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Why SKF?

Accurate shaft alignment really matters

The possible consequences of shaft misalignment are serious to any company’s bottom line and include:
• Increased friction and thereby energy consumption • Premature bearing and seal failure • Premature shaft and coupling failure • Excessive seal lubricant leakage • Failure of coupling and foundation bolts • Increased vibration and noise

Reduce machinery breakdowns by up to 50% and increase your uptime
It’s a fact. Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50% of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns. Accurately aligning shafts can prevent a large number of machinery breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime that results in a loss of production. In today’s challenging environment of reducing costs and optimizing assets, the necessity of accurate shaft alignment is now greater than ever.
Bearing life

Degree of misalignment

Reducing misalignment increases bearing life

What is shaft misalignment?
Extra energy consumption

Machines need to be aligned in both horizontal and vertical plane. The misalignment can be due to parallel or angular misalignment and in fact is a combination of both.

Parallel misalignment (or offset)

Degree of misalignment

Reducing misalignment saves energy

Correct alignment

Angular misalignment

SKF have developed.skf. money and energy. MP/WHY TKSA EN · March 2010 . Which type of laser alignment system should be considered? Before considering purchasing a system. which can be downloaded to a PC For more details on SKF’s range of alignment products and how they can help save you time. identify the applications where it is to be used and make a list of requirements. have better accuracy and don’t require special skills to get accurate results virtually every time. as the technicians need to be skilled in using it.What methods can be used to align shafts? Method Straight edge Dial indicators Laser shaft alignment Characteristics Accuracy Speed Ease of use -++ ++ What can SKF offer? ++ --- ++ + + In summary. the motor often has to be moved. Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication but no liability can be accepted for any loss or damage whether direct. after extensive consultation with users. For such tasks. Documented Solutions Proven ® SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group. easy to use shaft alignment tools that are suitable for a majority of alignment tasks. For this operation. see corrections as they are made SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 40 • Affordable laser alignment tool with intuitive graphical user interface • Live alignment status. An SKF Documented Solution specialist can show you the approximate return on investment (ROI) you can expect to receive by using this product in your application. the technician needs a system that is quick and easy to use and doesn’t need a long set up time. SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 20 • Probably the most affordable laser alignment tool available • Quick and easy to use • Live alignment To complete the alignment task. both sideways and in height. contact your local SKF authorized distributor or visit www. see corrections as they are made • Tolerance check function as standard • Stores measurements and results. © SKF Group 2010 The contents of this publication are the copyright of the publisher and may not be reproduced (even extracts) unless prior written permission is granted. indirect or consequential arising out of the use of the information contained herein. shims must be used. The majority of alignment tasks consist of such things as a horizontally placed electric motor with a pump or fan with a single coupling.mapro. SKF offers a comprehensive range of precision machinery shims to suit most applications. a range of affordable. available in single packs or in cased sets. it's clear that laser alignment systems are quicker and easier to use than dial indicators. Ask your SKF Authorized Distributor or SKF representative for more details. Buying an expensive system that can accommodate virtually every need can be a costly mistake.