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What is the LIC

The Legislative Information Centre (LIC) offers a range of services to the Hon. Members of Parliament, Parliament Secretariat Officers and Staff, and authorised researchers through providing a responsive and user-friendly information and library service. The Centre is located in the central point on the ground floor of the main Parliament Buildings. This Service Guide explains the services that are available at the LIC and the standards of service that the users of Legislative Information Centre can expect.

Services of the LIC

Records Held The Legislative Information Centre (LIC) of the Parliament Secretariat provides an archive service for the House and facilitates public access to valuable records preserved in the Library. The records include full parliamentary documentation of the People?s Republic of Bangladesh, parliamentary documentation of some countries, official gazettes and judicial papers, bound editions of Bangladesh newspapers, and scientific, historic, political, law, international affairs and economics literature, with special emphasis on constitutional and parliamentary matters. Printed sources such as the Journals of the House, Reports of Committees and volumes of Sessional Papers can also be consulted. On Line Public Access Catalogue A comprehensive description of the records is provided on the On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), which is an automated catalogue of the Library. It is possible to conduct record searches from the OPAC terminals provided in the library (Members? Reading Room and Researcher's Reading Room).

Digitised Documents On CD-ROM The LIC is developing a library of CD-ROMs (Compact Discs ? Read-only-Memory) on which important archives, rare books and relevant parliamentary documentation has been digitised and preserved. The staff of the Library will be pleased to inform you about documentation available on CD-ROMs. These documents can be read on computers both at the Members? Reading Room and at the Researcher's Reading Room

Services for Hon. Members of Parliament
The Legislative Information Centre is, primarily, a service devoted to the Hon. Members of Parliament and is aimed at assisting them in the discharge of their high duties. The LIC

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. Computer Users? Centre Located at the entrance of the Members? Reading Room. No documents will be produced after 3. to 5. the Internet and the MP?s e-mail committed to providing the Hon. The Members? Reading Room is reserved for Hon. as well as to senior Secretariat Staff. Admission and Access Prospective researchers should address a written application to the Secretary of the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat.00 p. The network also allows free access to the Internet allowing for fast electronic communication of the users. Members of the . The Library remains closed or subjected to certain restrictions when the House is sitting and no permission can be given to any researcher for use of the library when the Parliament is in session. Dhaka-1207 identifying themselves. Daily newspapers. Services for Researchers LIC Researcher's Reading Room Hours of Opening The Researcher's Reading Room is open from 9.00 p. and (if possible) the specific documents to be consulted. allowing the Hon. in the minimal possible time. quiet conversation and undisturbed reading. describing the nature of their research. Members of the Bangladesh Parliament.m. The Reading Room is also fitted with computers. Members and their duly authorised personal staff to conduct research through the Internet services and to communicate through the EMail services available at the LIC Computer Users? Centre and in the MPs? Reading Room. Members or to the authorised staff of Hon. A pool of twelve modern desktop computers and network printers are at the disposal of the users.m. Members? Reading Room Located at the centre of the Library.m.00 p.00 a. and 2. The Library is closed for annual stocktaking in the last two weeks of December.m during working days (excepted certain public holidays). the LIC Computer Users? Centre is open to the Hon. Members. the Members? Reading Room offers a reserved and silent atmosphere for concentration. The Library remains open at lunchtime but no documents can be produced between 1. Passwords are provided by the Chief Librarian to all authorised users of the Centre. The LIC also provides access to modern information technology.m. allowing for free access to the on-line catalogue of the LIC. Members of Parliament with updated and reliable information.00 p. journals and any book of the Library can be read in the comfort of the lounge or in sound-proof cubicles and reading tables. the duration of their proposed visits to the LIC.

