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South African 620405 5095 08 9 7 Maple Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa +27 72 805 1911 / +27 11 450 4199

CAREER SUMMARY: I have extensive hands-on experience in the implementation and development of E2E Oracle HRMS business suite of modules, inclusive of release 12.1.2. I have been installing and troubleshooting HRMS modules in excess of a decade with success, having an excellent comprehension of the whole project life-cycle, from inception to implementation and customer acceptance. This has included (but not limited to) quality and creative architecture, sound support for complex issues (incl. of HR policy and procedures), training and added-value for the ad-hoc clients. This has further enabled me to focus on my progressive management style which has strong emphasis on team work and relationship building (inclusive of empowerment, effective time usage and budget control). This also has demonstrated my leadership through capability in driving such project excellence and meetings goals and objectives.

I am accustomed to fast-paced and deadline priority-driven projects, which have included muti-tasking and intelligent development, vision and innovation, in addition to adopting a synergistic approach to customer relationships as well as team building - all this has led to a challenge that I enjoy, which has enabled me to take pride and passion within my work accomplishments.

I am an energetic self-starter with excellent analytical, organisational and communication skills - these tools have provided me with an excellent understanding of client requirements.

I have a wide range of experience within the analysis and re-engineering of business processes. I deliver quality value by streamlining business and system processes through effective out-of-the-box functional development and thought.

I have exposure to leading edge technology software, specifically within the Oracle orb, as well as broad experience dealing within a variety of environmental sectors. My ongoing Unisa studies within the HR Management discipline equip me well.

SA Parliament SA Oracle SA iFactory SA Symmetric Mouldings SA Proeza AS Mexico DMR Consulting Ireland Ongoing DMR Consulting Ireland Broadnet Telecommunications Belgium Saudi Telecoms .2 MY PROJECT CAREER HISTORY .SUMMARY: PERIOD FROM April 2010 March 2008 September 2007 March 2007 November 2006 June 2006 October 2005 May 2003 July 2002 April 2002 July 2001 July 2001 January 2001 October 2000 August 2000 February 2000 January 2000 August 1999 February 1999 February 1998 January 1998 January 1996 October 1992 August 1989 March 1982 PERIOD TO To Date March 2010 February 2008 August 2007 March 2007 November 2006 May 2006 September 2005 April 2003 June 2002 March 2002 July 2001 May 2001 December 2000 September 2000 June 2000 January 2000 November 1999 June 1999 December 1998 January 1998 January 1998 December 1995 September 1992 July 1989 COMPANY Independent AMEC (GRD) Minproc Australia BPLC Consulting .SA ITC Works .Saudi Arabia UK Intervention Board UK Swiss Re Switzerland Compaq US UK Eesti Energia Estonia Mashrek Bank / KOC Dubai and Kuwait Sanlam Multidata SA Homebase UK MTN SA Saficon Motor Holdings Investments SA Smiths Manufacturing SA Auditor General SA POSITION HRMS Consultant HRMS Project Lead HRMS Project Lead HRMS Project Lead HRMS Project Lead HRMS Trainer HRMS Project Lead Member HRMS Project Lead HRMS Principal Consultant HRMS Support Consultant HRMS Principal Consultant HRMS Principal Consultant HRMS Principal Consultant HRMS Trainer HRMS Principal Consultant HRMS Trainer HRMS Senior Functional Consultant HRMS Senior Functional Consultant HRMS Functional Consultant HRMS Functional Consultant HRMS Functional Consultant Business Systems Analyst Senior Planner Senior Auditor PROJECT HRMS R12i HRMS R11i HRMS R11i HRMS R11i HRMS R11i HRMS R11i HRMS R11i HR admin HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R10 HRMS R9 HRMS R9 Analyst Planning Auditing .

