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TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY (www.airbusdriver.


Engine-Out Unable To Maintain Altitude ENG Tailpipe Fire Evacuation NAV IR FAULT (-300 only) Red ATT Flag on PFD (-300 only) Smoke/Avionics Vent Smoke/Fumes or SMOKE AVNCS VENT SMOKE - OXYGEN MASKS -VERIFY ON/100%/EMERG Unreliable Speed Indication/ADR Check

AIR BLEED LO TEMP (Wing Anti-Ice OFF) ENG ALL ENG FLAME OUT FUEL (L or R) WING TK LO LVL NAV ADR (1+2, 2+3, 1+3,1+2+3) FAULT (-300 only) SMOKE (FWD or AFT/BULK) CARGO SMOKE (With Cargo Door Open)

3. ECAM then 4. ECAM Follow-up (QRH yellow pages) then 5. ECAM supplement (blue book)
ALTITUDES Max 41,000' Max Flapand/or Slat extension 20,000' Max gear extension 21,000' APU (25,000' with Jet B or JP4) 41,000' APU bleed operation 22,500' A/P on (T/O) & G/A 100' AGL (with SRS) on (Enroute) 500' off (APPR) DA/DDA/MDA (non-prec.) off (APPR) 160' AGL (CAT I ILS 80' with Cat 2, Cat 3 Single, or Cat 3 Dual on FMA) Takeoff & Landing -2,000' to 12,500' RVSM (>FL290) PFD 1&2 + 200' (+20' ground), +75' ISIS +60' with either PFD WIND Crosswind (Guidance) Braking “fair/medium” “poor” Autoland (Headwind 35 K) CAT II/IIIa/IIIb Tailwind (Guidance) Braking “less than good” WEIGHTS Taxi T/O Landing ZFW Minimum (autoland) 29/G32 K 15 K 10 K 20 K 15 K 10 K 5K -300 515,656 513,600 412,200 385,805 266,757

AB 330 FACT SHEET Italic print denotes Chapter 2 memory item 1/6/2012 PW4168A RR TRENT 772B (-200) ELECTRICAL- GEN 90 KVA EMER GEN 5KVA ENGINES Thrust 68,000# 72,000# Do not reset tripped fuel boost pump/indicating C/B TO/GA 5min(10-1ENG) 620oC 900oC(920o20sec) No E&E compartment w/o dispatch/Mx direction MCT continuous 600oC 850oC No electrical outlet use during T/O and landing Starting (air) 535o C(620o) 700oC (850o) Battery OFF and <25.5V, 20 min. charge Max cont. start 5 min. After 3 5 min. cycles wait 30 Battery test – off, on, <60amps in <10 seconds min. between subsequent 5 min cycles. If both main AC buses lose electrical power, the Do not engage starter >35% N2 (-300 only) emergency generator is automatically connected Takeoff/GA N1/N2 / N3 100/100/NA 99/103.3/100% HYDRAULICS Oil temp T/O min 50oC max 163oC (177oC 20 min.) Green - Two pumps (one on each engine). Electric -200 T/O min 20oC max 190 oC pump, manual or automatic, and RAT. Oil pressure 70 psi (-200 25 psi) RAT auto with 2 engine failure, G&B or G&Y low level Electric pump for 25 sec after gear lever up & 1 engine Oil quantity minimum 18 quarts (16 quarts -200) Reverse thrust is for ground use only. Blue - Engine 1 pump or electric pump (manual). Electric pump on -ENG 1 fail & PRIM 1 or 3 off (-200) No max rev<70k, idle rev OK to stop Power-back prohibited Yellow - engine 2 pump or electric pump (manual or Flex thrust not authorized on contaminated runway automatic). A hand pump is provided for operation of Warm up 5 min (<90min on ground, then 3 min), the cargo doors when electrical power is not available. Not >1.15 EPR with parking brake ON Electric pump on with engine 2 fail & flap lever not 0 4 TL detents TOGA, FLX MCT, CL, IDLE & G electric not in use. Y on ground for cargo doors THR LK – move thrust levers out of CLor MCT detent Electric pump overheat resets on ground only TOGA LK (alpha floor) – disconnect autothrust Max takeoff brake temp 300o C. N1 mode (rated & unrated) overboosted possible After gear extension no pressure on triple (PM) Write-up if same strut brakes differ >150o and any brake N1 amber > N1max, red > 100%