No readers' tickets are issued.academic community (teachers and students) should enclose a forwarding letter signed by the Chairperson or Head of their Department. The entrance is suitable for disabled access. researchers may commission a commercial photographer to undertake all types of photographic work in the LIC. Access to the office is by the Parliament Building?s main entrance. OPAC terminals are available to researchers both in the LIC Reception Area and in the Researcher's Reading Room. Researcher's Reading Room and Computer Users? Centre. whenever they are quoted in printed works. The adjacent Pass Office will issue a day pass for admission to the LIC on proof of identity and on confirmation of appointment. Refreshment and lunch facilities in the Parliament canteen are open to the public. the records. and should be stated in the initial request for research and access to the LIC. The LIC will allow photocopying only if there is no risk of damage to original records and provided all copyrights are respected. the public access of the House under the tunnel accessible from Mirpur Road and from Begum Rokeya Sharani. Use of Records Permission from the Director (Library and Research) or Chief Librarian is required for any reproduction of. No food or beverages are allowed in the Members? Reading Room. Researchers are requested to supply the LIC with off-prints or other copies of work in which use is made of the records. Toilets and first aid points are in the vicinity of the VRR. Facilities The LIC Staff assigned to the Researcher's Reading Room will advise about use of the records and explain the range of lists and finding aids which are available together with works of biographical and parliamentary reference. Postal Enquiries . Researchers are requested to help safeguard our documentary heritage for the use of future generations by observing care and diligence in the handling of records. Copying facilities are available (see below). scanners and dictaphones is at the discretion of the Director (Library and Research) or Chief Librarian. Copying of Records The LIC can supply a maximum of 10 A4 photocopies of hard-copied documents. Researchers are asked to refer to documents in the custody of the LIC of the Parliament Secretariat. or extended quotation from. By special arrangement. The LIC and the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat shall not be liable for any contravention of copyrights by researchers using its facilities. and is usually given provided suitable acknowledgement is made in the work. Food or beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited in the book preservation/stack areas. Civil servants should attach a certification of their superior. The use of portable computers.

All library personnel are aware of the Standards of Service. confidential and efficient ◙ The service will be providing in a befitting manner by offering the users a suitable environment to browse.The LIC is not able to undertake research for searchers but it is pleased to provide advice about the scope of the records for particular topics and to supply photocopies of readily identifiable material. Members of Parliament and authorised Parliament Secretariat Officers and Staff ◙ Computerised catalogue of books and journals will be available in the Centre and through the Parliament website ◙ Important and current documents of the Parliament will be available in digitised formats . Activities to Attain the Standards of Service ◙ There will be professional librarians available for receiving. as well as disseminate information about the Parliament of Bangladesh worldwide ◙ The Centre would be vigilant to arrest any lapse in the services ◙ The Centre would deal with any complaints received ◙ The Centre will provide a clean and quiet working environment. ◙ The services offered by the LIC will be courteous. read and gather information in their fields of interest ◙ The Centre will provide information on parliamentary practices of other countries. Standards of Service of the LIC The Standards of Service express the commitment of the Legislative Information Centre (LIC) to offer quality services to the users as a centre for information on legislative functions of the Government of Bangladesh and related issues. and will expect the users to respect it. Performance of the LIC staff in the context of these Standards will be monitored. assisting and servicing the users ◙ Internet service for Research and Development (R & D) will be readily available for Hon. user friendly.

1 insurance service provider) and Axis Bank (India’s third largest private sector Bank) has come in collaboration to provide Value added LIC Credit card services. Issuance of LIC Credit cards: Credit Card Eligibility: Age criteria : Primary card holder Minimum Age: 18 years Maximum Age: 60 years Add-on* cardholder Minimum Age: 15 years No maximum age prescribed *(Maximum of 4 add-ons can be issued to a primary card) Residential Status: Credit card to be issued only to the following persons . Shikha Sharma. If not satisfied. Singh – Director & Chief Executive. LIC India Cards Services Limited and Jairam Sridharan – Head-Consumer Lending & Payments. Other Executives that were present at this function are S. If unsatisfied. MD & CEO of Axis Bank) on June 21st. It’s time to cheers for all the customers. the complaint will be taken to the Parliament Additional Secretary concerned for his/her reply. LIC Cards services limited ( Lic India D. and the complaint will be sent to the Parliamentary Joint Secretary concerned. its subsidiaries and group companies because LIC of India(India’s No. Complaint/s received will be acknowledged within three days of receiving the same. Axis Bank. K. the complainant may say so. 2011 and received the first LIC Visa Signature Credit Card powered by Axis Bank by Ms. and a reply will be given by the Director (Library and Research) within seven working days. who shall reply to the same in fifteen working days. Shikha Sharma. employees of LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India). C. Current-in-Charge-Chairman of LIC of India) has announced their partnership with Axis Bank (Ms. Mehrotra.◙ Guidance for research will be available SUGGESTIONS AND COMPLAINTS Suggestions and comments will always be welcome verbally or in written form.

