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Name: AMITOJ THIND, Roll No: 11119 Case Study Analysis: American Hospital Supply Corporation The ASAP

System (A)

Q1: How much competitive advantage can IT give wrt this case? Ans: IT is emerging as key force in shaping the basis of competitive markets. As per this case IT helps AHSC to understand the needs of the customer, it helps in reducing inventory cost by managing and controlling the inventory, increase the profit, reduces the retention rate of the customer, satisfying the customer by delivery on time and delivery of the service with accuracy. Q2: How can competition find opportunities for such usages of IT ? Ans: Competition can use the opportunities in more effective way by the use of customer feedback, analyzing that data and proving the solution to the customer. By using such techniques competitors can find a edge over others. Q3: What could be done IT related competition advantage sustainable ? Ans: Now days IT has lot of competition and sustaining competitive advantage can be done by organization if it is outlier. It can be done through IT by helping in understanding the needs of customers more precisely, by designing the user-friendly applications or websites, by managing the data (like time taken to deliver the data, delivery track records, etc) and by managing and controlling the inventory. Q4: What factors which includes Industry, technology and others made ASAP successful? Ans: Factors which make ASAP successful: I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Ease in ordering of products. Better delivery time. Customer involvement while ordering. Transparency in prices Reduction in data handling on papers. Customer feedback Reliable

Q5: As a competitor of American Hospital supplier in mid 1995 how would you respond to ASAP? Ans: As ASAP was a unique and outbreak model which brought revolution. As a competitor I would focu on the following points: I. More user friendly application and feedback on it II. Instant feedback on inquires. III. Instant Information of the replenished and new products to the customers. IV. More discount to customers than competitors. V. Marketing of the organization on the untouched sectors. Q4) How is AHSC and customer impacted by ASAP?

Q6: What should American Hospital do next to achieve competitive advantage through I.T? Ans: Apart from the features of ASAP, American hospital could do the following to achieve the competitive advantage through a. Reduction in cost of the service to the customer and providing additional support to customer. b. New customer accusation. c. Receiving and analyzing the feedback of the customer and providing solution over it. Q7: As IOS evolved and develop, ASAP is an example of IOS. How do they impact different organizations they link? Ans: ASHC is using the ASAP IOS. With the use of it they were able to get connect to various customers. They impact different organization they link as follows: I. ASAP enhance the transaction of the marketed good by adding value. II. Initial adoption of the ASAP is costly but ejects barrier between the supplier and the buyer. III. It changes the cost structure for the service to one with higher fixed cost but lower variable cost. IV. ASAP reduces the cost on the paper and its management. More control on the quality data with accuracy. Q8: How are AHSC and customers impacted by ASAP? Ans: ASHC is impacted with ASAP as: 1. Increase in net profit for the AHSC as there is constant flow of business coming out from different hospitals on continues basis. 2. Better hold on the inventory and supply chain management. 3. Improvement in customer relation. 4. Lower the shrinkage and spoilage of the goods. 5. Increase in Net profit and deep penetration in the market. Customers are impacted with ASAP as: 1. Reliability has improved 2. Duplication of the items and paper work is reduced 3. Transparency in price 4. Ease in order execution 5. Delivery status and payment details. 6. 24 hours availability of the service.