I am very passionate about the sphere of Oracle in which I work in. improving or streamlining business process. admin etc) WebLogic 11g (console. work . My career accomplishments have indicated my ability to obtain (drive) results through exemplary planning and organising within allotted time-frame Through passion and past experience. Computer literate covering a wide variety of software applications. diagnostic tools etc) OBIEE 11g Flash Player 10. dashboards etc) RCU 11g (Repository Creation Utility custom schema. ensuring quality development and documentation takes place coached I am a very personable professional who is sensitive to multicultural environments. Trouble-shooting has incorporated levels of determination and creativity I am a resourceful and trustworthy team player. hierarchy cost roll-up. various dashboards etc) Data Warehouse Fundamentals 11g (ETL etc) E-Bus HRMS R12. OLM. diagnostics) Oracle HR Business Intelligence (OBIEE 11g catalog. I do achieve great rapports with diverse workforces. audit. performance. I am a responsible contributor to a project and am committed to excellence and the success thereof I am a quick learner and a self starter who takes the initiative EAM (best practice.3 MY COMPETENCY AND SKILLS SUMMARY MATRIX Competency / Skill Communication Analytical / Research Computer / Technical Literacy Adaptable / Flexible Interpersonal skills Management Diversity / Multicultural Planning / Organising skills Problem Solving Ability Exceptional listener and communicator effectively conveys information (albeit verbal or in writing) I provide a consistent demonstration of talent for identifying and analyzing.2/3 suite of modules Teamwork Integrity Passion / Dedication Reliable / Responsible Self Motivated Current Up-skill (in progress) . iRec. as well as extensive knowledge of Oracle HRMS database and tables. who displays professionalism My integrity is without question and provides for an effective leadership and optimal business relationship Productive worker with a high work ethic. asset moves/transfers. setting priorities and meeting deadlines adapt to project changes and timelines I am a huge advocate of knowledge transfer and upliftment of users / team relationships Very focused on driving goals. and MS Projects I have exposure to multiple tasking.1 Oracle HR Analytics (talent mngt. material management) Oracle 11g database (EM console. I have been able to generate workable solutions. maintenance. asset life-cycle.1.

employee to corporate process alignment. raising confidence  Deliver quality and sound support to clients on an ad-hoc basis (Oracle HRMS suite R 11. form error detection and repair between R11. SQL and 11G database  Ongoing studies ADDITIONAL WORK:  Ad-hoc telephonic and consulting support and documentation (via VPN / Citrix) development work) for various companies which includes: white paper on R12 upgrade changes. position control etc. I am studying towards my BCOM HR degree.  Study. new hires. Analytics.1. Payroll. Further to this.10 to R12. transfers. study _____________________________________________________________________________________________ . go-forward strategy. SS.5.shared services or delegation).2 for core HR.g.4 PROFILE PROJECT EMPLOYMENT HISTORY INDEPENDENT COMPANY . upgrade implementation to R12 scoping and methodology docs including areas of process alignment and risk plus security.SELF [April 2010 to date] ORACLE HRMS CONSULTANT / HR BUSINESS PARTNER I am currently consulting on an ad-hoc basis. as well as EUL within Discoverer reporting tool for ad-hoc reports  Provide core form personalisation.5. position.10 and R12 versions (patches). and iRecruitment  Ad-hoc consultation on cost saving through professional service function restructure into different roles (e. as well as OBIEE 11g to get a greater understanding of database configuration and tables  Attend several conferences IRO Oracle HCM and Fusion demo. and flexfields.: removal of transactional functions . grade etc)  Delivered white papers on HRMS security. smarter development / re-engineering of current policies and processes enabling better management of staff and being aware of future business discipline challenges  Re-align identified conflicting policies and coordinate impact of restructured services on organisation through management support without becoming fragmented. study. OLM.2)  Provide best practice iro structure setup (BG. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Full review of upgrade R11. multi-org. terminations.  Undertaking PMP certification in July 2012  Undertaking OCP certification in November 2012  Configured Oracle 11g database R2 win 64. multi business groups. competency modeling.10 and R 12. whilst actively pursuing full-time employment.1. corporate erp restructuring model.5.  Develop the EE report. medicals etc  Ongoing enhancement of my skills with OBIEE 11G dashboards. road-maps.  Undertaking second-last year of Unisa Bcom HR studies semester 1 (5 subjects) and semester 2 (5 subjects). taskflow and workflow troubleshoot (VPN connect)  Develop intelligent check-list for exit interviews. simplification of process driven transactions. completing my Project Management Professional certification and simultaneously broadening my Oracle skills. job.

ICT WORKS [SOUTH AFRICA] [ICT-Works is an information and communication technology company. A professional work ethic was maintained throughout. It was accomplished on-time through being proactive. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT .AUSTRALIA KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  I single-handedly re-engineered the entire Oracle Core HR module to include the company HR policy and procedures.  Incorporated the established business objectives supporting the attainment of the overall strategic business plan and its objectives _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT .ORACLE HRMS PROJECT LEAD KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  The review of the current system.  Furthermore.BPLC CONSULTING [SOUTH AFRICA] [BPLC is a management consulting group which focused on delivering optimal business solutions. I implemented the Self Service module timeously and with an error-free test result. to a more manageable and acceptable level without compromising the use of the respective modules. Being a permanent employee. Being a permanent employee.ORACLE HRMS PROJECT LEAD . as well as provide a supporting role. I was tasked with the review and implementation of a localized Oracle Payroll solution] [September 2007 to February 2008] .PARLIAMENT OF SA [SOUTH AFRICA] [A public sector institution.5 AMEC (GRD) MINPROC . making these modules become workable and more user-friendly. and implementation of a localized Payroll. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . As an independent consultant. I undertook the maintenance and enhancement of the current Oracle HRMS system for the group] [March 2008 to March 2010] . I was employed as a contractor for a specified period to re-engineer the development work for two of their clients] [March 2007 to August 2007] ORACLE HRMS PROJECT LEAD KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  The success of my development was evidenced with the smoother and more refined business processes which were incorporated within the re-engineered Performance and iRecruitment modules.ORACLE HRMS PROJECT LEAD . building intelligently. thus making it available for usage upon go-live  I accomplished a reduction of the extensive issues list. with success. and showing due diligence with the user requirements. I was tasked with re-implementing the Oracle Learning Management module.AUSTRALIA [Recently purchased by AMEC. for such development] [November 2006 to March 2007] . being astute with my knowledge on the module functionality and timing control. being inclusive of training.  The project undertook numerous intense project meetings which ensured the deliverable was on-track and achieved on time and within budget. inclusive of a high standard of documentation. was achieved through dedicated project management and team work. GRD Minproc is a leading independent engineering and project delivery company. This project held a very tight deliverable timeframe.