(a) LIC Employees (b) LIC Agents (c) LIC policy holders (not life assured) Serviceable Pin Code Location: Residence should be in serviceable pin code location Documents: 1. Contact Information: 1.e. 3. extension number is mandatory. Pin Code is mandatory.Individuals resident in India. People in “Profile A and B” list. For existing Axis bank customers liability / loan account number to be mentioned in application form. Where office number is a board number. Documents to be submitted with LIC card Application form: The following documents are to be submitted with the duly filled and signed LIC credit card application form 1. Copy of PAN card OR Duly filled Form 60 (Only if PAN Card never issued) with any one of the following documents as Photo Identity Proof. Not Eligible for LIC cards: 1. • • Valid Passport (un-expired) Voters’ Identity Card . Document verification by authorized LICCSL Sales Personnel). 2. 3. 4. Photocopies of Income and KYC documents to be verified as per guidelines issued (i. 4. Housewives and retired persons. Office Land line number is mandatory (exempt only for LIC agents). All documents should be self-attested by the applicant. Eligible Segment: Following segments are eligible. 2. 2. 3. Residence landline or mobile number mandatory. Income and KYC documents to be given as specified. 4. People having Income less than the Minimum Net Prescribed Income. People residing in Non Serviceable Areas.

Salary slip should contain account number and name of bank in which salary is credited or bank statement reflecting salary credit of the salary slip needs to be submitted. Statement should either have full credit card number or stencil imprint on the statement. INCOME PROOF: The following documents need to be submitted by way of income proof: Salaried Class A. Copy of registered lease / leave and license agreement in the individual name. Copy of other bank credit card statement not more than 3 months old. gas bill. OTHERS: • Copy of Latest Form 16 OR . water bill. Address Proof: Any one of the following documents is to be submitted by way of proof of the present residential address: • • • • • • • • • Copy of Passport LIC Policy premium receipt not more than a year old. 2.• Valid Permanent Driving License (un-expired) containing photograph of applicant. house maintenance bill. copy of the utility bill in the name of owner (not more than 3 months old) is required. LIC Staff quarters allotment letter Copy of LIC ID card wherein the address is mentioned and matches with the address mentioned in the application form. a declaration from primary applicant in prescribed format as per Annexure B is required. etc. address proof in the name of add-on applicant is required. B. Copy of Bank statement/passbook with transactions not more than 3 months old from the date of application with minimum three customer induced transactions. which are not expired. relationship proof would be required. NOTE: Where address proof is in the name of blood relative / spouse. Ration card Copy of Utility bills such as electricity bill. telephone bill. if add-on applicant stays with primary applicant. Else. LIC Employees: • Copy of Latest Form 16 OR • Last 1 month’s salary slip. NOTE: In case of add-on applicant. In case of unregistered agreement. (not more than 3 months old). 3. postpaid mobile bill.

OTHER SPECIAL MANDATORY DOCUMENTS Employees of LIC: • • Photocopy of Employee ID card containing employee number on it. SELF EMPLOYED: • Copy of latest Income Tax returns (ITR) and copy of ITR acknowledgement OR • Prrofit & Loss A/C. LIC Agents: • Copy of latest Income Tax returns (ITR) and copy of ITR acknowledgement with latest 6 months Bank statement. Salary slip should contain account number and name of bank in which salary is credited or bank statement reflecting salary credit of the salary slip needs to be submitted. 4. Latest 6 months Bank statement INCOME CRITERIA FOR ISSUANCE OF LIC CARDS: Card Type Minimum Net Annual Income Gold 1.• Last 1 month’s salary slip.000 . OR • Latest 2 years form 16A with latest 6 months Bank statement. Balance sheet attested by CA with membership number and copy of ITR acknowledgement. OR • Salary certificate with last 1 month’s bank statement. Email ID (if available) Policy Holders of LIC: • Latest LIC Premium receipt (policy should be in force) / First Premium Receipt (where date of commencement < 1 year) Agents: • • Photocopy of Agent ID card Latest club membership certificate (if applicable).80.