is >600o or <60 o; or mean temp with other strut differs APU >200o; or temp >900 o 3 Starter cycles then 60 minutes before 3 more Alternate Brakes - no antiskid if on accumulators only ECAM LOW OIL LEVEL still allows 15 hours ops. Auto Brakes with normal brakes only. On when APU bleed valve auto closes >25,000', opens<23,000' wet/slippery, rollout limited, higher approach speeds, Fire (on ground) auto shutdown and extinguisher crosswind>10k, CAT II/III. DECEL at 80% rate Master switch off then on resets ECB B Alternate Brake Accumulators provide 7 full Master off, 2 min cool down if pneumatics in use Applications or parking for 12 hours. MISCELLANEOUS Landing Gear red arrow- gear not locked down for T/O Uplink only if GWCG (on lower ECAM SD) +.5 of landing (flaps 3 or full) MAC on Final Weight & Balance Crew Oxygen <1,000 psi see chart PH 1.15.3 FLIGHT CONTROLS Normal protections – load factor, attitude- pitch (30,-15), LAHSO minimum runway length 7,000', with dry, tailwind<3kts, 1500 & 3 (1000 & 3 with VASI/PAPI) high bank (33/67), high AOA, high speed, yaw Pilots are authorized to deviate from their current ATC damper/coordination. Depart normal with multiple clearance to the extent necessary to comply with the failures of redundant systems. 3 modes – Ground, a TCAS resolution advisory direct relationship to control surfaces; Flight, ♦ 1st flight in FDML current day, local time item commanding roll and pitch rates; and Flare, out of trim Full alignment, Fire test, Batteries (<60a <10sec), condition Alternate Brakes (2400), Flight deck door Alternate Law (ALT1 & ALT2) only load factor Slides must be armed & checked with ECAM or door protection; can be stalled indicators before taxi, takeoff, and landing with PAX Direct Law amber “use man pitch trim”, no protections < 28.00 Hg, flight operations not recommended Mechanical backup red “man pitch trim only” o o 3 PRIMs calculate laws, s/b spoiler operations, protection “Pitch” > 7.5 and “Bank” > 7 Do not pushback unless NW STRG DISC is displayed Speeds. Loose PRIM, loose dedicated spoiler Side stick malfunction, hold opposite takeover pb>40 sec Xwind>20K, full FWD sidestick until 80K, neutral by 100K, 1.1 EPR, stabilize, 1.3 EPR, then TOGA or FLX After flap retract, 1+F not available until <100k, unless by 40K ground speed CONFIG 2, 3, or FULL selected 1st “Confirmed” QRH Items (6) – thrust levers, engine Outboard aileron 0o at high speed (config 0) (190, masters, ENG Fire PBS, Cargo Smoke DISCH PBS, IR 300kts) PBS/selectors, IDGs OAT>38oC/100oF Flaps 1on ground Thunderstorms T/O <1000' AGL, 3nm SAT> 0o 10nm/20nm downwind FUEL -200 -300 SAT< 0o 5nm clouds/20nm Total 244,000 172,000 Radar on Capt <2500’ Inners148,400Outers 12,800 Trim 10,800 Center72,000 PBE good for 15 minutes Trim tank forward transfer pump fail – no trim tank Rain repellant inhibited on GND with engines stopped forward when pitch >3o Modify Vapp for non-normal, ice accretion, or windshear Empty center then wing. Transfer from center to wing Vapp>VLS+5 unless