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Ms. Holland English/Communication II Classroom Etiquette Welcome Students!

My name is Ms. Holland and I am going to be your sophomore English/Communication II student teacher for the semester. Below I have listed some of my classroom expectations and procedures that I would like the class to follow. I have also listed various rewards and consequences for either adhering to the expected behavior or violating it. I hope that you find this guide helpful and I look forward to an exciting year ahead of us!

Classroom Expectations: ________________________________________________

1. Treat everyone and their property respectfully. 2. Listen and stay seated when someone else is speaking. 3. Participate and share your wonderful ideas. 4. Question everything around you. 5. Have an open-mind when considering perspectives different from your own. 6. Follow directions the first time they are given.

Classroom Procedures ________________________________________________

Beginning of Class We only have 50 minutes together, and I would like to maximize your class time! Please be in your assigned seats and ready to work when the bell rings. I would also like you to come prepared with the required materials, such as your textbook or any assigned homework for the day, unless told otherwise. Class Discussions I would like every student to share their valuable opinions within the classroom. I will establish a positive, open, and respectful atmosphere in which all students should feel comfortable to share their ideas and be prepared to respectfully consider the opinions of others. Since this is an English class, participation is a vital component of the course. Sharing and analyzing ideas, opinions, and various perspectives help students understand issues of the past and the present. Missing Class If you miss class for a valid and school approved reason, please check your designated folder in the back corner of the classroom for any handouts or assignments that you have missed. If you need further clarification about what we did that day, please come talk to me before or after class so I answer any questions about what is expected of you. However, in the case of an unexcused absence, you will not have the privilege of making up missed in-class work. Late Assignments Please turn your assignments in on time. I will make sure all students receive a fair and appropriate amount of time to complete the designated tasks. Late work will be accepted one day late with a 20% reduction in your possible score and two days late with a 30% reduction. I will not accept any late work that is over three days late. Students who do not turn in assignments due to an unexcused absence will not have the privilege of receiving credit for late work. Extra Help I will be readily available to meet with students at various times throughout the day, whether it is to answer questions, explain concepts, or go over an exam or assignment. I am available before school starting at 7:30 am., during third and fourth hour, or after school until 5:00 pm. If none of these times work for you, you can ask to schedule a meeting with me at another time. If you need help for any reason, please feel free to come see me during any of the available times! My door is always open :)