Salary slip should contain either company logo or HR /Admin attestation or website address/URL link. Applicant cannot authorize his own document. whichever is higher Salary Account: Lower salary credit of last 2 months * 12 Appointment/Offer letter: Annual Gross pay * 80% Profit & Loss A/C: Net Profit (Net Profit to be lower than Gross total income figure given in ITR acknowledgement) COMPUTATION OF ANNUAL INCOME: 1. 3.00. 4. 3.000 Signature 15. Negative income from house property not to be considered fro computation of Annual Income.Titanium 3. annual income to be calculated based on latest salary slip.00. 2. ITR RELATED: 1. CLARIFICATIONS: Salary slip related: 1. Agricultural Income not to be considered for computation of Annual Income. Form 16: Gross Salary * 80% Salary Slip: Net salary * 12 OR Gross salary * 80% * 12. Copy of ITR should be as follows: • • • • ITR 1: acknowledgement with first two pages ITR 2: acknowledgement with 6 pages ITR 3: acknowledgement with 7 pages ITR 4: acknowledgement with 9 pages . In case of salary slip contains bonus/performance pay/one time incentives/advances salary. Where 2 months salary slip is given.000 Computation of Annual Income: Document Computation ITR : Income from Salaries * 80% + Income from house property + Income from busines/profession + Income from other sources. the salary needs to be supported by original visiting card or copy of company ID of the applicant or bank statement (including ATM mini statement) reflecting salary credit for the month. Capital gains/Losses not to be considered for computation of Annual Income. 2. Where the salary slip does not contain company logo or HR/Admin attestation or website address/URL link. Hand written salary slip with sign and stamp of authorized signatory to be considered only for central and state government employees.000 Platinum 5. 4.00. the same to be deducted from net/gross and added back to annual income on time 5.

For self employed. families and communities and to empower all and to promote freedom from violence. Services include • • • • • • • Individual & group counseling Day and evening groups offered Transportation services to and from Outpatient Treatment. 2. To provide a highly professional treatment service response that promotes recovery and changes for a healthy lifestyle without chemical abuse or dependence. 6. This program offers group and individual counseling. emergency shelter along with providing for other numerous needs of women clients. In case Income Tax Department has acknowledge ITR form with stamp and serial number instead of acknowledge.• ITR V: acknowledgement with computation of income or copy of ITR. The Applicant is eligible to be issued the LIC card. 5. To help individuals. ITR should be in the name of individual and not in the name of the company / firm. 4. Note: ITR 1 SAHAJ (5 pages) and ITR 4 – SUGAM (7 pages) can be accepted. The accompanying documents have been verified by you by affixing the following stamp: We provide the most sensitive cultural service to those in need of chemical dependency services and domestic violence prevention. The Application form is completely filled and signed at the proper place by the applicant. The latest color photo of appropriate size has been affixed at the proper place. GUIDELINES FOR SRs: While sourcing LIC Credit card applications. crisis intervention. please make sure: 1. The accompanying documents have been self attested by the applicant. the same can be accepted. 3. 2. 1. Continuing Care and Medical Appointments Referrals to medical and mental health appointments for women and their children Referrals to prenatal and postpartum check-ups Bi-weekly case management follow-up sessions Referrals for immunizations for women and their children . The required documents have been self attested by the applicant.

• • • • • • Continuing Care on Wednesdays: 11:00 a. fittings / furniture. Talking Circle Traditional Education Positive Parenting Education Living Skills Special Issues Education: HIV.m. 25 Lakhs with interest on diminishing balance.m. equipments. construction of shop / godown / office building inclusive of interior decoration for own usage / occupancy. FAS. Our traders and services loan scheme is suitable for all the general business community as well as the MSME sector that need funding for the working capital and other business related funding necessities. FAE. AC machines and vehicles of brand new and other financial requirements related to the business of traders . This scheme is attractive and offers loan upto Rs. Purpose To meet the working capital requirement. .2:00 p. Women's Health Issues Eligibility Requirements • • Rule 25 Chemical Use Assessment 18 years of age or older Intake Procedure Call to talk with a staff member to help you think about the options available to you. Trader / Service Loan traders & service providers get loan to help your business grow Learn more about our Loan for Traders & Services Scheme under TMB Business Loan Products. to purchase Office / shop usage.