CONFIG 3 with ice accretion, then with JP4 up to 20,000' (-200) Vapp>VLS+10 Contact Dispatch if not Jet A or A1 180o turn - 200’pavement width minimum Transfers (x11 factor) Inner to Engines always first Rest Audio - Level Adjust/Room(456 Enter)/-db (-200) Center to Inner when Inner full minus 4400 # (-200) Trim aft > FL255 LIGHTS Trim fwd: CG at aft target, Inner 8800# (until 11000), Loss of normal electrics – Capt instrument panel, Center < FL245, < 35min to destination, emer elect (-200) instrument panel flood, Lighting,standby compass Outer to Inner at 7700# light, and right dome light, (provided the respective X Feed auto open in electrical emergence configuration control switch activated). Dispatch with any main fuel pump inop prohibited Logo on with main gear struts compressed or flaps 3/full CONFIGURATION Range Width /Length/Height -200 20/238=258 6,700nm 60.3m/ 58.37m /17.3m -300 30/263=293 4,900nm 60.3m/63.69m /16.83m -300 (new) 28/263=291 Strobe on when shock absorber not compressed Cabin Emergency Lights on DC Ess Bus. On if normal electrics fail (AC Bus 1 fails) Cabin lights on >11,300’ cabin altitude

-200 515,656 513,600 401,200 374,782 255,733 (271,200)

SPEEDS - Max (VMO/ MMO) 330 / .86 Gear (Gravity Ext. 200) 250 / .55 Shutoff Hydraulics 280 Flaps (Max VFE) 1 240 1+F 215 2 196 ( PFD no amber =) 3 186 Full 180 Turbulence > 20,000' 260/.78 (.8 -200) < 20,000' 240 Holding < 6,000' 200 >6-14,000' 230(210 if published) >14,000' 265 [PANS table IV-1-2 Holding 210/220/240] Taxi straight 30K, 90o turn 10K Tire 204K Window/ Wiper Max 230 Max angle – green dot. Max Rate 250/.78 Alternate descent 290/.76 high speed 320/.82

“Climb”. 1/4" (1/2" if favorable conditions) slush SATCOM test On MCDU/CMS/System Report Test/Page No wing anti-ice on ground. ETP (1/2).3. GLIDESLOPE ALIVE. “windshear. ND 10 mile scale. SPOILERS/NO SPOILERS. or normal G/A on approach category. “Engine Failure”. ½ dot “Flaps 3. FLAPS 3. S speed “Flaps Up. GEAR UP. no OAT<3oC with Engine anti-ice required. 1000' RA or OCA.17. adjust V/S to stay in green area.g. Both off FPV recommended on runway. DUAL ENGINE FAILURE – QRH WINDSHEAR Callout lateral >. Safety Relief Valve -. PRESSURIZATION/AIR CONDITIONING auto MINIMUMS.A/P disc. when both alter until terrain clearance assured. “monitor radar display” or warnings RNAV & VOR use DA or DDA (MDA+50') “windshear ahead” (twice on t/o) and “go around Authorized Operator VNAV (DA) use DA. Activate & confirm o o o o NAV (Magnetic) 82 N to 60 S (73 N from 90-120 W) Capt. EDYY (Masstrict). A/SKID & N/W STRG – OFF “WINDSHEAR TOGA”. disarm spoilers. Advise ATC. “Flaps 1”. Brake Pedals . “Flaps-Up”.5 ) with full back 1. 127. After CZQX (Gander). up”. FLAPS___.2nm or (vertical >½ dot after FAF) No fuel: RAT MAN-ON.Short & Successive Application sidestick. “Set Missed ENGINE FAILURE (T/O) “PF”.promptly A/P off. other must be off. disc A/P>60 (at touchdown if no rollout) SET. do not alter until terrain clearance assured PM verify actions. do not Reminders .73 -200) to 9. box-primary. Remove Offset GPS prim lost. * secondary Engine anti-ice on if ice exists or anticipated. trim. verify G/S green.5o). high with MLG not compressed. Auto Callouts 1000(or PM). G/A (200 m) 700/700/Required Advisory CAT II 1200/Advisory/Required