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Badminton is the worlds fastest racquet sport. Badminton is also a well known Olympic game.

The best shuttlecocks are made from the feather of the left wing of a goose.

By: Raymond Xian 10K

The Aga Khan, Academy

Play badminton in the best way possible. Adjust the body to fit your gameplay in badminton Play the different type of shots with accuracy, speed and balance. Know the pure rules of gameplay badminton Know your way around the playing field.

Badminton is known to be a sport that takes the whole body to new levels as jumps, smashes and deflections are present in the fastest racquet sport in the world. Naturally, it is a sport whereby takes toll of the entire body in terms of stamina, skill and also intellect. On needs to move in time, think fast, and also react quickly during the course of a badminton game. This is then achieved with the simple use of practice. Being an Olympic sport since the year of 1992, it became a medaled sport that was played as a debut in Barcelona Olympic event. As It being an event in the Olympics, it gained popularity along time and studies have shown that at least 1.2 million USA citizens have played this sport at least 25 times a year. Statistics have also shown that the stamina that is needed for badminton is far greater than for any other sport.

Left: Chinese Professional Badminton player, Lin Dan at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Right: Lee Chong Wei, Malaysian professional badminton player

Each game in sports all need rules and regulations for each game to proceed with order and fairness. One does not play a game without knowing how to score or even how to avoid being scored. This is why rules were made. Badminton rules are simple if one remembers them and there are also some shortcuts that help one get around the badminton world to make their play smooth and constructive. Below are some of the few simple rules in the play of Badminton

1. A game starts with a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss gets to decide whether they would serve or receive first OR what side of the court they want to be on. The side losing the toss shall then exercise the remaining choice.

2. At no time during the game should the player touch the 3. The shuttlecock should not be carried on or come to rest

net, with his racquet or his body. on the racquet.

4. A serve must carry cross court (diagonally) to be valid. 5. During the serve, a player should not touch any of the lines of the court, until the server strikes the shuttlecock. During the serve the shuttlecock should always be hit from below the waist. 6. A point is added to a player's score as and when he wins a rally. 7. The shuttlecock hitting the ceiling is counted as a fault.

21 points Format
Currently, this is the official format used by the IBF. Here are the basic badminton rules for this format.
- To win a match, you have to win 2 out of 3 games. - To win a game, you have to score 21 points. - If a score becomes 20-20, the side which scores 2 consecutive points shall win that game. - If the score becomes 29-29, the side that scores the 30th point shall win that game. - There are no "service over", meaning you can score a point no matter who serves. - One service only for doubles. - Other rules shall remain the same.

Every sport requires a field of play and Badminton in this case has a court of play. The badminton court is a sophisticated court that is played within a set of rules as well as different linign markers. Naturally, they chang during the times of singles and doubles. Singles courts can be described as being slim and

whereas, doubles courts can be described as short and wide. This can be shown by the markings in the diagram.



For one to achieve maximum greatness and a fair game in all, one must choose their steps wisely as well as their shots as well. This means that a single small error would be fatal if persuing a game point. This then concludes that each badminton player must play with the best combos as well as the best strategy to get the most out of a game.
Th_ ov_rh_[^ Cl_[r (OHC) This shot is used in the middle and start of the game and rarely is used at the end of the game as it is a defensive shot whereby the shuttle is hit backwards in order to send your opponent to their own defensive position. This shot is best hit when taking a step back and making full contact with the top of the racquet.

Th_ B[^minton S_rv_ This shot is used normally at the start of every badminton game. It is either done underarm or with a back-arm motion. It is best played if it barely touches the top of the next and a quick reaction must follow the shot. This shot is played in both ways and players choose whichever fits them the best.

Th_ Sm[sh This shot is mainly used as a finishing shot. It can also be used as a final blow whereby the shuttle gets full contact with the top of the racquet, letting it execute with sharp angles. The execution is only done best along with practice as this is one of the hardest skills to improve. At times, a jump for contact would be done if one enjoys playing with more force. The closer the executed shot to the net is, the more effective the shot becomes.

Th_ B[]kh[n^ Shot This is normally used for defense as well as offence and is an effective move in order to get your opponents to not predict your next move. This move can also be used as offence as well depending on the angle you shoot it from.

Th_ Driv_ Shot This shot is mainly to drive your opponents back to the ends of the court and is normally played when hitting from the middle of the court on ones side. This shot is best played when it skims across the top of the next in a straight line motion.

Be light on your feet

Themainconceptofbadmintonisones reactionstowardsashotoftheopposition andthismeansthatthereneedstobe focusaswellasagility.Onewhoisagile candeflecteasieraswellascounterback shortsfromtheotheropponent.Training andmultipleshotdrillscouldgetthese skillsup.

Trust your instincts

Ifonetruststheirowninstincts,they wouldknowwhichwouldbethebestway tohittheshuttleaswellaswhichwould bethebestwaytoevadetheshuttle defensively.Moreover,thegamethen goesbyyourfavor.

Control Your Body

Ifonepracticesalongwithmeasuringtheir ownstrengths,theywouldbeableto achievemuchbyknowinghowmuch pressuretheyputintotheshuttle.Too muchpressuremightleadtotheshuttle beingoutofplayandtoolittlepressure mightleadtotheshuttlenotcrossingyour side.

Know the Rules

Thekeytowinningabadmintongame isknowingtherules.Taketimeto studythefieldofplayaswellasthe mainrulesofthesport.Withthatin mind,oneisabletogetthebestoutof agamefairandsquare.

Work together Co-operatively

Whenplayingindoublesformat,itisbest whenyoutwohaveaconnectionorhave playedeachotherbefore.Thisthenbrings aboutyougettingcomfortablewith him/herandthus,bothcanplayalongwell. Itisalsorecommendedthatapairshould haveasenseofcommunicationsothat youknowwhoseshotiswhose.

Remember and Improve

Oneofthefewstepsthatweseemto missisthefactthatwedontlearnfrom ourmistakesandifoneplayswitha criticalmind,theywouldbeableto witnesstheirmistakesandimproveon them.Aim,Accuracy,andSpeedare3 maincomponentsofbadmintonthat oneneedstoworkoneverytimeinplay.

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