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Q1) How much competitive advantage can IT give as per this case Ans IT has lot of dominance in today

s world understanding the demand and serving the customer better ,also plays an important role in retaining the dis-satisfied customers, Also we have seen in the case that how it helped in taking care of all aspects of inventory i.e management, reduction in cost to company . All over running of the company becomes smooth with the help of IT.

Q2) How can competition find opportunities for such usages of IT Ans Competition can use this in a more effective way for example cost feed analysis, Data Analysis, Evaluating competition etc, It can run along with the detailed feedback which would comprise of close ended questions and would provide recommendations at end of the feedback.

Q3) what could be done IT related competition advantage sustainable Sustainable competitive advantage is unique position that organization develops in relation to the competitor that allows it to outperform them consistently. IT has lot of competitive in today s world because it helps in understating the customer in a better way ,it helps in making customer satisfied, it helps in customer retention in better way ,further it helps in managing and controlling inventory ,it reduces inventory cost and help organization to monitor the same. . Sustainable competitive advantage is different from Competitive advantage as it provides long term advantage and is not easily replicable

Q5: As a competitor of American Hospital supplier in mid 1995 how would you respond to ASAP? ASAP model brought revolution in the health care industry sector. With peculiar features like maintaining inventory level, focus on customer satisfaction, with time value for money and maximum reliability, this was becoming more favorite in the industry. To beat ASAP and as a competitor I would have focused on following points related to ASAP and industry.

Q6:What should American Hospital do next to achieve competitive advantage through I.T? Ans: With the development, continues evolvement and rolling out of ASAP in hospital industry brought a new revolution in this industry whose sole purpose was customer satisfaction. What other measure that American Hospital can take is ;  Cost reduction.  Initiate a feedback model from customer that too 2 way. Q7: As IOS evolved and develop, ASAP is an example of IOS. How do they impact different organizations they link?

Ans: ASAP is IOS providing system to system linkage between ASHC and its customers. IOS is an Internal Organization System . . IOA is a system in which there is information system which works between two or more than two organization and is able to connect through the data of all the organization. IOS made drastic changes in Distance data Q8: How are AHSC and customers impacted by ASAP? -better supply Chain -Inventory Management -Customer Database is increased.