I was employed on a contract basis for a specified period to implement Oracle Learning] [October 2005 to May 2006] ORACLE HRMS PROJECT LEAD [OLM SOLUTIONS CONSULTANT] KEY ACHIEVEMENTS   The OLM module was accomplished within the allotted timeframe. manageable and welcomed. as well as implemented the packaging of wood-waste as a by-product. This also included the installation of machine maintenance scheduling and correct timemanagement of staff  I successfully managed the wastage of material usage through the control of an audit management system. I received commendation from the training department for being able to simplify concepts.iFACTORY [SOUTH AFRICA] [iFactory is a provider of innovative software solutions and delivers business applications solutions using the Oracle technology platform.6 KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  The development of the Oracle Learning module had to be re-implemented. as well as ensuring that all students obtained their respective training manuals _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . I managed to overcome several critical installation errors through the assistance of Oracle support (inclusive of additional assistance) and apply the correct patch load and database fixes. I subcontracted to Oracle SA to provide training for various users / clients] [June 2006 to November 2006] ORACLE HRMS TRAINER KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  The many training sessions that I provided for Oracle were creative.  I presented several recommendations IRO differing training methods. content. which resulted in add-on value and profit for the company . for retail. and material  I was always proactive when it came to providing training classes. my role was primarily to setup and install a functioning administration department] [May 2003 to September 2005] MEMBER KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  I redesigned the factory machine-floor layout for higher production output. These manuals were presented during training sessions and received by the end users as being practical and comprehensible _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . _____________________________________________________________________________________________ SYMMETRIC MOULDINGS . with an effective class participation and contribution ethos. thus ensuring that the module functioned correctly for Dev. ensuring that the respective systems and modules were available.  The training manuals were designed in conjunction with a client super user. This development followed a successful project plan path and was rolled out within the allocated project time frame well within budget.SOUTH AFRICA [Symmetric Mouldings manufactured exotic outdoor garden and patio furniture. As a founder member. as the original implementation was fraught with design errors. consequently increasing margins and profitability.ORACLE [SOUTH AFRICA] [Oracle is a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning software. Test and Prod instances. and be known for my thorough knowledge on the various training topics that I presented.

OTA and OTL] [July 2002 to April 2003] ORACLE HRMS PROJECT LEAD KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Achieved the successful implementation of Oracle Core HR and Oracle Self Service within the allotted timeframe of the project plan. employee conflicts and disciplinary hearings. on Oracle HRMS modules _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . controls. Self Service.DMR CONSULTING [IRELAND] [June 2001 1 week] ORACLE HRMS PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS .  Executed the development of Oracle Training Administration and Oracle Time and Labour within the same time frame of the project plan and budget.DMR CONSULTING [IRELAND] [DMR Consulting changed its name to Fujitsu Consulting. I was requested to participate with their team in this development] [April 2002 to June 2002] ORACLE HRMS PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS   Within a very tight timeline. Both modules were rolled out seamlessly with a satisfied client end-user base _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . were diligently followed through Instrumental in ensuring that all administrative functions were setup properly first time.PROEZA S.g. occupational health. leave of absence. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT .7       Installed company and legislative policies within the factory for worker satisfaction and included the drafting of various HR policies e. work schedules etc Satisfactory running of the weekly payrolls for all staff members and ensured correct deductions were applied and allocated to respective governing bodies I coordinated and managed all arbitrations. Due to the successful evaluation of my proposal for the implementation of Oracle HRMS modules. thus providing a smoothly run admin department. I developed and implemented a staff incentive scheme Ensured that all audits. compensation. annual budgets and payments to creditors. de CV [MEXICO] [This is a multi-facet manufacturing company. I was subcontracted to provide consulting and development work for the installation of Oracle Core HR. I achieved the roll-out of a very lean Oracle Core HR. OTA and Self Service module Developed the training manuals and provided on-site training to end users _____________________________________________________________________________________________ IN BETWEEN [July 2001 to March 2002] SUPPORT CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  I kept myself regularly updated with the latest developments within my work sphere  I was able to provide ad-hoc support to clients. new employee appointments. injury on duty.A.: attendance. complimenting the project charter. workplace skills. as well as debtor controls. sexual harassment.