Advisory (Mid) OCEANIC (500m) 1600/Advisory/Advisory Preflight reminders . (OAT/TAT) and visible moisture (including fog <1 disengage & engage other A/P 1st. My Aircraft”.FMS POS INIT Checks. PIREP to ATC TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY Note . slight forward sidestick.5 > FL 180 Lose electrics ENG valves fail open. FRA. Clear Data Index’s Equitime Point CAT II 1200/700 Clipboards #1 – Flt plan & Folder Engine-out CAT IIIA(50' DH). CALL OUT FLIGHT PATH. disarm spoilers. CONF 3.25. PITCH (>7. G/S capture. auto 1. “Flaps 3 A/THR disconnects – match & mash.9 (LPLA) Adjust altitudes if SAT < -30 oC (also CAT II RA/NA) PITCH – Rotate to full back sidestick NY & Santa Maria require When Able Higher (WAH) Non-precision approach prohibited in Direct Law CONFIGURATION – Verify speed brakes in. BANK “Altitude Hold”. CAT E > 166kts ROLL. Check (175m) 600/600/Required Advisory winds. “Flaps 2”. idle. “Continuing”.”. TOGA SET.000. engine (no TAT). disconnects held for 15 sec. PM CALLOUTS (causes thrust lock). On approach. If ECAM control panel fails. climb to safe alt.Rotate to (on T/O roll. windshear” RNAV/VOR A/P & F/D must be used. LHR. 230kts/Green Dot below 1. F/D’s off (PM).3. MSA IS __. “Go Gross Error 10 minute (2o) SEC F-PLN/1L/LL used to landing if severe icing conditions. windshear. thrust levers to idle. FLAPS 1. verify LOC *. NO ROLLOUT. except autoland degraded >1000' OK if by 500'. “NAV”. with CLIMB or CAT IIIA DUAL AH 200'. G/S 2.7. Prior to approach.000'. +500 FPM. auto 500. THR LEVERS-IDLE. unless terrain is a factor safely. notify (175m) 600/600/Required Advisory ATC. PM CALLOUTS CAT II/III APPROACH “PF”.3 or (vertical>3/4 Advise ATC dot after FAF). PM CALLOUTS 2/SATCOM/TEST (not during alignment) Wing on at 1st power reduction. NAV. NAV” or HEADING or NAV(EO SID). Disengaged for flight if Approach Altitude”.SINGLE DH 50' TROP (after uplinks). ALL. MAX BRK PR – 1000 psi PITCH. KZWY (NY). STS. “CAT 3 Dual or CAT 3 Single or CAT 2”. 100' RA “Autopilot 1(2)”. Published MDA should be rounded If no braking available: with alerts <1500' and caution/warnings <1200'. Respect stall. THR LEVERS-IDLE. LFEE (Reims). touchdown reversers. verify MAN TOGA-SRS. rotate to commanded. in position to land 4. frequently than 15 min intervals and prior to takeoff “<visual cues> INSIGHT” RVR CAT IIIB DUAL AH 200' TCAS RA . RCL.30. 4 outboard Around Flaps. notify tower. use other autopilot) or lateral>. . runway environment will remain in sight 5. +1 dot available. LVR CLB flashing. TARGET( + ___). (LPV N/A) LOSS OF BRAKING windshear ahead” (on approach). Israeli – Identification 124. cleared approach. but can be “Go-Around. mile) or surface contamination may be ingested Cat I initially displayed if >5000' GPWS TERR is based on position on a database map. Use ILS procedures. LPPO (Santa Anti ice FAULT is disagreement (wing also low press) Takeoff Checklist”. xing/INCR/NO (e. idle reverse OK if Xwind<15k 2" dry snow. Use a/p if engaged (no a/p if α>αprot) CONFIGURATION. +5o pitch. GEAR UP. CLIMB SET.Press Predictive based on radar moisture movement <2300' altitudes on final.” IRS tolerance preflight <5 K. CLR. EGGX (Shanwick). request visibility minimum and recommended 1. or with APU bleed air GO AROUND “PF”. MCT. FLAPS UP. ENG START Selector-IGN. therefore autobraking) Initially – Waypoints sequenced. Reactive warning. “Go-Around. CALL OUT FLIGHT PATH. Brake Pedals – Press ROLL-Wings level. reject <V1. Green dot speed. SINK ___. REV – MAX LDA with G/S coded as LOC. Security Form. W/S.