Eligibility Any Individual. professional & self employed persons and service enterprises. Obtention of Financial Statements Not compulsory. If the Financial statements are available. Repayment The repayment of TL / DL / WCTL / WCDL / OD (WC) shall be fixed on the basis of income generation of the borrower (individual / concern / firm) and the repayment period shall be restricted to a maximum of 60 monthly instalments. 25 Lakhs. if it is less than 200%. repayment of the Principle and interest should be assessed by enquiring the other income particulars available. For TL / DL / OD: Hypothecation of Stock / Book Debts. additional security to be obtained to cover at least 200%). small business. b) If collateral located at Rural Areas: Land (except Agricultural) / House site / House building Properties in the prime area value not less than 200% of the limit. additional security to be obtained to cover at least 150%). Proprietary concern or a Partnership firm engaged in trading of any commodity subject to the applicant not enjoying any working capital limit with our bank / or from other Bankers after availment of this scheme. However if one of the partners is having proprietary concern. (In case TL / DL is sanctioned for the construction purpose the total value of primary security after construction should not be less than 200% of the Loan sanctioned.(Retail and whole sale Traders) and Micro & Small (Service) Enterprises such as small road & water transport operators. If the Financial statement is not available. Form of Advance Term Loan / Demand Loan for working capital purpose as well as for acquiring assets as stated in purpose column with monthly repayment schedule and Overdraft Limit subject to renewal once in a year. Loan Quantum Up to Rs. a copy of the same should be obtained & verified. Security Primary: For TL / DL: Asset to be purchased / created (including building to be constructed) out of Bank Term Loan / Demand Loan and collateral as shown below. if it is less than 150%. no Collateral Security should be obtained for credit limits upto 10 lakh for Micro and Small Enterprises (both manufacturing & . • Collateral: Agricultural Land will not be taken as collateral security. a) If located at Metro / Urban / Semi urban Areas: Land / House Plot / Building properties not less than 150% of the limit. we can entertain the proprietary concern even though the partnership firm enjoying Working Capital limit with our bank / or from other bank. • As per RBI Mandatory Guidelines. (In case TL / DL is sanctioned for the construction purpose the total value of primary security after construction should not be less than 150% of the Loan sanctioned.

a.Nil TL / DL . .00% (13. The customer has to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by the Bank in this regard.75% p.75% p. Rate of Interest (Irrespective of Loan Amount) BR + 3. Machineries and Collateral Security like Building should also be insured. Processing Charges 0.50% of the loan amount without any maximum cap in case of TL / DL. • • Margin • • WCTL / WCDL / OD (WC) .50% concession for Term Loans / OD [Reducing balance] if the loan amount is covered by urban property of 200% and above or rural property of 250% and above.50% (14.25% p. Banks in turn. • Suitable personal guarantee of third party. • BR + 4. Requisites Application from the applicant in Form # 139 (Application for Financial Assistance to Retail Traders. • Additional 0. • Current Base Rate for Lending (BR) is 10.service enterprises).00% p.00% of the OD Limit without any maximum cap and in case of renewal 0. Insurance Comprehensive insurance has to be made on all the assets hypothecated to the bank.a. can take cover for the collateral free credit facilities under CGS (Credit Guarantee Scheme of Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (Set by Government of India and SIDBI).a. Small Traders & Small Business).) if repayment period is upto 36 months. Service Tax on All Service Charges extra wherever applicable.a. 1.20% Penal Interest Any irregularity or default in repayment will attract penal interest of 2.a. BR + 3.) if repayment period is above 36 months. • Details of collateral security offered. over and above the above rate of interest on the balance outstanding.75% p.) for all Over Draft Loans. • All the above Terms and Conditions are subject to change and sanctioning of the loans is at the sole discretion of the Bank.00% (14.50% of the OD Limit without any maximum cap.