8  I undertook an intense week of analysis and development work to ascertain what standard functionality of the HRMS module could be developed within an very tight project time frame  At the end of this week. As a contractor. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . I successfully demonstrated my development per client specifications.SWISS RE AG [SWITZERLAND] [Swiss Re is a world leader in insurance of life and health reinsurance. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT .BROADNET TELECOMMUNICATIONS [BELGIUM] [A telecommunications and network Company. This work commenced whilst I was pursuing project work] [August 2000 to September 2000] ORACLE HRMS TRAINER KEY ACHIEVEMENTS   Delivered customized training on various modules within the Oracle HRMS suite. I was contracted to implement a standard Oracle HR module] [January 2001 to May 2001] ORACLE HRMS PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  A universal team effort and accomplishment for the development and roll out of the HR module within the project phase. I was tasked with joining a team to implement a variety of Oracle HRMS modules] [February 2000 to June 2000] ORACLE HRMS PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Quality development on the Oracle Core HR. This also included quality deliverable Arabised documents. Satisfied client end-user _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . being a subsidiary of the Cable and Wireless Group. inclusive of the timing of complex developments required to take effect during a full project life cycle. which included detailed development and standard functionality. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT .  I was instrumental in translating the Core HR module data and most of the form structure to Arabic. Self Service and security aspect of the database  Excellent teamwork and professional approach towards a competence roll out of required modules _____________________________________________________________________________________________ . as well as what the capabilities of the development was.SAUDI TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY [SAUDI ARABIA] [A leading national provider of telecommunications based in Riyadh.UK INTERVENTION BOARD PLC [UK] [This is a monitoring board for agriculture production. I was accepted to consult and develop the Oracle Core HR module] [October 2000 to December 2000] ORACLE HRMS PRINCIPLE CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Successfully designed and developed the Core HR module which was rolled out within the required project plan period.

tasked with the project design and implementation of the Oracle HR 10. Achieved a successful implementation and roll out of the Oracle HR 10. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION 2011 2009 1997 1979 IT Academy: Project Management Professional certification [PMP] ongoing UNISA Bcom Human Resource Management. Informatics and Industrial Psychology -ongoing UNISA .3 training manual for end-client usage. inclusive of Oracle Training Administration  Provided quality on-site training material for client end-user usage _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . Auditing and Business Analysis] . using the Tutor methodology _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . I was tasked with the role of spearheading and implementing Oracle HR] [August 1999 to November 1999] ORACLE HRMS SENIOR FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Undertook the project as the Team lead.EESTI ENERGIA AS [ESTONIA] [This is a state owned energy company.0.7 version. The module was delivered within the timeframe.Diploma Business Interaction and Communication Stanger High School: Matric [Grade 12] Evaluation Assessment Bachelor of Management Information Systems · 1999 [Accounting. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INDEPENDENT . This was my first project as an Oracle HRMS Functional consultant] [February 1998 to December 1998] ORACLE HRMS FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  I was part of a very energetic team. I was tasked to assist with the design of training material] [January 2000] ORACLE HRMS TRAINER KEY ACHIEVEMENT  I designed the Oracle HRMS 11.7 module from inception to roll-out.COMPAQ [UK] [Compaq is a manufacturer of servers and workstation products.SANLAM MULTI-DATA [SOUTH AFRICA] [This is a life Insurance company.9 INDEPENDENT . I was approached by both offices to provide on-site training] [February 1999 to June 1999] ORACLE HRMS SENIOR FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Delivered ongoing standard Oracle training on various modules within the Oracle HRMS suite.MASHREK BANK / KUWAIT OIL COMPANY [ORACLE DUBAI AND KUWAIT] [These were clients of the Oracle Dubai and Kuwait offices.

Foundation for International Services (USA) ODTUG (Oracle Development Tools User Group) SAHRPIG (SA HR and Payroll Implementation User Group) First Aid representative Please note: References will be provided upon request . 2. Bradley Spencer Director of Evaluations.10 Above evaluation assessment by: 1. Paul Roberts . Member SAOUG (SA Oracle User Group) AOUG IOUG (Australian Oracle User Group) (Independent Oracle User Group) Mr.Professor of Mathematics. Geophysics and Planetary Physics (UCLA) Mr.