AIIIrmuLIons ure bused on your personuI words und
LIougILs und uppIy Lo your IIIe, noL Lo oLIers.

Huve An Attitode oI Grutitode
Be gruLeIuI Ior uII LIe bIessIngs In your IIIe und consLunLIy express LIuL gruLILude.
CounLIng your bIessIngs wIII uIwuys IIIL your spIrILs. ¡I you ure uIIve you Iuve
bIessIngs Lo counL.

Muke IL u IubIL LIuL severuI LImes eucI duy you sLop wIuL you ure doIng und counL
oII uII LIuL you Iuve Lo be gruLeIuI Ior. You cun do LIIs sIIenLIy In u muLLer oI

SIow your gruLILude. TeII your IrIends und IumIIy exucLIy wIy you ure gruLeIuI
LIuL LIey ure purLIcIpuLIng In your IIIe. AIwuys suy LIunk you Lo unyone wIo
perIorms u servIce Ior you - even II you Iuve puId Ior IL.

TIuL meuns you LIunk LIe wuILress wIo seLs LIe pIuLe on LIe LubIe und LIunk LIe
busboy LIuL cIeurs LIe LubIe. TIunk LIe bus drIver wIen you geL on LIe bus und
uguIn wIen you Ieuve. ¡ook In LIe mIrror und LIunk yourseII. You goL ouL oI bed
LIIs mornIng dIdn`L you?

TIunk yourseII Ior geLLIng dressed, goIng Lo work, puyIng LIe bIIIs - you ure doIng
u greuL job. AcknowIedge LIuL. WIen you puy your bIIIs LIunk your credILor Ior
exLendIng credIL Lo you. You cun even wrILe IL on LIe cIeck down In LIe memo
secLIon - TIunk you, LIunk you, LIunk you.

WIen you LruIy upprecIuLe wIuL you Iuve you wIII uLLrucL more Lo yourseII. An
uLLILude oI gruLILude spurkIes und sIInes. TIe UnIverse Is uuLomuLIcuIIy uLLrucLed
Lo gruLILude.

More Wuys to MuniIest Abondunce in Yoor LiIe

PosILIve uIIIrmuLIons und LIe ¡uw oI ALLrucLIon ure noL new concepLs; ruLIer LIey
ure proven scIenLIIIc prIncIpIes LIuL ubsoIuLeIy work In your IIIe rIgIL now.
¡eurnIng Iow Lo purposeIuIIy use LIese prIncIpIes wIII cIunge your IIIe In wuys
you muy noL Iuve even dreumed oI. Every experIence In your IIIe cun be u
posILIve experIence, movIng you Iorwurd on your puLI oI ubundunce.

One Lremendous resource ¡ Iuve Iound In LIIs quesL Is LIe WeuILI Beyond Reuson
progrum us LuugIL by Bob DoyIe. SInce zooz Bob Ius been LuugIL LIousunds oI
peopIe Lo recIuIm LIeIr desLIny, und begIn creuLIng IIves oI Lrue ubundunce.

¡I you wouId IIke Lo know more ubouL creuLIng ubundunce In uII ureus oI your IIIe,
Bob Is oIIerIng Iree membersIIp Lo LIIs vuIuubIe InIormuLIon.

As u Iree member, you'II ImmedIuLeIy guIn uccess Lo:

• SumpIe cIupLers Irom WeuILI Beyond Reuson TexLbooks

• Recorded LeIesemInurs Bob conducLed wILI IIs sLudenLs

• ¡nIormuLIon Lo become u IuII WeuILI Beyond Reuson member wILI uccess
Lo un ever-expundIng IIbrury oI resources und LooIs.

CIIck Lo SubscrIbe Lo ¡ree WeuILI Beyond Reuson NewsIeLLer

Here Is u IInk Lo u IIsL oI ucLIon verbs Ior wIen you ure reudy Lo begIn wrILIng your
uIIIrmuLIons. You cun downIoud LIIs IIsL Lo your compuLer or reud IL onIIne uL LIIs
websILe. TIe downIoud Is on un exceI spreudsIeeL so you wIII need MIcrosoIL
ExceI (wIIcI mosL compuLers Iuve uIreudy InsLuIIed) Lo open und reud IL.
¡IsL oI AcLIon Verbs

Use LIIs IInk Lo uccess u greuL LIesuurus progrum LIuL wIII IeIp you IInd LIe
perIecL words Ior wrILIng your uIIIrmuLIons. ¡Ind TIe PerIecL Words

WIen you Iuve creuLed your personuI uIIIrmuLIons und you ure usIng LIem duIIy
LIe Inner work begIns ImmedIuLeIy, Iowever, IL muy Luke u wIIIe Lo see LIe resuILs

Keep goIng. Encouruge yourseII. TIe posILIve energy you IeeI wIen you suy your
uIIIrmuLIons Is jusL u begInnIng oI LIe beneIILs you wIII receIve.

You deserve Lo Iuve LIe IIIesLyIe you desIre - use your uIIIrmuLIons Lo creuLe IL.

PIeuse IeeI Iree Lo conLucL me II you Iuve uny quesLIons or commenLs ubouL LIe
InIormuLIon In LIIs eBook.

Kuren EIIzubeLI HuIbrook

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! + ! ) ( &! % & % ! = ! 1 9 > 3 1 # ! 1 # $ ! ! 9 ( ! ! 4 .

.POWER TECHNIQUES TO WRITE AND USE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS ( ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ) & ) ( $ $ ' ( @ 3 +1 ! . ! ! # $ ) / 0 & ( : ) + ! > ) ' ' ( ) +( ! 3 ! 2 ! ! ! ! 5 .

3 9 - 1 ! ) + A & = " + " ! ! ) ( + ! ! + ! + ! 9 * ( A ! & + + ! ! " + $ . + ( / ( > 0 + . ' ) # 3 $ ! A A + # ' ) ! ! + 6 ( ( B ! ! .

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E + B C ! " A FD B DF ' B $ + B ! • • • " $ + 1 ( # " H ' B $ G ' B ' B $ B $ 2 )( ! 9 ) ( / * = H ) ' ( 0 3 9 .

' ! ) < 9 B I & A ! 10 .