“Reject. TOGA SET. 100.82 Predictive caution. select No external condition air with packs 2/1/NO REVERSE. Unacceptable +15kts.Offset. FLAPS FULL. Maria). 118. “Speed ___”(green dot). still have EMER CANC. monitor dots “Gear Down”.8 only 1. “Stable”. “Flaps 1”. give controller If Autobrake is selected: if > escape Data connect problems – reset ATSU 1 OTHER APPROACHES THRUST – “TOGA” DCL stations – CDG. Clear Canada CAT III DUAL AH 200'.25 psi “Landing”. 50%N1 no more CAT I callout “minimums” (auto) NO CONTACT or radar or radio alt. max approach phase. off at FAF. Parking Brake .Italic print denotes Chapter 2 memory Item . roll wings level Santa Maria – 13207.50. CPDLC ATC COMM/Connect Status/Notification. NO AUTO-BRAKES.26/8. (75m) 300/300/300(1 rvr may be temp inop) GPWS. RNP . Ice exists <10 C updated & captain aware. SINGLE DH 50' INCREASE CLIMB. 100 ABOVE. 500( or PM). 400' RA LAND ROTATE. FCU pb Full”.REJECTED TAKEOFF “PF”. < 5 NM F/O – YOUR AIRCRAFT.85 (>7o). PM CALLOUTS INSTRUMENTS/NAVIGATION OPEN DES prohibited inside FAF or < 1. shows previous cleared or cancelled climb and cruise below –40 C SAT. Brake Pedals – Release WINDSHEAR RECOVERY must be operative 3. within 2 minutes of stopping (else PH 2h. “Gear GREEN/NO LAND GREEN. spoilers auto extend. “This is the A/P. up to the nearest 100' and set in FCU as adjusted MDA 1. TOGA ASR – If radar page not available. nd RMP only to tune VHF3 braking and max reverse until assured aircraft can stop FLAPS 2. 1½ Captain. 10' RA levers idle. remain seated. 80. or both NAV accuracy downgrade (if PM verify actions. no later than 2000' o If still no braking: remaining) SRS (if SRS n/a . MCT Ram air inlet only with differential pressure < 1 psi idle rev. If both A/P fail.300' RA only manual F/D RNAV/VOR authorized only if no ILS Fuel: RAT-MAN ON.000' AGL (>72K. 11307. PERF APPR o o RCL for 3 sec. post flight <15 K. STABLE. GEAR DOWN. If ECAM underline-independent. Pilot # 1 2000. G/A if no LAND GREEN <350' or red autoland warning ECAM & WARNINGS ICING light on approach (200') or no FLARE at 40'. “Open Climb”. FLAPS 1. D if 141-165kts.verify speed brakes retracted. procedures done #2 – Plot chart & Track Message >1.3) deceleration. w22/10/4 westbound or w48/10/5) slats POSITIVE RATE. Pilot #2 Rerelease G/A if > +5o VOR raw data or if RNAV. 400'AFE “Heading” __(if Complete Flt folder positions and highlight track Probe/window heat auto on low on ground with 1st appropriate). “TOGA” (if desired). TOGA. Monitor 121. “Gear Up”. select approach and 2 1 FD off. set TOGA “Landing” call when cleared to land. 8825. 118. BIRD GPWS ESCAPE “PF”. FLAPS 1. NO AUTOBRAKES. EGTT (London) GPWS “pull up” or “terrain” at night or IMC . wing close 100'AFE “Autopilot 1(2)”.10 COURSE ALIVE. POSITIVE RATE. F speed “Flaps 1”. 300kts/. FLAPS UP. TOGA”. Fuel Slip. MUN Category C. LGW. 80 Landing Checklist”. Max operating differential -1(-. 6628. and all pbs. PM CALLOUTS accomplish after takeoff flow and checklist (Iceland).