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DIRECTORATE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION M.B.A. (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT) SECOND YEAR Academic Year 2011 - 2012 ASSIGNMENT TOPICS This booklet contains assignment topics. Students are asked to write the assignments for SIX papers as per instructions. Last date for submission: Last date for submission with late fee ` 300/-: 28-02-2012 15-03-2012

NOTE: 1. Assignments sent after 15-03-2012 will not be evaluated. 2. Assignments should be in the own hand writing of the student concerned and not type-written or printed or photocopied. 3. Assignments should be written on foolscap paper on one side only. 4. All assignments (with Enrolment number marked on the Top right hand corner on all pages) should be put in an envelop with superscription “MBA Assignments” and sent to The Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar – 608 002 by Registered post.


P.T.O. No notice will be taken on assignments which are not properly filled in with Enrolment Number and the Title of the papers. Students should send full set of assignments for all papers. Partial assignments will not be considered.

S. For each topic the answer should not exceed 15–pages. NAGESWARA RAO DIRECTOR . B.ii ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Write assignments on any TWO topics in each paper out of the FOUR. Each assignment carries 25 marks. (2 topics) DR.

What areas would you include? Why.1 2. What techniques would you use in overcoming such resistance? a) were incharge of designing the ideal management development programmes. “The role of organizational meant for improvement” – Comment. .1 ORGANISATIONAL 1) DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE What are the latest research taking places in the area of organization development? a) OD must be tied to business strategy in order to gain support from top management. Discuss. development is 2) b) 3) “Resistance to change is a normal part of the process of change” – Discuss. If you 4) b) Examine the issues in consultant – client relationship in OD exercises.

a) Training evaluation is most crucial for the trainees. c) “Designing the training programme without the evaluation of the previous training programme is most improfessional. . b) Give an outline of Personal Development Planning (PDP).2 2.2 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT “The choice of training methods depends on the objectives of the training programme and principles of learning” – Discuss with example. “Organizational development involves the development of the organization in the light of its future requirement”. a) Distinguish between case study and role play explain the situations where they are found to be more useful than the other. b) Differentiate the conceptual difference between training and education. Give an overview of training evaluation. 2. Do you agree with this statement? 4.” Do you agree? How will you evaluate the training programme? 1. 3.

2. . As a consultant.3 LABOUR WELFARE a) “Labour welfare is not a barren liability or useless expenditure but a wise investment”. 3. 4. with regard to safety. “Conflict and co-operation are the two aspects of industrial relations which are equally important. State and discuss the problems of trade union. Financial Assistant and the working hours of the men and women. Discuss it in detail. mention your suggestions to improve present of trade union in India. b) State the important provisions of the factories act 1948.” Do you agree? Give justification for your answer.3 2. 1. Critically analyze the recommendations of second National Commission of Labour with regard to the umbrella legislation for unorganized sector work force in India.

4 2. 3.4 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 1. Any discipline must be immediate with warning. . 4. Explain with examples. How will you check the proliferation of unions? Do you think collective Bargaining is successful in India? Compare other countries in this regard and give your observations. consistency and impersonality. Explain the reasons for intra and inter union rivalries. 2. Discuss the general causes for industrial unrests during the last three decades in India.

Describe the concept of fringe benefits. Discuss how fringe benefits are linked. What questions would you ask your prospective employer concerning benefits? Describe the benefits package you would try to negotiate for yourself.T. 3. to social commitment.5 2. b) Prepare a write-up on the trends and compensation plans for sectors in India. .5 WAGES AND SALARY 1. Explain the concept of pay packet composition. Explain how it is given with references to any organization you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring. a) Critically relate the various theories on compensation structure applicable for an I. ADMINISTRATION You are applying for a job as a manager and are at the point of negotiating salary and benefits. Why is dearness allowance is an integral part of pay packet. 2. 4. sector.

a) Is it possible to simultaneously follow cost leadership and differentiation strategy for a single business unit? Elucidate with examples. b) Explain the concept of BCG matrix and its suitability to strategy formulation. Also discuss the advantages of rightsizing. *** 1. 3. b) Is downsizing a good option for Indian firms? Justify your answer with examples. . b) Critically examine how far the 7-S framework is helpful for organizations operating in the liberalized Indian context. b) When the industry becomes hypercompetitive. 4.” Do you agree? Justify your answer with necessary example. 2.6 2. is it possible to have a sustainable competitive advantage? Give reasons.6 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT a) “Strategic Alliances are temporary. develop a realistic model for the evaluation and control process in the Indian context. a) Analyse the present marketing strategy followed by any five leading cellular service providers. a) As a strategic manager.