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Spring 2012 :: English 106 :: Calendar

Lecture Topics Jan 9-13 Project 1: Parallels Essay Introductions & Syllabus Day Parallels Essay assigned Writing Process Prewriting Rhetorical Situation Digitality Readings & Assignments Due Sign up for course site

Read: Born Digital by Palfrey & Gasser and Dawn of the Digital Natives by Johnson (.pdfs on course site) Readings & Assignments Due

Lecture Topics Jan 16-20 No Class Audience & Analyzing Assignments Reading Critically

Parallels Essay due Read: Joining the Conversation (JtC) Ch 1 & 2 Read: How to Read Like a Writer by Bunn (.pdf on course site) Readings & Assignments Due Read: JtC Ch. 7 Read: JtC Ch. 15 Read: excerpt from Homo Ludens by Huizinga and Persuasive Games: Performative Play by Ian Bogost (Huizinga .pdf on course site; Bogost: /3703/persuasive_games_performative_pl ay.php?page=1 ) Readings & Assignments Due

Lecture Topics Jan 23-27 Project 2: Rhetorical Analysis Rhetorical Analysis assigned Serious Games Thesis Statements Logos Reading Group 1

Lecture Topics Ethos Jan 30- Feb 3 Pathos Ad Analysis Writing Intros & Conclusions Reading Group 2

Read: Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world TED Talk ( ml) JtC Ch. 16

Lecture Topics Feb 6-10 Document Design: HATS Revision Strategies Peer Editing Workshop

Readings & Assignments Due Read: JtC Ch. 18 & Designing Writing (DW) Ch. 1-4 Read: JtC Ch. 20 Rhetorical Analysis: Rough Draft due

Lecture Topics Feb 13-17 Project 3: Community Multimedia Project Community Multimedia Project assigned Discourse Communities Argumentative/Persuasive Essays CRAP Reading Group 3

Readings & Assignments Due Rhetorical Analysis due Read: JtC Ch. 10 Read: Color in Motion video ( Colors.html ) DW Ch. 6-13

Lecture Topics Feb 20-24 Publisher Tutorial Paragraphing & Sentences MLA Reading Group 4

Readings & Assignments Due

Read: Googles War on Nonsense by Heffernan ( /06/26/googles-war-on-nonsense/ ) JtC Ch. 21

Lecture Topics Feb 27March 2 Windows Movie Maker Tutorial Remix Culture Plagiarism Peer Editing Workshop Lecture Topics March 5-9 Project 4: Writing Visually Writing Visually project assigned Infographics Writing Visually Writing Evaluations Effective Tutorials Reading Group 5

Readings & Assignments Due

Read: JtC Ch. 14 Community Essay rough draft due Readings & Assignments Due Community Multimedia Project due Read: JtC Ch. 8 Read: The Big Red Word vs. the Little Green Man: The International War on Exit Signs by Turner ( Readings & Assignments Due

Lecture Topics March 1216 Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break

Lecture Topics March 1923 In-Class Work Day No Class (Ill be at a conference in St. Louis) No Class Lecture Topics March 2630 Project 5: Digital Archive Digital Archive assigned Exploring Digital Archives Telling History Provenance Working in Groups Reading Group 6

Readings & Assignments Due

Readings & Assignments Due Writing Visually project due

Read: Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Carr ( JtC Ch. 4

Lecture Topics April 2-6 Finding & Evaluating Sources Quoting & Paraphrasing Annotated Bibliographies Doing Field Research Reading Group 7

Readings & Assignments Due Read: JtC Ch. 12 Read: JtC Ch. 17 Read: Writer Evan Ratliff Tried to Vanish By Ratliff ( vanish2/) Readings & Assignments Due Annotated Bibliography due Read: JtC Ch. 6 & DW Ch. 17 Read: Babes in the Woods by Flanagan ( Readings & Assignments Due

Lecture Topics April 9-13 Website Tutorial Usability Accessibility Reading Group 8 Lecture Topics April 1620 In-Class Work Day Creating Presentations Review Day Reading Group 9

Read: DW Ch. 16 Read: Digital Nation ( /digitalnation/view/) Readings & Assignments Due Digital Archive Due

Lecture Topics April 2327 Semester Wrap Up Presentations Presentations

*Please Note: The syllabus calendar is subject to change. Changes will be announced in

class before they occur.